MCP is hope for Malawi to bring economic liberation –Chakwera

Leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said his Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is carrying the hope of all Malawians and has since called for political tolerance and full commitment from party members.

Chakwera and lawyer Mwakhwawa

Chakwera and lawyer Mwakhwawa

Patrons at Tambala Night

Patrons at Tambala Night

Kachale and PP officials at Tambala night

Kachale and PP officials at Tambala night

MCP supporters at the fundraisier

MCP supporters at the fundraisier

Chakwera speaking during a Tambala Night fundraising dinner event for MCP held in Blantyre on Friday, said citizens should reflect on the situation in the country.

He said the problems that Malawians are facing now can only be solved by MCP, a party with a national face.

Chakwera said Malawi is deep in economic crisis, highlighting the shortage of drugs in public hospital, water scarcity, frequent power outage and insecurity.

“It is clear that a few Malawians are enjoying life while the majority further slip into deep poverty,” said Chakwera.

He then called MCP members to stop the “politics of mediocrity” and serve the party which will bring rescue plan for the nation.

Chakwera said MCP is fundraising to help rebuild and prepare to get into government so that the lives of many Malawians change for the better, so that a better Malawi is realised for the majority.

He also called other political parties to join him as they offer a solution to problems that has rocked the country.

MCP president said MCP will bring “economic liberation” as the party will run government on principles of genuine accountability.

He said MCP will run government and manage public resources on principles of justice, equity, democracy and transparency.

Chakwera said MCP members should be in forefront to fund the party, saying the party believes in sacrifice, commitment and dedication

“We are aware of parties that fundraise in a dubious way. For MCP, Tambala Night is the approach we have taken and shown for fundraising,” he said.

Chakwera appealed to Malawians to trust him and MCP, saying his party will facilitate change, unleashes potential and distributes development fairly and equitably.

Speaking during the same event representing opposition Peoples Party (PP) Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa constituency Akajuwe Roy Kachale hailed MCP for inviting them to the event.

Kachale, who caught attention of everyone when he said the slogan of MCP “kwacha” before his speech, took his time to praise Chakwera calling him a “true leader “ that every politicians has to emulate.

“I need to honour my leader of opposition here, he is true gentleman,” said Kachale, son of former president Joyce Banda.

Vice General Secretary of United Democratic front (UDF) Gerald Mponda also spoke and called for unity of purpose for opposition parties.

Some notable faces that attended Tambala night dinner and dance included prominent private practicing lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa,  musician Wambali Mkandawire, Isaac Nyakamera who is Southern Region provincial chair of People’s Party, PP youth director Lemani Chapitapansi,  Speaker Richard Msowoya who is also MCP vice president

Kachale has donated K50, 000 apart from buying a wall clock watch with Chakwera face at K40, 000, while Lawyer Gift Mwakhwawa bought the watch at K85, 000 plus MCP jacket at K40, 000

There were also donations from Chakwera of K100, 000, Msowoya K95 ,  000,  McDonald Lombola K20 000

The Tambala night dinner and dance guests were entertained by the great performance of Lucius Banda and his Zembani Band.

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85 thoughts on “MCP is hope for Malawi to bring economic liberation –Chakwera”

  1. phiri lazarus says:

    Yes MCP seems to be the party of the nation. Lets not allow Malawi gets delapidated like this.

  2. wa police says:

    weather a new party comes in or not but all we want ios malawi to be a nation of progress………………………..

  3. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Poti ovota ndife adzawina koma ngati pali nyasatimes ndakayika

  4. Current affairs says:

    Nyasa times ,why have you not reported on Chakwera’s Chikwawa mass rally? We need to know what transpired at that meeting last sunday or is it Saturday.

  5. CHIBO says:

    Chakwera is awise leader. He can real developed Malawi economicaly. Let us all support him.





  7. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Before Commenting here ask where is JZU and so who is YONA ?mark my word MCP will win again as Major Opposition party and YONA their leader kkkkkkkkk

  8. A true leader will only be seen in times like these.not pala ise pala ise

  9. Mwana Wanzeru says:

    The MCP will never rule this country ever again. Too many people lost their lives to get rid of this thing, there is no way these guys will run this country.

