Minister explains hospital user fees, health fund and reforms

Minister of Health Dr Jean Kalirani has explained that government will introduce paying fees in all its public hospitals to be used to finance a health fund to address underfunding within the health sector.

Dr. Jean Kalirani (r) Minister of Health and Dr. Charles Mwansambo l Chief of Health Services at the briefing - Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

Dr. Jean Kalirani (r) Minister of Health and Dr. Charles Mwansambo l Chief of Health Services at the briefing – Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

Malawi’s government hospitals offer free services to the citizenry. Often times the hospitals have suffered drug and medical equipment shortages – problems that have been blamed on lack of enough funding.

Kalilani said her ministry wants find means of bringing extra funds to improve health service delivery.

“There are four main areas of reform that my ministry is undertaken in order to contribute towards the ongoing public sector reforms. I am also aware that the contents of the reforms for my ministry have not been made widely public yet though they are currently being discussed within the health sector,” she said/

The Minister of Health said a number of studies have been undertaken both within and outside the country that have pointed to the need and importance of setting up such fund to support health service delivery.

“Another area of reform is to visualize medical insurance scheme in the country.  Our plan is to have many people on medical insurance scheme that will ensure all those with medical insurances ably access fee paying health services across the country,” explained Kalilani.

She said this will also help to decongest public hospitals as some people will opt for fee paying services.

Kalilani further said there will also be hospital operation reform which looks at three separate components which are making all Central hospitals autonomous and independent so that they have independent oversight bodies in form board of directors.

Then second one is to have the management of District Health Services separated from the management of District Hospitals and to have non-core services in public hospitals delinked from core services of hospitals so that non-core services are run in partnership with Public Private Partnership (PPPs)

The ministry will also review the partnership with Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) as its fourth part of reform.

“The ministry is proposing review of the current arrangement between the ministry and CHAM. The current Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dates back 2002,” she said.

Recently government introduced user fees for walk in patients in major public hospitals who seek treatment without being referred by either nearest health facilities which is pegged at K1500 per patient.

Mnistry of Health spokesperson Henry Chimbali said the fees would be levied on patients bypassing government health centres within their vicinity opting to access medical services at major referral hospitals.

Through the “bypass”, he said, the government wished to allocate 40 percent of the collected revenue from the charges towards hospital staff incentives and the remaining would be earmarked for maintenance.

Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) director Jonathan Ngoma said the fee called ‘bypass’ is a token designed to decongest the hospital and encouraging sufferers to seek treatment at the health centres.

Global development and advocacy charity, Oxfam, recently warned government against heeding calls to introduce user fees in the country’s hospitals, warning that the move will hurt the country’s poor.

Government was also urged in a local newspaper editorial to put in place measures that would ensure money made from the user fees from public health institutions indeed goes towards improving delivery of health services “and not towards enriching people who only care about their pockets even where they put a number of lives at risk.”

Currently, Ministry of Health has proposed introduction of health risk taxes on alcohol and cigarretes as one way of revenue generation measures to complement resources it gets from its partners and the national budget.

In the K780 billion revised 2014/2015 national buget, Parliament allocated K69 billion to the Ministry of Health. In contrast, the ministry’s total health expenditure was projected at K274 billion for the year.

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81 thoughts on “Minister explains hospital user fees, health fund and reforms”

  1. Boma ili silikudziwa mavuto aaMalawi komanso kuti angawathetse bwanji.Try and error means siithandiza mtundu wa a Malawi.Come 2019 let us vote for a Malawian oriented government to tackle Malawian problems in a Malawian way.

  2. mbani says:

    Effects of 92 and the imposed zero aid budget cheating pple

  3. ago says:

    Well done. Zilibwino. Muchotsetso free and Primary education

  4. mangochi kabwafu says:


  5. Do not let people count chicks before hatch.
    Expect peoples thanks to ministry’s administration after complementation

  6. Kadakwiza says:

    Government must reverse this idea many people will die.

