MCP hits at DPP’s ‘desperation’: Kachali queries funds for State House banquet halls

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member of parliament for Lilongwe North, Patricia Mkanda has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of acting in desperation and advancing a political budget as the House has since p approved a K5.4 billion (US$12 million) allocation to State Residences amid resistance on two activities of construction of two banquet halls.

Kachali:  Why is the construction of banquet halls so important at this time

Kachali: Why is the construction of banquet halls so important at this time

Commenting on the financial plan tabled by Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe, the Lilongwe North MP said the budget without goals “is just a pair of handcuffs.”

Nkanda said going through the 2015/16 national budget “you can actually discern desperation and politics.”

She said: “A good budget does not do injustice to other districts or sectors. It is well researched and based on reality on the ground. I can see that this budget is politicised, that is why we are maintaining the Malata-Cement Subsidy.”

The MCP lawmaker said the 2015/16 budget is not offering Malawians any hope because of “drastic cuts” and that “Malawi is on a life-supporting machine.”

Nkanda challenged Minister of Education, Science and Technology. Dr Emmanuel Fabiano to visit her constituency where she said two girls were raped in one month because there are no girls’ hostels.

“I also invite him to visit Nambuma, Kalonga and Kabudula Community Day Secondary Schools. I am sure the Minister will close the schools after the visit because girls and boys are living in rented houses, which have no window panes. There is no electricity, the rooms are infested with ants and some girls are living in thatched houses. Mr Speaker, Sir, if most of us went to such schools, I am sure we would not have been in this House,” said Nkanda.

Government Deputy Chief Whip Grace Chiumia stood on a point of order against remarks by Nkanda that the budget is politicised.

“ If you look in the budget books, you will see that funds have been allocated to all the districts, including the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) increment we are asking for, is for every Member of Parliament.,” she said.

Chiumia also said it “wrong” to say that girls who are sleeping in thatched houses will not be able to be MPs, saying others who used to walk to school are now in the National Assembly.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, we need to find ways on how to improve their accommodation. The Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development has shared with us information that he used to walk from Rumphi to Livingstonia to go to school, but today he is here. ,” said Chiumia.

Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya , advised Chiumia that “ we do not debate opinions in the Chamber. That is the Member’s opinion and that is how she feels. If you disagree you can also rise up and talk about.”

Meanwhile, Mzimba South-west MP Khumbo Kachali asked Gondwe to consider reallocating the K500 million of State Residence allocation towards construction of banquet halls at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre and Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

“Why is the construction of banquet halls so important at this time when so many budget allocations have been drastically reduced?” wondered Kachali.

Kachali, immediate past vice-president during former president Joyce Banda’s two-year tenure, received support from Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua (People’s Party-PP) who repeatedly described the allocation as meant for “malo a chisangalaro…  [kumangodya amapwevupwevu].”

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42 thoughts on “MCP hits at DPP’s ‘desperation’: Kachali queries funds for State House banquet halls”

  1. Mulohmwe Wa kwa Golliat says:

    DPP plus UDF kkkkkkkkkkkk madeya plus mbava koma ziliko eeeeehhhhhh Agalu inu ooohhhh yes Agalu inu!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie says:

    Where is the logic here? Money to buy food, parliarment had to authorise a bill to borrow frm the World Bank, and yet you have managf to allocate K500mil to build banquet halls! Be human pls! You are there to think and consider for the poor, they voted you for that.

  3. Hule Jean Mathanyula Petulo Kalira says:

    Grace Chiumia pa chakuti pako. If Goodall Gondwe used to trek from Rumphi to Livingstonia that was then in the 1950s. So children of nowadays (2015) should be leading a life that Nganga Goodal Gondwe led? Ndiye osangolibwenzeranso dzikoli kwa atsamunda bwanji? Poti iwe kholo umanyamula chimanga chokazinga m’botolo popita ku school, so your children should also nyamula chimanga m’botolo? Cn we say we will develop with that kind of spirit? Get a life Grace Chiumia and also start applying something kunkhope kwakoko. No wonder you really lead a 1900 lifestyle.

