MCP’s Msungama receives death threats over poll rerun

As battle of who is the legitimate winner of Lilongwe City South East Constituency rages on, it has emerged that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  candidate, Ulemu Msungama is receiving death threats through short messages and phones calls.

Msungama: Claims he is living dangerously

Msungama: Claims he is living dangerously

Recently, the High Court in Lilongwe ordered the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to conduct fresh elections in Lilongwe City South East constituency where Msungama challenged the results which Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Bently Namasasu was declared winner.

Making its determination on Tuesday October 29, the High Court judge Esmie Chombo ruled that the electoral body should conduct fresh polls to accord Lilongwe City South East constituents opportunity to have a representative of their choice in parliament.

Namasasu has gone to court to challenge the rerun ruling.

Speaking to a battery of reporters on Thursday, Msungama said soon after the court ruling, different people have been using unknown numbers to threaten him that they would deal with him and even be “Chasowa-ed”  if he does not drop the case.

“For example just today (Thursday) I have received seven phone calls threatening me to drop the case. These functionaries have been using different phone numbers in issuing these threat,” said Msungama.

But Msungama said he is not afraid of a threat to kill him.

“I don’t care for the threat , these are cowards and anti-democracy,” he said.

When MCP pressed for vote recount the MEC warehouse was gutted with fire which was suspected to have been caused by regime agents.

MEC also said that it was not ruling out arson and asked the Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service to institute appropriate investigations.

The fire, among several materials, destroyed 2,400 ballot boxes which some contained ballot papers for the Lilongwe City South East.

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85 thoughts on “MCP’s Msungama receives death threats over poll rerun”

  1. Mr Chizonono says:

    Asakuopsyeze amenewo..ife we need justice ndipo panyapanu nonse mukupeleka ma death threats..Mboli zanu!!

  2. دج says:


  3. Hassan says:

    Tiye nawo asakuopseze,anthuwa ndi mbava.

  4. Failed country says:

    Many civilized countries in the African Region are registering each person who acquire a mobile phone number . To register you need to use an official ID document such as a passport or Driving License etc. Malawi being a very back ward country cannot follow these good standard practices in order to do away with the claim of receiving from the unknown callers as you can easily identify them.

    I regret to be a Malawian as almost everything is going to DOGS. The people who claim to be educated are equally useless and i see no future to our KIDS

    The only party that can bring sanity in Malawi is MCP.

    UDF, DDP and PP are the same people from the same father “Chief Cashgater-Muluzi)

  5. Ingwina Sya Karonga SC says:

    Ali busy kukweza fuel.

  6. Ingwina Sya Karonga SC says:

    Asakuopsyeze amenewa. aziona amenewo.

  7. Lwitiko says:

    Killing is the trade mark of Disel, Petrol Palibe (DPP)

  8. Osasewera Pano says:

    DPP inabera zisankho. That is why they have refused everything. They have taken advantage of the some crooked lawyers too to be in power.

  9. C kundiya Lyton says:

    DPP panyapanu nyini za manu nonse.

  10. Manuel says:


  11. singano says:

    Monkey tricks to buy public sympathy ?? You???

  12. Naganza says:

    People are killed in homes for a Laptop or little money while people like PETER WHO STOLE MUCH MONEY ARE NOT ATTACKED. This is because thugs are employed by the top people. My neighbor a father of three small children was killed by thugs whom we believed were sent by jealous people. What does the police do? Peter never won the votes. He stole. Since Muntharikas are thieves they steal everything. He is a president of no blessings from the people he ruling that is why he will die poor like his brother who did not enjoy the money he stole.

  13. Naganza says:

    Malawians could have lived a good life if they did not make a mistake by letting family Muntharika back to power. All these is happening in Malawi because of stupid Muluzi. He continues making mistakes by letting his son to join DDP. Malawians are not peaceful people but full idiots who thinks God will help them by being stupid. This is the reason these Muntharikas has won because they have studied how Malawians functions.. Where in the world can happen that a person who has not lived in the country just come and become a leader? Look at Zambia they can not even let the VP to take over because he is white. Look at Malawi how many Indians who has ministerial post or MPs? The Zambia and Malawians are all citizens but they differ in interpretations or definition of who is the real citizen. Here comes one family who thinks are more worse than others and create tribalism.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    DPP is afraid, very afraid if this by-election goes ahead. All their vote rigging methods could be exposed this time as most people will be very attentive and observing very carefully what is going on at the polling station. For this reason alone DPP doesn’t want this by election because all their vote rigging techniques which they wanted to be kept secret, wrapped up and only unleashed again in 2019 could be uncovered. Remember they already told us that they will win every seat in 2019.

