‘Miracle money’ lures Malawi artists into gospel, working with Prophet Bushiri- Report

A number of  musicians from Malawi are leaving secular music to become gospel artists and working with popular Malawian born prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) attracted by ‘Miracle money’.

Onesimus | Miracle Money

Onesimus | Miracle Money

According to published reports, some of the some of the artists that are working with the prophet include Thoko Phiri, Onesimus and Gwamba.

And last week during the birthday bash of the self-styled prophet, who is fondly called Major 1, other gospel artists who performed included Mlaka Maliro and Ethel Kamwendo Banda.

According to a report in The Nation newspaper on Friday, the teams do not only work with the prophet, but they are also known to be his fiercest defenders on issues that attract public criticism, especially on the social platforms such as Facebook.

“For example, when the popular tag of ‘miracle money’ resurfaced, people took it the social media to accuse the Prophet of satanic powers. But the likes of Onesimus went full throttle to defend Bushiri. To cap it all, Onesimus has lately released a chat bursting song titled’ Miracle Money’, which praises Bushiri’s power in churning out miracle money,” reported the daily.

Prophet Bushiri is also on record to have worked with other well-known gospel artists such as Peter Sambo and Patience Namadingo. Artists such as Thocco Katimba and drummer Amos Mlolowah are also said to be ardent supporters of the prophet.

Bushiri’s spokesperson Kelvin Sulungwe told the paper that the Major 1 is also into promotion of youth through job creation and nurturing talent.

“On the other hand, he recognises the fact that the church has a role to create employment for young people to help government fighting the soaring unemployment rates,” said Sulungwe.

Among other things, the Bushiri brand is believed to have been catapulted to fame by prophecies and miracles that are believed to come to pass among his followers.

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24 thoughts on “‘Miracle money’ lures Malawi artists into gospel, working with Prophet Bushiri- Report”

  1. TRUTH says:


  2. Dick Phiri says:

    Mr Daniel Theu? Be aware! Open your eyes and see.. This is the world full of dirty games. Devil has powers to heal the sick, feed the needy and anything u can mention! Remember that we are living in the last days!!!!!!

  3. Ekariyapwiya says:

    Zochitika masiku omaliza, anthu azakonda ndalama

  4. daniel theu says:

    Victor, you wrote your thoughts all about the prophet. I am only asking you to attend to the prophet’s meetings and understand him well. You can even watch the prophet channel on your dstv or go to “you tube” pages of him before critics. I hope you have never come across a man like him in life and ask yourself, why now? He is feeding the needy from southern region to northern region of Malawi. He is praying for the sick and people get healed instantly, he is teaching people good news not only in your country but the whole world, he is the prophet of our time, whether we want it or not,

  5. VICTOR says:

    Miracle Money? ReallY? You mean we should we be sitting idle waiting for miracle money–money to come in our pockets just like that? Why then does the Bible say that he who does not work should not eat?

    What I know and believe is believers operate in financial prosperity via the Law of Seed Time and Harvest. God says in Genesis 8:22 that “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

    This entails that if you are to prosper financially you must be willing and prepared to invest in sowing financial seeds. And quality and quantity of seeds determines the quality and magnitude of the harvest. That is why God says in 2Corithians 9:6-8 that “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”

    Some of the Avenues for Sowing Seeds
    1.Giving to your parents—God commands us to honour our parents (biological)
    2. Giving to our spiritual fathers. God has given us spiritual fathers, call them pastors, prophets, teacher or apostles. These are ordained to held up in times of trouble. The word of God says in Hosea 12:13 that ” By a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet they were preserved.” It is important that we should locate spiritual father who are to feed us with the Word of God. They are spending their time preparing and feeding us with quality word of God. It is a commandment to honour them by giving not money as such but anything that can advance their ministry. Could be a bag of maize….
    3. Giving to our families—–There are men who find it to be a daunting task to fend for your family. God commands men to feed and provide their family. God can not bless you if you take providing for your family for a weighty responsibility. It has to be done joyfully for God loves a joyful giver—-Yes always giving joyfully. As a father, you can not be there spending your money on a concubine while your child has been chased from school for not paying fees.
    4Tithing–Malachi 3:8-10 ” will a man robe God? Yet you have robbed me….” God says that if you don’t pay your tithes, then you are a robber. “You are cursed with a curse for you have robbed me, even this whole nation” If you don’t pay tithes, God curses you with a curse. A man may curse you but not with a curse. Watch out. And if God curses you no prophet can reverse that curse. Some of these curses are poverty, sickness and diseases, marital crisis, unemployment, etc.. But God says in verse 10 ” Bring all the tithes in the storehouse (church)….. and prove me now if I will not open you windows of heaven and pour you a blessing that there shall not be room to contain receive it.” That is God asking you to prove Him. God has only asked man to prove Him if He will not BLESS you when it comes to the law of tithing. But do you know what Proverbs 10;22 says THE BLESSING OF THE LORD maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it. I think now should be realising that through tithing God blesses you and when God blesses you, one of the manifestation of it is Riches. 2Corithians 8:9 says ” for you now the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor that you through His poverty might be rich.” So Jesus died in poverty to make us rich? yes, I thought that’s what that verse has just said. And God is not a man that he should lie. Ok
    3.Church offerings(free will or service offerings and thanksgiving–Thanking God for what He has done for you, your family, etc
    4.Church project offerings
    4.Kingdom sacrifices
    5.Giving to the poor, hungry, widows, orphans, sick and those in prison
    6.Giving for the advancement of the kingdom

