Mama’s Shabeen yet to be reopened despite Kaliati orders

Ntcheu District Authorities have not yet opened Mama’s Shabeen despite the directive of Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati, Saturday, for Ntcheu police to do so.

Owner of Mamas Shabin Rabecca Bakuwa with Kaliati at the function.-- Pic by George Bulombola

Owner of Mamas Shabin Rabecca Bakuwa with Kaliati at the function.– Pic by George Bulombola

Despite the minister’s directive, the owner of the shabeen was required to write a letter to the District’s Liquor Licensing Committee requesting for the reopening of the beer drinking joint.

The Committee closed down the Shabeen three months ago on poor sanitation grounds besides promoting commercial sex amongst under aged girls.

Kaliati gave the directive at Masitimale Community Ground in Ntcheu during a ‘youth back to school’ campaign launching ceremony for Ntcheu West Constituency, after the owner of the shabeen, Rabecca Bakuwa pleaded with minister that she would not commit the offence again.

“Since you have realized your offence and that you are ready to abide by the law by not engaging under-aged girls into prostitution any more, I then direct the police to reopen your business premises,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati said she ordered the closure of the shabin to warn and give a lesson to other bar operators who under the pretext of selling beer, run prostitution and commercial sex businesses.

“Police would have charged you for human trafficking, but that aside it takes a gentle lady to say I am sorry and I am convinced that there will not be  activities and practices which can in the long run contribute to the promotion of prostitution at you business remises,” said Kaliati

She however said one of the conditions to ensure that the shabin is prostitution free is that law enforcers continuously monitor the shabin.

Earlier in her public speech during the ceremony, Bakuwa refuted that she had been promoting prostitution and that the closure of her business was a great blow to her family’s livelihood.

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Meja small

Asasegule bala lamama shabini


Ife a Chipani cholamula cha Di Phi Phi tikutsutsa zomwe achita a Kaliat potsegula shabeen imeneyi, kodi ana achisungwana tikuwaganizila bwanji?

Simeon Nyapala

Mama Kaliati you as a minister you are not supposed to issue such directives. You have other people who are supposed to do that. Dont sink so low to the level of closing and opening shabins

Mbowe Mulambia

Isaa vigololo muchita ku mulakho viposa vaku Ntcheu. Mama Shabeen atolemba mu bale wako eiti

Kauma resident

Prostitution is all over Malawi.The high level of stinking poverty is causing this.She doesn’t needs to go as far as ntcheu.Where she lives in area 44,there is Kauma location with lots of prostitutes with the same age.Wealth is in the few hands if people in Malawi.95 percent of people are in dire poverty.Your corrupt govt has big assignment to sort this issue.All this talking of closing some filthy prostitute den in Ntcheu is just a waste if time.Go for a root cause Akweni.



the warm heart of africa
the warm heart of africa

uhule suchitika ku bar kokha ayi.ngakhale mwamuna ali panyumba mkazi amatha kuzemba ndikujatchajitsa ndi ena.uhule ndi mtima.tsono mmene munatsekamo,mwaonano kut uhule watha?za zii.


does she have powers of ordering the police? anayway, i am just asking myself




Kaliati you are back with your silly mistakes.This time we will not smile at you.ife zopusa yayi,we want ministers that have visions so that as avisionary country we can move.infact who are you to give such an order? if you are the one who ordered its closure thanks but sizotutumuka nazo khosi pano,we want the law to take its course..kaliati this is acountry and not your estate

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