MCP insists Malawi running on autopilot, govt rejects claims

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmakers have accused President Peter Mutharika government of being “clueless” on coming out of economic turmoil,  saying the country is on auto pilot.

Lowe: Mutharika is clueless

Lowe: Mutharika is clueless

The country is currently facing many industrial action over demands for salary increase due to weakening Kwacha and rising costs of living.

MCP chief whip in Parliament, Lobin Lowe accused Mutharika of being clueless leader.

“Things are moving as if we are on auto pilot,” said Lowe.

MCP MP for Dowa East, Richard Chimwendo also accused Mutharika on having no clue to run a country.

They made the scatching attack in Mangochi where the party youth donated assorted items to Mangohci District Hospital on Saturday.

The remarks cemented the position taken by MCP president and leader of opposition Rev Dr Lazarous Chakwera who recently branded Mutharika a “hypocrite” when there was a salary hike for him.

President Mutharika and Vice-President Saulos Chilima deferred proposed 80 percent salary increases that could have seen them earning K2.7 million and K1.8 million per month, respectively.

However, Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe said Government is firmly pushing for budgetary discipline that makes public workers’ clamour for strikes and unbudgeted salary increases detrimental to efforts to heal the nation’s economic woes.

According to Gondwe, Cashgate scandal, exposed last year which resulted in K20 billion of public resources being plundered, has left government cash-strapped, especially after donors also withheld 11 percent, and not the purported 40 percent, of their budgetary support to Malawi.

Gondwe explained that while the government is actively tackling and revamping the public finance management systems, to prevent a recurrence of the Cashgate-like looting, it is also bent on harmonising salaries as a way of instilling discipline, fairness and motivation among civil servants and their colleagues in parastatals and other public service organisations.

“It is public order and harmonisation that we are trying to achieve. The old salaries were very much disjointed,” Gondwe stated.

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65 thoughts on “MCP insists Malawi running on autopilot, govt rejects claims”

  1. johns dumakuve says:

    Muthalika and his airtel money friend Saulos were only prepared to steal votes but not to run this country.Burying our heads in the sand and pretending that things are moving is a complete lie.These Dpp have failed Malawi big time.Dpp won because of being voted by the clueless southerners who votes for a party not for policies and what happens at the end,we r all suffering together in this mess.Mavuto alipo kwabasi pa Malawi.

  2. cash gate says:

    ndimadabwa anthu akamati DPP,DPP,DPP, ndikuona ngati ndi gulu la anthu lomwe limasankha munthu chifukwa chochokera chigawo chimodzi, ndimayamikila anthu a ku mpoto komanso Kumbukilani chisankho cha 2009, Bingu anawina bwino, anthu a chigawo chapakati komanso cha ku mpoto anamuvotera bwino mosayang’ana komwe akuchokera. Mumamva bwanji akamati DPP idasowetsa 92 bilion, ine ndikadakonda mwina mutamanena kuti akanawina Atupele kapena Katsonga koma anthu a ku mmwera amaoneka kuti nzeru zawo ndi zobwerela, saona komwe akuchoka komanso komwe akupita, mbuzi zenizeni, MCP ndiyabwino, mumanena kuti kunali nyakula inu ndikudana nayo kuti mukaba k92 Bilion musamangidwe, Mulungu alipo satisiya choncho adzathandiza ndithu kuti anthu oyenera alamulire, DPP MUDZIWE KUTI MATOPE AJA ALIPO NDITHU A K92 BILION, MUDABA NDITHU.

  3. beta pat says:

    There will be no expert running our poor Malawi with less difficulties but God alone. Many have been the times that politians have ascribed every socio-political success to themselves hence God does not fully intervene in our problems as a country. We should acknowledge God’s role in running the country.