  10. Winston msowoya says:

    We have ears we listen and eyes we see.Candidly,The Malawi Confusionist Party( MCP) is not in position to build or erect viable national economy bearing the fact that it is the Party that stagnated the advance of the economic endeavours due to self centred characters and lack of vision.For 31 years,only Hastings Banda bore the MCP flag that undermined collective participation and encouraged unbelievable state of personality cult that dominated the way of thinking for those around him. It would be futile for Northerners to throw themselves in the sinkhole of MCP treachery that left the North bleeding upto now.The economy that the MCP is parroting around is the construction of Sanjikas swallowing unprecedented amount of funds at the expense of the Northerners and their brothers in the South and Central.In fact,under Bakili Muluzi UDF,the North started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.The University of Mzuzu was built,the dreaded quota system was buried,several ex exiles northerners were given high positions after multiparty elections.My word is,northerners,cool down and rethink the way you want to take otherwise,you will regret as Malawians regretted over Banda’s invitation from the land of nowhere.Think twice before you jump onto the MCP bandwagon,it has nothing to offer you,but empty and treacherous promises.Take my word or else…………

  11. Obster says:

    I am so glad that the I will work with is getting better and better, wait me to make ends meet, keep up all MCP comrades

  12. clement says:

    The issue of economy, everyone must know that it’s almost every nation facing the economic challenge. Check South Africa rand against Dollar, every day Rand is weakened against major currency so what is fucken kwacha? Which mechanism do you want the government to implement to rescue kwacha? Busy making silly noise instead of telling the govt what to do amphaka inu. The problem, you have just stay idol waiting for govt to do miracles which is impossible. Muziyenda maiko muone zinthu ziliri. What happened with Alfonso Dalkama, Renamo leader had it been has happened in Malawi you could have talk to much. One day my hands will be tidy afisi inu.

  13. chintengwa says:

    these theories should change, Malawi does not need position leaders ho think they can only contribute when they are on top, work for the good of Malawi, not when you are on top. zakalekale zomwe zija

  14. Nyapapi says:

    Kwacha. Kwacha , kwacha lero oro atandithira doom kamwa amagwetu sindingavote mcp

  15. Tili Chenene says:

    MCP? Kkkkkkkl! One of the jokes

  16. Mlauzi says:

    MCP laid the foundations of the structures that we see in Malawi today. From road infrastructure – tarmac roads from Nsanje to Chitipa – some of which have now deteriorated to the point where they are no longer tarmac roads, rail infrastructure – an efficient infrastructure that reduced the cost of imports and exports, creating many jobs in the process, education – Chanco, Bunda, Poly, Natural Resources College, Chongoni College of Forestry, Kamuzu Academy numerous primary and secondary schools and technical and teacher training colleges. I still recall as a small boy in early primary schools tikuomba zidole using putty and not dongo , agriculture – Press Agriculture, Madelco, Cold Storage, tobacco, sugar, tea, rubber, maize and cotton estates, Chikangawa forests, Portland Cement ku Changalume, numerous rice schemes a food sufficient country in the 70s, and 80s, ADMARC a committed and disciplined civil service whose SPCs (equivalent to day is the Chief Secretary – John Ngwiri and Justin Malawezi were the epitome of professionalism osati za cash gatezi, a disciplined armed force – yes our officers and men could in those days disarm terrorists who had hijacked a plane from South Africa, Kamuzu military College (now MAFCO), Kamuzu Barracks, Moyale Barracks an efficient police force.

    MCP as a party had their own problems – specifically their human rights record. However in the present dispensation sangachitenso zoipa zimene ija. I believe MCP is the only party that can restore the ailing economy and improve livelihoods in the country in general. Strategically MCP goofed by positioning themselves as a regional party. They need to make inroads in the Southern and Northern Regions and the 2019 elections will be theirs to lose

  17. UFULU says:

    If MCP was in power, the high table would have been full of Indians and paying millions. But because MCP is in opposition, Amwenye cannot be associated with it.

    Chakwera, watch out, never entertain these Indians when you get into power. They will corrupt you to the bone,

    They Indians will steal our money but will never get into prison. See how many have been involved in cashgate but it is the poor Malawians languishing in prison.

