MCP rejects Malawi police report on ballot fire

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has rejected a police interim report on the cause of fire at Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse in 2014, saying there was political influence in the matter.

Kabwila:   MCP cannot accept that report

Kabwila: MCP cannot accept that report

MCP publicist Jessie Kabwila was on Sunday responding to Inspector General of Police Lexon Kachama who said a police interim report on the fire shows it was accidental not arson.

“This is sad, that fire cannot be an accident. Everyone knows what happened, everyone knows that the National Intelligence Bureau was involved,” said Kabwila.

She demanded another thorough investigation on the matter and come up with very independent results.

Kabwila said the MCP top brass would soon be meeting to make its stance clear on the investigation results that has taken the police one year to complete.

Kachama said it had taken that long because of the complexity of the matter and lack of capacity by the police to undertake such an exercise due to lack of forensic equipment.

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Jessie please,please please, sometimes use your thinking cap before you speak in public. You are embarrassing all of us in Academia. You had MCP functionaries holding a vigil at the MEC warehouse to ensure the safety of the ballot papers. How is it possible that somebody burnt the ballot papers while your people were there holding a vigil? Do you think your people were asleep or they colluded with whoever you ASSUME Burnt the warehouses? Free advice my sister, your party needs to settle down, conduct a review of what happened in 2014. This review should be based on real… Read more »

Beast msonda,the problem is that your dpp govt has evidence but is hiding it from mcp.

choka phiri

How can Malawi police be good investgators when They havet NO good grades. DDP enrolled young man from their region tog police force. How can a MSE filuren learn criminology when he can not even read and write english. The police in Malawi are slaves of government those Who do dirty job for The president angående government gurus. Why are they failling tog convict Nyaunji kille.


The solution to normalise the moral bankrupt Malawi is civil war or revolution . War is very important in history.It create new ways of thinking and judging things. For example, WW 1 created new ways of thinking and judging .WW 2 normalise the world. Without those two wars, the world would have been too primitive.


How much did this police chief pocket from DPP to lie to the whole nation of Malalwi? God will destroy him for being an agent of untruthfulness.


A complex matter, only to tell us that it was an accident. Heh heh ku Malawi! Dpp police in action. Always to back the party or govt that has appointed you, professionalism uko. Please learn from other police abroad and how they operate, they are never stooges of any govt or political party.

Lhomwe 2

Zinatha izi pilizi zitinthandiza chani……

Apao Kugola
The danger that Malawi has gripped herself in as a nation is that both the courts and the police are too corrupt to follow justice to the letter. By saying that the police had no capacity to investiogate the fire with the needed tools like doing forensic investigation, Kachama has told those of us who have brains that his is bogus. Only a fool can accept it if you know what a police investigation report is supposed to be. Until we learn to be patriotic, Malawi will continue being a doomed nation. The Fearless samurai (Jwampiriu) – Mbali chiwela ambuje,… Read more »

Stupid dpp

savimbi stevovo

Boza a Police.Ndani sakudziwa u crook wa NIB kuti it was a planned plot by DPP.Nkhani inali m’khoti and inu munaotchera dala kubisa kuonekera ng’amba.No secret under the sun.One day is one day,bcoz zidzaululika basi.You can delay the Justice ,but you can’t stop it.

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