MCP wins Mchinji West by-elections and two wards, DPP secure two wards: ‘Malawians fed up with hard times’

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) led by Lazarous Chakwera has won Mchinji West by elections beating the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  with a wide margin of 10,686 against 4,806 after campaigning dominated by concern over economic turmoil.

On Tuesday, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) conducted  byelections in Mchinji West Constituency, Bembeke Ward in Dedza, Kaliyeka Ward in Lilongwe South East Constituency, Sadzi Ward in Zomba Central Constituency and Bunda Ward in Kasungu.

Congratulations! DPP's losing candidate Stephano Kamwani (right) congratulates Mchinji West MP -elect of MCP, Jephter Mwale

Congratulations! DPP’s losing candidate Stephano Kamwani (right) congratulates Mchinji West MP -elect of MCP, Jephter Mwale

According to the results compiled  at Kamwendo tally centre  in Mchinji west,  MCP’s Jepther Mwale polled 10,686 followed by DPP’s Stephano Kamwani with 4806 votes and an independent candidate Mr Kuwani came third by polling 673 votes while Arnold Lyson of  Peoples Party (PP) miserably  got 114 votes.

The results also showed 218 votes  which were declared null  and void.

Mchinji West constituency fell vacant following the death of the  MCP member of Parliament, Kanjira Banda.

Mwale has won the seat amid controversy which arose between the DPP and MCP over revelation that Personal Assistant of Malawi’s Vice President, Saulos Chilima, Moses Kuchingale was caught impersonating as MEC official by wearing MEC attire and the name tag.

But the MCP special electoral observer team managed to take him out and later  he sought protection from Mchinji Police since angry  opposition party  members had wanted to take the law into their own hands.

In Dedza Bembeke, MCP Wilfred Sangala has won by pollingb2626  vites against DPP Betty Maluwa who has got only 1240 votes.

In Kasungu Philimon Theu of DPP has won by 619 against 297 votes of Jonathan Tembo of MCP.

In Lilongwe Kaliyeka ward,a Mr Banda  of MCP has polled 761 votes against DPP candidate who trailed by 641 votes.

And lastly in Zomba Sadzi ward DPP candidate Mercy Chaputula has won by 400 votes.

A political analyst said  MCP’s win despite President Peter Mutharika and his deputy Saulos Chilima vigorous campaign shows the public assigning clear blame for the country’s economic woes to the DPP government.


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38 thoughts on “MCP wins Mchinji West by-elections and two wards, DPP secure two wards: ‘Malawians fed up with hard times’”

  1. Mike says:

    The results are not a true reflection of which party is gaining popularity. If MCP is not winning in the center where will it win? But how come DPP claiming a win in KA ? Its warning to MCP, samalani DPP yayamba kunjoya ku away ground.

  2. Jabs says:

    I have NEVER EVER commented on this site about anything but reading this makes me as someone with a strong Lomwe background feel so sorry for myself, I really feel like I should cry; Cry for my country because it simply shows Malawi will NEVER develop because is will always be about regions, tribes, politics… I still can not wrap my head around how people think think that a certain tribe can lead and the other one can not lead, it is just uncomprehending. And then when one has obvious said something very offensive goes ahead and apologized….. Mpakana munthu kumukumba history, unabwela opanda okutsogolera…. ayi izi ndidzolilitsa and I am not exaggerating. Brother, you have made me cry!!!!

  3. BigMan says:

    Surely it is DPP that has performed by winning 2 wards in the home of the MCP. MCP holding on to Mchinji is not impressive or newsworthy, it was expected.

    If MCP wants us to be impressed, let them contest a single outside of the Chewa belt and i bet they will not even get 1000 votes.

    This is why MCP will never win a popular vote for the presidency, they have no support outside of their backyard.