  4. Ngoma, Thomas, London says:

    I call on all good intentioned and well meaning Malawians who understand economics to join me in shifting the dominant Economic paradigm in Malawi from Demand side economics to supply side economics. Following rogue comments 13.1 and 13.2 I now realise that in Malawi the dominant economic paradigm is Demand side (Consumer side) economics which is not fit for purpose to rescue Malawi ailing economy. Text books may have preponderance of demand side (Consumer side ) economy principles but in practice these are just to hoodwink the African from developing. The European economic policy is supply side economics, the British Agenda for growth is anchored on supply side economics, the US renaissance strategy is supply side, the whole success of the Asian and Chinese economies is supply side economics. Please people join me in pursuing the same supply side economics for our country and effect step change and economic boom. Trivialising my recommendations in favour of status quo is recipe for economic disaster. I now realise that the “brainwashing” is well engrained that high interest rates control inflation, wrong!!!!!. Malawi needs to lower banking interest rates to stimulate long term investment in private sector thereby increasing our national competitiveness, economic growth and more importantly job creation. Unfortunately the school of economic thought currently dominant in Malawi is that high interest rates encourage savings and low consumption and hence good for fighting inflation! True here is Britain and US but not in poor Malawi. the priority in Malawi must be to lower interest rates to encourage infant industries growth and survival. I am not interested in Politics but to effect a positive change in remove the shackles of poverty and under development. Just google “country list by bank rates” and see why 25% by RBM is among the worst in the world. Even Mozambique and Tanzania have lower rates and their economies are booming!! Malawians please let us be bold and revamp our economy with low interest rates!

  5. Jelbin mk says:

    But honestly to blame cashgate for DPP’s failure its so confusing because 20 billion was not stolen in the dpp’s financial year and 20 billion represents a 5% annual budget which would not make a very big gap or effect. Remember fellow Malawians when Peter disappeared during campaign time for four months his PA told us he had gone to source funds from his friends in the us, and we were told he brought a sack of cash now where are those friends? Why don’t they help him now?. The truth of the matter was that he went to tap money from the pocket him and his brother used to put stolen money from our poor people.

  6. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Criticizing alone will not get that desperate party, MCP, into power anytime soon. Perhaps they need a philosophic shift; definitely a shift in strategy and tactics … before 2019.
    APM inherited an economic mess, to be sure. But he’s slowly steadying the ship, JB and PP left behind.
    Amidst all this, APM is not panicking; this is why most Malawians are becoming fans of his. People are comfortable knowing that APM is in charge, and the country is on a positive trajectory, in terms of democracy and economy. There is no quick fix for the latter, and even spectators at Bao games know that!
    I do not belong to any party, but from what I hear on the “street”, there are only three parties worth watching over the next year in Malawi: DPP, DPP and DPP. It is on an inexorable march.
    Sorry MCP. Your history is sticking to your jackets like matope a makande ( clay mud)!

  7. Chinasolo says:

    A gondwe mwadziwa liti za mavuto a salary. you were a Minister of Finance before but never made such arguments. You are selfish.
    how could you champion salary increase for the offices of Presidency and his Vice when the country is facing economic hardships? Shame on you.

  8. nyasi mmaso says:

    Chauta wakwiya ndi utsogoleri wokuba I forsee more chaos in Malawi. Achikulirewa akuzamalizitsa pomwE anasiyila Braz. Ndikutha kuona ikugwila opanda other arms of government. Sindikuona budget ya 2015 ikuzadutsa. Zingosoweka munthu oyambitsa impeachment. Mkuluyu wakwana heavy. Mmalo movutika ndi Amalawi ali busy ma phwando

  9. Namalila says:

    Zikatere ndiye kuti zavuta kwabasi ndipo zikufunika ku chipatala. Abwana pamenepa musayang’anire muvi ungagwe mumaso. Stand up and face the challenges keeping quite will not bring solutions. Some advisors are cum and will not assist you as they have taken their role as employment and not public service. Zimvere mumtolo.

  10. Keen Observer says:

    I thought the best person to have known better is the man of cloth himself that our problems are beyond human capability. We need Divine intervention, not the Rev-cum-politician or professor NO all we need is God to solve our problems. We can skin each other alive but it’s not gonna work. Even countries with big economies are crying so this blabing is not going to change anything UDF,DPP, MCP or PP it’s not what we need

  11. che bint says: what?

