Malawi’s Teras herbal juice goes international

In its efforts to support governments efforts of transformingthe country from predominantly importing to producing and exporting nation, local herbalmanufacturer Teras Health Care has disclosed plans to open shops in different countries across Africa and others.

Teras herbal juice founder Shalice Amos  hoilding the bottle of the product

Teras herbal juice founder Shalice Amos hoilding the bottle of the product

Teras Director of Marketing&Communications Ronald Amos said the company has already identified markets in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.

“It is  true we are going to five countries that our immediate plans and the countries are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenyaand the  good news is we have already started paper work  like in South Africa we have registered a business” said Amos.

Amos said the demand for Teras which is said to be curing different diseases such as diabetes isvery high in United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Thailand among others.

“We are also receiving orders as far as from America, UK, Thailand but this is the beginning but we want to be in these countries latest mid next year we should be up and running in these countries since now Teras herbal juices is registered with Malawi Medicine and PoisonsBoard,” he said.

He said with the demand of the product both locally and internationally the company has purchased the state-of-art machine that willincrease production from 800 bottles per day to 1500 bottles per hour.

“We were also worried about production because currently we produce half manual and half machinery but we are proud now to the company has purchased the state-of-art machine which is going to do everything including peering, capping and sealing the bottles that will make  easy for us to satisfy the demand,” said the Marketing & Communication Director.

Amos said the idea behind opening new shops in the whole African region and abroad is to support government efforts in making Malawi a producing and exporting nation.

“Government is talking about exporting we want to contribute to that because even if we go as far as America production will be done here and we will be exporting so that’s producing and exporting hence helping the availability of foreignexchange in the country,” he said.

He added that the companyis also contributing to the reduction of unemployment rate in the country.

“All these shops will be managed by Malawians we will not employ managers from other countries  because already we have employed over 50 people so you can see we are reducing unemployment rate in Malawi,” he said

Teras juice was discovered in 2013.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi’s Teras herbal juice goes international”

  1. Ha! where are the ingredients? says:

    What are the ingredients though I am just curious. I am not buying the product until I know what is in it, and how it works.

  2. Tell Us says:

    What if we ‘nationally’ promoted Galani Mw-1….. At least its trustworthy. And the way people are flocking and consuming this ‘concoction’ mislabelled Juice…… Speaks volumes of how sick our nation is or how frail our healthcare is.

    1. CHAKWERA NDI ZERO says:

      Jerous Malawians

  3. Bibo says:

    Some people are being negative hear,but businesses such as these are the ones that support economic growth. Malawi consumes too much instead of exporting. Another thing is that the country likes to welcome businesses from abroad that eventually export and only pay tax or royalties but the actual proceeds are kept abroad.

    Malawi needs many businesses that will operate and have their footprints in other countries. The more the country does so, the more its Gross National Product will increase thereby raising its GDP per capita. The country needs businesses like PTC to operate its chain stores abroad, Sunbird Hotels to be an African brand in almost all countries in Africa,and any other agro-businesses or pharmaceuticals and electronics businesses.

    You don’t grow an economy by selling raw tobacco or raw tea and then welcome retail stores like Shoprite to control your economy. The country needs to adopt a protectionist policy by promoting indigenous businesses and aggressively exporting its products.Focus should be on industrial production and expansion of all kinds of businesses to other countries and not just on growing crops.


      Zoona Bro!!!!

  4. Chakwera Sadzathekaso says:

    Exploiting vulnerable disparate diabetic patients. I am disappointed that Medicines and Poison board and Malawi Bureau of Standards are just washing Teras stealing in the name of Medicine. May be Chokazinga has shares. Where are you Dr Kampalume, Minister of Health and a Phamacy chemical expert


      Kumayamika a malawi

  5. Destroyer of MCP- Chakwera says:

    How authentic is this Teras that goes at k10,000. There is more marketing than scientific proof that Teras is a silver bullet cure. W need to know active ingredients in Teras npt telling us about fruits mango, papaya, bwemba, etc. This juice cannot sell in developing countries without proper lables

    1. Lets promote one another says:


  6. steve says:

    zili bwino. go for it. we wl be behind you and consume as many bottles as we can as you send the surplus to other countries.

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