    The Word of God say “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Satan does not destroyed people coz he is powerless since “all powers both in heaven and earth have been given to Christ” but lack of knowledge destroys people. The same way, devil does not make people poor but lack of knowledge and this knowledge is the WISDOM of God. this WISDOM is the word of God, the Bible. Remember, God will not do what is against His teachings; He can not contradict Himself. But people are always contradicting God through false teachings like the doctrine of Miracle Money. In my bible there is no such things as miracle money. God does not command not to work and expect to see our pockets becoming fat with cash just like that. He say in all labour there is profit. God gives riches ( call it money, etc) through the covenant of Seedtime and Harvest!!! You can not get riches in the Kingdom of God through prayer and fasting. That is y you see so many posters wallowing in abject poverty, even begging yet they are giants when it comes to payer and fasting. “Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.” When you give, God blesses you and THE BLESSING OF THE LORD makethe rich and addeth no sorrow!!!

    Watch out and be careful coz in the last days the devil will deceive even the elect. We are in the latter last days and am not surprised that satan is deceiving people in so many ways.

    For more information please download “The Blessing of The Lord” and “Laws of Prosperity” whose author is Kenneth Copeland. These books will usher you to the realms of Kingdom financial prosperity. Bishop David Oyedepo has also written many books on Financial Prosperity. You can get them at any Winners Chapel Church.

    David prayed to God in Psalm 119:18 this way: “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” People, this should be your prayer concerning financial prosperity and God will reveal His secrets to you. It is not just like Jackpot or miracle money kind of thing. God work through covenants and the covenant of Seedtime and harvest must be operated if you want to be rich through God kind of ways. The Blessing of the Lord which maketh rich and addeth no sorrow must work on your behalf.

    May I conclude by quoting this verse from Galatians 6:7 “BE NOT BE DECEIVED; GOD IS NOT MOCKED: FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWETH, THAT SHALL HE REAP ALSO”

  6. Vinthukutu says:

    Tidzawona pa siku lomaliza Lipenga likadzalira!

  7. Tt says:

    Jesus is a brand that has been sold to many people since they were in nappies, so anything no matter how trashy the music can be as long as it has jesus in it, you are going to sell to people infected with the religion virus of the mind. Marketing people know this very well and they know it will work.

  8. Kifaro says:

    Nanga magospel singes are u leaving to expectations?Thocco mbiri yako yanunkha kuno?wathesa banja la zimatha.mai wamvano kumupanilila osaopa kuti sisayizi yako !amako amene aja kungoti amaoneka chisikana chifukwa ndi chumba!zoona wasintha nyengo yake!

  9. Bunyenye says:

    A Thocco Siyani gospel mukutichitisa manyazi.Banja wathesa la anthu akuluakulu !mai wamvano kumudyera ndalama zake !

  10. Nkasai says:

    Koma bola osathesa maukwati a anzanu magospel singers inu.TK ndi uja wathesa ukwati wa GSP !Koma iweyo osaopa ayi?ndimayesa amene uja ndi mako mpaka kumupanilila !mai wamvano kumulakwisa kkkkkkkk zoona wasintha moyo wake!munthu anali pa chinyezi lero ali padwale !amayemda pa ma prado ,rover ,hilux koma lero akukwera kabanza !Zoona TK wasintha moyo wa mayiyo !oops paja ndi chumba ndiye umayesa saizi yako ee a gospel singer!