  15. Optic Computer says:

    I believe that if the people issuing threats are report to the police, the telephone companies can still identify the callers through cellphone IDs and previous call they made on their phones.

  16. GONAMKULAWE says:

    Mungo yelekeza kumupha tidzadula machende apeter wopanda manoyo

  17. Kasiya boy says:

    Dont afraid mr msungama,u won de erection &ihop u will win again

  18. mathanyula says:

    stupid naked fools from dpp lomwe south what do you want to do with our central region land? why cant you go back and claim your land from the tea growers at you mothers area you fools once again kill him and you shall see pacahakuti pa.

  19. innocent says:

    we have seen that this tribal of msungama’s can not develop this country because they are thieves . Look at his brother kondi isstealing alot of money from Bullets and this one will do the same.

    Banja longobadwa mbava zokhazokha anyani inu …

    Chigawenga china ndi chija anachikwizinga zingwe posachedwapa china chi mbava cha Bullets muli olongosoka koma banja limeneli ?

  20. EMBOMBENI says:

    MCP munaotcha dala MEC warehouse kuipisa mbiri ya DPP. Sitikuopa chisankho,Namasasu adzawina.Mwayamba mabodza kuti mukuopyezedwa,uchitsiru basi. Nsanje eti? Vindele imwe.Mukufuna kuti pamawa akakuthyolani ku mahule tiziti m’maopyezedwa.Mwauponda

    1. Manuel says:

      Yeah! i think Msungama tricks are as predictable as Kasambara’s. Unfortunately nearly 80% of our village folks are illiterate and when our flash-news- crazy electronic media air these fake stories,it’s all confusion out there

  21. lony says:

    anyani adpp inu anakuvoterani ndani kuno namaseta wanuyo sitikumu dziwa ife my mcp 4 eva.

  22. Mashonchimta says:

    Dwana msungama dziwani kuti pamene nzeru zanu zatha mulungu amayambira pamenepo, ndipo makutu amulungu siogontha kuti sakunva madandaulo anu khalani chete akumenyerani nkhondo

  23. Kwazulu says:

    Death threats, No big deal. Godfrey Kamanya also received death threats and as a solution he just finished himself so that those threatening should find nothing to threaten. So Msungama you may as well go ahead and finish yourself

  24. tsetsefly says:

    DPP will stop at nothing in thier terrorist agenda. This is a Malawian version of boko haram. Remember how they brandished pangas to scare people during Bingu’s time. Remember how they undressed a chief in Machinga. Remember how they torched the MEC warehouse to destroy evidence of rigging. Remember how they butchered an innocent and proffessional police officer at Goliati. The list is endless. To me this is the party that believes in violence and can not change and no wonder they talk about killing in the modern dispensation for the sake of power. One thing I know for sure is that a day is coming when these Egyptian will not be seen again.

  25. Mashonchimta says:

    Dwana msungama, musade nkhawa ndi ma4n amene akubwera kwa inu yehova akumenyerani nkhondo inu mutangokhala chete. This party (d.d.p) is full of chinyengo adyamfa imfa yowawa. Mulungu akuona ndiposo makutu ake siogontha kuti sakunva madandaulo anu.

  26. Yobe boo says:

    This Death Penalty Party (DPP) is full of gunstars, becareful, they will sweep you out.

  27. [email protected] says:

    amwene musaope,amasunga ndikutsogolera munthu ndi mulungu,a chimwene asiyeni ayelekeze mwazi wanuwo wina awona nawo mbwadza,cheteyu sikufuna koma kulemekeza NAMALENGA, Tiye nazoni,20 july munapha abale athuyi simunakwanitsidwe,munga chilungamo inuyo agalu inu??!!? yelekezani kumzitsa munya muwona,.,., Ine Wanu Chilungamo.

  28. PUTEN says:

    Ngati analandila JB ali state house iwe ndindani nyapapi ngati iwe

  29. Dan says:

    Tha young chap is trying to buy sympathy

  30. Chekambewa says:

    death threats for what? who is msungama? dont divert peoples attention. take note that you will lose these elections because everybody knows that the party in power is DPP and the MP will make sure that he be the winer after getting adequate resources for campagn ndi njala ya ndalama ili mmalawiyi angakane ndani cumacho

    1. nankhoma says:

      DPP ndiye kanyama kanji?

