MCP upholds decision to fire district chairmen

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) National Executive Committee (NEC), meeting on Saturday, upheld decision which Central Region Committee made on firing of seven district chairmen.

MCP Senior District Chairperson for Mchinji North Foloma Mwale, among the suspended

MCP Senior District Chairperson for Mchinji North Foloma Mwale, among the suspended

MCP fired seven of its central region district chairmen for being suspected to be the ones behind confusion locking the party with growing calls for early convention citing nepotism and maladministration as some of the key reasons.

The fired district chairmen include include a  Mr Chisenga of Kasungu west,  Mr CK Banda from  Mchinji North,  Mr Foloma Mwale of  Mchinji North,  Mr Selani of Dowa East, Mr Tengeretu of Dowa West,  Mr Kachule from Lilongwe west and  Mr Chichitike of Ntchisi.

Sources within the party indicate that management committee which met on Friday commended the Central Region Committee for suspending the chairmen.

Sources told Nyasa Times that when NEC met on Saturday, they again upheld the decision.

“What this mean is that the chairmen remains suspended till elections are held,” said our source.

The decision of firing chairmen was reached after the same were caught by the special operation team holding secret meetings at Lyton  Dzombe compound in Kanengo.

During the Kanengo meeting, the district chairmen were in company of one Azam Gilbert Mwale, another confusionist  who later gave an interview on Zodiak, castigating MCP and its President and confirming the Anti-Chakwera campaign.

Three out of four Regional Chairmen recently held a news conference reminding Chakwera to answer them their letter which they wrote asking explanation on  various party issues.

Four Regional Chairs  Stowell Gondwe of North  North Region, Bauleni Mkweza of Lakeshore, Abi Jana of Eastern Region and Baza Kanda of North South on 9 January, 2016, penned Chakwera alongside two Vice President, Richard Msowoya and Macdonald Lombola asking them to defend themselves on nepotism allegations or else they should call for early convention.

In the letter it was also alleged that Chakwera is failing to address manage the party where the management committee has been seen to be more powerful than the NEC.

But Abi Jana withdrew from the ring living out Gondwe, Kaunda and Mkweza to fight Chakwera.

Party’s PRO Alekeni Menyani said the president is from Lilongwe, his vice Richard Msowoya is from the North, his second vice Macdonald Lombola is from the South the Secretary general is from Zomba and the party’s publicity secretary is from Salima.

“You can see that all positions have been evenly distributed,” said Menyani.

Menyani, who is also a member of parliament for Dedza North North West Constituency, said there are other forces outside the party who are using the current officer holders .

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Congratulations my mighty MCP.Dyela agalu amenewa.Angationengele chipani


Laz is a threat to who? Winning an election is about numbers, numbers and numbers. If you sit in your little corner called the centre and do not grow your party, dont expect to win.
In case you missed the stats, in Malawi there are less than 500000 users of cannot win Malawi with these.


We R About To Rule The Gvt So They Should Not Confuse Us Let Them Go.What Iknow Z 2019 MCP BOMA,CHAKWERA 2019 BOMA!!! KWACHA!!

bright mkosi

Achoke ngati amayimila zofuna zawanthu wanthu omwewo adzawavotele

Apao Kugola
MCP is doing great by removing anthu osusuka onse before it is too late. Who doesn’t know that Chakwera is the only threat to all major political parties in Malawi? DPP would go to bed if Chakwera and his MCP got confused right now. As for Dzombe and his friedn Azam they are business gurus who would like to have a busine line from the government. Remember Mulli Brothers and DPP. The Dzombes don’t want to continue affiliating with MCP and remain in the doldrum for a very long time. DPP is formenting the troubles erupting ion opposition parties. Bravo… Read more »

Jembo Tembo said it before the convention kuti m’chipani mwalowa nkholokolo(zibalalitsa nsomba), now i belive him when i see bonafide old-time members being beaten/suspended/fired and humiliated just because they expressed their worries. What if Chakwera e.g was commander-in-chief of the police/NIB, who knows; maybe even another MYP? I am afraid we’ll end up losing more lives again. God, spare us frm another era of dictatorship pse!


Blood party waiting for panshed again coming 2019


akatumbu amenewo zotionogera chipani ife toto achoke kholokolo zimenezo athu adyera onse achoke akutimikira kifuna kuononga chipani


These pple are indeed moneyhungry confusionists who have chosen to be used by outsiders and need to be penalized. Genuine mcp members can’t allow that, and these pple deserve expulsion.


When I look into faces of those pictured, I can see youth league members and the notorious district chairpersons that used to harass us. May the spirit of threats, hatred, intimidation, killing, nepotism, jealous and tribalism vanish in this oldest party.

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