  18. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    MCP should attempt an outdoor convention in the South, and see how many people show up; even if they are paid a stipend. Indoor “conferences” mainly of invited guests are NOT a gauge or measure of support.
    Soon we’ll see PP, or rather their remnant, joining MCP in desperation. A survival tactic, too often used in politics by parties facing an existential dilemma. Then the supporters of PP can claim that their party is not dead; that it is in a coalition with MCP. Nonsense. Just to save face. What’s with Kachale calling oChakwera “…my leader of opposition…”? Wosakhwima uyu (immature) and just hanging onto mommy’s coattails.
    We should not be surprised if MCP introduce party cards, with a price attached to them. And really “forcing” party members to buy the cards. This happened before. And o’Chakwera is not beyond that mentality: He showed plenty dictatorial tendencies when he was leading religious organizations. Adult humans just do not change that fast and suddenly.
    MCP cannot erase their historical record just like that, magically and overnight. You should hear even ten year olds, at bao games, talking about MCP as “chipani cha nkhanza, cha magazi, cho kupha, cha nyakula” (ie. PARTY OF HORRORS). How can the party hope to govern with such a reputation? In the near future, anyway.

  19. becks says:

    Onyoza MCP ndiwakuba. ACB pounce on them

  20. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ambiri akuganizaso choncho, kwaaaacha? Kkkkkk kaya, mwina.

  21. Namisako. says:


  22. obanda says:

    ine kumangoseka ndikamva opposition ikuti izasintha zinthu , zi chani kwenikweni zimene azasinthe mind u opposition s u need to bear in your mind this iz vuto ladziko lonse ngati ndikunama ask lucius banda knows that. mfundo zimenezo kamuuzeni wakumudzi kuti muzasintha zinthu . not ndikumapita ntown ndikumati mudzasintha zinthu pokha pokha ngati mukutanthauza kuzasintha tambala ndikuikapo yathazi then its ok. shame



  24. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    Not yet convinced that a theocratic man can be democratic

  25. afana fula says:

    DPP imandimvetsa sugar!

  26. Grivin Sauka says:

    Zomanena kuti Chakwera anachimwa posiya ubusa ndikulowa ndale kuti akhale president Wa Dziko lonse its Spiritual ignorance at its best. In the bible God was appointing faithful and dedicated sons and daughters to lead his people, he was not appointing thieves and pegans. Let’s give this God fearing man to lead us in God’s ways.

  27. Grivin Sauka says:

    Its high time this nation is led by God fearing people. Osati mbava komanso zosadziwa mulunguzi. Kumaba ndalama mosaganiza ngati munamva kuti munthu akafa amanyamulako ndalama. Nanga bwanji ena aja anasiya dzimatumba dzindalama mnyumba osatengako mkumwalira. Be very very careful.Mpaka kudzimangira mansion kumanda shit. And u call it mpumulo Wa bata, how can it be mpumulo Wa bata when you die a cheap thief. There is no peace.

  28. Max B says:

    Cleen politics

  29. Chidzukulu says:

    Ndizabwino mwapangazi but Malawians are really tough to be convinced. MCP iz belivd to be a party fr the central region. Udf & Dpp is fr the south. Politics is a game of numbers. So plze watch out. A common man like myself zandale ndilibe nazo ntchito kwenikweni chifukwa ngakhale a oposition atalowa mboma sadzasintha zinthu kwenikweni. A Lucius Banda adaimbapo munyimbo yawo kalekale kulibe Dpp adati” musatinamize wawa akumudzi pa za devaluation popeza ili ndi vuto ladziko lonse, kodi a oposition akadzalowa m’boma azapanga ndalama zaozao? “Malawi watch out!

  30. Chidzukulu says:

    Ndizabwino mwapangazi but Malawians are really tough to be convinced. MCP iz belivd to be a party fr the central region. Udf & Dpp is fr the south. Politics is a game of numbers. So plze watch out. A common man like myself zandale ndilibe nazo ntchito kwenikweni chifukwa ngakhale a oposition atalowa mboma sadzasintha zinthu kwenikweni. A Lucius Banda adaimbapo munyimbo yawo kalekale kulibe Dpp adati” musatinamize wawa akumudzi pa za devalueation popeza ili ndi vuto ladziko lonse, kodi a oposition akadzalowa m’boma azapanga ndalama zaozao? Malawi watch out!

