MP Bisnowaty DPP’s biggest catch: Says ‘together we will develop Malawi’

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre , who is also Legal Affairs committee member, David Bisnowaty on Sunday joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ditching his independent status and has been described as the biggest catch of  the roll call of defectors join the ruling party.

Lilongwe City Centre Member of Parliament David Bisnowaty is welcomed in the Democratic Progressive Party at Masintha ground in Lilongwe on sunday (C)Stanley Makuti

Lilongwe City Centre Member of Parliament David Bisnowaty is welcomed in the Democratic Progressive Party at Masintha ground in Lilongwe on sunday (C)Stanley Makuti

MP Davis Katsonga back in DPP

MP Davis Katsonga back in DPP

Gift Howahowa joins DPP from MCP

Gift Howahowa joins DPP from MCP

Welcome into DPP: President Mutharika tells Bisnowaty

Welcome into DPP: President Mutharika tells Bisnowaty

Most of the politicians who were welcomed by President Peter Mutharika in DPP fold were merely returning to the party they once dumped.

But Bisnowaty, who was elected independent legislator, was aligning with a political party for the first time.

He won in a predominantly Malawi Congress Party (MCP) constituency but his joining of DPP will strengthen the party in the area too,

Bisnowaty told Nyasa Times in an interview after being welcomed in DPP that  he had joined the party after extensive and thorough consultation with chiefs and block leaders in his constituency.

“I have decided to join DPP after taking a huge amount of thought  and noting that it is the only party which is fulfilling its manifesto.  For example the party has managed to tarmac  Chenichi Senti road in my area and the same government is planning to tap water from Lake Malawi to capital city , these are major projects which will transform the entire constituency,” Bisnowaty told Nyasa Times reporter.

Bisnowaty said the DPP led government has lined up good policies and plans which will completely end electricity problems in the country and he wants to help the administration in its development agaenda.

“There will be nothing to change I will continue serving my constituency as usual. But I am now DPP,”  he said. “Together we  can develop Malawi/

Bisnowaty was introduced to the DPP by President Mutharika at a Masintha ground political rally on Sunday.

Some of the notable people that have joined the party include: Binton Kumtsaila, Davis Katsonga, Salim Bagus, Henry Mumba, Clara Makungwa, David Bisnowaty and Etta Banda.

Speaking on behalf of the people that have joined DPP, Ken Msonda who was  Publicity Secretary for People’s Party commended the President for allowing them to join the party without taking all the differences that were there.

“I want to thank the president for the mature political he has shown for allowing us to work together to develop the nation. We want to promise you that more people are coming to join the party,” he said.

Msonda asked DPP authorities to be sending them for duties and promised that they will do.

And DPP Secretary General, Francis Mphepo said more people want to join ruling party.

He said the DPP is the only party with a mission and vision to transform the country.

Mphepo said the decision to join the DPP is the best move which should never be regrettable.

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14 thoughts on “MP Bisnowaty DPP’s biggest catch: Says ‘together we will develop Malawi’”

  1. Mwananyanian says:

    Kikikiki: DPP showing off like this in the very backyard of MCP! When is anyone “defecting” to the latter? DPP slowly, but surely, expanding their base in the country, while relatively speaking, MCP’s base is shrinking.
    o’Chakwera, now is the time to show political organization skills, as 2019 is just around the corner. Otherwise we may soon see active MCPers, MPs etc, walking the path to the ruling Party. We actually DO need competition for democracy to survive, never mind thrive.

  2. Youna says:

    Only crooks will join the DPP.

  3. Harawara says:

    Msonda said ” give us work and we will do it” meaning he is looking for post because you cant be given a job without a responsibility. Note that the old henchmen in DPP are unhappy. They are feeling threatened by the strangers Bisonowaty has a drug company and he is looking for a market with MoH. Remember a complaint he made at late Bingo’s public rally that MoH was denying him market for substandard medicine.

  4. Unenesko Nguweni says:

    Ministry of Health is the problem with this man you call Bisnowaty.What development will he champion?Syphoning government money through the supply of fake medical equipment.Getting medical equipment service contract and failing to delivery.He should not join DPP to continue stealing.

