Masauko Chipembere back in Malawi to record solo album

US born Malawian musician and poet Masauko Chipembere is in the country to record his first solo album titled “Highway” with a group of young musicians in Lilongwe.

Masauko Chipembere  back in Malawi

Masauko Chipembere back in Malawi

According to the artist, the album has been inspired by the road which was named after his father, Malawian nationalist Henry Masauko Blasius Chipembere Highway.

“As a poet, when I see the Highway, I see of taking the higher route of higher consciousness. So, this is about me beginning to understand that music and activism together is the higher route that I can move the Chipembere agenda forward. For me, it’s time for me to take the highway; it’s time for me to take music to another level. And that means it has to be part of the search of my identity in Malawi.

“Right now, the issue has been the question of what is my place within this whole Chipembere struggle for liberation of Malawi. And as it stands, with my mother getting older; she has been doing work in Mangochi, setting up schools and working with women and children, it is now time for me to figure out a way to take what I do, which is music and merge it with activism,” Chipembere told local press earlier this week.

Quizzed on which artists he is working with on the project, Chipembere responded: “The primary musician is Ernest Ikwanga who is an amazing guitarist and was a perfect fit. Ernest has a broad mind for music and we continue to share ideas. And then there is Sam Mkandawire, who everybody knows won the Airtel Trace Music Star Contest.

He also disclosed that he was working with Chambota Chirwa and 22 year old Luciano.

Chipembere is one part of South Africa based Award winning soul group Blk Sonshine which has performed across the globe.

The group’s self titled debut “Blk Sonshine” was recorded at House of Blues, Encino California during a US tour that saw them performing at the Tribute to Archbishop Tutu Concert in LA alongside Stevie Wonder, Joan Baez and Hugh Masekela.

The band also recorded two songs with Wu-Tang’s RZA on Tekitha’s album.

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10 thoughts on “Masauko Chipembere back in Malawi to record solo album”

  1. Nalieti says:


  2. rafik says:

    We need the remains of your father to come and be reburied here in Malindi our government do not honour our heroes here.Very shame Malawi governments

  3. Winston Msowoya says:

    Well come back home Chip.You might not having seen me in Zomba or Dar es salaam,Tanzania because by then you were not born only your sister Nyago and a brother Dangalira were there.As one patriot has already said,I repeat the same,do away with Music,cut those dreadlocks and forcefully throw yourself into foot steps of your Dad who had played a pivotal role not only for Nyasaland,but also the whole of then colonized Africa our fatherland.I came to know your late Dad Chip during the famous Cabinet crisis of Sept 9th,1964,when with few other Students from Zomba Govt.Secondary School which was opened the same year offered to organize for Chip and his gallant comrades who sacrificed their golden lives for the betterment of their people from Songwe to Nsanje,Chizumulu to Chipata by sharp contrast,contrary to the present die-hard tribalists,corrupt and lack sense of patriotism.During the course of the crisis,we were engaged in the processes of organizing our people at night around Zomba and Chiladzulu areas to support Chip and his comrades who cared about their people.After things had gonewryly in the second week of clashes between Banda’s thugs (young pioneers) and local supporters of the former dynamic Ministers.I was advised by Chip to leave the country for Tanzania where Kanyama Chiume had gone after escaping death from Young Pioneers organized by his fellow Northerner Q.Chibambo in Rumphi Boma.Chip hinted to me he could be the last man to leave Malawi without putting up a heroic resistance against a neo-colonialist regime led by then a converted imperialist agent.After a daringly March to Zomba Barracks to take over the puppet regime,Chip’s led fearless fighters were stopped at the Shire River where the Ferry was on the other side of the river.Back in former Ft.Johnston,Chip was joined by a gallant ex-world war two soldier brother Medson Silombera who took over from Chip whose diabetes was becoming health threateningly a reality.He escaped through Chileka Airport through the help of a foreign Embassy and landed in the USA.After his diabetes was put under control,Chip flew to Africa in Tanzania to join his brothers in the struggle.To cut very long story short,chip resumed his active politics with his brilliant and patriotic brothers in the struggle VIZ: Augustine Bwanausi,Willy Chokani,Kanyama Chiume,Yatuta Chisiza,Orton Chirwa and heroine Rose Zililo Chiwambo who went to join her brilliant nationalist husband Edwin Chiwambo in Lusaka,Zambia.Peter Muthalika joined PDP led by Chip in later years,but it is unfortunate that after Muthalika had learnt a lot from Chip’s tenaciously based leadership,what he is doing now in the country is both shameful and naked betrayal of Chip’s aspirations and dedication to his country and MOTHER AFRICA. Young Chip,my advice is that put on the gloves your dad put when he and his comrades in the struggle put to fight Banda and his political servants in the names of John Tembo,Gwanda Chakuamba,Albert Muwalo and the rest,you will be receiving encouragement from where your loving dad is resting.MAY GOD BLESS YOU TILL WE MEET!!!

  4. Respect MC says:

    # 1, it’s only in Malawi that artists earn much less than active citizens. Elsewhere, it’s art that is much appreciated and makes you money. Chipembere’s focus is not Malawi, I doubt if he can speak any Chichewa. Kuganiza mombwambwana ngati ukuku sikungatukule dziko.

    Why should he cut dreadlocks? Our society has embraced ladies in miniskirts and trousers, so why should there be a problem with men keeping braided hair, dyed hair, tattoos and earrings? Double standards right?

    If Dr. Banda had kept the likes of Masauko, very bright young minds, we could have prospered. They gave Kamuzu too much power, and once you taste those powers there’s nothing to stand in your way. I wish the Masauko and Ortons were president otherwise we wasted 31 years on a good for nothing Mtchona who persecuted the very same people who had fought tooth and nail the independence of Nyasaland and gave him the leadership role on a silver platter.

    Son, your dad Masauko was a hero.

  5. rodgers says:

    We still need the works of your father here at Malindi pa chiwaya Mangochi can you take the legancy of your Father plz think of it Son Gud lucky

  6. Mpwenkhi says:

    Welcome back. You look like a washout though. Hehehehehe. Just kidding. Can’t wait for the album….

  7. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Stick to your passion, young “Chip” as your father was affectionately known by his generation. If music satisfies you in life, so good.
    Do not be enticed to Malawi politics. It’s a grinding mill with few psychological rewards because of unprecedented personal “jelasi” – that word is even in the national anthem! There is a reason for that.
    You can smile, think and sing about your dad as you drive down the “highway” named after him. But when you get out of your car, don’t announce to just anybody that you are young “Chip” – you will be swarmed by beggars, to be sure. Unless you have millions lining your pockets.

  8. Bernard says:

    Welcome back home Masauso.We love you

  9. Elson B says:

    Kodi paja “solo album” ndichani?

  10. njonjonjo says:

    Your father was a great statesman. A man who was fearless and loved Malawi with a great passion. Why can you cut those dreadlocks and stand as an MP in Mangochi to advance the values and legacy that your father stood for? Your mother was a good politician but she is now old. Music wont take you anywhere young man. That’s my advice

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