  7. Cashgate1 says:

    I agree with someone who has say govt should think of reintroducing paying school fees to all primary school, informally they are already doing it in terms bra bra bra fee. All what they can do is formalize it. Secondly may be anyone above 18 years should start paying tax. People can do maganyu to pay tax instead of kumayenda bawo from morning till dawn and kumamwa ma “rider”. I hope govt can collect enough money and be able to provide better services if all factors remain favourable, knowing kuti andale amasololanso kwambiri muthumba la boma.

  8. Cashgate1 says:

    Much as govt has powers to make a public policy, in this case this “user fees policy” it also has obligation to get wider views from its citizen in this so called democratic nation. I wonder if enough people were consulted on this matter. Much as we know that govt is struggling to provide better health services but its Citizen also has a stake in this process considering the majority of them are poor and they needed to be consulted in process so that they can own it and be aware in terms of the conditions of payments. In this case it has been imposed on them and its open for some sort of resistance. One says the fees is meant to decongest referral hospitals so that people can go to Health Centres. Will health Centres services be free? what about congestion there? One minister says its meant to help govt improve its services, I presume the ministers focus is on money collected and its use. So who is right in this case? Take this policy to people before you implement it and iron out a few issues for people to understand it better.

    1. ago says:

      Govt has already made a provision for the poor to access FREE medical services in the District Health centers and FREE treatment wen the POOR are REFERRED to Central hospitals but a penalty fee when they disregard that. Loud and clear. Wax in the ears go to yr nearby health center you don’t want to If you prefer CENTRAL hospital PAY K1500 bypass fee. It is at yr own discretion that you go to where you pay zovuta kumbetsa izi? Bwanji kusamvetsa kodi? Mukuchititsa manyazi

  9. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Kodi inu anthu a boma la DPP, enanu simuli ma nduna, ndiye boma silingakutumizeni ku zipatala za udolo, ku SausiAflika, mutadwala. Ndiye mukuti bwa pa nkhani iyi?
    Ngati DPP ichita zimenezi, azaluza baasi chisankho cha 2019. Anthu sangalole za usilu zanuzo. Ngakhale anthu a ku Sausi kuno, madela aja amene amati Lhomwe “belt”, anthu azatha kuvotela UDF baasi. Osati za manyi zanuzo.
    Mwayamba kutibowa heavy.
    Koma iwe Pitala wafuna Bingu akukalipire kuchokela kumanda eti? Umvesese bwino anthu m’mene akudandaula pa nkhani imeneyi. Ngakhale kwa Goliati, ku Chisoka, ku Chimvuu, ku Makande, ku Lucheza, anthu zakhulupira kuti iwe ungachite zimenzi. Kuti anthu azizavutika akadwala.
    Kodi azikalipira ndi nkhwani, ku chipatala’ko? Ndalama akazipeza kuti? Chaka chino ndi cha njala’nso. Kalanga ife!

  10. Gorbachev says:

    Government should re-introduce paying fee in all primary schools so that teacher should get incentives and the rest should be for. buying teaching and learning resources

  11. Blessings says:

    Do U read the comments writen by different malawians on this social platform? Its a clear sign that pple will never trust u if u adopt ths stupid policy(propaganda)coz what it means is all dependance at household level will be shouldered at a civil servant who got a pnut this is not Amerca even obama one point decided to subsidies medical expences.y dont u remove free primary education,cut president trips and allowances,ministers allawances stop kulamula water boards,escom and others pay huge money to your parties? Shame on you!!!

  12. Benja says:

    this is the beginning of the end dpp is falling apart

  13. jj says:

    old does not always mean poor baba

  14. jj says:

    old does mot always mean poor baba

  15. brutsha says:

    I believe the only source of all the woes in the public service is lack of discipline. If there would be a leadership in Malawi that will be able to instill discipline in the civil service everything will sort out on its own. There will be no cashgate and prudent use of government resources will follow. But the huge question is; how can we inculcate a culture of discipline in the civil service? The answer is simple. Leaders must walk the talk. What would stop a junior staff from stealing from government resources if he sees his boss in the fore front stealing from government? What will stop controlling officers from stealing if they see top politicians plundering. What can stop top politicians from stealing if they see the president amassing wealth in crooked ways? It is therefore important to know that even if we introduce user fee but with corrupt minds there will be no change for the better.
    Thank you!