  31. Che Ngana says:

    Funraising Yo Simunakapangire Ku Chikwawa Bwanji Kuti Anthu Adziwe Kuti Mmavuto Awo Muli Nao Limodzi.Za Ziii Inu Mmesa Zanu Munadya 31yrs Ndiye Chukuwawani Ndi Chani Kuti Anzanu Akudya.Asiyeni Ndi Nthawi Yao.Mukuona Ngati Zomwe Mukupangazo Mungawakole Anthu Aku South MUMFUNE MUCHAKWALA MUONA.

  32. Bob says:

    Good move hold such events at each and every district bigman. We will donate the little we have despite the hard times we have been subjected to by this clueless govt.

  33. I believe in MCP only party clean. The only problem is Malawians who dont know how to vote. Voting your own tribe is what has made Malawians to suffer. MCP is not the old MCP and if old MCP was bad is it better now? I dont think so. If it is why the nation is not developed socialy? We are last in development countries. Yest NO civil war. Why education is so bad? Why majority of Malawians ar very poor. It is so shame to be a Malawian to day with bad name of Cash Gate. I live in Europe one day I was asked why a Malawian leader built himself and his wife a Masolium which even kings in European countries dont have. It is a joke. Who go there to look at . It could have been better if it was like Kamuzu Bandas. It s so idiotic and savage of a black man using tax payers money or stolen money. And you Malawians honnor this family. I can not understand. My mother is a Malawian and father English. I love Malawi, but angry at people for the stupid mistake they made in election. Bring Muntharika was a big mistake. It does not matter he is nt Bingu. He was in his brothere,s government. And failled three ministrial post. Second he has never been there. He has no idea how to lead a country. Except he wanted a name.

  34. Dodolido says:

    Chonde mutapanga fund raise muzilengeza kuti mwapanga zingati. Transparency. Zimatipweteka titamaona ma officials a MCP akuvutika chonsenso tapereka ma million.

  35. What a development! Bravo MCP and other leaders who attended the function. Let’s make Malawi a better place for our children.

  36. becks says:

    Zonyaditsa kwambiri. Keep it up

  37. skopion says:

    common sense…why you didnt make such fundraising and take the money to the hospitals so they can buy mankhwala? who said that you can only help hospitals if you are in government? amphawi inu you just want to suck this dead cow called malawi…

  38. Chopwichopwi says:

    Continue dreaming… mcp opposition for life… kkkkkkk

  39. G.Phiri says:

    This is the mistake that our leaders make. Pretending to be saviours who have a solution to every problem that Malawians are facing but when voted into government ma excuse mbwee. MCP MCP chaninso apa mukufuna kutinamiza eeti. Look at the people who were there are they really from the South. MCP has been hijacked by a jealousy and greedy bunch of people. DPP woyeeee

  40. Thandalibwe says:

    Point of correction Dr.! U shld say to some malawians not all. That’s exaggerati bwanji kod man of God!

  41. henz says:

    Too late. If you did this with Munlo just after being elected as President. You would be at Sanjika by now. Pano DPP ikukulimira nseu kwanu komwe komwe a mfumu Kabudula aku mp wa DPP 2019 azapezekako, obaba Tembo okufuna Morgan TemboJali mpando omwewo. Usovenge

  42. Blessed Hope says:

    Big up pple!

  43. alhomwe atilaula says:

    Chakwera boma ilo wina afune asafune come 2019! kwachaaa! kwachaa! tambala wakuda kwachaaaaa!

  44. GRM says:

    Where is the plan that will make me believe MCP is our Hope for economic liberalization? Osangonena chizungu chosamveka apa. You are clueless as APM and madobadoba a PP amati Kwachawo. ZITSIRU

  45. Gladson says:

    Willie Chimseu, I sympathize with you. I know you are writing with a deep sense of passion. At least I hope you do. However, this is what we need to discourage in Malawi. we need a spirit of oneness and togetherness. We need genuine compatibility regardless of our political affiliation, religious affiliation, race, skin colour, and what of you! When it comes to issues of building one another, we need to learn to stand side by side. How I wish DPP was also properly represented! Calling each other names in politics has its time; of course we have to be objective and not sbjective in doing so. We need the public to know the reality of the persons that are trying to persuade us to vote for them. But whatever we say against another should not be out of slander and gossip. We do not need to base our rhetoric on speculation, but on issues for which we have credible evidence. The objective should be to sell yourself to the public and to inform us why we should not vote for your opponent. But when DPP has a fund raising activity, let us all be there to support them – the same with any other political party. When we learn to co-exist, we will develop Malawi. Malawi needs to be open enough and transparent enough – no need to give an impression that is not from your heart. Let us build this nation together!

