MCP officials, women plead with Sidik Mia to join party

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials in southern region and women clad in party attire accorded former cabinet minister Sidik Mia a red carpet welcome at a constituency function in Chikhwawa and voiceferously pleaded with him to join the party.

Mia  to consider joining MCP

Mia to consider joining MCP

This proved speculation that the former Democratic Progressive Party treasurer general was set to joining the opposition MCP having ditched the United Democratic Front he helped to campaign in the run up to the 2014 polls having earlier quit the Peoples Party.

MCP southern region chairman Peter Simbi welcomed Mia and sat next to each other at a function where Chikhwawa south MP Elias Karim, a relationship to Mia, was launching a K3.5 million sports trophy.

Women, clad in MCP attire sang and danced for Mia who waved affectionately to them in recognition of their songs and dances.

In an interview, Mia said there was no harm for his bouncing back into politics, saying he left it with clean record.

“, I am free to go back to politics,” he said.

Mia, however,e said he no longer eyes for the positions of MP or cabinet ministers, he did not elaborate.

Deputy secretary general of the MCP Eisenhower Mkaka told a radio station on Sunday that Mia was free to join the MCP.

Reports say MCP president Lazarus Chakwera already reached out to Mia to lure him into the party in readiness for 2019 polls.

Embattled party secretary general Gustave Kaliwo accused Mia of rooting out established party structures in the south and replacing them with his own.

But Mia said he has listened to calls for him to join MCP and return to frontline politics, saying he will take a well measured consideration.

“I have listened to the calls but I will consider them. It is my passion to serve the people and if returning to frontline politics will be serving the people better, that will be considered,” he said.

Political analysts believe Mia will be a big catch for MCP and would add the much needed vote away from the party’s stronghold of central region.

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18 thoughts on “MCP officials, women plead with Sidik Mia to join party”

  1. malawi says:

    Welcome Mia, to our party MCP/PP that’s what we want to vanish this dirty party of thieves

  2. Mndambala Boy says:

    Ma comment onse anveka ndithu, ndiye titani pamenepa?

  3. Manne says:

    Continue doing ur business Mia. Dont waste time with malawi politics.

  4. Bibo says:

    Mia is the right person for MCP vice president. He has some shortfalls but that’s part of human life. Mia has a better following in the south than the current MCP vice president in the north. In fact, Mia would make a better president by a big percentage than the present Malawian president who enjoys worthless accolades abroad. The Lower-Shire giant businessman/ politician has what it takes to excel in an MCP government under Dr Lazarus Chakwera. Some evil forces are trying to paint a bad image of Chakwera, but the MCP president has qualities of a better president than Peter Mutharika. Even though my tribe is not Chakwera’s, I stand for the truth.

    I think MCP would be a government with solutions for the country if the party’s doctrines are mirrored from Kamuzu’s legacy which was recognized positively on physical discipline, civil service efficiency, low inflation rate,quality education system,strong local currency, and strong economic indicators.The current DPP regime is very careless on handling of the economy, keeping the country’s purse, setting priorities, civil service responsibility, narrowing disparities between the rich and poor, and expenditure; Theft(Cashgate) is the hallmark of DPP’s governance.

    The planted squabbles in MCP should not distract people from having faith in the only party that has the potential to transform the fortunes of the country. Of course, MCP should not go it alone in this battle to liberate Malawians from the evils of irresponsible leaders after the birth of pluralism in 1994. The party leadership has to form an effective alliance with other parties in order to defeat the visionless Peter Mutharika and kill the DPP spirit of destruction. DPP is leaving crumbles for ordinary Malawians after enjoying the Hawaiian bread. Their party leader is enjoying fall weather in the USA when his country needs him most at home. Even when he is in the country, people are left to fend for themselves like sheep without a shepherd. The question is: who voted for Arthur Peter Mutharika after his failures in all his ministerial portfolios under his late brother? The answer is non- patriotic Malawians who think tribalism will make Malawi a modern and developed country.

  5. Gauwo says:

    @ Jacob the same applies to Msonda…

  6. thumbwe man says:

    Mia, can you go into government and tell us all about these thieves? You were there when the billions were stolen and if you are involved, then sorry. I know you arent.

  7. thumbwe man says:

    Jacob, sorry, just wait.

  8. Mollen says:

    zilibwino bwana takulandilani

  9. Dan says:

    If Mia goes to MCP then they have the gold anyone needs in Politics. He knows what it means to be an effective Politician. All ministries he managed were just too good. We need such educated politicians and not dunderheads

  10. Jacob says:

    A Chakwera do not think you have a big catch this is total lie. He defected from DDP and joined PP once Bingu was pronounced dead yet he was seen as somebody loyal to DPP. Do you think is a person trustworthy hahahahahaha! he is there to fulfil his ambitions thats all and not serving malawians as he claims.

  11. Harawa says:

    Right Hon Mia, you are most welcome to MCP. wina alira nyooooooo! maka walitatayo

  12. gringo says:

    tawina kale

  13. Nzeru za yekha theorem says:

    Mr Mia now at last. Akuluakulu a MCP inu, Munkakana inu that mukufuna kusabula Richard Msowoya and replace him ndi Mia ngati vice president. Zoti sakufuna udindo Mia nzabodza ndimmenenso ankakanilanso when rumours started circulating that akufuna kulowa mu MCP.
    Mr Msowoya, Mr Speaker Sir, yambani kukonza office yanu for Mia. Akulephera kukuuzani chilungamo in fear of ongoing ziwawa that Chakwera puts anthu mumipando outside convention. A Chakwera is busy preparing anthu in right positions kuti akazamapita ku Convention onse okayikitsa akhale atachotsedwa leaving those who will rubber stamp anthu mumipando yomwe apatsidwa kale pakali pano.
    Shame for our party!!!

  14. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Mia don’t waste your time joining the useless party. Just concentrateo n your businesses

  15. diffi says:

    “He eyes not a small post”
    Could it be Secretary General?
    I am yet to see how an SG can attract vote.
    Kaliwo is there as SG.

    VP? I think this post can woo more votes. Angoni did. Yes he is a living example. But what about Nsowoya?
    Is this not war?
    Last time I heard Nsowoya, he blasted this notion of trying to tamper with his chair.
    We are yet to see what will be a punishment to those who dare to tamper with his post.

    Its only president post remains. If you know, chakwera is the President. And the war inside is all against him, now if Mia comes to displace Chakwera, brace for real war. Chakwera against Mia.
    Mia of course is famous than Chakwera and he has more attractive.

    Only if Mia had elaborated.

  16. Tinkler says:

    Takulandilani Baba to the party of the clean. 2019 kuli chapwa! Boma ilo MCPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  17. Mndambala Boy says:


  18. Cash Gate says:

    most welcome, mr Mia

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