MCP celebrates hat-trick of by-election victories

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has shrugged off divisions over the leadership  style of Lazarous Chakwera to score a hat-trick of by-election gains , retaining Mchinji West constituenct and two wards in Dedza and Lilongwe.

Chakwera has defied all odd to lead MCP in reclaiming its parliamentary seat

Chakwera has defied all odd to lead MCP in reclaiming its parliamentary seat

MCP won in Mchinji where DPP invested a lot in the campaign which President Peter Mutharika also visited  to add weight of support to his deputy Saulos Chilima, who has been going in Mchinji West with Minister of Civic Education as well as high ranking party officials.

Crippling unemployment, economic turmoil and corruption scandals in government  led voters to punish the DPP in areas where MCP gained victories,; Mchinje West,  Bembeke Ward in Dedza and  Kaliyeka Ward in Lilongwe South East Constituency .

Saving some pride, the DPP won in  Sadzi Ward in Zomba Central Constituency and Bunda Ward in Kasungu.

“It signals to everyone that the political pendulum in our country is swinging,” MCP director of elections Maxwell Thyolera told Nyasa Times.

He said voters have delivered a stinging rebuke to the DPP.

Thyolera said DPP attempted to fraudntley win the by-elections but their party machinery were awake not to lose Mchinji parliamentary seat.

He said theMCP victory against DPP which used tax funds for campaign will be a major psychological blow to President Mutharika and the ruling party.

“We have shown that despite some dirty politics against MCP, we are force to reckon with,” he said.

He said the by-elections were a “mini-referendum about the future of Malawi” and that voters have indicated they want change.

The Tuesday’s vote sent a clear message that the electorate cannot be taken for granted.

Despite losing in Zomba, the eastern region, MCP has also shown that it could challenge the ruling DPP  in its strongholds.

MCP  did also make modest inroads in Zomba.

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21 thoughts on “MCP celebrates hat-trick of by-election victories”

  1. Kent Y.G. Mphepo, Blantyre says:


    I am following the commentaries on the by-elections with keen interest. In my view, the results have just shown that the country is still divided on regional/tribal lines. For those who don’t know Central Region very well should know that this region is dominated by the Chewa (and their cousins called Mang’anjas/Nyanja’s in the South) people (and I am one of them) who, historically, are usually not mobile. Being majorly farmers, they live within their communities, till their land, enjoy their plenty forms of entertainment and life goes on and on.

    Any history book you will read will show you that they are generally peaceful, accommodating and generally laid back. They rarely get involved in public life unless they are really pushed or provoked by circumstances or events like where things have been in the past few years. Troubled economy, tribal rivalry, unemployment, etc may push Chewas into action. Even during the pre-independence period, the Chewas/ Mang’anjas/ Nyanjas took a back-sit approach while Yaos, Ngonis, Tongas, Tumbukas like Matinga, Sangala, Gomani, Levi Mumba, Kaphwiti Banda, etc were forming Native Associations that culminated in the formation of the Nyasaland African Congress, the predecessor of the MCP. They criss-crossed the country to lobby for change. Except Mwase from Kasungu (who,historically was not a Kasunguian but a Yao from Bibikuulunda in Salima) and later, Kamuzu Banda (who was trained by Livingstonia Mission in the North and lived abroad for over 40 years) no Chewa chief or individual got involved in that effort. We, Chewas, were on the farms producing food.

    With these facts in mind, my view is that many of the DPP voters in Bunda Ward, Mchinji, Kaliyeka and Bembeke were Southerners who have migrated to these districts for business and other reasons. Please, remember that Kasungu, Lilongwe and Mchinji are districts where many people from Thyolo, Mulanje, Chiradzulo, Mzimba, Mangochi, Machinga, etc trekked to work on General Farming, Press Farming, Chamwabvi, Chikoko and various private farms in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, due to lack of arable land and meaningful economic activities in those districts. Many people from the North also came to Central Region in the same fashion of course many were kapitaos, foremen, etc on these farms since they were more educated. After many of these estates closed down, the majority of them did not return home but settled among the Chewa people to farm and some trekked to business spots (trading centers) to do small scale businesses. Kasungu Market, Kamwendo Market, Chinkhoma, are some hot spots where Southerners are in majority. Lilongwe has also benefited from this trend. Chewa people have remained in rural areas while the urban areas have big Northern and Southern populations that influence political voting. The majority of these have not assimilated politically but they still associate themselves with UDF, DPP, PP, AFORD, etc. while the indigenous populations still vote for MCP (which is wrongly perceived to be a Central Region party because of Dr. Banda three-decade leadership). 2009 elections changed this a little bit but the truth of the matter is that it is: “TRIBAL” party that matters in Malawi. You even see this trend on the religious front. Churches/religions that have roots in the South or North e.g. Seventh Day, Islam, PCM, Livingstonia CCAP, Last Church of God, etc flourish in the Center. BUT no church that has roots in the Center e.g. Revival Church of God, African Chipangano, Lilongwe Living Christian Church, Nkhoma Synod, etc has prospered outside Central Region because people from the Center have not moved to other regions. They are basically farmers living in rural areas. So, this explains why MCP, performs badly in the North or South. It also explains why DPP seemingly, is having IN-ROADS in the Center. It is basically people from the South and North who vote for DPP. Very few indigenous people vote for them. This means that Central Region is the most cosmopolitan region in Malawi. What does this mean? It means that Malawi is sitting on a time bomb of civil war that will fought on tribal lines. Tribes have not merged into a State. I blame it on politicians who are promoting tribalism. It is high time we started building our nation and not our tribes otherwise the country will continue to sink economically, culturally and politically. I rest my case.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo, Blantyre, 0888435629

