Marauding dogs kill Malawi woman, injure baby in Lilongwe

About five dogs Tuesday morning attacked and killed a woman in Lilongwe’s T/A Njewa area and left a four-month-old baby she had strapped on her back seriously wounded.

Dog bite surviving baby Rebecca now in stable condition -  Pic. By Kondwani Magombo  Pic by Kondwani Magombo

Dog bite surviving baby Rebecca now in stable condition – Pic. By Kondwani Magombo P

Sources said the incident happened in the wee hours when the woman (identity yet to be established) was on her way to work in her maize field following her husband who had gone earlier.

“The dogs attacked her at around 5:00am and she was found lying in a pool of blood, her baby still strapped on her back, crying,” explained an eyewitness.

He said when people came to the scene, the vicious dogs, whose owner is yet to be established, had already deserted the scene.

The woman and the baby were rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) where she was pronounced dead apparently due to heavy loss of blood due to serious wounds she had sustained.

The Lilongwe police expressed ignorance of the incident but said they would investigate it to establish what happened and who owns the dogs.

On the other hand, KCH confirmed the development but had no full details at hand of the deceased, nor the actual village she hailed from.

“The woman had sustained serious injuries and when they brought her here, we tried to resuscitate her but in vain,” explained the hospital’s spokesperson, Mabel Chinkhata.

She said the two were brought by a ‘Samaritan’ of foreign origin who had found people from the community stranded with the wounded mother and baby and the man had offered to ferry them to hospital in his vehicle.

The baby, Rebecca Samuel, was immediately treated with anti-rabies drugs and, according to clinician, Anderson Kalombo, she is now safe and in stable condition.

“She was in a very terrible condition the day she was brought into this ward,” explained Kalombo. “She was bleeding and she couldn’t breathe properly and we had to put her on oxygen. We immediately treated her with anti-rabies vaccine which, very luckily, was available.”

As of Thursday, the baby was placed in the Children Ward’s High Dependency Unit (HDU) not because her condition demanded that she should be there, but because there was nobody to look after her except the nurses, according to the health authorities.

Meanwhile, the father of the surviving baby has pleaded with the hospital to identify someone to help looking after her but according to Chinkhata, the man who brought the deceased mother and the baby to hospital had offered to only be providing all the baby’s basic needs.

“This man is already providing the baby with milk, diapers and everything and he also helped with all the funeral arrangements for the mother,” explained the spokesperson for the hospital.

She added, “However, the man said he could only manage to assist the child but not adopting her so we have arranged to meet the father after all funeral arrangements are over and chart the way forward.”

KCH has since described the incident as very shocking and that as a health facility, they are very concerned.

“It’s very unfortunate that people leave dogs unattended to like that; what the public doesn’t know is that it is very cheap to prevent a dog from rabies but very expensive to treat a person who has been bitten by a rabid dog,” she observed.

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58 thoughts on “Marauding dogs kill Malawi woman, injure baby in Lilongwe”

  1. Maraudingdogs says:


  2. Thitherward Wendo says:

    Rabid dogs may give us hydrophobia, which may result in us making comments like 42/43, but what is it that results in all the xenophobic comments on this topic?

    Based on this story, some people think that the mysterious foreigner is a selfless hero. Others suspect that he is the irresponsible owner of a pack of killer-dogs.

    The reason for the wide range of responses to this story is the fact that it was so badly researched. What Nyasatimes has published is about half of a preliminary set of working notes – not an article. If the reader wants to know the story, he or she is required to go to T/A Njewa’s and do the reporter’s job.

    This is journalism of the lowest quality. Can we all, please, get out of our beds or off our bar-stools, and go out and do our jobs to the best of our abilities! If every one of us would do our best instead doing the least possible in order to justify being paid at the end of the month, we would all have a lot less to whine about.

  3. Mwini agaluyu ayenela kuyankha mulandu oweta ziweto zachiwewe

  4. Rinel gritam says:

    i think its time for pariament members to establsh a law whch wl punish all dog ownerz who do nt take care of them. Ths is satanizm

  5. Samaritan? says:

    Thanks to the Samaritan.

    BUT could he also be investigated in case he is the owner of the dogs? You never know.may be they escaped from his compound around that area! Just curious!

  6. Ndanena says:

    Police should not fail to book the owner of these dogs. Honestly its not an issue that Police tell the Public that WE ARE INVESTIGATING NO!!!! No corruption Here with the owner of these . This is murder case and the owner immediately BE ARRESTED.

