Mbelwa Council projects K500m per year income after Jenda Rural Growth Centre

Officials from Mbelwa District Council of Mzimba say they are set to collect a record K500 million revenue from per year after Jenda Rural Growth Centre comes into operational.

Mzimba district commissioner (DC) Thomas Chirwa

Mzimba district commissioner (DC) Thomas Chirwa

Jenda in Mzimba

Jenda in Mzimba

Thomas Chirwa, the district commissioner for Mzimba said this when Local Development Fund Committee visited the rural growth centre which is under construction with funds from African Development Bank.

Chirwa said currently, the council collects about K200 million a year.

He said the K500 million revenue would enable the council provide more social services to the people.

“This will be an economic game changer,” said Chirwa excited of the project whose construction finishes in April next year.

Councils in Malawi rely on central government for most of its funding due to narrow economic base.

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12 thoughts on “Mbelwa Council projects K500m per year income after Jenda Rural Growth Centre”

  1. thomas the dicipel says:

    Dear Mr Chirwa,
    could you please tell us the use of the 200 million you already collect up to date?
    People of Mzimba be alert!
    His financial trac record as CEo of Mzuzu is not the best!

  2. Ife kwathu ndikumango sapotela ngati mpira. Zonvetsa chisoni kwambiri, kuti ife kuno kwathu ku Chiwamba, kuyambila nthawi ya democracy mdziko muno, sitinalandileko zinthu zothandiza miyoyo ya anthu. Fuso timakhala nalo ndilakuti, kodi atsogoleli azipaniwa, amadziwa kuti kuli dela lina lotchedwa ” Chiwamba?” Kapena amapeleka chithandizocho koma anthu amwene amayimila dera lathu amadya ndikumangopele mawuthenga akuti talandila? Nanga ngati zili motero, palibe maoditazi azinthu zimene amapelekazo, ndipo mauthenga awo apeleka otani? Uthengawu ndikupempha ufike kwamunthu amwene ali odzinva kuthandiza anthu osauka.my contact no: +27 733 153 460.

  3. Mbelwa District countrict council my advice as follows:
    1. Do not wait for the so called Growth Centres, We have rich Malawians in this district as you can see a number of townships in this council, Ekwendeni, Chikangawa, Embangweni, Jenda, Engucwini, Kafukule, Euthin, Mpherembe, Enukweni Jenda etc some of these are bigger settlements than what we call Phalombe for example.
    2. We need leadership in developing these townships into well planned towns as these will be future cities.
    3. We need to have policies, bye laws on how people should have some kind of approvals on what type , where and how to build structures
    4. We need you allocate proper plots with planned roads, planned say industrial sites, education and health development facilities
    5. This will set example of how Malawi can develop in future. Let us not wait for Government to say this is a growth centre that is too late.
    6. Let us look forward and not follow what individual malawians have done already

  4. Why talk like you have started collecting 500 million. Finish the Jenda Rural Growth centre first so we can see it. I do not see any town planning these everybody is building anyhow. No road network plans etc. what are we waiting for ?

  5. kadamanja says:

    Jenda is just like village where there No plan for roads and houses, No trees, just robing anthu ogulitsa mzimbe.

  6. frank saidi says:

    Good wine needs no brush

  7. frank saidi says:

    Do not full us please.I like the comment from mtundu wanga…good wine needs no brush…do the construction and the results will be visible.you don’t have to tell us oies through the paper..the proof of pudding is in the eating.. Tell us when you are done and will come and mark….beasts!

  8. Hens master says:

    Dc. Plant trees at jenda. Its very windy and dusty. Cover 16 Sq kms so that you control dust and wind.

    Make bye law that all houses and shops be fixed with security light.

    Enforce planning standards. Scrutinise all building plans so that we have no substandard structures

    Fasten allocation of plots to developers. Speed up electricity and water connections. Escom staff at mzimba very corrupt

  9. chimbofwa says:

    Half billion but half of it will grow wings 100% correct and sure. That is malawi baba

  10. Mtundu Wanga says:

    The article just says they’re constructing the rural growth center with funds from ADB. What is really being constructed? Jenda is a windy and dusty place (worse than Lilongwe, the so-called capital city). I hope you DCs have ever travelled outside Africa and have seen how small rural towns look like. In your construction please include the following: modern market stalls with paved floors, neat benches and good lighting where our chipisi, tomato, onion sellers, etc can display their merchandise. It should be possible for buyers to step off the coach line or cars and visit the vendors without stepping on dust and dirtening their shoes. The market stalls should look beautiful and attractive even to tourists. Construct a car park, again well paved, so that motorists don’t congest the roads. This will reduce accidents. Construct sanitary facilities. Where possible privatize some of the facilities so that cleanliness and hygiene is maintained. Construct cyclist and pedestrian tracks because 90% of the villagers use bicycles or walk on foot. Any areas that are not covered by road/bicycle and pedestrian tracks should be planted with grass and trees. This will reduce dust, reduce airborne diseases and add to the beauty. Place bins every 50 meters so that people don’t throw litter on the streets. Engage users in awareness and civic education on cleanliness and hygiene. Anyone peeing outside the toilets or littering should be arrested. Employ some cleaners and guards to ensure law and order. These guards could be well respected village bouncers or even known wizards. You will be collecting half a billion Kwacha…this is more than enough to sustain these operations. These ideas will not cost much but can easily make Jenda a model rural town. All shop owners should be ordered to pave the area 3 meters from the doors of their shops. Install street lights for security. A total of 50 light poles could transform a small rural town like Jenda. This should be replicated all over Malawi in places like Lizulu, Tsangano, Zalewa, Liwonde Road Block, Salima/KK junction, Chingeni, Thondwe, Mloza Border, Marka, Songwe borderl, Nthalire etc. We don’t need cities with skyscrapers, we just need neat, well planned small towns spread all over the country where 80% of the population lives. Let big businesses like National Bank build the skyscrapers in cities. Just some thoughts. No idea should be shot down for its sake. You can improve on the idea if you have better thoughts. Let’s take Malawi forward

  11. Koma says:


  12. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    Koditu ndalama zilipo mdziko la Malawi koma nkhani yaikulu ndikagwiritsidwe ka ntchito ndiponso kuba.

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