The crybabies of the DPP, spy Dausi could do better – Idriss Ali Nassah

For many Malawians that I know, the freedom to criticize the government of their country is not inspired by some nebulous self-righteous urge to “promote” a Western agenda, or even the more dubious desire to earn a trip to the United States.

Members of Parliament trying to remove the police vehicle. Police mounted a roadblock before arresting Kabwila

Members of Parliament trying to remove the police vehicle. Police mounted a roadblock before arresting Kabwila

The reasons have absolutely nothing with being pro-West. The reasons are largely pro-country, pro-good governance, pro-people, and pro-justice.

Quite simply, the Malawian criticisms of their government and their leaders is inspired by what inspired the gallant fight against colonialism and dictatorship—to fight for the rights of the underdog and not to allow the rich and powerful to trample on those rights with impunity.

I wonder if those who say it realize how utterly absurd the theory that is. President Peter Mutharika, having himself lived in America for most of his adult life, surely doesn’t subscribe to the notion that Malawians cannot criticize the leaders of their own country unless the British or the Americans have paid them to do so.

If I spoke to President Mutharika, I would tell him not to waste any of his time on this idle speculation.

Planting stories of an imagined coup gives you an accurate reading of the DPP’smood right now; it is filthy, it is scared, it is out of ideas and it feels besieged.

Of course, there are many reasons for which Malawians should be rightly angry with this government, without anyone telling or paying them to be so. Economic output remains pitiable, Peter Mutharika seems disinterested, Goodall Gondwe is clueless, the behaviour of the Kwacha is problematic, cost of living has gone through the roof and there doesn’t seem to be a national action plan to fix things.

Recent unemployment figures suggest millions of the able-bodied population cannot find jobs, and there is no hope for them finding jobs in the future because there are no jobs being created.

The most disgusting part of that hatchet job was the shameless naming of people on the coup allegations, without any evidence of their wrongdoing. Many of the people named in that fanciful plot are decent, loyal, law-abiding citizens who dearly love their country. Only in vicious dictatorships and Banana Republics are citizens who exercise their democratic right to criticize their government called traitors and spuriously accused of plotting a coup.

Then you had the government spokesperson saying that those named should exonerate themselves. I was astonished. For heaven’s sake, how do you place innocent people in a web of imagined wrongdoing and then ask them to untangle themselves from that burden?

But in the greater scheme of things, crying “coup!” is a tactic of the DPP and we have seen it used before, not once, but twice.

One of the previous allegations named a former president and serving army Generals who rightly sued, and were paid tens of millions of Kwacha in compensation for their troubles. These allegations, as we all came to know, were as a result of the fatal flaws in Bingu wa Mutharika’s character as a leader—his intolerance to dissent, his ruthless reaction to adversity and his single-minded determination to bludgeon his critics into silence.

The conclusion is inescapable that, looked at soberly, this is just a paranoid regime making lots of angry sounds and fury, but ultimately signifying nothing, or very little. Talk of an imagined coup is unlikely to lower the price of essential commodities, which is another reason Malawians are angry and frustrated and looking at alternatives.

The idea that the American Ambassador would call up a few people—one of them a church pastor—tosit around a table to plan an insurrection over a cup of cappuccino is entirely fanciful.

Nicholas Dausi, the Director of National Intelligence, should have better intelligence than this.

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Boma la MCP ku Malawi kuno ayi, mbava zokuba mazira


mitu yazungulira onsewo tikhalire zimenezo.

MCP ruthlessly tortured and killed a lot of Malawians including my dad. Anatilanda katundu wathu yense n’kutisiyira umphawi wadzaoneni. Today, our family is exremelt in poverty becoz of this inconsiderate political party Enanu mukamati MCP idzalamulenso eeeheeeh! By the way, were you there in the 70s,80 and early 90s? Mukuseweretsa njoka kumchira. This is the same MCP which ruled Malawi from 1964-1994, there is no change at all. A lot of Malawians could not vote for it, they left in people’s minds. Watch out talkative people who keep on glorifying the dictator’s party. They must try harder to convince Malawians… Read more »
peter Mathanyula

Malawi will be full of coup plotters if dpp remain in power. Everyone in Malawi is a coup plotter as long as one has a phone. Dpp is fearing its own shadows. When will Dr. Chilumpha’s treason case come to a conclusion. Malawi has many problems to sort out than concentrating on trivia like treason. Accidental presidents.

Pc Maker

Enanu Musat Whatsapp Chats Are Private. Paja Mukufuna Access To Information Bill. No Official Secret Act. Kkkkkk

mahomwa Nyika Republic
mahomwa Nyika Republic

keep on electing Pigs and Dogs to run your country lkkkk One Zambia One Nation we have food come you poor malawians


Who implemented the Banda mcp era atrocities? It is the same person that Peter and his dpp cohorts have now entrusted with the top nib job. That speaks volumes about the whole dpp thuggish behavior.

Laz is leading a new mcp untainted by the Banda regime atrocities. Surprisingly it is dpp which has now inherited the atrocities of the Banda regime. Dpp atrocities are even worse than those of the old mcp.

They even politicize food distribution, even a dog can’t stoop so low when people are dying for lack of food.

Idriss, you are totally WRONG! First, we Africans including Malawians do not think for ourselves, second, it is in the interest of the West to stir chaos in developing (poor) countries because that is the only way they can keep exploiting us. Now, the whole ambassador of the USA or UK does not have to sit with CSO activists, opposition politicians or academics to achieve this goal. They have the resources to mount clandestine activities in order to undermine any African government that they see as not amenable to their economic and political interests. When I see, Malawians and Africans… Read more »
The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O Its a wonder how untold hatred for one and love for the other party has made everyone choose to ignore the simple fact that even the Kabwiras themselves are not denying involvement in the discussion but only laughs it off because it was a whatsApp thing which, in their academic wisdom and reasoning; is nothing. . . . Whether it was done through WhatsApp or whatever, that the group of MPs were planning on doing something clandestine and indecent; is an open secret to anyone who refuses blind political loyalty to rob them of their reasoning ability. . .… Read more »
The fear of MCP getting the day as the writer has said it is true from the DPP and it might come if late by 2019. Reasons are twofold 1. DPP accepted and embraced Dr Banda rule 150% forgetting that it gives credit to MCP the party of Dr Banda. So who can articulate better of the Banda style than MCP ! 2. The people who suffered under Dr Banda, Returnees and those who remained here in detention, under house arrest and lost property are suffering un attended by government, leaving them hopeless as ever. These people have no voice… Read more »

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