  4. Trevor Manyi says:

    Bwampini mathanyula akufuna

  5. Trevor Manyi says:

    92 BILLION woyeeee 577 BILLION woyeeee

  6. Hoitty says:

    what the MP is saying is true. Better construct girls hostels than banquet halls at this lean time

  7. Joseph Moyo says:

    a MCP ngat sukulu munti yadibwa nchiswe ndye mukufuna gondwe akaone akakupheren chiswecho?akupasen ndarama zina mujesenso nchiswe?ndinu anthu osasamala.amalawi mumaganiza kod a mcp akadakhala akulamula akadachita resist za banquet likukamba bomaz?now jelous limeneli lidampanga Bingu kupambana bwino mmbuyomu ngat mwaiwala a Tembo akut section65iyambe budget isatire.panonso mukut report liyambe kenako budget burn your hands as we watch you tikuonerani y do politicians repeat same mistakes.bingu repeated kamud

  8. fredpa says:

    The future is worrysome..the first steps to the first 50 years was started with MCP, malawi saw universities,schools and infrastructure.on the unfortunate note,Malawi on the next 50 years journey has crooks,thieves,manipulators and pretenders

  9. Nangozo says:

    Ine APM ndiye ayi!!!!!!

  10. chisombezi likhunya says:

    Dont forget dpp is full of madeya, udf thieves pomwepo. This country can never develop with these kinds of leaders in front. Sorry for mother Malawi

  11. obwande says:

    That’s the DPP you voted for.Extravagancy for Malawian politicians is the order of the day.Wait we will gnash our teeth just very soon.

  12. Patriot says:

    Cashgate imeneyo.
    Mbava izi.
    DPP must step down

  13. sir bentby says:

    stupid peter kamasaya

  14. Just because u walked on foot and slept in thatched houses in your time u headless ministers must not guarantee exposing today’s youth to such harsh learning conditions.You really think backwards you Horrible ministers.We are living in a different more advanced global village.That is why Malawi shall never develop with such old useless skulls!Shame on you Dpp thugs!

  15. captain says:

    I just feel bad for my country.God please save us . Anasankha wolakwika

  16. bingu says:

    hahaha someone must be joking hall kuti? you are out of touch. resign guys aaaah

  17. Malilime says:

    Speechless! Only God will rescue us from this hopeless Govt!

  18. OBSERVER says:


  19. The real Ujeni says:

    K1/2bn for banquet halls? More partying and dancing with well wishers as the list will grow therefore more need of space, that’s the priority number one. Priority number ten is medicine and K20m will be allocated to all hospitals. Mavota vota munavotela mapwevupwevu kikikikiki

  20. the patriot says:

    Well the budget will be passed, that is if it is has not been passed already, in favor of “banquet halls” against a hospital at Phalombe. And to add salt to a fresh wound, come next year, the banquet halls will not have been built and yet the MK500mln will have been spent and we will be fed on excuse upon excuse about where the money went.

    Malawi, when are we going to truly say “enough is enough?” MK92bln has just ballooned to MK577bln. And all that will happen for the next few days or weeks will be a few noises here and there and that will be it. Shortly it will be water under the bridge and business as usual.

    Just a word to these thieves is “Please grow some human hearts for a change. Feel for those of us who are truly suffering; the 60 or so % who are living below a dollar a day. We are humans too, just like yourselves, you know. Just ask yourselves some real questions, like ‘do I really need the billions that I am stealing from the poor villager?”

    I guess morality is not for the likes of you greedy morons.

  21. kamtembo says:

    Why do you people regret? This is what you get when you vote wrongly. But may be wait, its just a year, more goodies are on the way lets hope so. When we say vote wisely, people vote with their stomach and with their brain. Worse of it all, in the case of Malawi, people look at WAKWATHU, OR FROM WHAT REGION. With such mind set, Malawians you will never make it to be where you want.
    Being a professor, or a PhD holder, does not mean you are good at Public Administration and Resource Management. That is why to the professor, the HALLS are more important than the basic needs of the nation. Think about the Malawian leaders. Is this why you fought for political pluralism in 1991-93?

  22. sikusinja says:

    K500millokn for banqueting halls, K300million for independence celebrations and yet we have people living in camps and we asking donors to help. Why can’t we start helping them ourselves first so that donors know we r serious. We can’t ask others to help Malawians with their taxpayers money and then use our taxpayers money for feasting.