  31. DPP Diehard says:

    I’m DPP and interested in this case. Much as I don’t subscribe with the threats part, I feel my party has clandestine ways of winning, just like was the case where I come from. The DPP member who won, twice now, is never wanted but his votes just swells instead of decreasing. In both cases, it was so unbelievable that he can ever win. If Something is discovered this will give chances to deserving candidate go to parliament

  32. Voters says:

    Justice mbendera, Willie kalonga, sangwani mwafulirwa pangano chisankho nkhani iyi tiyiwaleko tione zina

  33. New Generation says:

    Njuchi zikamaluma ndiye kuti zili ndi uchi therefore this constituency indeed belongs to MCP candidate. Do not fear them MCP shall win the re run.

  34. Clement says:


  35. Kangaude says:

    Musiyeni mwana inu zigawenga za DPP. Chi Namasasu chanucho sichidawine. Its God who is fighting the battle for Ulemu Msungama. You the DPP is as good as fighting with God. Zi a Goliyati inu musalimbane ndi Davide akuphani ndi legeni agalu nonse a DPP shupiti zanu. If indeed you won, why are you afraid of rerun iwe chinyama chotchedwa Namasasu? Uphedwe ndiwe uwona you think people are happy with your backdoor ruling DPP? Misana ya mbuyanu nonse.

  36. PAUL NGOZI says:

    I and my PP friends will vote for MCP.

  37. MBANO NDI ZEPETE says:

    amene mutsutsanu u r fuz stupid demet mwamva.hd t bn munthu wa dpp sadapange appeal ndikadavomereza kuti akunama .ma meetng akumapanga madzulo chimunthu chanu cha dpp ndi achani .daily anthu akumakhala akuchokera kunyumba kwake akambirana zotani mumangothamangira kutsutsa bwanji? kupusa

  38. YOKWIYA says:

    Ntchito za uja wa zizungu zovuta uja zimenezo. Ndi amane anaotcha ma warehouse a MEC, Blantyre ndi Lilongwe. By coincidence, anapezekanso kuja anatola ballot box ku Nyambadwe. Ndi munthu wovuta zedi. Tangotipatsa manambala amene akugwiritsa tchitowo tiwadziwa. Ngati akugwiritsa ntchito unknown numbers pita ku Macra kuli chi spy machine. Chikawavumbulusa. Osadanda mphwaga.

  39. tony kanyenda says:

    DPP you have not learnt your lesson, you were taken out of the scene divinely for 2 years because of your cruelty and insensitivity and now 2 years on you are threatening an innocent man who duly won the MP contest for Lilongwe south east. the DPP fellow came a distant third. If you continue in this ruffian satanic mode, you will fail in 2019 or even before that and never be elected again WATCH OUT YOU WILL SEE ZA KU BURKINA FASO, power to the people

  40. FCK says:

    Peter Mutharika , DPP and Namasasu chain your dogs, up don’t let them harm Ulemu otherwise you might have succeeded i other sinister actions and you went scot free but on this one ready for the unexpected if any attempt to eliminate ulemu dares happen.

  41. Dudu says:

    Don`t worry brother. These are cowards

  42. Nyapapi says:

    This guy is lying! He knows he will lose the elections so akufuna adzapeze chonamizira!

    Umalilira nyanga ya ntsatsi, pano akusemera ikufotera!

  43. isaac says:

    true colours,no wonder

  44. Boko says:

    Thats DPP for you. These people running our country are thugs and brainless pigs. They are so much afraid of everyone becoz they know that they are not clean. Their hands are full of blood and it is proving very difficult to clean them. What more do you expect from the Bingu’s except stealing and killing. This is the reason why they die like dogs. Even this Matanyula will die the same way his demonic brother died. Why threaten him if you know that you won. Agalu ahlomwe.

  45. sabwe za thyolo says:

    Threats are work’s of the devils, they like darkness

  46. Craniwell Yabooka says:

    Death Propagating Party (DPP) please accept that Malawi is now a democracy. Just attempt to kill him and the results will be fire!!!!

  47. nachisale says:

    The problem of not having IDs when purchasing phone cards. In other countries, one has to produce ID like passport, driving licence etc inorder to purchase fon cards but here we buy in the markets as long as we want. Are we protected?

  48. Khalamule says:

    DPP is full of ruffians no doubt about it.

