Man who robbed Malawi Police officer gets 18-year jail

The Mzuzu Magistrate Court Wednesday sentenced 26 year-old Clement Njara to 18 years imprisonment with hard labour for breaking into a police officer’s house.

According to court documents, Njara and a colleague broke into the house of a police officer who works with Delta Division PMS during the night of 21stNovember, 2014 at the cop’s residence in Mapale.

The two are said to have beaten up the cop before getting away with 5 pairs of police uniform, 2 mobile phones, a TV decoder, a wallet containing K4 700 and a couple of civilian clothes.

State prosecutor superintendent Loni Tembo told the court that after tips from the community they searched Njara’s house and recovered the police regalia.

Tembo asked the court to give a stiff punishment to the defendant arguing that the cases were becoming rampant in the country.

In mitigation, Njara told the court to be lenient with him saying that he was the bread winner for his family.

Senior Magistrate Kondwani Banda concurred with Tembo on the rise on robbery cases sentenced Njara to 18 years IHL according to section 301 of the penal code.

Njara hails from Misanjo Village, Traditional Authority Kadewere in Chiradzulu District.

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27 thoughts on “Man who robbed Malawi Police officer gets 18-year jail”

  1. Bambo a Maggie ndi Connis says:

    Azanthu achichewa game ikawagonera, nthawi zonse amati “Don’t be tribalistic”, why don’t youuse same words ngati munthuyo ndi waku mpoto? Anthu akumwera kuzimva ma juice too much mthupi ndilo vuto lake.

  2. Patrick Majoni says:

    I have noted too much tribalism when comenting.It can’t help us at all.We all belong to one small poorest nation.Take it or hate it.

  3. Kumbukani says:

    Agrippa Nguluwe, you MUST avoid being tribalistic in your comments. It may be you were born, raised up, did primary school and possibly your junior secondary school in your village and you are there! You don’t know how many Tumbukas are in the other regions of Malawi (some of whom are also involved in robberies and thefts!!). Robbery and theft cannot be condoned and CANNOT ALSO BE ATTRIBUTED TO ONE TRIBE!! If we all go to our regions of origins, who do you think would suffer the most. Perhaps you were born less than 20 years ago otherwise you would have remembered how northernors suffered when only ONE PROFESSION OF TEACHERS was given a dose of what of what you are insinuating! Ask those who are older than yourself. They will tell you that principals of technical colleges found themselves in CDSS equivalents! You must be stupid and insensitive.

  4. Black Market says:

    Good determination and this could be done to Cashgate cases

  5. Nyani Galakunzwani says:

    in mitigation he asked the court to be lenient because he is the bread winner; bread winner through stealing?

  6. Tengupenya says:

    ma magistrates mukubwera boo! kungowazilatu1111

  7. Kanyimbi says:

    Kuba kwinakunso ndikoseketsa. Basi kukaba zomwezi? Anzanu amaba zenizeni. Kuba kosaganiza.

  8. Mwana wa Analiyera says:

    Agrippa Nguluwe Achewa wangodana nawo. Uyutu akuti kwao ndi ku Chiradzulu. Nkhanizi tamaziwelengani bwino. Again ku mitundu yonse yakumalawi kuli mbava. Don’t play holier-than-thou here.

  9. tuvi says:

    these are judges that we need pa Malawi pano. wina ndi Usiwausiwa chonde maJudge amenewa bapansenkoni milandu ya cashgate. osati munthu waba K60m mukupasa 3 years, wina waba njinga mukupatsa 15 years

  10. MBC says:

    This could have been given to the rapists.

  11. gaba says:

    mbala zikabelana abale eish!

  12. ujeni says:

    Another Lhomwe, its in the blood

  13. MBACHI says:


  14. Diplomat Mshosho says:

    Why don’t we see such judgments in the cashgate cases? What was stolen here is petty compared to the myriads of cash stolen through cashgate that could have been used in the hospitals, schools etc!! Shame on our judicial system!! Ndatha ine wanu…

  15. muhamad emwazi says:

    Kodi robbery is defined according to who the victim is????? Case yomwei kwina bwezi ili 2 years!

    1. ujeni says:

      Just know Njara is locked for 18 years and bravo to the judge

    2. ayaya says:

      He undermined the country’s security that’s why

  16. Willard says:

    Tisanene zoti chigawo chakuti chakuti kulianthu akuba ayi w r all Malawians chigawo Chikondi kuli akwithu akubanso

  17. These Chewa people must go to their regional dictrict en cities. They r disgracing our Mzuzu. Every robbery news belongs to them. Eeish!! Fucken shit tribe.

  18. akuipitsa mbiri ya kwathu awa. asatulukeko ameneyu amve mfolo blood full zake.

  19. Rich North says:

    18 yrs chifukwa anabela wapolice akabela enafe mumangowapasa belo

  20. Chakhaza says:

    Kupha chilombo,18 years well done.



  22. Jihad John says:

    Cashgate Namata should have been given the same sentence. These people who steal public funds deny many education and they turn into thugs like Njara. Theft of public funds affects many directly and indirectly. It was wrong to give Theresa Senzani a three year jail sentence.

  23. Modziyekha says:

    Bread winner wachani akakusiya uzikaba kuti udyese family!Anthu akuba inu kodi mwatani?

  24. ayaya says:

    Sukulu ayi ndiye zimenezo

  25. ayaya says:


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