Mixed views on Malawi governance performance as rated by Mo Ibrahim index

Malawi commentators have differed on the current governance rating in the 2015 Mo Ibrahim Index.

Dzonzi: It's correct refelction

Dzonzi: It’s correct refelction

Kayuni:  Not true picture of the current status

Kayuni: Not true picture of the current status

Malawi is now ranking 17th, jumping by one step from last year’s position 18.

Founder Mo Ibrahim, the Sudan-born telecoms tycoon launched the index in 2006 in a bid to help African countries measure and improve their performance.

It ranks countries according to 93 indicators grouped under four categories: safety and the rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

Launched in London at BMA House, Tavistock Square, this year’s index shows Malawi’s overall governance rating at 64.5 percent and 10 in the continent.

Malawi has a lower score of accountability at 35 percent. The indicators in the accountability category include; accountability, transparency and corruption in the public sector, corruption in government and public officials, diversion of public funds and access to information among others.

While despite an increase in criminal activities, the country has scored 95 percent in national security.

One of the commissioners of the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), Justice Dzonzi described the rating as “fairly good.”

“It reflects in general terms the correct position,” Dzonzi a local radio on Wednesday.

He added: “The general manner in which we are conducting government business, we are doing very well. We are not off the mark.”

But associate professor and head of political and administrative studies at Chancellor College of the University of Malawi , Happy Kayuni, said the Mo Ibrahim ratings “is not reflective of the immediate context in which we are in Malawi .”

Kayuni noted: “Most of the [positive] results happened during the Joyce Banda regime. She took over the time when her predecessor [late Bingu wa Mutharika] had bad image of human rights and governance.”

He said under the current rule of President Peter Mutharika and the DPP, the country is sliding back to bad governance.

“We are seeing a reversal, those who are concerned about human rights must be watchful,” said Kayuni.

On corruption, Kayuni pointed out that the ‘Cashgate’ issue “has not been fully addressed.”

He cited the brutal murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate services Issa Njauju as one of issues that “raises more questions” than answers.

Speaking in London, Ibrahim said the 2015 Index of African Governance shows that “recent progress in other key areas on the continent has either stalled or reversed, and that some key countries seem to be faltering.”

“This is a warning sign for all of us. Only shared and sustained improvements across all areas of governance will deliver the future that Africans deserve and demand,” he said.

The top three countries in the index remain Mauritius, Cape Verde and Botswana.

The bottom three are Central African Republic, South Sudan, and lastly, Somalia.

South Sudan and the CAR were the biggest fallers, followed by Mali.

The survey also rated Zimbabwe as one of the six countries that made strides in addressing governance issues, despite its leader Robert Mugabe being one of Africa’s longest serving leaders.

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34 thoughts on “Mixed views on Malawi governance performance as rated by Mo Ibrahim index”

  1. sapitwa says:

    We are doing extremely well given Zero Aid Budget. We are just doing so so so good! We were in a similar situation with Bingu and:
    We had money but no sugar, fuel, and no medicine that we could buy from the pharmacies etc name it.
    Joyce did not test the Zero aid in her Leadership though towards the end, she was nose diving with too much borrowing by the government. We could not have reached this far.

    Today, comparing in the same situation that Peter is in with Zero Aid, I can buy anything that I want. All I have to do is work hard to get money and not steel and money is there so to say except not for the lazy ones and the old people.The old over 70 years need to be taken care of and if I was President, I could have put them on the payroll, there are not many after all may be hardly 1000 . I can buy maize, fuel, nyama, car spares.,and on top of this Iam enjoying the transparent security by the many armed police who are all over everywhere now.
    Iam so proud that we can look back and see how far we have come from without the Budget Aid. I have learned to fend for my self and not waiting for free medicine from Government hospital, free school fees, free fertilizer ai. We will be paying these as this is the right thing to get good quality. Zaulere ndatopa nazo izi
    Ndinena zoona, zimunnyatse yo akakolope Nyanja!

  2. Kondwani K says:

    No true picture of the current status. Is it from your bad headed up stair there or its from your research? So you would be happy if Mo Ibrahim Index rated Malawi as the last ten poorest country in terms of what have been rated here. You are very bad. An image of a bad citizen. You are the type of people who could be titined if you were in Afghanistan, Vietinam, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria. If John Chilembwe wokes up today and find you doing that, I think he would cry for his blood which was lost in fighting for future generation.

  3. mavuto says:

    vuto la anthu a kumpoto ndi loti samafuna kuyamikira anthu a zigawo zina. nthawi ya Joyce Banda anali chetechete ati chifukwa amunawo ndi a kumpoto. munthu akukuyamikirani inu mukuti iyayi tsopano mufuna chani. atnhu akumpoto ngakhale aphunzire chotani ngakhale akhale mkulu wa mumpingo amaganiza mopotoka basi…mixuii

  4. Esmos Ganga says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. This is entertainment. Is this how we solve our problems…..sheeeeeeeee !

