MCP Central Region chairpersons endorse Chakwera as 2019 torch bearer

Nine out of twelve district chairpersons from the Malawi congress Party(MCP) stronghold  in the central region on Wednesday publicly endorsed current MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera as their 2019  Presidential candidate.

MCP Senior District Chairperson for Mchinji North Foloma Mwale, listening attentively from reporter's questions.

MCP Senior District Chairperson for Mchinji North Foloma Mwale, listening attentively from reporter’s questions.

In a news conference soon after a one day meeting held at the party’s  regional headquarters in Lilongwe, Chairman for Mchinji North, Foloma Mwale said the districts chairmen while meeting in Lilongwe decided to endorse Chakwera to be MCP presidential candidate.

“After the thorough research we have seen that the only person who can drive MCP to the right direction and dislodge the current regime, is Dr Chakwera,” said Mwale.

Mwale said the chairmen also met to refute allegations from other party members who are calling for a mini convention where they want to elect another president.

“We already had that convention where we elected Chakwera as our leader why should we have another convention?” argued Mwale.

Commenting on the petition which some party members are signing in order to call for the same convention, Mwale said he has heard about the petition but Central region district chairpersons will not be party to that petition because they have trust and confidence in Chakwera.

Ephrime Tengeretu from Dowa West accused some disgruntled party members who are fuelling all those problems for their personal political gains.

“These people know where they belong but they are failing to come forward and disclose because they know they can be dislodged come 2019. History has shown that if someone ditch MCP and joins other parties they don’t win because MCP do not like political prostitutes,” said Tengeni.

Present during the meeting and the news conference included Central Region Chairperson Patrick Chilondola and his regional committee.

Some of MCP District committee chairpersons included; Kaimbe Kwenda of Lilongwe rural east, George Chichitike of Ntchisi,Chrispine Banda from Mchinji South, Alfred Matchumbuzu from Lilongwe urban, Wilson Sitima from Kasungu east, Jimmy chisenga from Kasungu west.

Also present was Kachule Kwenda from Lilongwe Rural west.

Those who gave the apologies include chairpersons from Dedza, Ntcheu and Dowa East.

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phillip msosa

To be honest it’s only MCP that will make Malawi a happy nation again and I don’t blame you who are busy castrating MCP but I blame the one in you. MCP the only party in Malawi that has got heart for the people.

The people here who are accusing MCP of tribalism should tell us which party is encompassing in Malawi. DPP is a family venture belonging to the Mutharikas whilst UDF is a Muluzi proprietorship. Neither of them have had leaders from the North or the South while MCP has had a leader from the South before. I am very offended by these insults accusing the party of being a party for Nyaus. If you don’t like the Chewa people why don’t you allow us to rule ourselves? Why don’t you allow the regions to go there separate ways, Assholes?
Brazilian wax

Am not MCP but from comments here so many are blaming and branding MCP to be undemocratic. Can anyone here mention any party in the post one party era that has conducted itself democratically when choosing their leader? In fact it’s only MCP which conducted a relatively fair convention prior to May 2014 elections. Lack of fair analysis. No wonder Malawi is a country of dimwits.

Tili Chenene

The picture of these guys can give a clue that these are old dreamers. 2019 presidential candidate endorsed today in 2015? Why? Anyway, some of us never dream that MCP would rule before 2024

Maximum Prison

Convention yake inachitikira kuti? Akanakhala a DPP bwenzi pano hule uja mumati Jesse Kabwira ali wee wee wee ku DpP kulibe democracy nanga iyi ndi democracy???

Willie Chimseu

This is the MCP which I know. True conservatives & miles away from democracy. Onthunu kamvani kuti kamuzu ndi dictatorship zidanka.


How many political party constitutions have you read as examples. Democracy is not restrictive as you would want yo believe in this country of Nyasaland. It is what a number of people have agreed. Thus endorsement is for central region and is not national. North and South will have their turn. You do not to say all about Nyawus and the staff. You just show and expose yourself to what you claim as tribalism that the same is rooted in you also. I do not see why all the fuss.


A JZU, Jessie, Chakwera angti zii pa nkhaniyi. Koma kubwera kumwera kudzavina. Chipani chikuonongeka khaya simuona?

why not analysing MCP? Unless it does not dream of ruling Malawi. Unless it tells us that it is happy with the post of leader of opposition in parliament. Unless you are not a party for all corners of Malawi. Ife anthu a kumwera singasekelere zimenezo. Utsiru eti. For us in south our house is always clean in all regions. That is the reason why we always win in all regions. Achewa mukukula mtima, how many votes did we give you in the recent councillors elections? Out of two regions which had councillors election which party won at least in… Read more »

Which party in Malawi is all encompassing? MCP has had Gwanda Chakuamba a Southerner as leader. How many leaders from the North or Central have lead UDF, DPP? Southerners are the most selfish people in the country that is why I am in favour of Federation and secession all together because the country is being held back with the savages from the south at the helm

Agogo says

Lero kwacha ? DPP ndiyomaliza mmoyo uno, mwina moyo wina ukuzawo MCP

Bikiloni Nachipanti

Dziko likukukanikani and mukufuna kulimba ndi Chakwera… Dont push your failures to Chakwera or MCP. Leave MCP alone. Leave Chakwera alone.. Clean your house first and run this country than concentrating on what is happening in MCP.

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