  46. tsetsefly says:

    Number 1 also called Emma is not happy with progress being demonstrated by MCP under Dr Laz’s leadership. You want your Octopus to continue what his late brother and the lady running mate , who is still on the run, did, plundering public resources. You must be prepared to weep and wail in 2019 when the tables turn the other way round.

  47. DPP Guru says:

    Tiye nazoni ife a DPP tinakwanitsa kubera tili kunja. Nanga bwanji tili mkati. Munya manyi muona.

  48. Bwana Chakwere munachitaya noka I wish this would have happened during JB time you were suppose to be the next President but with DPP Mubwalo kaya you can see cracks which are happening in MCP ntchoto za DPP all the best but you have to change DPP used you for removing JB and watch out you are the threat to them.

  49. chatonda says:

    Congrats Dr Chakwera and please keep it being a transparent party. Its good to invole other parties from the opposition, becauze you never know how the wind will blow in few weeks or months time.

    The PP and other parties, thank you for coming. MCP will come to your functions as well.

    MCP, you have a future but penetrate in the south and north where people do not understand politics because they aline politics to ethnicity.

    I hope Dr Chilima will attend your next fund raising event in Lilongwe as well.

  50. NANA says:

    Thats good coming MCP this country needs ppo who can work together. malawi as am writing its a sorry sight,we need to be liberated matchonawa atipweka, i salute sir lucius, pp, udf for showing maturity in politics. viva mcp, viva chakwera 2019 BOMAAAAA!!!

  51. akuntinji anamuona says:

    The promise that you will bring a solution to Malawi Economic challenges is lie. You just want to go on the seat. If you had something to help Malawi, you could do now when you are even enjoying our tax money. Remember if Malawi fails today, we are not going to blame the ruling party only but all of you who are busy enjoying our taxes. Don’t cheat with self ambitions, if you have better solutions, do it now for tomorrow is a dream. If Malawi fails today, what it truly translates means politicians you are all failing.

  52. Blantyre says:

    Honestly this inclusive government in waiting .

  53. mwe says:

    Good coming! Hope another move will be to work with the grassroot, kumamidzi uku, ndale zan’town is about fame and riches not the plight of the nation.

  54. mpala kumatako says:

    Chakwera is another fortune seeker just like the majority if ‘pastors’ in Malawi. He is a crueless guy wha has never articulated policy. all he does is feed Malawians with lies to win him the presidency.Chakwera has not reformed MCP. thars why the party is oppressing those that oppose his dictactorial tendancies.

  55. Twaibu Mmadi says:

    That’s what opposition means. The man with the voice, move, and face of Presidency. It takes a loving person to vote and we will never stop giving you support.

  56. opportunist says:

    MCP woyeeeeeeeee

  57. Wa Chisena says:

    The speech given by Chakwera at this event was well crafted. Make sure you keep the guy who drafted that… For once I enjoyed the style and the flow of ideas conveyed in that speech. It came close to what I would want to hear from a Head of State… osati ngati munthu akukazinga nandolo.

  58. Mbwiye says:


  59. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkkkk koma kulakalaka a Rev yawo ndi ya Church ,God is furious ,mkhosa zikudandaula ,show me a country which has a Rev as a President I better vote for HASTINGS SALANJE who is reach now sadzatibera ,we will save a lot with HIM

  60. clement says:

    We can’t waste time voting for mcp whatever circumstances only central region you will get votes but you will share with DPP. Forward ever with blues. Which magic will you use to turn things around without donors? You will never even get one mp in south while DPP will get seats in central.

  61. chakhalira says:

    Go Chakwera, Go MCP, Goooooooooooooooh All people with sane and mature minds. DPP can only win if they steal votes, But I have known thieves who stole and harassed people, but the eleventh hour came and were caught. Watch out these words. But surely get rid of this one Jumbe quickly than he confuses MCP.