  7. Zondiwe says:

    No. 43, don’t be silly.
    I don’t care whether you are a rasta or not, but dont be silly.
    What you write is utter foolishness, and should not be tolerated at all cost.
    If you do not know how to sympathize with the bereaved, JUST SHUT YOUR TRAP!!
    Uncouth nincompoop.

  8. BalakaGuy says:

    Nurses should take care of the baby throughout,it is their duty,if there is a cadre in which the owners desert most is the nursing cadre,so tell them to look after that baby,analumbira kugwira ntchito imeneyo,asamathamangire kugwira ntchito za eni ake ayi,makamaka ma male nurses,nde onyinyirika ndi job yawo,ngati munthu anachita kuwakakamiza kukapanga nursing,ineyo ndi wa chipatala,so am talking through exprience,ndipo civil reform ya Hon Chilima ayiwunike bwino nkhani imeneyi,amafuna ati kuti akhale ma matron,pamene matron ndi wa mkazi,iwowo amati kaya akhale patron(male) kondani ntchito yanu anamwino a chimuna.mwamvatu.

  9. saidi says:

    Very sad indeed


  11. ujeni says:

    Dogs should never be roaming streets like human beings, any stray dog should be shot. Dogs should only be on the street with the owner, in a dog collar and chain.

  12. mlomwe2 says:

    Mzimayiyo sadanyamule khasu kuti akadatha kuphapo galu mmodzi yekha? MA NEIGHBOR ANALIKUTI MMENE MAYIYU AMAFUULA KUPEMPHA CHITHANDIZO?

  13. Yahudah says:

    She dies because of her wickedness and it is YAH the might one of israel that put her to death, do you know what people do in darkness? This woman could have been an adulterous woman in secret behind her husband back.

  14. Yahudah says:

    Proverbs 12:21
    No harm befall the righteous but the wicked shall be filled with evil.

    Proverbs 19:16
    He who guards His commands guard his life, but he who despises His ways dies.

    Deuteronomy 32:39
    See now that I, I am He, And there is no Mighty One besides Me. I put to death and I make alive. I have wounded, and I heal. And from My hand no one delivers!

  15. Bernard Joseph Katwamba Sichali says:

    Hara you a Northerner chonde uko, nkwaeni ake usamale.

  16. apundi says says:

    stupid question m,malo moti upange condole ukafunsa funso lakukamwa konunkhapo foolish zako

  17. Ineyo says:

    Akuti siagalu kwenikweni koma dogs bred with nkhandwe

  18. Kd says:

    Koma uwowo pa pic ndi mwendo wa mwana?

  19. Redeemed says:

    This is really horrific, at this day and age we still have dogs that roam the streets pausing danger to the community, Pictures of that terrible day are as vivid as yesterday when back in early 90’s I was viciously attacked by a dog while on my way back from primary school. Even though the owner was financially sound, she didn’t even bother to compensate me or at least help my mom to provide transport fee to the hospital. I hate dogs with passion.

  20. monkeybay says:


  21. Chipweteko says:

    Mzimayiyo ayenera kuti ndiwantchito wa samaritaniyo, kwawo si kwa Njewa. Chifukwa akanakhala wa kwa Njewa anthu odutsawo akanamudziwa. Samaritaniyo akudziwapo kanthu apereka bwanji dzina la Rabecca Samuel. Palibe amene angapite kumunda 5.00 a.m. kulima panopo kunatha. Kumundako kunali kotalika bwanji koti mwamuna wakeyo sanamve zomwe zimachitikazo? Komanso samaritaniyo kulimba mtima bwanji kupanga funeral arrangements. Pamenepa tipaone bwino.

  22. duwa says:

    Musachite kupita patali agaluwo ndi a samaritani. Chinampangitsa kugula coffin ndichiyani? Akudziwapo kanthu. Pakufunika kuti Boma lichitepo kanthu mwachilungamo kuti mwini wa agaluyo apezeke, koma kuyijaja nkhaniyi zikhoza kukhala samaritaniyu ndithu. Umphawi ndi wovuta akanakhala wakufayo ndiwabanja lolemera bwenzi pano nkhaniyi ili penapake mwinanso mwini agaluyo atadziwika kalekale. Tiyeni nazoni.

  23. me says:

    how do we know that they are dogs not hyenas?

  24. [email protected] says:

    how come you call the baby Rabbeca but u cant give details of the baby, who gave u her details aaaa penapake!