  23. ZOONA says:

    kkkkkkk koma inu simukudziwa kuti agula kale ,tilila sitinati dipiiipiii woyeeeeeeee

  24. jimbo says:

    Banquet halls! Banquet halls! APM and the DPP Government have completely lost the plot. Malawi has managed for over 50 years without banquet halls, why does it need them now? The economy is in crisis with urgent funds needed for health, education, agriculture, infrastructure, etc. etc. and the government wants to build banquet halls. It puts one in mind of the Emperor Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned. How could anyone even suggest banquet halls, never mind approve of them in the budget. It all goes to show how remote APM and the DPP are from the realities that face them and which they should be addressing. There is no hope for poor Malawi as long as they have a government that wants to build banquet halls.

  25. kenkkk says:

    And Gondwe cheekily says some items of the expenditure will not be met because resources are not available. But banquet halls will have resources? And more important items will not?

    Where is your humanity apm and Gondwe?

  26. Dama says:

    Banquet hall ? Waste of money. The problem is the banquets at the state lodge are open even to barefoot DPP Provos …banquets must have a purpose and class!!!!! Basop

  27. Jones Muheriwa says:

    The way how Malawi is being run baffles me indeed. We are heavily dependent on donors for supply of ARVs – over 90% of the resources are from donors but we can afford K500m for building banqueting halls! You wonder if God gave all of us brains or some have cabbages instead. To add salt to an injury some other people are so daft even to compare eating or drinking tea pamaliro with this very important issue. I get utterly annoyed because we are all seen from the outside as literally jokers.

  28. savimbi says:

    ma pwevupwevu, mmalo mothana nd njala mukamanga hall ku state house. wat 4?koma an2 inuyo, Mulungu akuchitiren chifundo

  29. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Thats what you get when you vote (or be it stolen votes) BRAINLESS AND THIEVES into power.

  30. CONGO MAFIA says:

    The only way out of this voting error of putting DPP into power is through a coup d’état. Otherwise we are in for it for another minimum of 4 years.

  31. shaaaa! says:

    koma diphiphi yokha pa nkhani ya ma party,ayi ndithu ndi 50/50 matako ndi chimbudzi,tubu ndi njinga.hahahahahahaha munabetsa voti amene mumavotera nkhalamba yopanda mano mkamwa.

  32. VYOTO says:

    Hopeless! Professor President with his upside down priorities.

  33. Tengupenya says:

    Engagement ikuvuta! Malata and cement subsidy was among the centre pieces of DPP’s manifesto. Don’t dream that it can be easily scrapped. Engage DPP led government on targeting, so that all parts of Malawi benefit from the budget allocated to this subsidy.

  34. Nanga ntani says:

    This is the right time for Dpp to construct a banquet hall, so that when our economy is they can make use of it. Munapeleka boma kwa zidakwa, zimafuna ma patty kkkkk

  35. mathanyula says:

    Amalawi sitichedwa kuyiwala kumavotela nkhalamba zini ndi zaka 80s, anthu kumudzi akuvutika koma achina gondwe akufuna kumanga malo omwe akufuna azidyeramo makhobili ama tax payers chame on DDP

  36. Zadziwika says:

    kkkk, Olo pamaliro tea, nsima. rice zimapezeka, timadya ndithu. So even if the country is financially crippled, banquets can still be enjoyed.

  37. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I always feel for Saulosi Chilima. Why did he join this confused party.

    What is important between two banquate halls and the Phalombe district hospital. I think banquate halls should come first becuase we will need people of Phalombe during next election in 2019 but we need parties now to entertain ourselves.

    Alhomwe Alhomwe Alhomwe

  38. kanyimbi says:

    Banquet halls? so at this hard economic time others want to have tea party time? Please be serious. We are tired of backing you.

  39. Balamanthu says:

    This mix of Parliamentarians is quite good that some like NKanda and for some reason the former VP are able to pick critical issues.We should zero in on the Health and Education budget and how much medication we will buy, how many schools we will build etc rather than doing construction at state house.Peter has so much stollen money that he can afford these things rather than use tax payers resources.Kuipira kopeleka budget kwa nkhalamba za 80 years old results into this politics.If I may ask, how did cabinet pass such a budget?

  40. IBAM says:

    DPP ndi ma phwando ndi khethekhethe

  41. BBC says:

    So this budget is just like a pair of handcuffs? kkkkkkkkk.

  42. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    Please Malawi this is so shameful. Banqueting halls at this time when our economy is in icu. What for. If I were the finance minister I would not even mention a thing like that to this suffering country. Come on. How insensitive can you be.

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