  5. Happening Boy says:

    The truth of the matter gentle people is that the results mentioned in this report are not for the present situation, it’s about the past period where indeed Malawi tried in the sectors mentioned. Prof Kayuni is referring to present situation thence his argument is misplaced but with his reference to JB’s time is not misplaced for the report in question is mostly based on that period. JB plundered the economy through cash gate which also started during Bingu regime but borrowing Kayuni’s assertions, JB took over the government from doldrums and many areas indeed improved as indicated, like security not now.Prof Peter has not sent anyone to jail but one has been fined for saying the truth about the wrong timing on working on his village road in his village. When commenting on this forum, I beg, you need to remember that our children access this media also and mentioning of very hidden parts of colleagues is not fair, let us remain Malawians. You can be overzealous but try to examine issues critically for the betterment of our nation not party. Dzonzi used to be very good analyst on governance but of late I think he has lost track, he is not sharp as he used to. Even the President and his ruling elite will agree that there is security which by all means government is trying to fix now, evident to the presence of security personnel in many suspected places. Killings are on the rise, this can’t be disputed by anyone citing albino saga and some already referred to cases in the Kayuni’s comments.Malawi is one country and we need to rise up once again and love our country, God chooses or allow leaders on us for a purpose, we don’t know why he gave us Peter instead of someone else. You remember many dpp close allies of Bingu then hated him after he picked JB as a running mate but but God saw the fuel, forex and economy problems lying ahead of us, no one will argue that JB fixed these things despite being hit by the take over if cash gate. She used the billions which were piled at state house to maintain and correct the situation in two week that even those who hated her benefitted. Stop insults let us live one another and love our country, this is paramount.

  6. che msumbo in rsa says:

    Chikulire iwensondendan machendako amimbawonawenso zotianthu chaka chino amwalira chifukwa cha pitala maflops panyiniya amako

  7. Who is fooling who? the situation on ground speaks louder if things are OK then stop begging and you will see what will happen in the country.

  8. Joyce Hildah Banda says:

    These are Chanco lecturers. No wonder the University is poorly rated in Africa. At world level, it is even worse. All comments come from Chanco show mediocrity. There is a need to scrutinise the lecturers recruited there. I pity Malawians for the quality of lecturers

  9. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Umbulitu ndiwabwino. Siumalira mlingo wautali kapena wobvuta kuti udziwe zofunikira paumoyo wamunthu. A little more is ok. Kodi chikhalirenicho agogo, makolo, ana kungokhalira kugwira ganyu muma Tea Estate nkumakadya migayiwa yanyemba nde m’modzi watsogola ali tiyeni tizidya masoseji, angamve zaanzawo?

  10. Phwado says:

    Paja a Dzonzi anakudyetsani chi Bin Laden!

  11. Baba wa boy says:

    How many of you commenting have seen the report?

    So really you are arguing on what Nyasa Times has said. I wouldn’t if I were you.

  12. chikulire says:

    Malawi is a country of confused people even those educated ones like Kayuni, a bad headed short lecturer. When negatives are researched Malawi, those educated fools enjoy the situation? They stand up and claime the government to correct the mentioned negative. Now when the positive s are said for Malawi still they stand up and say, ho ho this research has incorrect results. In short Malawians like to be degraded all the times. Malawi like bad things. Even when Musicians play songs that are talking bad of this country, then that song enjoys the air. This means Malawians like shit things and stories about their country. Look at what this lecturer is feeling. He is very uncomfortable for his country being hired highly. One thing you are forgetting is that since Mathanyula came to power, no body has been imprisoned over political issues. This mean there is freedom of expression. Currently if there countries which express themselves freely against the government then Malawi is one of them. Because CHANCO lecturers always open their mouth when negatives are reported against this country or against head of this country.Your cognitive structure is upside down. With lecturers like Kayuni Malawi can not develop. Because they will make sure that whatever research they conduct, its results should be of negative views.Malawi is poor because of educated people like you Kayuni. Its not strange tolearn that Kamuzu chased you guys back to your homes. I know it started by secondary school and primary school teachers. By now it could have landed on you university lecurers. You are useless. You are lucky because of this multiparty. You are useless morons. Gwape wachabechabe iwe. How can you look for a very bad word to be used for describing your country, or president or your father? Are you normal. Is your upstairs working. Can you be trusted by the government for you to do research on certain economic depressions for this country. Why are you developing a cat and rat relationship with your own government. Machende ako. I mean can people like these say anything good of this country?