  4. lucas says:

    Congratulations Dpp for wining in kasungu home of mcp.Mcp wonani anzanu kukulowani

  5. Wa mwale says:

    Wow, its getting more interesting to see that some of you are justfying the results of dpp in central region, iwever there two or more factors, districts like kasungu, Lilongwe, and mchinji and even all them here, shall have this kind of results every time of elections, because people south begun flocking to central region many years for jobs in farms, and also many business guys are from south in all markets in central region, therefore since this reginalism partisan politics begun, which now is being propagated by people you on this page, they now vote not because of right conscious, but because dpp ndiyakwathu. But the truth is Bingu and Peter are two different people, peter sadzakhalapo Bingu! We loved Bingu not because of region, but he had vision, for malawi I think you know, we voted for him here, may his soul rest in peace. But this man peter does NOT deserve any from south ,north, nor center, he is a failure, weaker, powerless, vision less, unable to rule, whether you like him or not, if you want to rule forever because you are able to, please hive another leader osati zinyalala zimene mukutipatsazi, to be honest, Peter ndi Chakwela, BOLA CHAKWELA he can be a good president, monga simukuona nokha? Zikomo.

    1. wakwiya says:

      If I have to vote in Malawi 2019 between two people I could not look at where a man comes or tribe. I don’t know Chakwela but since there are only two to vote for I could vote for Chakwela. If Chilima stands and leave DDP I could put all my vote on him. Why he is young and only one who can correct mistakes caused by UDF, DDP, PP. Because he was not one of the dirty blood. U see Malawians corruption started with UDF and it continue even now. Who are the people ruling or are I. Government same people. Stop voting for your own tribe when u don’t benefit anything. I don’t understand Malawian. The poor and the poorest vote someone they don’t even know just because he comes from their tribe. It is called ignorance

  6. Achi says:

    People from the south especially the non-Lomwes must wake up, just for once, if indeed Malawi is to start registering tangible development gains. Your vote is paramount so that the right non-Lomwe leader comes to power in 2019.

    The leaders leading the Malawi nation today are Lomwe, and this is where the Malawi development agenda collapses big time, and this is a disgrace to any sane Malawian including the Lomwes.

    History abit………..

    Traditionally, Lomwes live their lives without clear and organized leadership structures. They came into Malawi without a leader but just a bunch of individuals crossing into Nyasaland, and wherever they came from there remains no clear leadership as is the case with the other known tribes.
    It was for this reason that TA Chikumbu, a non-lomwe became their leader, but now dealt.

    1. How, in our sanity, can we Malawian accept a people with no leadership history be our leader at this age?
    2. What leadership style does Malawi want to learn from the Lomwes who have never lived in organised leadership cycles?
    3. Which grouping or organization has registered any meaningful gains, in this nation, under the leadership of a true Lomwe at heart? Not a cross-breed, mind you?

    Where Lomwes are allowed to lead, people mostly experience a lukewarm approach to business and lots of shortcuts, get-rich-quick gymics

    Lomwes are best known to serve as maids and garden boys in the homes.

    Thus true Lomwes are not supposed to be leaders of any serious entity.

    Our Lomwe brothers and sisters, accept the reality for the sake of our nation.

    Non-Lomwes, assume your proper role for the sake of our nation.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone with these naked facts.

    1. cadd says:

      I will in the same way ask my tribalistic Chewa to wake up and show us that they are Malawians by for once voting for a non MCP party. Otherwise, why should it be awkward when a Lomwe votes for a fellow Lomwe and it should be wise when a Chewa votes for a fellow Chewa? Mwagwa nayo achewa. Tikumana 2019. DPP will be in government forever, if this voting pattern is anything to go by.

  7. Waphuma says:

    The margin is just very big considering the effort that the ruling party put in these by-elections. DPP needs to do a post-mortem of what went wrong in their game plan.

  8. santana says:

    Wa mwale, the trend now is the same as it was 22 years ago. You MCP supporters were told not to vote for the MCP, a party which everybody witnessed its atrocities. Despite the warnings the centre voted overwhelmingly for Kamuzu and every candidate who stands for the party. When you say one day the South will change and vote as human beings because they also are suffering as people from other regions you forget that you were also warned of this but you did not change up to now. Yet now you expect the South to change their voting partten and vote for Chakwera. It is this voting pattern enshrined in our politics that will make Southern region candidates win the votes at every election. The unfortunate thing for MCP is that it is miserably failing to have gains in the south while the southerners are penetrating his area. And you expect Chakwera to win in 2019? This is political masturbation at its best,Mr Wa mwale.