  12. Biggy says:

    Kongelesi siyidzalowanso m’boma!!Wina afune,asafune.Abusa aja anyeredwa.Abibidwa amene aja.M’busa wa stanic uja!Wokonda ndrama basi?Forsek

  13. Rift Valley says:

    You are clueless if, as Minister, you cannot manage Chanceller College crisis, intervene in the British Envoy expulsion, especialy as Law Profesor, oppose draconian legislations, snatch a helicopter while President is away to commission street lights in Mzuzu. You are clueless if, as head of Gvt you appoint Board members without consulting them, you have an army of advisors despite having a team of ministers. You are lucky you have election riggers. DPP luck will run out one day.

  14. Vuto la akang’wing’wi ndi limenelo.Kulongolora zilizonse paliponse ndi kuchipatala komwe. Kuzolowera kudambwe basi.

  15. pwt says:

    ndinu ochepa omwe mukulemba izi, mavote adali ambiri so amufuna peter ndi ambiri. democracy its about majority! peter wapeza zitaonongeka ndi cashgate. sanapatsidwe dora zoyendetsera dziko how can he do. ask tembo, failing to manage estate how about dziko.

  16. jimbo says:

    Why did Peter Mutharika at the age of 74 years even bother to stand for election? Presumably he felt he had all the answers to Malawi’s problems and had the energy to put them into action. Did he seek advice before putting himself forward for election? If so, he must have had advisers who thought they could profit by his being elected. Unfortunately for Malawi the man is clueless when it comes to governing a country. He is clearly only in it to enjoy the prestige and money that the office of President brings with it. How could people vote for an old man who is brother to a previously failed President? Do Malawians have a death wish or something?

    1. Demo says:

      Iwe ukuziti Jimbo, kaya ndiwe nyau kapena mbwenumbwenu zako zimenezo, kavotere chipani chanu ndi m’busa wafekiyo koma ife tizavotera APM yomweyo , kuti wa wa wa . Kunena za ‘ fake pastor ‘ aaaaaaaa

  17. mtila zomba says:

    A mcp mukanakhala anzeru bwenzi muli mboma.

  18. Achi says:

    Bishop Sitima once led a prayer at civo asking God to ensure that any leader or party that comes to power thru rigging must face the wrath of God and lead a failed state.

  19. Tnt says:

    Kukhala Proffesor Does Not Mean Kuti Munthu Uli Ndi Nzeru Zoyendetsera Dziko.Umboni Ndi Umene Tikuwuwonapawu.Zanuzo Izo Ine Ndikupita Ku UK,bola Ndidzikasambitsa Nkhalamba Ndi Degree Yangayi

  20. Goodall don’t forget what you said one day in the church at Madise in Mzimba about the DPP government. If u have forgotten i can remind you. That’s why I can’t trust you any more. Ndiwe munthu wofuna zako zikuyendere.You have forgotten what you said about the miss use of government money by the DPP government. Why are u afraid of talking about the 92billion now.Shame on you.I think you better stop going to church.

  21. Zamuvuta polofesa.Mufufuze mbiri yake mumva kuti school adapanga chifukwa padalibe any other option atathawira kunja koma mmutu mulibe kanthu.Ine ndidakhala nayepo pa meeting anthu awiri for 4 hrs palibe chanzeru chomwe adandiuzapo.Empty tin.Zilibwino mudasankha choncho amalawi isadanda

  22. Ulaha Observer says:

    There is no govt fulstop. They wont to be fed.They were in govt before but doing nonsence.why u didnt harmonise salaries before? Waste of time

  23. Think Tank says:

    20billion works as political propaganda. From the time this was discvovered things were still moving in Malawi. DPP was campaigning on zero dependence on donors. The 20 billion is a fraction of our budget. Were they making budget depending on blundered 20billion or donor money? No, iam not very comfortable with economics but i think cashgate and donors should be left out in our 2014/15 budget because the money was simply not there in the first place. We knew we dont need donors as campaigned before and during elections. We knew 13-20 billion had been stolen before and during elections. We promised Malawians we had magic wand without donors nor 20billion. Our budget is well beyond 20 billion.

  24. Kandapako says:

    If an entity is on auto pilot it means all systems and sub-systems are functional.

  25. Gide says:

    MCP u r good at it, next time(2019) u maintain to be reader of opposition.

  26. MBACHI says:

    Peter must admit, his gvm has failed to run the country.

