MCP savages ‘Kholokolo’ Jumbe: Region chair calls for sacking of ‘sellout MP’

The Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) Lakeshore Region has asked party leader  Dr Lazarus Chakwera to make a final decision regarding Deputy Director of research Felix Jumbe  who they accused of being a confusionist and cashing in on ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to cause chaos in the party.

Felix Jumbe: Sell out

Felix Jumbe: Sell out

Lakeshore regional chairperson, Mr Chidzanja was speaking in the area of Senior Chief Kanyenda where Chakwera addressed a political rally which Jumbe did not attend.

“Let me ask you Mr President, we are tired of hearing about Jumbe almost each and every time in radios and TVs. This is time now that you being the president of the party should make a decision to fire him. One person should cannot shaken the party just make one serious decision Mr President,” Chidzanja said.

Chidzanja said the agenda of the party now is to make sure that it is gaining strength each passing day.

” As a region we are very concerned and ashamed of what Hon Jumbe is doing, and its time to let him go out of the party,” said Chidzanja.

However, speaking after the rally to Nyasa Times, Chakwera refused to respond the request by the Regional chair.

“I thought the issue of Honourable Jumbe was brought at this rally by the Lakeshore Region where Hon Jumbe comes from , it would be better if you journalists would go there and ask them to give you more information,” he said

But speaking during Zodiak Radio’s Tiuzeni Zoona Programme, Jumbe accused Chakwera of raping the MCP constitution.

During the programme Jumbe accused Chakwera of appointing his relations in key MCP executive positions,  saying MCP has now been turned into personal estate.

He also told a local daily that “politics of dictatorial attributes” is quickly creeping back in MCP and that the people around the leadership are busy using “old tricks in the book to upstage innocent people like me.”

Jumbe said: “We have to be sober when analysing things. If you demonise people without proper justification and in the end they are vindicated as telling the truth it is the party that suffers because it develops divisions.

“To the leadership I say open your doors with soberness and listen to reasoning and not look at personalities as threats or whatever you call us. Kholokolo imene ikunenedwayo idzaoneka pamawa. The macro-dictatorship may be gone legally, but we now remain with it culturally in micro institutions like companies and parties. “

Meanwhile MCP deputy General Secretary Eisenhower Mkaka has warn that the party will not allow anybody to be flirting with the media in order to gain public sympathy.

“As a party we are aware of some members who lean or flirt with the media in order to gain political mileage,”  he said.

“The party has procedures where by if someone has issues the best way is to write the appropriate offices with party hierarchy and have the matters sorted out.”

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10 thoughts on “MCP savages ‘Kholokolo’ Jumbe: Region chair calls for sacking of ‘sellout MP’”

  1. Nganga says:

    Fellix Jumbe iwe!!! 3 wives already at your age. So all the three wives you left are bad buy you. I am sorry. There were 13 contestants at MCP convetion and you scooped 29 votes. Why should you think Dr Laz hates you because you competed with him. Njovuyalema bwanji ali phee!!!!!!! Greed.

  2. Nkhulandi says:

    Jumbe is selling his Peakok Seed Company to Government so that they give him a contract for Seed Subsidy, akudyelani kunyumba kwanu? kkkkkk

  3. EPIGLOTIS says:

    There is fire under that smoke. Jumbe is not so stupid to be narrating the odeal. I am a very old member of MCP and its in my veins. I have better history of MCP than most of these forefront leaders. I am from Dedza, close to where our Baba comes from. Chakwera is lacking the drive and vision of MCP. Since he came on board, apart from parliamentary opposition, there is nothing he is doing to strengthen the party. I stay in the south where we hardly hear of MCP as a threat to the other parties. How long shall we be opposing? When shal we lead? We are not interested in the American accent no!no!no!no! and a big NO!. Can you go and sit down with Baba so he should school you about MCP politics(Ndale). This is not America. Do not bring failed idealogies to my lovely MCP-dzibwana eti!. Jumbe is right there is something wrong with your leadership style-sudziwa kusunga anthu andale ai!.
    Can you sit down with the party’s Mikoko yogona and get a leaf from them. Otherwise the way MCP stand now do not dream of us being at our Grandmaster Palace(Kamuzu Palace) come 2019. I repeat we are tired of being in opposition. My area in Dedza has no Electricity, I want to join the bandwagon but not with the style you are leading the party. Can you sit down with Mikoko yogona and Jumbe and iron out the differences. Mano sanenepatu olo mutadya zonona bwanji

    1. Justice Chilungamo says:

      Epiglotis ukunama. Iwenso ukuziwa zomse za Jumbe. Even the whole MCP machinery is aware of Jumbe as a sell out.. Now that DPP is also aware that MCP machinery is aware of their scheme through Jumbe right before the oppening of Salima water supply. Jumbe is now a used condom and we all know the end result of a used condom. Jumbe made a wrong move he was not appointed as a minister and he is now an outcast in MCP. Sorry Jumbe you are interrigent but you dont have wisdom. Now both parties can not trust you wawona manje.

  4. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    Who is Felix Jumbe? i have never heard of this name in politics

  5. Didier says:

    Jumbe asatichotsere attention to go into government because of his power hunger. He should either shut up or go immediately. We want to concentrate and remove this mess for the sake of our children

  6. Maunisi says:

    What are you waiting for? Sort him out let him go and seek sympathy in DPP leave MCP alone we even don’t know this guy. So if becomes president can he be happy someone undressing him like he said. Can he solve conflicts in the party. The guy lacks reasoning and this is very unacceptable.

  7. Mario pei says:

    Jumbe should go,if he doesn’t like the present MCP setup he should just walk and walk fast.. I dont like this DPP ass wipe… At the moment Chakwera is the best hope for MCP

  8. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Whats Kholokolo, is it the same as nkholo?

    1. International Observer says:

      My simple advice to MCP followers is that “These are different times”. There is no way one can suggest unilaterally to expel Felix Jumbe because in a democratic dispensation nothing of that nature is condoned, mwina ku DABWE not in real life. Jumbe was just responding to what was being said about him at those cheap political gatherings whereby he had no chance to be heard because you keep on chasing him away from your meetings. Initially people pointed out when Chakwera was being ushered into MCP leadership that an experienced and well vested politician in the name of JZU Tembo tried on a number of occasions to rule the country, let alone make the party a national party. They doubted Chakwera’s credentials in being able to steer the party from troubled waters to calm ones called Malawi. Here we are to day proving our assertions that the guy is surely a novice in the game called POLITICS. Chakwera is no different from Ed MIliband in the UK who kept on giving his followers empty promises. Those who are saying Chakwera has his focus totally wrong are correct, because he is basically bent on discrediting APM and DPP instead of strategizing on how he will take MCP where it belonged some three decades ago. Zomvetsa chisoni!!!!!!! If he has run out of ideas let him step down; run out of ideas as if he really had any at all?????

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