    1. My Wallet is like Onion, it makes me cry when open says:

      Back to sender! Holy Ghost fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. santana says:

    Mr Tommzy, which state will Chakwera be the president? Why are people come too confident with these results as if there is some gains for Chakwera? If you look closely you will discover that Chakwera is losing popularity compared to the votes he got in 2014. It is the DPP having the gains in MCP strong hold. Chakwera would have been considered gaining ground if he fared well in Zomba and Kasungu. Its a shame to Chakwera to lose the Kasungu ward which is considered his ” kuchipinda”. Chakwera can not win the 2019 elections with the votes from central region only. This time he can not even make in-roads in the the north. But it is obvious that with the demise of the PP the DPP will make gains in the north. So the DPP is making in-roads in every region and this is the only yard stick of winning the elections. Chakwera will never be state president of this country. Tembo tried and failed, who is Chakwera in the politics of Malawi? Let him penetrate the populous Southern region then he can talk of winning the seat otherwise MCP supporters are cheating themselves with the false hope they have from this by-election.

    1. Netral says:

      Off course, you are a DPP but look at the bigger picture. The DPP poured all their resources in Nchinji but lost miserablly. These are the signs. You people keep talking with your fake confidence but reality is different. Lets wait and see

  10. che chaponda says:

    This is what happened in south Africa people get fed up! Come to term wth reality….u cant be lyng to people all time…

    1. chenkumbi says:

      Netral and wakwiya, there is no way, MCP will win in Malawi, the reason is simple, These people will not get votes from southern region, but DPP will get some votes in both the regions even Mps. It is the only party with MPs in all regions, North, central and south. Go to nkhotakota,ntcheu, Dowa , Mzimba, even Karonga Chitipa and other districts in the north. If we mention Lilongwe city DPP will also get better votes than other parties, while MCP will be the best in getting the votes. Now if come to southern region the least party to get votes will be MCP. this is a fact. The reason is simple, MCP do not conduct rallies in the south, the reason is known to themselves, so the votes DPP will get from all central and north add them to votes from south, will make some one feel the heat.

  11. Tommzy says:

    MCP the defending champions….watch out for 2019. Chakwera my state president wina afune or asafune.

    1. G-zen says:

      automatically sure bro……

  12. Melisa says:

    This is the sign of the times. DPP will not win elections in 2019.

  13. Wa mwale says:

    One day the Southern Region shall rise beyond political line and think like human beings, they too are suffering same way, is it oly central region facing hundreds of challenges by this gvnt? Taxes, vats, unemployment, hunger, blackouts, water shortages, policylessness, and many more, yes they get 30% from here but how are they using it for the betterment of all Malawians? Are we just interested to support for the sake of region or for the country’s well-being? A Thu akmmwela inu God knows is supreme, and over role leader of the universe. Psalms 75:5-7 says promotion come from Him and not from south nor north nor centre. How bless bless, mwaluzabe anagakhale chilima anafuna atabela mpaka kuveka wantchito wake unirfom ya Mec? Mwaonekela nga’amba

  14. santana says:

    Mr Nsadzi, I think you can not be a political analyst. Why do you fail to see that the results in all the by-elections are indicating that the DPP is making in-roads in the central region than the MCP is fairing in the South. The votes which the DPP got in the Mchinji by-election can not be got by the MCP in any constituency in the South. Look at the results in the Kasungu ward. Look at the margin between the DPP and the mother party there. The MCP obviously is shocked with the Kasungu results. The difference between the votes in areas where the MCP has won is not all that shocking taking into consideration that the MCP is considered strong there. You can see that the reporter has not told us how many votes the MCP got in Zomba. The reason is obvious. The MCP has faired miserably compared to how DPP have done in the MCP strong hold as you can see in Kasungu and Kaliyeka ward. How many votes did the two parties get in the Mchinji West in 2014 elections? The results are a proof that the president and his vice have done a good job which is an indication that by 2018 many areas in the centre will no more be MCP. Let the MCP defend itself on why it has lost the Kasungu ward.