  2. santana says:

    So what is Binnwell talking about here? Did Theu win on an independent ticket? Theu and the family chose DPP as a party in which they can show their humility to people and fortunately people are following suit. Otherwise people would have told the young Theu that they are no more in love with the party so he should stand as an independent they will still vote for him. But the people there after making a win to his DPP father they also encouraged the young Theu to stand on the same DPP and make him win. Looking at the votes which made the DPP win you may wonder if any other party competed there. Are you sure the MCP contested in this election? Are sure the MCP supporters in Kasungu knew that their loved party is contesting? Then we can conclude that this is a red card to Chakwera. The guy is not loved in Kasungu and it is not only Kasungu. The MCP of JZU would not fare like this. And the party thinks it has a candidate in Chakwera for 2019.

  3. nyasimmaso says:

    kkkkkkkk akuti anapita kukabera ku Nchinji DPP siyizatheka ndithu. kuba basi ziyalu

  4. be humane says:

    So Binwell taking your argument for Bunda ward in kasungu and apply it in Mchinji and Dedza that also had MCP representative and are just replaced by MCP reps as well it means there is nothing to rejoice for in this elections. However, lets us focus on votes acquired by the losers. It will tell you who is strong

  5. Those who dont read and follow pattern of events are the ones who are giving out silly comments on this page. Bunda ward in Kasungu had a dpp councillor Theu who died sometime back, the winning candidate is a son to that former councillor and he won with 600 (six hundred ) votes only. The point is not that of dpp being strong but people felt it good to award the position to son of the deceased as a continuation of the good behaviour of the theu family. So what mattered most is the personnel here not the party. In mchinji dpp used all tricks, kugawa mpunga, kugula ma voters certificates, kugwilitsa ntchito mbava polembetsa mavoti, kugawa chimanga and all evil strategies including money distribution on top of government machinery. The four thousand dpp got is a crooked figure through so many crooked ways while other parties were using right and normal procedures but managed to defeat the dpp which had everything. So you look at this as zonyadira yet you and your dpp are continuing using the devil as your master. And on a higher note dpp had Kaliyeka ward whose councillor died, this ward has been lost to mcp yet you are cheating people that inali ward ya mcp. Dpp has lost its Kaliyeka ward to mcp. Blind following, ignorance and subjective poverty will never take you anywhere, if its cashgate that has changed your humanity to abnormal then you are at the devils pinnacle awaiting destruction like your Daniel Phiri. CHILUNGAMO SICHIWOLA NGAKHALE MUTACHIKHALILA NDI DPP YANU YAKUBAYO, YAKUPHAYO NDI YOTSOGOZEDWA NDI SATANAYO.

  6. Nyima says:

    To us from the DPP fraternity,this is a plus.As we have managed to get votes in the central region up to 4 thousand,while MCP under chakwera has never amassed votes up to 500 in any election in the south.This simply shows the south is no go zone for MCP.But because MCP has no strategies when doing things thats why you are celebrating instead of crying,because dpp has own a seat in your stronghood ,which you can not even my manage if one councilor dies today in Thyolo and the government decide to give you all the support.This is why in every election you cry kuti mwabeledwa mavoti .Wake up and make your calculations well ,the votes that Chakwera was getting in the south in 2014 elections ,its the same trends with other elections that has been conducted recently,and even its worse .wake up,wake up.if not muliranso 2019,and it will be the end of your leader.Just a question as MCP what have you done in the south after loosing all the seats in the 2014 elections?

  7. The beholder says:

    Congrats Rt Hon Chakwera & the entire team. APMs ego is bruised & Chilima swallows the humble pie. In contrast to failed policies that has crushed the down & trodden vulnerable Malawians. Lens of politics cast a very tight race for Dpp led government & MCP has a lot work to do to gain ground in the South plus regaining Kasungu district where realignment of key party alliances is essential.

  8. Hlengiwe says:

    Kodi ku kasungu bunda ward nde kuti….aaaa mwayamba chani

  9. Angoni says:

    Kodi mai Kaliati, alipo???

  10. Tsetsefly says:

    While I congratulate MCP for the victory I am still not impressed with Malawians who are not prepared to express their anger even in the even of provocation by the ruing elite. This was an opportunity to squeeze DPP, to send a message to them that we can not wait for them to continue the snails pace in development terms. We could have taken advantage of this to preach to them that we are fed up with hiding the seven rotten ministers. We needed to tell them using the ballot that as long as the 577 billion issue remains unresolved the DPP will not find a peaceful sleep. Malawian could have shown the DPP that they can not go unpunished with the below par performance on social services like water, electricity, health, education etc. Mchinji, Dedza and Lilongwe I love you.

