Month end hassles at ATM’s in Malawi capital Lilongwe

Clients from various banks around Lilongwe Old Town who opted for anonymity, said month ends are always a hassle for them to cash their money such as salaries, allowances and various payments such as credits and rentals due to “Temporarily out of Service” Auto Teller Machines (ATM) and long lines inside and outside the banks.

Clients on the queue  at some of the ATMs. Pic by Maston kaiya

Clients on the queue at some of the ATMs. Pic by Maston kaiya

Seemingly never ending lines. Pic by Maston Kaiya

Seemingly never ending lines. Pic by Maston Kaiya

“Over and over during these month end periods, we get to wait on the seemingly never ending lines for hours to cash our money. It becomes really hectic,” complained one of the customers.

Pictures show various banks around Lilongwe Old Town as captured by Mana’s Maston Kaiya.

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27 thoughts on “Month end hassles at ATM’s in Malawi capital Lilongwe”

  1. Mwendanato says:

    Kanengo in particular is suffering from this syndrome . Major culprits is the BANK OF THE NATION ATM AND WORSE IS FMB ATM. As for the NBM ATM at Kanengo i have on several occassions telephoned the service centre manage about this koma kuyankha kwake konkunja kwa parliament ya Malawi ati ndalama zikapezeka kapena plans are already in the pipeline. Zoona the whole Kanengo industrial area. By now there should have been atms at Kanengo metro, at Roberts or at Salima TURN OFF filling stations. What is worrying is that government has removed duty on ATM machines koma planners at these banks must have gone on long annual leave. Paja MALAWI is a country which has got a year with over 1000 days thats why civil servants are claiming allowances in excess of 1000 days in one years. Shame on all CEOs on BANKS looking at the amount on money you are drawing from these banks in salaries and allowances

  2. Donyetse says:

    Thank you for bringing up this story author. However I find this story scanty and not well balanced. I wish you could go further to analyze the reasons behind cuing at banks during month ends by interviewing the bankers to get their side of the story, find out what they are doing or not doing to curb this problem. Nkhani yafupika iyi.

  3. Zobanduka says:

    Its a pathetic situation when you need to use an ATM in Malawi….. ALL Banks….. What is that difficult to put extra ATM’s seeing that there are always long queues on the existing single ATM?????? Or putting in place a tack force team to service these ATM’s to satisfy their customers needs????? Shame on Malawi….. Change is something that Malawian Bosses are always afraid of….

  4. Gimbogo says:

    Very pathetic

  5. mwale says:

    What do you expect in a country where there is no standards in almost everything.We are taken for granted, all these happen at our watch in the name of peace.We are denying ourselfs rights. In other countries that can not happen 4 hours at a que at ATM.

  6. mwale says:

    What do you expect in a country where there is no standard in almost everything.We are taken for granted, all these happen at our watch in the name of peace.We are denying ourselfs rights. In other countries that can not happen 4 hours at a que at ATM.

  7. Guley says:

    Kapito’s CAMA should seriously look into this. I have observed that banks deliberately leave one working ATM or one teller kuti mugwe mphwayi mutope. Five teller points only one teller is available, enao amakhala ali kuti? Mu bank at muli air conditioner koma fungo lokhalo ngati la sokosi

  8. wakumudzi says:

    vuto .si ma atm.vuto ndi umphawi wathu amalawi.ka salary kakangolowa yonse timagumuka ngati ngumbi kukachotsako salary yonse kudikilanso pa 30 kuti tikatapenso. pa after15 ma atm onse amapezeka ali free.if only we were able to save,those lines could not be there.unfortunately we cannot

  9. Chitseko says:

    Masalary anuwo muwauze mabwana anu kut paja kul tnm mpamba & airtel money.wokhala pa queue potenga ndalama pa atm nd dala.

  10. Chamahungwa Qoma says:

    For NBS Bank it is a daily hassle. Each time you walk to their atm machines you’re not too sure they are working.

    It is either they don’t have money or there’s a network problem.

    Can NBS Bank management look into this. It is cause for serious inconvenience to customers.

    NBS is otherwise a good bank.

  11. muhamad emwazi says:

    Mahule okha nde u nid cash! Kuli wire money transfer masiku ano

  12. muhamad emwazi says:

    Zitsiru nonse mukudandaulanu. You don’t nid cash to pay rent or buy goceries these days kuli ma POS these days makape inu

  13. Kaliati says:

    Ku Zomba ndiyenso zanyanyatu!

  14. Mmodziyekha says:

    Ndi disaster ija inagwetsa pholo yamagesi nde OBM imagwira branch imodzi yamu BT market.eshh! anthu kuchita kuwabweza kuti kwada and this other i went ATM machine wasnt working,network busy to make things worse kk! istood and grew roots.but am still optimistic than pessimistic and iwould hope that some dae it will be history.

  15. Ineyo says:

    Standard Bank Is Worse Eih!

  16. kwangu says:

    Koma achimidzimidzi wandiseketsa

  17. amp says:

    anzeru sasunga makobili ku bank. ask any wise person. you will know why?

  18. Kandapako says:

    Bvuto si ma bank kapena ATM ai. Bvuto ndi timalipilo tathuti. Tikanakhala kuti timalandila zokwanila bwezi tikupita ku bank nthawi ina ili yonse. Mmene tilili timalipilo tathuti tonse timapita ku bank tsiku limodzi.

  19. opportunist says:

    For what in this poorest country

  20. Peter Nangwale says:

    It is warse also in Zomba

  21. Peter Nangwale says:

    This is very true. Go to Standard Bank Blantyre Main Branch it is pathetic. Long lines sometiomes only one ATM working. I tell the Government should look into this immediately. You go inside sorry my frind.The whoe Blantyre City centre has one place to cash your money. Please, please, please. No. No. No. this is silvery in Malawiu

  22. English Guru says:

    and this is news because..?

  23. enuf said says:

    Is the Asian involved?


  24. ndizobowadi tisaname timavutika 2 to 3 hours tisaname tili paline kudikira makobiri athu

  25. Phodogoma says:

    Something has to be done for sure. This is elsewhere in all the major cities and towns of Malawi. Ndalama zovutikira kugwira ntchito, kutenganso kuvutikanso. Banks, pliz assist us.

  26. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Izi ndiye zachilendo. Internet Banking bwa? It works on phones. That thing called ATM card can be used in some shops. Koma Kuchibuku/Tavern sanayambe.

    When going there forget about going back to work. This also happens in public hospitals.

    Banks should come up with a permanent solution.

  27. tonkhwetonkhwe says:

    Kuvutikira ndalama zoko zomwe.

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