Minister Chaponda declares war against Malawi VP Chilima : Rolls out smear campaign

Minister of Agricultural and Irrigation, George Chaponda, who is repositioning himself to be the successor of President Peter Mutharika has declatred total war with vice president Saulos Chilima, rolling out a smear campaign, according to rulig Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) a propaganda tabloid, The Globe.

Chaponda: Fighting VP Chilima in elimination process to clear his way to succeed Mutharika

Chaponda: Fighting VP Chilima in elimination process to clear his way to succeed Mutharika

The Globe,  which is a hub of smear for political competitors and government critics, is the brainchild of Minister of Labour and manpower development Henry Mussa, Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa and DPP parliamentarian Noel Masangwi.

The paper editorial claims Chaponda has shared to different media outlets information on how Chilima  allegedly misused his power when he was incharge of the country while President Peter Mutharika was in United States of America, apparently under the knife.

The DPP propaganda sheet editorial has been given a story by Chaponda to turnish the image of Chilima that he arranged a tender with Malawi Defence Force for the supply of medical equipment worthy K400 million but pegged at K1.4 billion from the army to share the K1 billion with the Army General.

“It’s sad that he thought he was already a president and Mutharika was not coming back and he arranged a deal in which he was going to pocket closer to a billion,”  a leaked strory of the paper quotes Chaponda.

Chaponda claims they were going to use a local clinic and only use MK 400 million to buy the supplies.

“It is only Malawi Army that reports to a civilian president direct without being audited hence at this moment Chilima had the power to discuss such a deal and get away with it.

“We can not trust such a man to lead the country let alone to take us through another elections,” the paper cites Chaponda’s statement.

The main objective is to attack  Chilima so that President Peter Mutharika should not pick him again in 2019 elections as second-in-command.

DPP political gurus  sideline Chilima in the party and is regarded as rank outside. He is only given the position of ‘adviser’ like Jean Kalirani who was elected secretary general at the convention but was removed  unceremoniously.

The paper’s editor said  the Globe is “an exciting new project” for the DPP.

As its editor says, the Globe plainly hopes to influence a ‘some audience’ on politics without the serious bits – and without the journalism that informs a reading public.

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31 thoughts on “Minister Chaponda declares war against Malawi VP Chilima : Rolls out smear campaign”

  1. Zoshola says:

    zanu izo

  2. wa mwale says:

    Those who are doubting this news let me just put some sense in you, history is clear that Malawi vice presidents are the most victims of all politians in the history. It started like there was nothing to write about when Joice Banda started facing same DPP plan B, slow but sure it was confirmed few months later, hon VP I can tell you he is in water, imeneyi ndi DPP, wmayiwala mmene chi truck chimafuna kumuomba VP pakanengo? Komanso munthu amene akulimbana naye pano a VP, simamasewela he is a snake, a viper, a very senior man more than Bingu, or Peter, Chilima alipa ulendo to a political grave mark my words. Whether you like it or not he must think twice before he thinks on this battle. This man is everything, he can bite, he can bewitch, he plot the evil, he can poison, he is desperate for presidency and shall leave no stone unturned,nor he shall not allow a little known vp to stand in his way mark words. If your enemy is bigger ,then make him your Friend I rest my Case.

  3. becks says:

    People with good ideas never survive in the reigns of power

  4. gridlock says:

    Kodi anthu zovotazi mudakali nazobe ine nde ayi sinzavotanso

  5. Mbuya RIP says:

    I think Chilima and Atupele (president and running mate) can make a formidable combination. They can sweep the SOuth and Central and elite voters because both are clean. Its up to the voters to decided

  6. Kwemkhe says:

    …………..kuipa nkhope ndi mtima omwe

  7. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    Why an ugly person persecuting a very handsome man like Chilima. See how he looks.

  8. kachamba says:

    The title is misleading. Sounds like they are teaming up for something, which is actually not the case.

  9. Lottie says:

    Just wondering whether these stories are true. Assuming they are true, does Chaponda have the presidential character?

  10. Malaika says:

    Chilima for President. you have my vote.

