Malawi’s CAF flag carriers Bullets racing against time

Malawi champions Big Bullets have until the end of this week to decide whether they will make it to the Comoros Islands for a 2015 CAF Champions League preliminary round first leg match against Fomboni Club de Moheil.

Bullets players : Sponsorship needed

Bullets players : Sponsorship needed

The Bullets have, despite continued optimism, yet to secure sponsorship that would meet their K180 million (about $400 000) travel expenses around the continent. The Bullets are the only Malawian side returning to continental football since 2004.

Earlier, the Bullets chairperson, Kondie Msungama, who has denied that they were closing in on sponsorship and that their hope was on a promise made by league sponsors TNM, told the local press that they would decide on the trip by February 5, 2015.

For the trip to the islands, the Bullets need K30 million (K66 666) and have since opened a special bank account targeting some donations.

Earlier, the Bullets general secretary, Harold Fote, ignored the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) chief executive officer Suzgo Nyirenda’s demand for $20 000 bank account surety for the club’s participation in the continental league.

FAM is afraid of paying the $20 000 CAF fine in the event of the Bullets’ withdrawal. “On Bullets participation in CAF competition – we are hopeful that Bullets will find a sponsor for their participation.

At this stage withdrawing will mean Bullets paying USD20 000 the same amount we had requested the club to deposit into FAM account as a precaution,” Nyirenda told

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26 thoughts on “Malawi’s CAF flag carriers Bullets racing against time”

  1. Naaaah says:

    Well wishers will soon help this poor club;I have no dought that they will make it…..

  2. MPHULITSI says:

    God will intervene

  3. Chimbirazowa says:

    Mupita kapena simupita? Tell pipo the truth.

  4. OKAMBANJE says:


  5. Luis sakala says:

    God will make away no need worry abaout by man lu

  6. dwasco says:


  7. chinsa says:

    Zikachitika tinvela kwa inu?zamanyazi zonvetsa chisoni zosautsa

  8. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Kodi a FAM ndi boma, zikuoneka kuti nkhani ya Bullets sikukunkhudzani ndipo simunthandizapo. Koma ma gate collection pa Kamuzu Stadium, mudzatengapo 70% and Bullets will share the 30% with security and first aid staff.

    Bullets will make it, if they believe they can. Let’s wait and see.

  9. DR .HABYA LIMANA says:

    kodi , alibiretu podalira , bola akana khala ndi poyambira, ndiyeno masupoter azithandizira kwinako nanga eeeeeeeeish, tichitepo kanthu nsanga .

  10. Mike says:

    The cost of doing things in a hurry!

  11. Mike says:

    The cost of doing thingd in a hurry!

  12. bbsupporter says:

    GOD will help us source funds.

  13. ujeni says:

    Some of these things we call football clubs are not in actual sense foorball clubs worth participating in such competition. Bullets is ran in Kondi’s Living room, whoever takes over from him the club will be ran from his living room too. Call a spade a spade Bullets doea not exist phyaically but only on paper

  14. Uchindami says:

    ….K30 Million (K66, 666)? Bwanjinso nanga?

  15. Nyambitoni says:

    am a bullets fan but I entirely agree with our critics that we are being over ambitious. we could invest money in other ventures like our own club house, stadium and players’ welfare. To make matters worse, the nation is reeling hard from one of the worst natural disasters. If I owned a company, I would prioritize helping people affected by floods. Kapena mukungofuna ma players angokwerako ndege kuti akawone ku Comoros? Just concentrate on the local scene basi!

  16. chims says:

    this is arecipe for disaster. as I have said before this is the unmaking of the team come 2015/16 super league.the team will come back bruised and players demoralised.check me.

  17. Jentle says:

    Hahahaha Kondi z not serious he waz bragging that apeza wowathandiza and nw hz refuting that storry, what a man. Hehey!!

  18. Kotokowa says:

    Thats what happens when you let uneducated crooks like Kondi Nsungama lead a bunch of bungling misfits trading as Bullets!

  19. cbk says:

    neba osamayamba zinthu usanakonzeke.kodi mmesa umaphukila kumene ku chuma wayambaso kupanga zibwana ndi chuma?usaukatu!!

  20. Kika Kanawe says:

    The story told by Nyasatimes is different from the story we are getting from Kondi Msungama.Kondi assured the nation BB will be departing on 10th February for Comoros through one of the local radio station and Nyasa is painting another picture on the trip.What is this?Let’s wait until 10th February or thereafter and comment on the trip.For me BB will go to Comoros.FAM is full Wanderers supporters therefore they are making everything possible to derail BBs plans.The owner of the house (BB)is saying we have food to eat,but outsiders FAM and Nyasatimes are of contrary opinion,this insane on part of critics.What do you want to achieve by writIng negative stories about the team that is representing the country?Shame on you prophets of doom

  21. Wovuta says:

    God wil have a way for Bullets. Fans lets contribute to the team’s account, the little we contribute wil make a difference. Lets join hand to shame the devil.

  22. Pule says:

    Kodi osangosiya bwanji? Mukutibowa nazo za Bata bulesizi life……kuchita kukakamiza……..shame

  23. True patriot says:

    Which is which?I smell a rat here.Kondie and Fote must work with their friends for the would be sponsors and donors to have trust.

  24. alukosyo says:

    Kondi and Fote will take the blame
    They are doing this behind their fellow executives and trustees amatero?

  25. lost decade says:

    Bullets is just being over ambitious.bcoz how they struggle to pay bonuses and the like to the players,it doesn’t make sense to join

    1. diego says:

      Is it wrong to dream in colour

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