  11. In the Holy scriptures of the bible, there are seven ways to test whether prophecy and the prophet is true or false.
    1 By Their Fruits.
    2 Does It Glorify Christ ?
    3 Does It Agree With the Scriptures ?
    4 Are Their Prophecies Fulfilled?
    5 Not All Prophecies Are of God.
    6 Do the Prophecies Produce Liberty or Bondage?
    7 The Anointing by the Spirit of God to know is in every born gain child of God

  12. Here arebthe steps to know the true and false prophet and prophecy.1 By Their Fruits. 2 Does It Glorify Christ ? 3 Does It Agree With the Scriptures ? 4 Are Their Prophecies Fulfilled? 5 Not All Prophecies Are of God. 6 Do the Prophecies Produce Liberty or Bondage? 7 The Anointing Abides in You.

  13. milton phiri says:

    jerousy pipo miracle money iz in the bible bt u jst critisizing him let him enjoy God riches. u wil suffer bt him he iz progresing mmmmmmmm to suffer be toturd and killed because ofGod its his gain!

  14. ineyo says:

    So major 1 is a rank! can u please shed more light on this otherwise none will take u seriously. Fell. us more other ranks that exist in ……… I don’t kno

  15. dyson says:

    Foresmuch i know we are not redeem with corruptable things like silver and gold but we are redeem with blood of christ 1peter1v18-19 god at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto fathers by the prophets,hath in these last days spoken unto us by his son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things,by whom also he
    made the world Heb1v1-2.i dont hv problem for helping pip but as far i know we dont hv prophets today.if u have question give me ur whatsapp num i wil call u.god bless u all amen

  16. KUKHALA says:


  17. Masiku otsiriza says:

    Sad that even the musicians we respect have followed the band wagon. Oh no!

  18. The Partriot says:

    The only one who knows the motives of a person is God. These artists are talented and they want to earn a living through their sweat, so let them be! Kaya akufuna miracle money kaya ayi, izo akudziwa ndi Mulungu. I for one, am happy for them. They are earning their money, sakupemphetsa!
    As for Major 1, only God knows whether he is genuine or not! Some people have problems with Bushiri because he is Malawian. Akanakhala mzungu bwenzi ali phe, ati mzungu can buy ndege zitatu, no problem!
    Is this the first time to see a church leader being so rich and popular?
    How come noone questions the wealth,political power and titles of the other church leaders? They are some church leaders even claiming to be Holy and some are claiming to represent Christ himself!!! Billions of people believe them without question, but if a Malawian prophet was to claim holiness, we would call it blasphemy!!!!!

  19. Buyelekhaya says:

    Ulyezi na luzokozo vyananga charo chapasi kwakujumphizga!

  20. SAPITWA says:


  21. Only the Truth says:

    First of all, I would like to correct the notion that Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is also called Major 1. Major 1 is not a nickname, it is a rank. If somebody is a Colonel in the army, for example, it is an insult to report that he is also called a Colonel. He is a Colonel. Period. The same is true with Dr,. Mr., Mrs., SC, psc, etc
    Secondly, the musicians you have mentioned are not following Major 1 because of miracle money. They follow Jesus the way the Prophet follows Jesus. Apostle Paul once wrote: Follow me as I follow Christ, and that is exactly what is happening here. The miracle money is just a bonus.
    Lastly, Major 1 is an ardent supporter of promoting talented people, especially the youth. And he has so many of them at various stages in their exploitation of their talent. He supports them in various ways including promoting their albums. As he usually says, if the talented youth are are not supported by the church, the devil will grab them and make full use of their talent, to their own destruction. They will be singing in drinking places, for instance. And you know talented people worldwide that are completely disoriented with drugs and other vices. Don’t you personally know Malawian artists who went to the grave early because of what they were mixing the talent with?, If you are not sure, listen again to Billy Kaunda’s ‘Kumidima’ or ‘Simungayime Kaye’ That is what the devil does when you give him your talent.

    The prophet is leading them to Jesus, who will nurture the talent and preserve their lives.

  22. muxe matsilele says:

    the major 1 bushiri belong 2 jesus christ of nazareth amen doubt or not,the haters can”t even perform even a single miracle amen

  23. nyakaji says:

    Bushiri is a Man Of God, take it or leave it.Cant you see all the annointing attracting all these musicians? He is a Prophet of God&pray for a decerning spirit so that you should be able to distinguish between fake&genuine Prophets. If not you will find yourself cursing a true prophet of God&there is prize for that sin

  24. Concerned says:

    The only major 1 I know is Jesus Christ. Who is this one? In which kingdom does he belong?

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