Mozambique disowns refugees in Malawi

Authorities in Mozambique are disputing reports that the over 6000 refugees in Malawi are fleeing skirmishes in the northern part of Mozambique between Frelimo and Renamo, saying they are just normal migrants.

Filipe Nyusi, President of Mozambique says no war asylum seekers

Filipe Nyusi, President of Mozambique says no war asylum seekers

BBC on Friday quoted the Mozambican President  Filipe Nyusi as saying there was no war in his country warranting the fleeing of some people, described asylum seeker in Malawi as a nomal migration pattern. T

There are over 6000 refugees in Malawi, mostly in the border district of Mwanza, 20 years after the 15 year old war between the ruling Frelimo and opposition Renamo ended and Mozambicans who fled to Malawi returned back to rebuild their country.

Mozambique is now one of the few success stories in Africa with its economy growing at a fast rate, making it one of the few countries in Africa receiving donor budgetary support.

However, the skirmishes between Frelimo and Renamo in Tete and other areas might erase the success story and squeeze Malawi, a country struggling to feed its 17 million people and a choked economy.

Refugees interviewed by the BBC said they fled Frelimo brutality.

Some women claimed they were raped by the government soldiers as punishment for “shielding” Renamo rebels.

One woman said she witnessed the rape of another woman by 20 to 30 government soldiers and the woman died of her wounds.

Frelimo disputes the allegations.

Northern Mozambique is touted as Renamo sttonghold.

Renamo leader Alfonso Dhlakama lost the 2014 presidential elections and returned to the bush, a move condemned by many countries and donors.

The government of Malawi and the UNHCR are yet to open new campas for the refugees although the UN body is giving food and other necessities in the temporary shelters.

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thoso who dont understand the democracy they will say these and that, but truth is that goverment and their policy is that of pure comunist under adolph hitler idealogy, the oposition massage is very sound and clear, they want to implement democracy in that country which has never ben existed since 1975 after the independent of mozambique,the oposition party as been cheated on the election for many times, the majority of the citizens voted the oposition party for one reason to implemment the democracy,the last election he win, almost six province but the goverment did not alow him to govern… Read more »
Abilio Abu Cutane

Hi I’m a pure mozambican and very proud for that, if there is someone who doesn’t want the war in Mozambique is me… I was born in Maputo,but my parents comes from different origins in Mozambique (north, center and South), so I hate the war because it dividing my family and my country.


Nation will rise against a Nation.and u shall hear of hunger and war,know u therefore that the end is near.


I have been in Mozambique for sometime and one thing we Malawians can learn from them is patriotism. They don’t want their country to be associated with bad things in the process maintaining their good image oversees. This thing of war refugees is really but you can’t hear their press broadcasting like the way we do here. You get it from other outlets.

Thumbs up our neighbours.

The Real Analyst
The Truth is that Maputo hates people in the northern part of Mozambique. People in Niassa Province that borders with Malawi are treated like second class citizens in Mozambique. Maputo cares less what happens to them. It’s ironic because in the same way Lilongwe does care about the people in the northern tip of Malawi. We don’t mind if they go to Tanzania and we would disown them likewise. There’s something fishy about being from the northern region of a country. Even in Britain, people from Scotland are treated as second class. This is why they’re fighting to leave the… Read more »

they are most welcome


deport them .there consuming our resources


The govt of Malawi must act fast. Make a statement. Why are our leaders sleepy?


If the Mozambican govt disowns the refugees, then they have to be deported. They are in Malawi illegally. Govt shud not be sleepy. It has to make a statement

2016 welcome

It’s in the blood of most heads of African states to live in denial . No wonder Africa is the most stinking continent

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