  16. Pitani pa Tanzania izi si zachilendo

  17. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    This proposal is just ridiculous. DPP need to put this plan aside and consult the population, not just their base. There is no way the majority of Malawians, who live on subsistence, and hand to mouth, will support this plan. All Malawians pay taxes, in various forms, to support these essential services!
    Some of the DPP heavy weights, like Gondwe, Chaponda, Kaliati, Kalirani (even though it is her ministry championing this idea) should really advise APM against this idea. Maybe he overstayed in USA. But Malawians will not hold that against him, if he makes a 180 here.
    Big warning: This is a game changer, in that the next election could be lost on this issue, majorly. If APM won’t listen to his colleagues, then his leadership skills should be questioned. And, DPP MP’s should be polled confidentially before a decision is made. This is the kind of decision the whole caucus should be consulted on. Without being bullied.
    APM, please demonstrate that you are really working for the average Malawian, like the late Bingu did! And show some political smarts here, as expected.

  18. OGO!! says:

    It makes no sense to charge these fees for poor Malawians who have no means to earn anything!! People that work from 1 to 30 can’t afford to make ends meet at the moment what of those poorest of the poorest?

    This is where you are activating your downfall!! The underfunding of the Health sector can be dealt with with simple diversion of funds to other departments!! The State House receives an overwhelming amount of unnecessary funds..each national presidential trip..however simple it may look costs not less that K10 million why not cut those kinds of trips and direct those funds to Malawians

  19. Hezekiah says:

    Where will the old people in the village get that money to pay , this is getting from bad to worse , think before u make stupid I deas like this

  20. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    These public health reforms where bypass fees are to act partly as incentives to staff appear to counter the general concept in the public reform program that advocates for harmonized salaries. Will other sectors not emulate this ‘bypass’ fee to be used to incentivize their workers? Let us wait and see.

  21. Chenkumbi says:

    Potesi, Frank, kagwere uko,
    You three people are you aware that , here in Africa it is only Malawi where govt is giving free medical service? In other areas like Phalombe mission hospital, Nguludi (St Joseph Hospital, Likuni, Trinity hospital etc people pay medical services. The so called people are able to drink kachasu, matokoso daily, but failing to raise money little money for govt hospitals which could assist in buying other items such as nyemba, maize, ndiwo for the very patients. Amalawi kuzolowera zaulere mudzafa ndi umbawi. You mean it is only Malawi which is poor in Africa? What a shame. People without vision. How long will you go on with this type of life ? Mudziyang’ana patali poganiza.

  22. Blessings says:

    Inu mukadwala mankhwala aulere ku misonkho yathu ife komanso ku south kaya ku india ife tikalipile ku zipatala zopanda angakhale mankwala. Kodi kupanda kuba bwenzi mankhwala akusowa?dziwani izi masalale m’boma mukweze apo ayi response will be strikes even in private sector.osasiya munamiza anthu za malata otsikazo bwa?

  23. Concerned citizen says:

    so you mean the poor miserable Malawians will be funding the hospital operations.idiots