  11. ANALYST says:

    Mwina poti aMalawi ndife anthu opusa titha kumadzavotera mbuzi zomwezi za Mulhakho! Mxiii ine ndiye ayi

  12. Chimangoponda paliponse chichipondachi bwanji? Kunyansa chinkhope eti!

  13. Youna says:

    Kufunitsitsa kuti Central kapena Northern Region isadzalamulireko Malawi. Koma Alomwe……

  14. Mike Nhlane says:

    Please leave Chilima alone to serve the President and Malawians. We saw it coming when you ruthlessly persecute his wife s uncle Ralph Kamoto. How on earth do you suspend someone acting on a Board decision? Who plays oversight role? Who can say no to a Board Decis ion? God will hold us responsible for our actions. Don’t wait until God starts fighting for his people. Chilima is just a Professional doing his work without politicking. The man loves the Lord and He can not leave him alone.

    1. Malaika says:

      Mike you are on point. Malawians needs to be liberated and it is the young leader with new minds and clear vision who can do that by the help of God Almighty.

      1. Emeneka says:

        Chilima would be the worst President. Too arrogant and kudzimva kwambiri. Let me also state clearly here that also dont like Chaponda he is too tribalistic and also nakedly pompous. However i dont believe he can be president because nayenso nkhanza. We need a leader with Atupele’s humilty. Am not selling Atupele am only recommending khalidwe basi. Chilima for president is like kukwela mkango

        1. plenty says:

          emeneka, ife we are for chilima whether one likes it or not. Should we continue having presidents from the south? Cant we taste the others? Komanso we shud remember that dpp was voted into power coz of saulos. This is the fact.

  15. zondiwe says:

    If the story is true, then it means that Mutharika is failing to control his ministers. He cannot allow his VP to be attacked by his own ministers. This is sad and disgraceful.On the other hand, I think the story is false, hence it should be ignored.

    1. Malaika says:

      If its true indeed we are lacking leadership here.

  16. John Mzunguwalira says:

    Uko ndiye timati kudzikwata ndi chala. A Chaponda kulongola kumeneko ndiye angakubvotereni ndani kkkkk. Over my dead body you cannot be the President of this country. Usawi yet!

  17. Abeat Minthu says:

    Are Malawians so dum fools to have this man as president? Everyone know that he is hungry for the position of leadership. Abale kondi a Malawi ndife zisilu?

  18. Clever says:

    It is high time Malawi focus on development framework than individuals. This is my impression.

  19. clive says:

    Who can vote for chaponda? mwina kapena paja amalawi ambili ndi opusa.kuti muziwe kuti munthuyu ndi oipa mtima onelani chinkhopecho.inu mukuona ngati chaponda atakhala president chilipo chingayende?azamanga nonse osutsana are busy promoting a ghost.monkey face

  20. Mlomwe Original says:

    a Chaponda pliz respect yourself for us to respect you.let me prophesy to you that “you, you Chaponda you and you will never rule Malawi, and i repaet never.”Musiyeni Chilima
    The guy is so quite ,why should you tarnish Chilimas image.
    Whatever you are 0.00000009% far much behind to be the president of this mother Malawi.
    Chilima is just close to the sit,it cannot be now but come 2019or 2024.

  21. Kkkkkkkk says:

    Kukamwa ngati mukunyambita nsete za mutharika mwati muzakhala president wa malawi. Fuck outta here. Illusions of grandeur indeed. Chibimu!

  22. Kkkkkkkk says:

    Ain’t nobody voting for him

  23. Tione says:

    Chikutumbwe uyu! Chilima sayambana ndi munthu. Even pa misonkhano yake saanyoza kapena kutukwana ena. Yehova mumenyereni nkhondo Chilima ndi kumuteteza kwa nkhandweyi Chaponda .

    1. Levels says:

      a chaponda osapanga focus za mulandu wanu wa ndalama unadya ku United nations zija bwanji..ICC ikukufuna uko,,,musiye chilima you stupid mathafucker…nkhope kunyasa ngati satana

  24. Tione says:

    Wodzavotera chikutumbwechi ndiye kaya. Awanso ndi kukhala president? Gogo wniweni ufiti uli thooooo! Kaya zanu izo

    1. diso says:

      komanso zinzi iii kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      1. mudzalila says:

        Kodi a Malawi mukamasankha president mumasankha ciani? Cimeneci cingakhale president? Just like the one you have now! Personality matters.Look at Obama, Clinton ,Kenyata, Tanzania, the list goes on. Koma inu ndi zimbia zanuzi basi kakaka! Chilima for president!

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