    Once again, Dr. Chakwera mukamalankhula, Lankhulani with the Kamuzu type of boldness za zibwanabwana ayi. A Malawi ndi obvuta kumva. Hammer hard and with confidence. Apatseni anthu chiyembekezo by telling them what they knew, what they know and what they should expect. Show them what Malawi was like. Show that Malawi for 20 years has never existed. No growth at all. Tell them we will pick from where we left the Government and our beloved Malawi. Tell the people of Malawi that this is a transformed MCP with transformed Leader Dr. Chakwera.

    Go, Chakwera, Go MCP and Goooooooooooooooh! sane and mature minds of Malawi.

  62. 2019 kudzakhala kutha kwa MCP pamenepo UDF ndikumalowa M’boma
    UDF Woyeeeeee

  63. Keep the fire burning a bwana. This is what has been missing in MCP for a long time. Nchifukwa chake Mr Ibu sakugona tulo. Akudziwa 2019 MCP ndi boma basi. Tatopa ndi ulamuliro wa DPP ongosamalira alomwe basi.

  64. myao says:

    Amapanga Kwacha 8 koloko yausiku.hi hi he he ni

  65. moya says:

    Zoona chpani cha nkhope ya Malawi osati nkhope ya lomwe boma ndilanu ili MCP. Nthawi yakwana ndipo palibe wina angalepheletse. Amene angayeselele angovutika ngati gulo kulimbana ndi mwala kumaona ngati angauswe. MCP konzekani osati mukalowa m’boma muzizasowa poymbila.

  66. Mwanamsena says:

    Ngakutulukirani tsopano. PP will goof big time in two ways : 1. By choosing Mia to be the Leader of PP and 2. By forming coalition with MCP inorder for MCP to provide the Presidency and that PP to give in the Running mate. Meaning Msowoya out and Mia takes over with Chakwera on the driving seat. Try it but you will never succeed at all. Mark my words.

  67. sabata Fakufaku says:

    I love the approach

  68. Mr Ibu says:

    DPP government is a big flop. no power, water, forex and businesses have closed shop just less than two years in power. Mulungu akanangowatenga pa concord kuti mwina tione kusintha.

  69. stephen says:


  70. Lottie says:

    What we need is a set of clear policies that will deal with the problems that you – Bwana Chakwera will put in place. Do not just say that , ‘few Malawians enjoy life while the majority further slip into poverty’. Demonstrate to Malawians that you are on top of things: how is Malawian poverty characterized? what is its historical context? What are the figures to prove your understanding of issues? Then what should be done to address the poverty trend? While your manifesto could have these issues, very few Malawians are keen on reading. Your best tool is your political rallies and other gatherings where you can clearly explain to the Malawian nation how differentiated you and your policies are from the political dark past of MCP and how superior your policies are to those of the other political parties.

    If you do not do the above, you will be in the same seat, come 2019 – still lamenting about the so-called ‘politics of mediocrity’. Pretty much like a viper without teeth.

  71. John tembo my hero says:

    Muphwisa aDPP chakwera ndi machine. thumb up to kachali

  72. Ron Banda says:

    Congrats MCP! This is what we call democracy!!! Dr. Laz u are the man!!!! ????????????

  73. @Willie Chimseu!get to know the difference between LACK and LUCK.I hope the correct word in this context is LUCK.All in all,Chakwera is on course,and that’s how the united opposition should work.Muhammad Buhari kicked out the ruling party in Nigeria by uniting with all the opposition parties in Nigeria.Gen Buhari also brought on board the Nigerian big wigs as well.

  74. pat says:

    Nyasatimes, will u let us know the total amount which was been raised rather than this one has bought this and that???????

  75. Chithope says:

    Zomwe timafuna ndi zimenezi bwana ndale zosayang’ana mtundu,chigawo ngati zomwe zili panozi zomwe zikungoyang’ana mkhola la chilomwe mbuli zen zen

  76. Willie Chimseu says:

    I encourage you to try your lack but this is Malawi, very unpredectable.

  77. Willie Chimseu says:

    I encourage you to try your lack but this Malawi

  78. TRUETH says:

    Good move MCP. You have shown Malawians maturity.
    This is how opposition should do coming together appreciating one another.
    Keep it up Lucius showing what it means to be a true democratic Malawian.
    Roy Kachale showing Malawians that malawi belongs to all past is past but lets move forward.Viva MCP Viva best wishes.

  79. maya says:

    DPP kubera mavoti

  80. Emma says:

    Uthera Pa Opposition Pomwe Mr Yona.

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