  24. Paul ziga Tembo says:

    Asogoleri aku Malawi sukuganizira anthu soprano ngati anthu akulephera kugula thumba lafetereza mutawapasa koponi kukanika K500.00 ndiye K1500.00 ayipeza kuti? Muziona zomwe mungathe kulipilitsa bwanji yambani sukulu zapulayimale ana azilipira than kuchipatala. Zipatala za boma zimathandiza amalawi osaukisitsa pakali pano timapita Ku zipatala zamission zomwe timalipira koma munthu ukadwalisa amati pitani Ku cha boma akakuthandizeni amawona matendawa pano banjali lipqetekeka ndi bilu koma apa mukutipha sano. Mu kugula majet mumalo makobiliwo mutagulira mankhwala komaso umakhala umphawi kuti tizipita muzipatala za boma chifukwa kumalawi kukamba mosabitsa mulibe chithandizo mzipatala za boma.inu ndinu ayani kuti mulipilise zipatala musatikumbuse kunali ulamuliro wokoma wa UDF komanso MCP

  25. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    Dziko lolamulidwa ndi agaru ndi choncho! Mbuzi iwe kalirani ukadwara uzipita ndi ndalama zako ku south africa ngati ungakwanise?

  26. Chimalilo says:

    amayi ngati kunyumba kwanu mukudya , kugonapa malo abwino si anthu onse yemwe wayambisa zimenezo alibe nzeru muzi wa kamoto ndi angati akwanise kulipira ? kwanu ku mponela ndi odala angati akwanise ? the one who come up with the results for your kufufuza ndi stupid person even the ARV people will fail to access . timayesa muthandiza but the whole mwalephera . ANTHU OMWE ALI PA MA ARV NDIOMWE AYAMBE KULOWA PA NSEWU . DZIKO LONSE KU LILONGWE HOTEL TINAKANA ZOPEREKA NDALAMA . IFE KU THYOLO ONSE ASANAYAMBE KUYENDA TIYENDA cash no problem zopusa ayi

  27. pamsundu says:

    There is no Country that can boast of free medical treatment a joke! and rubbish talking Go ahead Government introducing fee paying

  28. indoda isizibonela, says:

    Citizens have to pay alitle something ,thus nice

  29. Kenkkk says:

    Shortage of drugs and other medical supplies are not caused by lack of funding but by corrupt, inefficient, ineffective and thieving management at low and top levels of the ministry, hospitals and health centres. CLean up the whole corrupt management first.

    We have seen people struggle and lose all their life savings just to receive treatment at a mission hospital.

    My worry is how will the rural people afford such fees if they are sick. If someone doesn’t have the fees, will they be left to die without treatment at the hospital? Don’t just copy what the west especially USA is doing? Malawi is a very poor country, we haven’t yet reached a level where the majority of people can afford paying medical fees for treatment.

    Health centres in most cases have absolutely nothing apart from aspirin if they are lucky, so most people would rather go the district hospital where they at least can receive something better. It is not their fault that the health centres have nothing. Unles all health centres are well stocked, you will be punishing the majority of rural poor with these stupid fees.

    I think you should devise a system where those without work or meaningful income shouldn’t pay while those in work with meaningful salaries should pay. But Again how do you decide what is a meaningful salary?

    I think at this stage of our development, being the poorest in the world, we don’t need fees to pay for our illnesses. We will just compound problems and many people will die unnecessarily as they are already dying unnecessarily anyway.

  30. gogoda says:

    What about the tax we contribuit

  31. our friends in Zambia are now used in paying feez this was expected

  32. Chims says:

    Kalirani tiliradi titan kuno kumudzi.ukakhala pamtendere suyan’gana ovutka mbuz

  33. Name*GERALD says:

    Malwian’s, we are always too late in accepting good ideas.1966 Dr. H K Banda propose a 6 pence fee for people to be paying when seeking for medical help from our hospitals. Instead of us supporting the good idea there was a CABINATE CRISIS. 49 years later now we are awake from our asleep and realized that paying for our medical bills is the only way we could maintain good health services . Sloooooo Thinking MALAWIANS .We are now sitting on another time bomb in our education sector. Due to politics, we started free primary education so that we could amass votes on the polling booth.University Education which was free during KAMUZU time you have to be paying now mk250,000.00 where you are from a poor family. Things are upside down in Malawi bcoz of politics

  34. Sangwani Mkandawire says:

    Comment:No problem at all,we know that you are runing a Government with alotes of problem(cashgate inside)palibe angadabwe

  35. Namalira says:

    Why being selective, people should pay TAX when they are get care but they should not pay tax for primary education? I would say tax education, that can be planned by parents not sickness which comes all of a sudden. What kind of doctors are these thinking like Goodall Godwe, tax money tax money always! Poor Malawi, we voted dogs into government!!!!!