    And for you who still see that there is still something remaining in the DPP I want to invite you to wake up from your slumber and understand that the party is as clueless as its leader who is failing to inspire the nation to work hard. So your blind loyalty will yield nothing after all many of you, the so called DPP diehards are as economically challenged. Why don’t you open up your eye and see where real development can come from.

  11. Dr Tambala says:

    No news here in fact MCP should be worried that it has lost the Kasungu bye election which is in their backyard

  12. Neutral Politician says:

    Inu, the thing is MCP yawina parliamentary seat in Mchinji West and congratulations for that. Koma zoti the elections were a mini referendum nde mukuonjezatu. Mchinji just as it is with entire Central region is the MCP stronghold komabe DPP and PP apezakobe mavoti. DPP kapena UDF kuwina any seat ku South can’t be a symbol kuti ndi choice ya dziko lonse ayi. Ndikuchipinda kwawo. Therefore just celebrate while mukuunika ma potholes ali mchipani.

  13. Wa mwale says:

    Especially after Mr VP, had told Malawians masana-sana, kuti akuti iwo sanama ndipo anawauza anthu akuchinji kuti sananamepo pankhani zachisankho. Analonjeza kuti iwowo atenga constitutiency ya mchinji. Kodi lero avomeleza kuti ananama? He must now that this is politics and ot Airtel company, ndipo andikhumudwitsa pazimene achita ndi anyamata awo mpaka kunamizira kuti ndi Mec? I think zimene zimamveka zija ndizoonadi kuti iwowo ndi dolo posintha ma results a chisankho. God must punish them…

    1. Goodman says:

      Pa VP you are right. He sent his boys to rig the election. And they were caught thanks to MCP alertness.
      Next election watch this vp man who behaves like some uneducated salvage

  14. santana says:

    After all it was their seat. But how can MCP make in-roads in Zomba when it can miserably fail in its own stronghold- Kasungu? It is the DPP which is making in-roads in the centre if we can look clearly on the results.MCP has never shown that it can penetrate the south while everyone can see that the DPP is making gains in the centre. If you say people of Mchinji have voted against the DPP because they want change, what about the Kasungu people, don’t they want change? I thought the MCP should be worried about the closeness of the figures in its own stronghold and a win in Kasungu. Where is Chakwera making gains in the South? I see nowhere.

    1. charka says:

      Guys when i saw the first citezen ferrying people from lilongwe to mchinji n the veep humming to e tune ….n the decampaigning on radio mbc towards our beloved quiet revrend Chakwera…i say our God has fought us a battle….no beef for e other guys kma do we see anything to smile about ???viva chakwera viva mcp

  15. lucas says:

    Cerebrating what???? Why loosing in Kasung its stronghold??? Kkkkkk

    1. Bingu says:

      Hey, Bunda ward was already a DPP ward whose previous councillor died and the one who won is the late brother.

    2. Bingu says:

      Kaliyeka Ward was also a DPP ward and now won by MCP. By the way, do you know that the ruling party always win by elections because it allocates more resources? Why this time losing? Dzanja lalemba. .be ware of Sidick Mia in the south.

  16. Chibalo says:

    MCP work very hard in the South because you dont really exist there and again work very hard where you very strong so that DPP doesn’t get votes up to thousand because such votes are important when added together in your back yard.
    Malawians are blind and i repeat this-Malawians are very blind people.They will vote for a Party Leader because of where he is coming from no matter how many blunders he or she makes.If you want to be in State House come 2019, this is what you MCP should do seriously,
    1-Cling on to Sidik Mia and give him a good Post.
    2-Work very hard in the North by showing to them that you dont just need them during elections and dump them later.The Northern Vote will decide the Winner.Remember Mzimba alone registered 400000 thousand voters during the last elections and such votes alone can make any President Win elections.
    Noone should underrate the Northern Vote. In fact if i were MCP, i would focus my great attention in the North so that i sweep almost all the Votes.I would decampaign DPP easily using the Quota System,the 20th July Killings of innocent people by the same government,Failure to kick-off Mombera University, the Road to Livingstonia, Corruption at Kayerekera if you really want Karonga Votes,the Suffering of the community at Kanyika new mining Project.
    3-Work very hard MCP to ensure that the 50 Plus winning criteria is effected as soon as possible.This is very important for our Country as any vote from any region will count.This i guess will bring respect to any region in Malawi.
    4-Work very hard on the Alliance with PP but dont allow Uladi Mussa to bulldoze you.Let him understand that he has had his share in UDF,DPP,PP and what else?

    Yours truly

  17. be humane says:

    Nothing has changed in Malawi politics, only if MCP had won in Zomba may be we could be saying MCP has made a breakthrough but winning in Mchinji, Dedza and Lilongwe? These are the usual places MCP always win no change. Even if MCP had fielded a dog in these areas they could have won becuase MCP in the central region does not vote for qulaities of candidate but Chipani cha a Achewa. May be we should be congratulating DPP for winning in Kasungu. It has showed strength in breaking through paphata pa chipani

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