  27. golingo says:

    The country will only get normslised when people stop using asses when voting!!!! Use ur brains when doing anything in life!!!! A malawi muli pamabvuto osati pang’ono!! This idiot Mutharika akunyetsani! Mubuula simunati!!!!! Ironically the southern region is the most affected region by this nonsense!!!! Bt no water! Njalanso ikubwera!! Munya muona!!! Pathako panu!!! Musiye kuvota mupusa! Pa nyo panu ndi bwampini wanuyo!!!!!!!!!

  28. Chamwaka says:

    The useless leaders are the MCP fagots! The thirty years they were in power was the time to lay solid foundations for the economy of the country. All they did was to promote Tobacco growing, which county has developed by selling Tobacco leaves?

  29. ulendowu ndi watonse says:


  30. The fruits of our own choice!

  31. Discipline the judiciary. The judiciary services to the nation leave a lot to be desired and yet they make unnecessary demands like V8 vehicles. We welcome the salary harmonization that will make the civil service one family again.

  32. Mtungah says:

    Donors lost confidence in Bingu’s government. His death was a blessing in disguise becoz thereafter, Joyce Banda’s government won back donors’ confidence. But now, Peter’s government has taken it up from where his late brother left. No donor confidence. Will it be No Citizens’ Confidence in his govt!

  33. bryan says:

    We malawians, mostly our friends from south, ndinu wotsalira kwambiri. Ena mkumvomeleza kuti it’s bcos of cash gate ya JB. Kodi pa JB ma donors anatsekelatu khomo? Ask urself why tsanatseke. Anthuwa anadana ndi ulamuliro wagalu wanuyu kuchoka pakale paja. Zitsiru inu.

  34. Mafikizolo says:

    With Peter Mutharika as “president”, Malawi is not only on auto-pilot . Malawi is not only a failed state . Malawi is now a DOOMED country . Even when things are tough, a government should be able to inspire hope of a better tomorrow in the minds of its citizens . Citizens should be able to visualise some light at the end of the tunnel . But talk to most Malawians now and they will tell you that with this Mutharika regime at the helm, all they see is DARKNESS .

  35. Patriot says:

    According to DPP ndi PP imene yayika dziko pa autopilot

  36. chibwatiko says:

    Pita ndi mbuli yotheratu. Masankhasankha a malawi opengawa. Pamene anali minister mu ma ministry osiyanasiyana ndi kuti kumene anapanga perform positively? Answer is zero. Nanga munthu oti mutu wake ukugwira bwino ntchito kumpasa udindo munthu amene ali under performer pali nzeru za u gay basi.

  37. opportunist says:


  38. rif says:

    i dont know if it’s a fault of government, Many countries are in economic turmoil why not a Malawi which depends on tobacco sales and donor aid? How do we have a good economy in dis case? Its a difficult situation which should help us as a people to be self-sustained!

  39. TIMVE says:

    if you had clues yourself why did people reject you at the polls. DPP is the only party that relates well with the needs of the people hence their win. They are a party that is able to adjust accordingly.

  40. Myangwe Joe says:

    This is a punishment metted on Malawians for failing to listen. DPP was rejected by the creator by removing its founder through a none bias process of Death. But alas! Malawi with its myopic thinking refused to appreciate the gesture by going back to leak its vomit. Now we are being punished for electing into office people who are not truly God fearing.

    Imagine your mentor took oath of office without a bible in his hands until after he finished someone rememberered the BIG felony that was committed against God and asked him to retake the osth now with the bible. SURE? Malawians where and when did ever happen in Malawi? These calamities we are seeing now are meagre, Let us wait for the untold suffering ahead of us! It is a pity people cannot think. Malawi is now s dead nation. CRY for MY BELOVED COUNTRY. May God guide us

    1. Henry Wakumpoto says:

      Good comment

  41. Mr what what says:

    Kumangovota ngat anthu opanda mitu, lero ndiye ndiizo things are just getting worse

  42. Dunstan Phiri says:

    Very useless government with brainless leadership indeed.Its as if malawi has no leader.It was a well known fact that donors would not come if DPP would come back to power,stupid malawians.