  36. Malindima says:

    Nothing strange!
    We have been paying at mission hospitals anyway and this is already entrenched in our lives.

  37. Joel says:

    Agalu awa akutinyansa ,zimenezi akauze azimayi ndi amuna awo.

  38. wankulu says:

    I am happy that the government has now decided to introduce a fee in government hospitals – it was long overdue.

  39. Here we go again says:

    this is what we hav been waiting from the failed government, but in their manifesto of the last elections, i did not come across such kind of program, DPP just want to take malawians for granted, a Mayi was better off.

  40. Wachimalawi says:

    Instead of making the poor suffer even more, deal with corruption and invest all the money you will claim back from “cashgate” into the hospitals. Ma staff asiyenso kuba ma supplies meant for patients and sell on black markets.

  41. Tiyende Ndawala says:

    If this is good then noone of you ministers mukadwala musamanke Kunja mudzinka kuzipatala zathu zomwezi. You are the guys that plan things only for the villagers inuyo you get the services somewhere. You make schools of degraded standards and you send your kids outside the country

  42. pontesi says:

    zokomera fans ya dola , pomwe anzanga akwa goliati , chipini ,mgona tivutikapotu apa

  43. Kagwele Uko says:

    Zopusa Eti ndalama mukumaba Zija then tsopano muzitiuza tizilipira zipatala za Boma Chamba chimenecho ku USA konko ku Mw kuno Zopusa Sitilora!!

  44. frank says:

    Ndi zimene mumafuna amalawi posankha nkhandwe imeneyi pitala, wosaukafe tilira m’paka 2019, chachikulu ndikuchotsa munthu ameneyu mu 2019 basi.

  45. Benford says:

    k1500 ndiyambiri kwa munthu wakumudzi ku visaza ku tchisi, kunkhunga ku dwandwa, ku chilipa ku mangochi,Kuburara ku mzimba,ku chiladzulu boma, komanso kwanu,

    kumeneko ndiye kukama mkaka kwa ng’ombe yowonda, mukufuna kuti ife kodi? a professor

    The best way to collect money from the public is construct the good roads and Implement the tall gates each vehicle pass through must pay fee and create more job opportunity and deduct tax,

    Government must be the first and sell to the public.

  46. Atcheya says:

    In democratic societies, such major changes to critical services are explained to people during campaign so that people make informed choices during elections. Was this part of the DDP manifesto or you are just inheriting something started by others?

  47. MATHIAS says:

    It Is Too Early. First The Government Should Encourage His People Getting Involved In Different Development Activities For Poverty Eradication. Later People Will Pull In Something In Their Pockets To Pay For Medication Bills. If It Starts Now We Should Expect An Unexpected death.

  48. Khongoni Boy says:

    Ndizimenezo Ndi Nyapapi Wanuyo Apa Ndiye Bolani Muluzi Tsopano

  49. thats malawi i know.tatopa nalo dzikoli mwina tisamukire kunja,nyasa ikuyabwa.

  50. manchild says:

    Ndizosadabwisa zimenezi. This Government is run by an educated idiot who failed to run a ministry. Chita manyazi Mbendera poika anthu awa pampando. Tsopano aku funa kuzunza ndi kupha mtundu wa a Malawi, mukayankha kwa Chauta ndithu. Ndipu yense amene akukoza chipongwe chimenechi adzafa infa yowawa.