  5. Abeat Minthu says:

    Typical Malawians. NO shame give them little money they take it. DDP is afraid. Increasing the number is not solution. DDP has already seen that it will be difficult to steal but as government they can. Bisnowaty is a fortunate seeker not a loving man for Malawi. Dont forget he is jews. Why Hitler hatet Jews? Do Malawians want DDP? Do u want suffering to continue? Youth of Malawi please make a change for your future. Vote for MCP. Dont make any mistake 2019. NO old michonas. NO corrupted gurus. Chooende asani MCP is the only party left. DDP is Muntharikas. Nklamba zakuba. A Goodal Gondwe michona. Nkalaba fulu kuti Abe zabox longona akamwalila.

    1. Msowoya says:

      Abwana mpaka kuvotera MCP??? Chakwera waoneka kuti is selfish. Kabwira tikukudikira ku DDP

  6. Dengulanga says:

    I rarely comment on Politics in Malawi because it can get you killed given the nature of the DPP politics-given that they chose CHIEF KILLER DAUSI, MKHITO to guide their power to eliminate their critics. Examples are quite rampant-especially when one wants to exercise their freedom of expression which is their natural birthright. Take the example of the young man CHASOWA, NJAUJU, KUNDONTONI, ZUZA,MBENDERA, BAKUWA and the several attempts they have made to eliminate the VP.It also clearly shows that most of the people that are running the DPP when most of us were skipping classes at Chanco to fight for Multi-party democracy, freedom of expression and a better country are no longer subscribing to these values. The new concept is STEALING and EATING as much as they can from government BUDGET.

    First, let me start with Bisnowatty-He is the sole reason people are dying in our hospitals in the country. This Malawian bought SADM which gets a lions share of government medical procurement contracts. He does not supply the full value of the amounts of the medical contracts given to him and yet he gets full advances for the supply of medication. He accumulates funds from government meant for medication and gives it back to politicians during campaign. He keeps a notebook where all these politicians sign for a minimum of MK30M for campaign and locks this notebook away. He has consistently done this from the time of Atcheya, Bingu, Amai and now worse still with APM. He is being accepted because these very politicians will need him to finance their campaigns in 2019.

    The DPP has no agenda for developing the country. The only agenda is to continue to milk the already thin cow, give us more black outs and ensure that our children remain uneducated and yet most of the politicians children go outside the country to get top notch education. You would only be stupid to be duped that the DPP wish to develop this country. The DPP is a ring of Mafia that wish to continue to steal from poor Malawians and not lead meaningfully. This is why APM can challenge that he will win in 2019 because they have set up systems that will perpertuate theft, corruption, stealing and poverty such that everybody is left with no choice but to come back to this most corrupt party regardless.

    The only attraction of all the people that joined at the Masintha meeting is the quest to take part in the sharing of the money being stolen from us. There is nobody amongst them who works and who has a meaningful source of livelihood. Even professors like Eta who can go back to teaching cannot do that because she wants free money.

    We do need a revolution in this country to elect people on the basis of what they will deliver for the country. Politics of TRIBALISM can only take us this far and very soon this economy will collapse and even those believers of TRIBALISM will not be in a position to bail it out.

    1. Bush doctor says:

      Well said Dengulanga. The unfortunate part of our politics is that those who are finding life hardest do no understand anything. They can not link their stinking poverty with the government policies. How many times do we want the Lord God to intervene in our politics? We have the right to choose our destiny but we behave like a fool who feel thirst in the abundance of water. I agree that DPP will never take us to the promised land if at we have one. We really need a revolution. How and where it will come from I do not care. The DPP stronghold, the southern region is the most impoverished region in Malawi and yet you still hear assertions that DPP is their heaven and APM is their God. This country has resources but lacks the leadership to harness them into wealth. As long as we have these thieves in the driving seat this nation is destined into a cistern.

  7. Mbava says:

    End of Bisnowaty and this other man Katsonga is mentally disturbed now dpp yapata dzitsilu heee Kumtsaila ndiye mbuzi

  8. Kodi mazungu uyu akubweretsadi zitukuko kwa achewa awo?Ndi olowa gule iyeyu koma?

  9. [email protected] says:


  10. Netral says:

    This Bisnowaty wont win again. Not because he joins DPP but because he is not popular in the area. Very selfish and greedy man.

  11. Bodza la n\'nanu says:

    Malawi will never develop. Instead finding a solution to the persistent blackouts, taxpayers money coffers have bought these political opportunists.

    1. Msadane says:

      Kodi where is section 65?

Comments are closed.

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