  49. chakhalira says:

    What are these so called Telephone Service providers doing on introduction of authentic identity before they give / sell the line (sim card)? Since these parties that have governed us before (UDF & DPP) have cheated us to the bones that they would give us the much needed National IDs as our neighbours have, the only way to catch these crooks, thieves, gang stars is to use authenticated passports. This would, at least help us to track these thieves, Robbers , gang stars who threaten the right winner.

    A Police nawonso are not helping the nation. Please help Msungama choonadi chidziwike.

  50. Uchindami says:

    Dziko ili koma!

  51. Thomola says:

    Osayambatu kunama apa. Just be confident. Zioneka pa rerun basi.Muzawina odala

  52. Kelvinator says:

    Ma death threats nde ndalezo2 ….. Wlira mvula walira matope

    1. A Kelvinator, ndiye President wanuyu tiyambe kumuopsyeza zikhalaso ndale? Is he bullet proof? Just answer yes or no? Cand he be not tintined?

  53. Angel of Doom says:

    You don’t care? for your life?

    What kind of a leader are you going to be?

    That statement just shows this whole death threat thing is bogus. Any right thinking person would care. We are not fighting for freedon, we are fighting amoungst ourselver for reasons of greed, and you don’t care if you are killed for usless reasons?

    Dont kid yourself with self importance just because you believe you were robbed of the election. what will happen if you lose again?

  54. Thyolo Thava says:

    Dausi doing what he was employed for….supporting artist Masangwi

  55. Fathara says:

    Ukuwona ngati uwina? Iwetu sungawine tayembekeza uwone. Palibe wakuwophyezani akulu, ndi chipani chako chamagazicho uchedwa. Zikoli tachedwa chifukwa cha MCP, tangoganizani boma lomalesa kusegula migodi lantundu wanji? Kumalesa TV akuti kuwopa kuti anthu achenjela awukila Kamuzu. Simunati mucheza inu kuti mutenge boma kwasala zaka 50 zina mukungowonelela game anzanu akumenya.

  56. The great tourist says:

    Tell him to report to Police or ask his cashgaters a Rhino and Soko they are thugs well known thugs in Biwi they can protect him fool

  57. Thyolo Thava says:

    Dausi in action

  58. fisi Gammar says:

    Ndipo mungoyesera mwana amene kumupha muwadziwa Achewa tiona -alimwana agwiritse ndipo musamuka ndipamene pabwerere fedural mudziwanso -muli ndimalo okhala inu azungu anakulandani kale malo -pitani kwanu mungokhala ndi majumbo lakalaka -Tionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa“““““““““”””””””””””””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. zandiwawa says:

    True, don’t be afraid stand film for the truth God is with u and we are behind u.Mbuzi za DPP zitsilu.

  60. Fwetseke says:

    This is not true the guy just want to get sympathy vote from electorate ndiye ndani angavotere otsutsa boma akuliona kale.

  61. jumujum says:

    Msungama musaope inutu ndi owina wina enawo ndi olephera chifukwa chake akulimbana nanu musadere nkhawa ndi anthu amenewo. ifetu tiri pambuyo panu vote yathu ndinu basi muno mu Lilongwe.

  62. Cicero says:

    DPP is a party of thugs ready to mame & kill. They rig votes & rig life. Why threaten Msungama? Mr Chakwera tell Peter to stop politics of killing opponents. The court has exposed Mbendera’s underhand in rigging elections. The law that DPP used to get into government is the same law that will propel Msungama into parliament. Whats the problem here? APA PALI MAVUTO (APM)

  63. Nambuma Girl says:

    Mungoyerekeza inu a DPP kumupha, pamenepa mpamene mudziwire kuti mwapala moto ku dambwe. DPP Government of Arson, Government of Tribalism, Government of Scandalous Diplomats, Government of Vote Stealing, Government of Lomwes, Government of No Development, Government of Prize Hiking, Government of Talking Much and Less Fulfilling and Government of No Changes.

  64. dzikolathu says:

    MACRA should find a way of cell phone registration to end up this system of unknown sms and private numbers callers . In Zambia all cell phone numbers are registered.

  65. Ngakha says:

    Honourable Msungama, give the police the phone numbers and then tell the public you are threatened. Usamangofuna public sympathy apa.