  51. tuvitwana says:


  52. Mightwell says:

    njala,kupatala tikalipile dpp,pp,udf,aford atiliza ndakumbukila (mavuto sawonakhope grocery) kufulipo

  53. ilquest says:

    This is social construction of reality vs bereaucracy vs structural violence/social suffering. Structural adjustment policies prescribed by IMF/World Bank did not or will never work in developing world. Sit back, relax and scrutize from yonder about the an unticipated/unintended consequences of purposive social action and then you will be enlightened on commodification of health. Otherwise, it will be very regretable swallowing bitter and painful prescriptions from IMF/World Bank. I beg to remain yours!

  54. GUSHESHE says:


  55. Whiste Blower says:

    Amalawi used to free things. Eish!

  56. Frankie Dawn Nyirenda says:

    Tizikhalabe olira mpaka 2019, koma nde eeeee zifika pobeba paja. Anthu osauka ife tilipa moto walawirawi….!!!

  57. chejali says:

    Akalilani tiganizileni ufititu siwabwino

  58. Matambanazo says:

    Thumbs up for govt>anthu akumudzi/ osauka amalipira kale zipatala za mission(pvt)ndiye alephera bwanji apa! MA SUBSIDY ACHULULIKITSA

  59. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    I am passionate about this issue of medical services in our country.
    An attempt to introduce a fee for medical services was wrong during Jumani (Kamuzu)Banda; and it is wrong now. The proposal almost resulted in Banda’s downfall! Some people (APM for sure) were around during that time; and so I am surprised they want to repeat the same mistake. And thereby deprive a majority of Malawians, especially in the villages, of a fundamental service.
    DPP should not be so arrogant as to feel that they can solve all of our problems: the government should really concentrate of more funding of existing medical facilities; building new ones; and reducing corruption and finding efficiencies with the current mandate.
    All MCP need to do to win the next election in 2019 is to declare that they will repeal such an act. Power to them, then; even though that is the least of my wishes.
    People go to the major hospitals, or the private ones because the health centers are already congested, and their services leave a lot to be desired. Most patients are not happy with the outcomes especially regarding complicated medical issues.
    Some proponents of the fee argue that medicals services are free in Malawi, heretofore. NOT TRUE AT ALL. We already pay for these services through taxes!
    The government can lose the next election on this issue alone! Regardless of cultural (read tribal) affiliation. Who are the strategists advising APM on this? Those have to go, baasi!

  60. During campaign why did u not tell Malawians kuti akakuvotelani muzayamba kulipilisa muzipatala???mxiee

  61. MAJO says:


  62. chitengo says:

    kumeku ndiye kusewera ndi moyo wa athu osauka amene anaku votelani

  63. kanyika dk says:

    Kodi YUNUS MUSSA former MP for zomba central alikuti? i miss him.akanathandiza pa this issue.

  64. kanyika dk says:

    akumwera akuvutika ndi ma floods alibe pokhala and food ,pano mukuti azilipira ku hospital koma DPP Chonde musatero anthu ngakhale mukuwatero anakuvoterani mwakokomo.kkkkkkkkk bolani BAKILI NDI AMAYI akanagawa ufa,akanawamangira houses ,akanawapasa ziweto life ikanabwele pa normal.koma pano mutenga ngongole yamalata.DPP WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  65. Where are we?

    Where were we?

    what is this?


    Mchifukwa chake mumazichemelera kuti mukwanitsa kukhala ndi budget ya zaka zisanu through anthu osaukawa.

    Ndakaika za 2019 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muona za Goodluck

  66. Dr White says:

    Start paying now!!!!!! The donors that give you free things do pay in their hospitals and have only one or two kids koma inu muli ndi ana 6. No wonder every weekend there are bridal showers and zinkhoswe. Too much kukhulupilira wana.

  67. Ralph Kachindankhuku says:

    Tiyeni tiyambe kulipira. May be this can force people to be responsible. Population yachuluka especially Ayawo, Alomwe ndi Achewa. Ntchito jando ndi nyau basi fotseki. May be mukamva kuwawa zolipirazi muyamba kulera. Mufuna muzingoswana ife tizikulipilirani misonkho muzidya. One man for himself and God for us all.

