Manganya applauds Muslim women on dressing, environmental conservation

Members of Muslim Women Organization in Zomba were stunned when social commentator and comedian Michael Usi popularly known as Manganya became a surprise guest during their Ijtema event on Saturday. 

Manganya speaking at the Islamic event

Manganya speaking at the Islamic event

Manganya in Islamic robes

Manganya in Islamic robes

 Usi, who is Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Malawi Country Director, was a surprise guest at the three-day Ijtema event held at Zomba Islamic High School which focused on sensitizing women on environmental conservation and management.

The comedian could not believe the overwhelming reception given by the frenzied crowd which was thunderstruck by his presence; and minced no words by applauding them for their conservative dressing.

He was the centre of attraction even from passersby as part of the audience could not resist it but jumped on opportunity to take pictures of the comedian who fitted in very well with his dressing ofThobe (long robe worn by Muslim men) and Ghutra also known as shemagh or kuffiyeh (head scarf).

A former Muslim himself but now an Adventist, Usi was so eloquent with Muslim teachings and scriptures, and seized opportunity to inspire the gathering- solely composed of Muslim women- to take leading role in conserving the environment aside from tackling HIV and Aids issues.

He noted that women play critical role in religion and the society, therefore there is a need for them to champion initiatives that focus on improving people’s livelihood.

“I should applaud Muslim women in this country for being exemplary on dressing. I should also commend your work on environment. My organization deals with issues of environment and climate change. I therefore pledge to support such initiatives to ensure people’s lives are improved,” said Usi who donated K500, 000 cheque to the organization.

“Continue being peaceful people. And it’s my sincere prayer that you should continue taking leading role and teaching others on issues of environment and HIV and Aids.”

Manganya is the brain behind famous TV soap Tikuferanji which was in previous years been aired on MBC television but now it is being aired on privately owned Times television.

Ijtema is an Islamic congregation organized by Islamic organizations in association with the millions of Muslims. It is an essential part of the Tablighi Jamaat around the world as it plays a significant role on the lives of Muslims, and a huge number of people engage in Ijtema.  

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8 thoughts on “Manganya applauds Muslim women on dressing, environmental conservation”

  1. Masa says:

    The dressing is not Islamic it is simply Arabic

    As it is according to Arabic culture and same as Arabic language isn’t holy but rather a language spoken by Arabs..don’t be so taken up ndi mipingo..just as native maravi were worshiping a black god…the Arabs too worship an Arabic god..same as Buddha for Chinese..and same as Hindus etc.. White people too..your race
    .your language your culture your belief that god ndi mzungu or mluya makes u worshippers laughable. Ena amapephera mchizungu only ena think gods word is in Arabic only.remember Bob Marley said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” God is not a human being therefore let them not use they ideology of racial superiority to make u worship they’re god saying he is the real god.start separating issues of culture from religion..religion is not there to control and oppress women or for one race to be master and be free to take black people as slaves

  2. Nj\'omba says:

    Jealous down! Chisilamu chikumukhala Manganya. Allah Kareem

  3. Jai Chipwete says:

    Manganya Chilakolako chobweleranso ku Muslim chikuonekeratu. Usatitayitse nthawi ku SDA just go back ku Muslim kwakoko

  4. mkanthama says:


  5. Free up black people says:

    Keep it up Manganya, your action whether a stunt or not is good because it promotes religious tolerance and integration which is good for this country. By cheering the Ijtima women Manganya hasn’t lost his SDA identity, neither has he forsaken SDA doctrines, neither has he ceased to be a member of SDA church, neither has he stopped to be a true Adventist. Our vice president Dr. Chilima should pluck a leaf from this, osamangoti kakakaka ndi za Catholic zokha, kumawayenderanso ma church and Muslim gatherings enawa kukawachezera, joke with them and you will lose nothing but you will gain more.

  6. hhhhhh says:


  7. Breaking News says:

    Hamdulilah asalama, keep it up Usi

    1. Adventist wa pa Phata says:

      Mang’anya has broken the advent code by associating with the infeditiles. We know that he wants to Muslem vote in 2019, but walemba m’madzi. It’s time to excommunicate hi for going to his former religion which he renounced as evil somewhere back.

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