  13. YAKASHATA says:

    Those who benefited from cash gate money cannot stop praising JB. ACB, please probe people like the Kayunis something fishy somewhere, find out

  14. Jones kanyundo says:

    I think Malawians must learn to stand a tall an speakout where things are heading into a pit latrine, no wonder and nobody can say that the economy is in good track,if we’ll continue chanting songs of praising while things remains sour in our country,our leaders will not collect missing targets.


    Mr Kayuni is very right and government shld take hide to avoid another cardiac arrest

  16. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    The country has many activities. The referent period of assessment is at least one year. How can the whole professor say that the report is lying because of the death of an ACB officer. Why for once cant we talk anything positive about our country.

  17. mtumbuka1 says:

    Nothing good in Malawi, that’s if you wanna be realistic and honest with yourself. Charo mbewa yananga full stop! Of course a hand full of dpp sympathisers are not feeling the heat because they are sitting under the shade. I’m not much in touch with realities on the ground but I bet you, the professor is getting clueless by the day and I hope there will be anything left in him for people to vote for him come 2019.

  18. Bingu says:

    If I was alive I could say the my party has failed the people of Malawi! This index is not true at all and we all know that only that we are currently serving person and party interest. Malawi may we choose to stop priotising party and person issues and start addressing issues in public interest while improving the well being our citizen. You may not like this but thats the typical truth. My brother and my brethren out there where I can not reach but you can still read this; pass this message to the responsible people and make it happen otherwise am seeing a black cloud covering Malawi again!
    Who has an ear let him hear that this message is saying! God who cares about poor people, who protect the them, who stand on their positions in times like this, who speaks for them and revenge for them is watching and ready to execute his statutes.

  19. Mustafah says:

    We should learn to understand the reality sometimes amalawi!!

  20. nobel says:

    Those opposing Kayuni’s assertion are sick. How can Malawi be any better now when things are worsening? Indeed these achievements are spillover from JB, whether u agree or disagree. From sometime back, now and the coming future is the or will be Peter’s own achievements, positive or negative. Hate me like me it’s real!!

  21. YAKI says:

    i concur with levelheaded Kayuni ndi mbatama yinaso muno m malawi he needs to travel .
    Who hired this man i think he needs a chop

  22. YAKI says:

    Kayuni is another stupid person , is that comment to make? i think you took part in cashgate money that is why you are praising JB soon we will probe you

  23. fisi says:

    akayuni u are an opposition already how can you talk good about gvt? we know you vry well. its not about each and evry issue but according to how the country is doing as compared to other countries, not the way you are thinking? be positive!

  24. sikusinja says:

    Which period does this cover? And who does this survey for Mo Ibrahim locally?

  25. Happy Eduardo says:

    Is Malawi as bad as this so called learned Prof from Chancellor College is trying to portray. Mumangodana ndi the Mutharikas inu. That is not good.

  26. Captain Mediocrity says:

    I think its true that we as a people hate our country and enjoy being at the bottom of the food chain. If an independent person shows some positive about your nation, why do we as Malawians feel we must cut down the positives mentioned. Amalawi ntchito nkunyoza. There’s a lot to improve as a nation, but lets have pride over what is our Malawi.

  27. Mr zigwepano says:

    Funny,was this Mo Ibrahim report done on the ground here or through phone call?lets be realistic guys for once

  28. Tintin says:

    This is a whole lot of bullshit,ndipo inu a levelheaded what good are you seing that alot of us who are not seing?…kapena Mbuzi mukuti President ikatenga anthu 115 kunja at the expense of tax payers money is what you are saying is good?..mxiiiii

  29. WASSIE says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk BASI MALAWI MTIMA MYAAAA

  30. Clement says:

    Kayuni, you are mentally sick. What positives did Joyce brought? You mean cashgate?

  31. ZAMADUNGA PAUL says:



  32. Blessed Banda says:

    Useless. In fact we are at our worst than ever before. Is killing Njaunju any good governance and rule of law? I though the one managing this so called Mo Ibrahim would sympathise with the widow and orphans of his Muslim brother who was murdered during the month of fasting by Muslims.

    A Dzonzi munadya chiban cha DPP. Mwakhala chete dziko likuwonengeka pano mukungovomereza zirizonse. Tikuwonerani.

  33. Peter27 says:

    National security= 95%…? Kikikikiki
    Really? It’s like I am looking at results from MEC.

  34. levelheaded says:

    Some people don’t want to hear of any good thing about Malawi. People like happy kayuni would fight any truth that reflects good about Malawi. I advise this type of people to travel around Africa and compare these countries to the warm heart of Africa. Some of these badmouthing are there because of not travelling.

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