  68. Kafire says:

    Let us start paying. Too much free things in Malawi and as a result people are becoming irresponsible. The population is booming just depending on free hospital, free fertiliser, free roads etc. in developed countries we almost pay for everything even for breathing. Thats why its not easy to raise a child and people have one or two children basi. Whereas in Malawi poor people who have no food they have 10 children, for what??? Nkhumba or chani? Malawi a tiny country but population more than Zimbabwe, more than Zambia, Namibia, Sweden, Norway etc. Why why agalu inu??? Kunyengana basi. Banja La Mtsogolo layesa kubweretsa free contraceptives koma simukumva. Mukufuna ma donors azikupatsani muziswana ngati mbira basi. If Bush, Obama have two children each and Clinton one so who are you afisi. Pano population yanu yafika 16mn yet 10 years ago you were 8mn.

  69. Za Mwai says:

    I dont see any problem with the user fees because fans yambiri mumapanga abuse ma free services. Actually most people who visit government hospitals are mere drug collectors not patients.

  70. Gwede says:

    Good move Kalirani. This will also help cub laziness among Malawians, Malawians are used to getting free services and as a result they just sit thier ass’z down. Malawians need to know that even God said “uzadya thukuta lako” and we should start discouraging the idead of providing free services to the citizenary. This is seriously hurting our economy. We should also start considering stopping the free fertilizer distribution, you call it fertilizer subsidy program, the free malata program. We cant continue like this Malawians. Lets encourage the spirit of self reliance and hard work. Amalawi akuzolowela kulandila. They dont wont to think of ways on how to help feed their families. Style up Malawi.

  71. David Mailosi says:

    K1500 per poor patient will not be enough to pay staff. Mukulowetsa feesgate ndalama zimenezi zidzabedwa.

  72. Daud Zakaria says:

    It’s not a bad idea to have paying public health facilities but the timing is.Many Malawians are living on a hand to mouth salaries,others doesn’t even know what it means.When they get money their priority is to put food on the table(OR IS IT MPHASA?).You talk of introducing payments as a solution to hospital congestion,really?Is that the best you can do?What happened to increasing training of extra medical staff and construct better health facilities within communities.Basic health care or PRIMARY HEALTH CARE should be offered to the community,at the cost the community can afford with their full participation and understanding.Did you sell this idea to any communities and asses their feedback?I was fooled to believe democracy meant government for the people and by the people.

  73. Fav4 says:

    malawi cannot be compared to any other country around it. umphawi ndiwaukulu.
    Yes kuyenda ndikumeneko minister koma muphetsa anthu osauka. Tabwelelani kumudzi kwanu mukaone momwe anthu akuvutikila. munthu umadwala ngakhale chakudya ulibe ndiye ukalipila bwanji ku chipatala?

  74. Kanjuchi says:

    Why introduce another system yet the other one is in use for collecting revenue
    Direct payment for every citizen i don’t agree but through tax from things we buy. Every Malawian uses soap
    Is every civil servant on MASM introduce why not

  75. Acton Chavinda says:

    No more tax.

  76. wagwanayo says:

    Good strategies. The rich should pay for services while the poor get services for free.

  77. Sandalasi says:

    Zopusa Basi

  78. Tsotsi says:

    Osaukafe zathu zada apa,,mudasiyilanji kunena zimenezo pa kampeni,,bolaso mayi yomwe uja!

  79. Tateyo says:

    Mwano m’mawapanga anthu uja muziwalipilitsanso.Ndikukaika ngati ma nurse amapatsidwa mwambo asanayambe ntchito yawo mukapitiliza mwano umenewu mudzawona polekera tsiku lina.

  80. Chemtukanika says:

    Bwanji pamenepo?Limenelo ndiye boma la Purofesa APM ndi gulu lake.Sitinati.Tilira eeeeee mpaka 2019.Njala ndi iyi ikupitirirayi.

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