  43. chandiona says:

    lowe is very useless Mp for Mcp together with his president Chakwela.

    1. Henry Wakumpoto says:

      Chikuona bwinobwino kupotsa apa.

  44. MMALAWI says:

    I’m pretty convinced the country is indeed on autopilot. When did you realize that there are disparities in salaries in the public service and parastatals? When did the disparities occur? Did it require strikes to effect salary harmonization?

    1. Alufeyo says:

      APM is the best President because unlike his predecessors he has decided to end salary disparities. Public service organisations must pay workers of the same grade comparative salaries and never mist a driver in any body get more than a graduate. As for ACB and ODPP they can be on strike for as long as they want they dont add any value to the country. Margaret Thacther took on the Uniouns against all odds but in the end britain began developing. Those who feel they deserve more should ho where they will get more.

  45. ujeni says:

    Apart from talking about Cashgate, Peter Mutharika is clueless just as he was as a cabinet minister in all ministries he served.

  46. Ngoma, Thomas, London says:

    Five points to recover the economy immediately. 1) Govt Make payments to all civil servants both current and pensioners immediately as a priority… 2) Govt immediately pay all outstanding debtors to business to within 45 days to stimulate small business hiring 3). Govt cut down on importing and external spending to arrest the kwacha from further depreciating. 4). Govt force RBM to cut banking interest rates to stimulate long term investment in private sector and job creation. Forget the use of high interest rates to combat inflation 5). Govt cutting down on imports (M) will increase economic growth in GDP terms to more than 6%. No sophisticated brainwave thinking in Govt strategizing if issue 1) cannot be addressed! It is embarrassing and hurtful to our people. Follow these simple steps and surprise yourselves and the nation with a quick economic turnaround!!!

    1. Chamwaka says:

      Nonsense! GDP grows from capital investments, how do you make capital investments without imports of equipments and other needed materials? What do main Malawian business firms do apart from importing and selling vegetables and house ware form SA or China? Paying all workers salary and outstanding business debts is like a mother buying Christmas sweets for son when she does not have money for his schools fees in January. The country if fucked up and your suggestions would not help at all.

    2. Malawiana says:

      I wish things were that simple to fix. How do you effect such payments when there is no money to do so? How can you just force the central bank to cut lending rates without due regard to prevailing economic fundamentals? This Ngomanomics is surely crazy to say the least!!!

  47. Ndipo ine sindikudziwa kuti kaya ndingayambile pati,koma Muthalika walephela osati akufuna Ai,akuyesetsa komano zinthu zikukanika,kusankha DPP was the bad idea but to be with Muthalika at the helm is the worst idea n choice. A Malawi tinakhala bwanji,matenda oiwala nsanga. Koma sitikudandaula chifukwa China chake chichitika.

  48. acn says:


  49. tatopa nanu ingo lisiyani lokha dzikolo inu muzikagona shiti

  50. Big brain says:

    Mbusa wotaya nkhosa Zane

  51. kadamanja says:

    Headless government. sick and tired of Munthalika

  52. Namu! says:

    It was going to be the same even if it were you who won the elections. Dzimatero dzikakhala kwa nzako. Let’s just pray to God to see us through. You are not perfect yourself. Mmesa your party is leading opposition parties in the parliament, why are you hiding your perfect ideas to the President then? Tell him what to do for things to be better if your concern is real. Which means you yourself does not have any idea on how to solve this mess. So stop being yourself if your concern is real and for the poor Malawians. APM is there to lead us and let’s help him to develop this country with whatever you guys ( members of Parliament and Ministers are getting. Do not just keep your money to yourself and just to come to make noise like this.

    1. Opposition checks.its for Govt to find solutions. We need quick fixes – an economic stimulus

  53. matchonisa says:

    Club of thieves yingayendetse boma? tatopa nalo kale boma limeneli, lichoke!!lichoke!!lichokeee!!!!!

  54. omi anga says:

    Kodi mcp ndiye chiyani ???

  55. Tuyuni says:

    This is an obsolutely propaganda,that 20 bn cashgate scandal has made you to be failures .Why in PP regime these were not there? Why in your previous regime donors stoped again their anualy 40 percent budget support? Why did you started zero deficit?

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