  66. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Ntchito za a Dausi ndi ma DPP cadets. Kwao nkupha koma apa pokha ndiye mwayaluka. Mulungu akukanthaninso. Bingu anapita ndi magazi a Chasowa ndi Anthu 20 aja. Saulosi adzapanga chipani chake mudzazionanso ngati munaziona ndi PP.

  67. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    The Police must act now on these threats as it is their job. Sum1 is behind this. Msungama won the seat and did arson take place?

  68. Zansete says:

    Mwangondikumbutsa Kutenthedwa kwa nyumba ya Rev Sembeleka,Rafiqui Hajat,zikwanje pa clock tower,R Chasowa,20 July,kwa Goliati,kutenthedwa kwa MEC warehouse Ku Lilongwe ndi zambiri zonse Boko Haram inachita ndipo ikhoza kuchita. Musazitenge mopepuka zinthuzi Ulemu Ali pa chiophsyezo,komano sitikuopa chikwakwa tsiku Lina Boko haram idzaona polekela.

  69. Munnyabu says:

    Namasasu a real coward,if u r liked by pple u wil be vindicated all ur tactics wil yield nothing just start campaign afresh tikudyerenso k92b ya agogo anu

  70. clement says:

    Msungama a liar, why creating stories? I think MCP is full of crying babies,serious.You have to know that we lose the game with a goal and elections even with 1 vote,so if you are receiving death threats its ok and you deserve. Let’s go for rerun and the outcome will judge you, Achewa vianthu vopusa,that’s why the Yaos are grabing your places dumping you in Malingunde kkkk

  71. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    At this point it is very easy to arrest those people who are sending short text messages threatening Msungama that he will be killed if he continues with vote counting case.

    The problem Malawi Police has is that it works with the government of the day , it works like traditional leaders and civil servants . This is the time these people can be arrested especially that they are using their electronic phones . By mentioning the death of Chasowa and wanting to kill Msungama the same way Chasowa was killed our police would tress those people who are threatening Msungama easily.

    If Malawi police is failing to arrest these people who set fire to a warehouse which was keeping voted materials which most of them come from Zimbabwe Mugabe being party of allowing and assisting DPP to rig the elections he told DPP to go ahead to torch the warehouse ,util today they are still investigating .
    For this Msungama issue our MCP President Hon Rev Dr L Chakwera should involve CIA , Scotland Yard and Israel securities intelligence to come and investigate before death is occurred . DDP is got at killing and setting fires to buildings. Our police will only arrest when the other government comes in power.

    The motto of our police is WE SERVE THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY. All criminals who hide under the party for the government of the day they don’t get arrested until that party is out of the government it is the time they investigate on expired cases.

    Msungama be strong and don’t give up until the truth will be known.

  72. Patriot says:

    Ngati Msungama akulandira death threats ndi chipani chokupha anthuchi (July 21, 2011), anthu a Constituency imeneyo! osangomupanga Burkina MP wa DPP yo bwanji?

  73. Kadushu says:

    DPP please musamuphe uyu akufuna chilungamo. paja inu kukonda kupha

  74. lost decade says:


  75. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    usaope go on with ur case mpaka truth should prevail. Ndani sakudziwa kuti Dpp ndi mp ameneyo ali mboma chifukwa cha kuba? Ngati anawinadi why he refuses rerun. Akufuna kutiuza kuti masapota ake anamwalira?

  76. chindi says:

    shame on you dpp!.!!!!!!! mukwibirachi??mwatondeka heeeeee

  77. angoni says:

    DPP is party of idiots. Anne Makuta amakhala ngati dziko ndilake

  78. innocent says:

    Zikwanje vs Nyau – i like this case and am following. Especially on how MEC arrived at the result! !!

  79. nkunthamasese says:

    these death threats are the works of the new head of lnteligent unit. after failing to stop the recount they now resort to kill. Msungama, don’t worry but don’t take these threats lightly, they mean it. From now avoid places like pubs, coming home late, know who you travel, eat and drink with for possible ambushing or poisoning. Girl friends sometimes are weaked people-they are entry points of evil. Fix strong security to your house and even employing strong and reliable guards. Always be with someone and avoid isolated places. be watchful as you drive who comes behind you. Wishing you all the best.

    1. kanchenga says:

      Please follow this advice to the letter. THESE people are thugs. They kill without thinking. One more advice Don’t trust the police. They are part of the system.

      1. Bristol says:

        Yes, I agree with the above comments and above all else seek God’s protection by being prayed for by men of God. When God’s plan is to be the MP of the area, no one can say no!!!

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