    1. Nsadzi says:

      KukhaTrue to your analysis. Given the level of voter apathy in all wards the numbers cannot statistically tell us the strength of the parties. Furthermore I am seeing a paradigm shift on the part of voters. In the past it was difficult for a ruling party to lose a bi-election even in place considered not as strong holds. So the win in Mchinji tells us that perhaps people are really feeling the economic hardships that even after being given handout during the campaign they still see nothing tangible in the ruling party worthy casting there vote for. So yes DPP may want to claim victory where there is none but the bottom line is Malawians are fed-up with mediocre performance, nothing to write home about DPP. Kukhala M’Malawi nkupulira.

  15. Zinenani says:

    THIS PICTURE IS THE BEST POST-ELECTION PICTURE IN MALAWI! The losing candidate hugging and congratulating the winning candidate. I N V Y

  16. Prophesy Says says:

    What i see here is a clear indication of how our voting pattern is laid out. Malawians are voting not on facts but allegiance to one’s region they are coming from. Nothing else. I see nothing to boost about here. Come 2019 believe it or not this is going to repeat itself. if this will be so, DPP will win again unless MCP, which I see is the only stronger contender, does alot of homework and campaign in those areas DPP is strong. Take advantage of the melting pot in Lower Shire.

  17. Karrim says:

    Congratulations to MCP. While others feel the results speak a lot against MCP given the proportion of the votes to DPP in the predominantly MCP zone, I argue that looking at past trends rulling parties have dominated by-elections irrespective of whether they are being held in their base or not. MCP’s triumph this time is against that odd. As such, it demponstrates fire for the rulling DPP. Perhaps, indeed, this is a warning that people are fed up. Wake up before it’s too late!!!

    1. Objectivity says:

      the results are food for thought for both camps. DPP winning Kasungu is a blow to MCP. for MCP to win comfortably is also a blow to DPP. Koma za impersonating a MEC official-zo nde its a shame. it’s high time we started playing civilized politics, let’s stop imposing leaders on people. Let the common man’s ballot speak.

  18. kitipa-ndamera says:

    What a shame to the ruling party. What embarrassment. I know they will not take it as embarrassment but peoples continued analysis will show how they have fallen.

    Veep has played dirty politics and exposed himself as not reliable. For me he is the greatest loser for the following reasons:
    1. He was campaign chair for the central by elections.
    2. He stated it in Mchinji that they have never lost an election and they will not lose but look.
    3.He is an ‘outsider’ in DPP. Agree or not agree. I can foresee his rivals in the party finding a platform to dislodge him.
    4. He is famed to have ‘helped’ the party win an 2014 elections. This shows his greatest loss.

    I used to like the Veep coz I thought he is smart and professional but mmmmm.

    Please Chilima play the game your way. Do not do it DPP way or mafia way. You have a long political future to live.

    I advise you coz I see potential in you before it is too late.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO MIGHTY MCP. You have shown you can win 2019 General elections. Despite your house being in squabbles you have done Malawians a great proud. Thanks to the objective and disciplined leadership of Dr. Lazerous Chakwera.

  19. Nsadzi says:

    Yeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss. Payback time for the DPP. The sweat by HE and the VP has not yielded any result for the DPP. Expect more fire works in 2019. Mwatikwana kwambiri anthu inu. Zikomo kwambiri chifukwa choluza kwambiri.

