MCP insists Malawi running on autopilot, govt rejects claims

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmakers have accused President Peter Mutharika government of being “clueless” on coming out of economic turmoil,  saying the country is on auto pilot.

Lowe: Mutharika is clueless

Lowe: Mutharika is clueless

The country is currently facing many industrial action over demands for salary increase due to weakening Kwacha and rising costs of living.

MCP chief whip in Parliament, Lobin Lowe accused Mutharika of being clueless leader.

“Things are moving as if we are on auto pilot,” said Lowe.

MCP MP for Dowa East, Richard Chimwendo also accused Mutharika on having no clue to run a country.

They made the scatching attack in Mangochi where the party youth donated assorted items to Mangohci District Hospital on Saturday.

The remarks cemented the position taken by MCP president and leader of opposition Rev Dr Lazarous Chakwera who recently branded Mutharika a “hypocrite” when there was a salary hike for him.

President Mutharika and Vice-President Saulos Chilima deferred proposed 80 percent salary increases that could have seen them earning K2.7 million and K1.8 million per month, respectively.

However, Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe said Government is firmly pushing for budgetary discipline that makes public workers’ clamour for strikes and unbudgeted salary increases detrimental to efforts to heal the nation’s economic woes.

According to Gondwe, Cashgate scandal, exposed last year which resulted in K20 billion of public resources being plundered, has left government cash-strapped, especially after donors also withheld 11 percent, and not the purported 40 percent, of their budgetary support to Malawi.

Gondwe explained that while the government is actively tackling and revamping the public finance management systems, to prevent a recurrence of the Cashgate-like looting, it is also bent on harmonising salaries as a way of instilling discipline, fairness and motivation among civil servants and their colleagues in parastatals and other public service organisations.

“It is public order and harmonisation that we are trying to achieve. The old salaries were very much disjointed,” Gondwe stated.

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johns dumakuve

Muthalika and his airtel money friend Saulos were only prepared to steal votes but not to run this country.Burying our heads in the sand and pretending that things are moving is a complete lie.These Dpp have failed Malawi big time.Dpp won because of being voted by the clueless southerners who votes for a party not for policies and what happens at the end,we r all suffering together in this mess.Mavuto alipo kwabasi pa Malawi.

cash gate
ndimadabwa anthu akamati DPP,DPP,DPP, ndikuona ngati ndi gulu la anthu lomwe limasankha munthu chifukwa chochokera chigawo chimodzi, ndimayamikila anthu a ku mpoto komanso Kumbukilani chisankho cha 2009, Bingu anawina bwino, anthu a chigawo chapakati komanso cha ku mpoto anamuvotera bwino mosayang’ana komwe akuchokera. Mumamva bwanji akamati DPP idasowetsa 92 bilion, ine ndikadakonda mwina mutamanena kuti akanawina Atupele kapena Katsonga koma anthu a ku mmwera amaoneka kuti nzeru zawo ndi zobwerela, saona komwe akuchoka komanso komwe akupita, mbuzi zenizeni, MCP ndiyabwino, mumanena kuti kunali nyakula inu ndikudana nayo kuti mukaba k92 Bilion musamangidwe, Mulungu alipo satisiya choncho adzathandiza ndithu kuti anthu… Read more »
beta pat

There will be no expert running our poor Malawi with less difficulties but God alone. Many have been the times that politians have ascribed every socio-political success to themselves hence God does not fully intervene in our problems as a country. We should acknowledge God’s role in running the country.

Ngoma, Thomas, London
Ngoma, Thomas, London
I call on all good intentioned and well meaning Malawians who understand economics to join me in shifting the dominant Economic paradigm in Malawi from Demand side economics to supply side economics. Following rogue comments 13.1 and 13.2 I now realise that in Malawi the dominant economic paradigm is Demand side (Consumer side) economics which is not fit for purpose to rescue Malawi ailing economy. Text books may have preponderance of demand side (Consumer side ) economy principles but in practice these are just to hoodwink the African from developing. The European economic policy is supply side economics, the British… Read more »
Jelbin mk
But honestly to blame cashgate for DPP’s failure its so confusing because 20 billion was not stolen in the dpp’s financial year and 20 billion represents a 5% annual budget which would not make a very big gap or effect. Remember fellow Malawians when Peter disappeared during campaign time for four months his PA told us he had gone to source funds from his friends in the us, and we were told he brought a sack of cash now where are those friends? Why don’t they help him now?. The truth of the matter was that he went to tap… Read more »
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Criticizing alone will not get that desperate party, MCP, into power anytime soon. Perhaps they need a philosophic shift; definitely a shift in strategy and tactics … before 2019. APM inherited an economic mess, to be sure. But he’s slowly steadying the ship, JB and PP left behind. Amidst all this, APM is not panicking; this is why most Malawians are becoming fans of his. People are comfortable knowing that APM is in charge, and the country is on a positive trajectory, in terms of democracy and economy. There is no quick fix for the latter, and even spectators at… Read more »

A gondwe mwadziwa liti za mavuto a salary. you were a Minister of Finance before but never made such arguments. You are selfish.
how could you champion salary increase for the offices of Presidency and his Vice when the country is facing economic hardships? Shame on you.

nyasi mmaso

Chauta wakwiya ndi utsogoleri wokuba I forsee more chaos in Malawi. Achikulirewa akuzamalizitsa pomwE anasiyila Braz. Ndikutha kuona ikugwila opanda other arms of government. Sindikuona budget ya 2015 ikuzadutsa. Zingosoweka munthu oyambitsa impeachment. Mkuluyu wakwana heavy. Mmalo movutika ndi Amalawi ali busy ma phwando


Zikatere ndiye kuti zavuta kwabasi ndipo zikufunika ku chipatala. Abwana pamenepa musayang’anire muvi ungagwe mumaso. Stand up and face the challenges keeping quite will not bring solutions. Some advisors are cum and will not assist you as they have taken their role as employment and not public service. Zimvere mumtolo.

Keen Observer

I thought the best person to have known better is the man of cloth himself that our problems are beyond human capability. We need Divine intervention, not the Rev-cum-politician or professor NO all we need is God to solve our problems. We can skin each other alive but it’s not gonna work. Even countries with big economies are crying so this blabing is not going to change anything UDF,DPP, MCP or PP it’s not what we need


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