  25. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    The nurse said “luckily” the drugs were available. We do not have to depend on luck to have drugs available in our hospitals. This country stinks. This woman met her fate because she was poor and my heart is breeding when I think of this four month baby who now has no mother just because of someone’s dogs! God, where are you?

  26. Zuna says:

    This happened outside the city, however it is high time the city councils start removing stray dogs from streets for resident’s safety. Also limit the number of dogs per household. In Area 47 you find dogs on the roads instead of the dogs being restricted within the perimeter fences. Please catch these dogs and send them to veterinary.

  27. Babalu says:

    A vertenary taziphani agalu ongoyendayendawa. Even driving pa msewu uwona agalu angodutsa dutsa.A Chimpeni adapitadi kuti??????

  28. ellias munthali says:

    bad news ,prays for its quick recovery

  29. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Happy Eduardo,
    You may be Hara himself. Do you know Mr Hara very well? And in what respect? We are in the same building with him and we know him well, unfortunately.

  30. Tchaka D says:

    This is Malawi indeed. Is it so difficult for the responsible authorities to be visiting homes countrywide, say once a quarter to enforce regulations on such pests as dogs, and check how many does each household have, and where is the rabies vaccination certificate, things like that. Koma chidziko ichi aaaahhh!! Mtendere sukutipindulira chilichonse, mwina tidzathamangeko kaye pang’ono then tidzachangamuka!!

  31. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    God bless this kind man. i wish our country, and of course the world, had most if not all people like this kind man. I am touched.

  32. Special advisor says:

    It’s not about foreigners or whatever. It’s about regulation of social conduct and enforcement of the law. Noone needs to keep more than one dog as a pet or a security complement. If someone does, they should be registered as a security company. And, in any event, dogs must be on leash. Stray dogs must be shot down. if owners are identified they must be fined. All the other societies that seem to be sober and organised, it’s because there is regulation of social behaviour and there is a cost to deliquent/deviant behaviour. The vet and city/municipal/district councils need to wake up, collaborate and do something dogs and cats, even chicken, especially cocks that should not crow all night in some of the locations. In all locations there is a chief of sorts or block leader, we used to call them. One of their roles is to facilitate social order by building a sense of community. So this can be done whether “government” comes/cares or doesn’t come/care.

  33. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Njewa area is infested by foreigners these days, they, suspiciously, have built mansions. Investigate properly, those dogs could be owned by one of them, even the samaritan foreigner in question should be known and thoroughly investigated. Leave no stone unturned. The problem is with the police now, they always see opportunity, instead of assisting, to reap even at the most unfortunate scene such as this one, disregarding ethics. It’s so frustrating. Instead of helping the deceased they’ll go to the owner of dogs for bribes then conceal him. End of story. Pathetic.

  34. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Looks like the dogs belongs to the Good Samaritan. At least that’s what I can gather from your sloppy reporting.

  35. Happy Eduardo says:

    A Yankees you have just displayed your ignorance of the highest order by insulting Mr. Richard Hara, the CEO for Lilongwe City. Just to school you, T/A Njewa’s Area belongs to Lilongwe District Council. I think you have a personal grudge with Mr. Hara.

  36. tiko says:

    Probabily one may thnk ths foreigner owns the dogs according to the story! Take alook @ it!

  37. Arnol Jolley says:

    Very sad,get well soon baby,rest in peace mother….

  38. Kanthu says:

    Eye witness….I like ur spot on.

  39. Zanga Phee! says:

    It sounds like it’s too early to think of adoption,i guess the father of the kid got sisters including the killed Mother,why always overlooking issues like this.Meet the chief of the area then Member of parliament of the ares i guess this woman voted for him or her it is this time Member of parliament to come in,we are sick and tired of relying on well wishers it must start with us then call for help. [Malawi News Agencey, Mana] you don’t have to rush with inadequate stories ,?if you have a closer look on this story,you said Police are not aware, relatives no where to be seen only Husband how far from the garden to the village?in that community mentioned on your story you mean there was no any related people to the victim.Please [Mana]must have urgent meeting you are eating money for nothing or you should go for a force leave this is insane.

  40. chimtengowachimtego says:

    gone are the day when a vertenary workers could kill astray dogs, a galu akungoyenda mmatawunishipmu kungongakhala ngati mbuzi, what is wtong with the ministry responsible?