  20. DeadEnd says:

    Good that the elections ended without violence. Congratulations to MCP for winning the biggest prize of the night – the Mchinji West Constituency. Apart from being concerned about losing the ward in its stronghold in Kasungu, MCP should be concerned that DPP is getting sizable proportions of the vote even in the areas where MCP is winning. To retain power, DPP does not need to win the central region, they only need to ensure that they get at least 30% of the vote while restricting MCP’s voted in the South to less than 10%. It is evident to me that MCP can only win the general elections if they also restrict DPP to the 10% range in the center and then win the majority votes in the North.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      Losing the ward in Kasungu is nothing to worry about. Look at the number of votes the winner amassed, 619. Disregarding other candidates, combined votes for both DPP and MCP candidates are less than 1,000. This means less than 500 families with an average of 2 adult people voted. Should we say there was high voter apathy. Malawians don’t take seriously local government elections, may be because councilors’ roles are not really appreciated. While DPP tried all it could to win even the ward elections just to convince people it is still popular amid a myriad of problems, MCP felt nothing was more important than retaking its Mchinji West parliamentary seat. Good show MCP. Keep the fire burning and please iron out the differences in the party. Kamuzu should be turning in his grave seeing the once mighty united party is being threatened by some greedy, disloyal members who ought to be nowhere near the party.

      1. wakwiya says:

        A dictator leader us something to win the votes. Bingu is the first leader who started using what he claim is his tribe to win the sympathy of LOmwes and Southerner. Majority of a Malawians are u educated and lives in rural area. Even in the West the Nazi use negro, Juda. Muslim etc to win the weak ones. Donald Trump is doing that. When Malawians will start thinking a leader is like a father for all he/she does not have to favour a tribe or region. Because he will be a leader for the whole nation. Many Malawians don’t know Peter and don’t care he is very old they will vote for him 2019 if he lives? Look at the world it is only Africa there are old leaders over 70 years. Look at economy it’s only African continent which are poor and still begging from their colonial masters. How can they respect us. We threw them out in order to rule ourselves and build our countries. Are we doing that? Our we really doing that? If South
        African economy was totally in the hands of blacks that country was going to collaps. Look at Old Zuma. He has corrupted or stolen so much money to finance all his wives. Blacks especially Africans are thieves it’s I. Genes.

        1. chenkumbi says:

          Santana, what you are saying is very true. Chakwera is losing popularity, from the look of things. even a std 1 child can make a conclusion about the results.He should have won in zomba if he was popular enough, but Peter did it in Kasungu.

          1. Che Singano says:

            Achekulungwa inu. Dyera basi. The main issue lies on the seat of an MP not Councillor as you think. Look at the squabbles between the MPs and Councillors in our country. Most of the Councillors do not know the signs of the times. Go anywhere in Malawi you will see that they are below standard 8 level in thinking.

    2. My Wallet is like Onion, it makes me cry when open says:

      Very true DeadEnd, but let me just remind you that General Election of 2014, the Election was not good to all Malawians that is why we are all crying. You may also agree with me that its not true that Southern Region didn’t vote for M.C.P that will be a blue in apanga, believe me Devil was on his chair taking control even the mind of those who could stand for Malawians, That is why your eyes and mine saw Late Max wiping his face to remove the blind that came out from himself, you may also agree with me that when tears has covered your eyes, it is difficult to see or recognize even the one near by you.

      Southern Region voted for M.C.P as well, but the problem was that those who were the controllers were under strange authority.
      Now do we need to cling on the past? NO!!!!!! i believe as you do as well that One day the SUN will rise again and people will enjoy the life again.

      Let me use also this opportunity, It will be very shameful to the Government if the Maize price will hike after Election.
      God bless Malawi.

    3. Sober Mind says:

      I’m impressed with your analysis. Myself as a diehard for MCP these days, I am very worried looking at the results. It is very disturbing that DPP can squeeze us to this margin. We needed to give them less than 5% and lose only one ward, that’s Zomba one. We need to do something, and the time is now.

    4. peter says:

      Nice observation!

    5. Focus says:

      MCP more fire its a welcome development and right direction. Yes Mr Dead End your observation makes sense but not very. look these elections have taken place at a time when DPP machinery is using all state resources but cannt get results. The squabbles in MCP affected the numbers. remember the whole HE, VP, Ministers…..running round the clock to get votes. l see 2019 a pivot point for murders. Mdimauwu uchokaa and KWACHAAAAAA

    6. Chikadza Kuwani says:


    7. Peter says:

      Winning should be about policies that transform our country. Dpp with Peter has done nothing since last general election so they deserve to lose elections regardless. It will be another mistake vote in dpp in 2019 with the country still in this mess. Why

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