  42. [email protected] says:

    the identity of the mother of rebecca samuel is not known? geez

    I suspect the foreigner owns the dogs, pafufuzidwe bwino pamenepo

  43. Yankees says:

    Ndizimenezo a Hara, bonafied CEO true Malawian, ulimu LL momozachitikila izi but ulingwindi ngati akukumeta ndevu ndi ………..! A foreiner ananyamula malemuyu ndimwana kupita ku chipatala pamene ma Bonafied MWians anzako Hara amangoyang’ana, ndiye udziti nyonyonyo Bonafied Nyo, usadzabwelezenso mawu amene aja, udandinyasa kwambilitu ndipo ndimkakuona ngati BIBI, usamale ndimalankhulidwe ako, or mwana alikuchipatalayu wakamuonako iweyo? Mesa ndiweCEO true Bonafied MWian? U must go there with ur wife and assist with something, or ma Dyper timve pa kuti a Bonafied a Hara akapeleka ma Dyper kwa mwana, kkkkkkk yeye!.

  44. Simeon Nyapala says:

    Are you serious ndi agalu amenewo. kapena ndi vilombo vimenezo.

  45. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Mwati mwana ndi Rebecca Samuel? The father is pleading for people for help of Rebecca? The Identity of the Mother of Rebecca is not known? Then Who identified Rebecca? Then how have you known the father wants help? Then how can this well wisher arrange the funeral and meet the cost without the relatives? NKHANI ZINA NZERU ZIKUMASOWAMO.

  46. Imtiaz says:

    Nyasatimes why don’t you talk to the father and identify the woman

  47. brutsha says:

    Do we have the ministry of agriculture in Malawi and to be specific, the department of livestock or veterinary. Who is going to put things in order in this country? Do we have leadership at all levels in this country? Do we need to continue loosing innocent lives unnecessarily like that? All stray dogs must be greeted with a merciless bullet and this has to be an ongoing campaign. Abale kunena zoona at the rate we are going Malawi is the most shameful country the whole SADC region if not the world.

    1. ujeni says:

      Brutcha mbale you are late to realise that. Malawi is a laughing stock in SADC kale kale. Malawians are waiting for miracles as they sit pwhii while in other countries people are busy working and creating opportunities

    2. Malindima says:

      Things like these happen even in most advanced countries: USA,UK etc. if you watch the animal channel, you could not have been surprised. They happen not because of lack of leadership at all levels but because the animal owners do not follow the regulations. Take note that if the owner of these dogs is found, he will be charged contrary to section ….. of the penal code meaning that Malawi has all every policy that governs it. You can’t expect the Vet authorities driving door by door looking for strayed animals; there is simply no money for that. People MUST report their neighbors to the authorities if they suspect them keeping too many or vicious dogs or cats or noisy roosters.

      1. freespch says:

        Yes in the 1970s the vet department used to put a jingle on the radio appealing to people to vaccinate their dogs failing which they would go all over shooting on sight stray dogs. The officer in charge was Mr Chimpeni he was staying in Bt Zingwangwa new lines then his son Christopher wmy classmate. Ask if you were not yet born.

  48. Malizalini says:

    You said 5 dogs,you further say when the people came at the scene the dogs had already deserted who was there and saw the dogs were 5 and why the husband of the deceased didn’t tell you the particulars of the woman?thank you Mr. Foreigner for your assistance May God The Almighty be with you always

  49. alukosyo says:

    Kodi a chimpeni anapita kuti. stray day must be killed forthwith. Poor my nyasaland

  50. Nhuma says:

    Malawi is indeed a poor country – a land where laws do not exist or they are no enforced at all. Its a survival game where the poor have no voice. How can we fail to institute laws to manage animals – I mean dogs? There should be laws for all dog owners to follow i.e. vaccination and ensuring they kept on watch at all times. Closed compound. chained etc. I remember when I was young in 60’s and 70’s veterinary people used to shoot and kill loitering dogs etc We were instructed to chain our dogs etc. We were asked to vaccinate our dogs etc. 2015 we are not even near that development. Please veterinary guys do something.

  51. nyaka1 says:

    He’s confused coz of d incident, plz LL ppo try to justify d type of dogs R they, d world z furious wth take care otherwise

  52. Mmodziyekha says:

    aGalu anthawi yanachipanti kodi alipobe?

  53. Gimbogo says:

    Try to identify the mother through the father of the baby

  54. salavador says:

    very sad story. am wondering what breed of village dogs could do that. on the reporting – pls give us well researched stuff guys – you have info about the father of the wounded and husband to the deceased yet you claim identity of the deceased is not yet known.. you even claim that the actual village where she hailed is not known when someone gave you details of the funeral..c’mon guys.

  55. Nganga Bulawayo says:

    Is the father of the child normal? He is behaving funny. He needs to be investigated.

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