MP Bisnowaty hits at ‘rotten apples’ in civil service: Probe ‘travel allowance Cashgate’

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre, David Bisnowaty, has said there should be a travel sanctions for civil servants in the next six months due to economic challenges and that government should investigate what he calls “travel allowances cashgate”.

Bisnowaty:  Civil servants should be on travel ban

Bisnowaty: Civil servants should be on travel ban

In his contribution to the State of the Nation Address presented by President Peter Mutharika last Friday, Bisnowaty said Malawi is spending “unprecedented billions of kwachas” on internal and external travels by our civil servants.

He said: “In my view, we can and must cut or even temporarily abolish these travels altogether. This is one of the keys to turning around our economic situation as fast as possible,” said Bisnowaty, an independent MP.

He told parliament that many civil servants are busy travelling inside and outside Malawi and they are “spending less and less time in the offices performing their duties.”

Said Bisnowaty: “It is a well-known fact that the overall performance of our public servants these days leaves a lot to be desired as compared to the past.”

He continued: “I am aware of several travel bans that various governments put in the past. This started all the way back to President Bakili Muluzi’s UDF-led government and all the subsequent governments. It is most unfortunate that these government instructions on travel ban are widely ignored by these civil servants. Very often, we read about travel allowances that have been claimed for no travel at all.

“There is in fact a travel allowance Cash-gate that we must investigate thoroughly following the travel bans which have been ignored all along in the past years. This way, we would be killing two birds with one stone.”

Bisnowaty also expressed concern that the civil service is not disciplined as it was in the past.

“This lack of discipline persists and is in fact, getting worse. Therefore, there is a definite need to take vigorous action to restore discipline.

“ We need to and must reform the public service because it plays a major role in the much needed revival of our economy,” he said.

He was however quick to point out that “there are many dedicated and hardworking officers in the civil service” but that there are “a few rotten apples”.

Said Bisnowaty: “The ones that are working hard deserve a recommendation and recognizing. The civil service which is blotted by ghost and incompetent workers can and must be trimmed and they must be trimmed now.

“ Once we remove the rotten apples, we should be able to look after and care for the smaller number of dedicated civil servants better. This means improving conditions of civil servants, which in turn, will increase productivity.”

He called for tabling of a motion in parliament to ban all internal and external travel by civil servants, including lakeside seminars.

Bisnowaty also observed that even ‘fully funded’ trips, government tops up with US$50 per day about K28,000 on the funded trip allowance.

“Further, government also continues to pay salaries to officers on the days that they are absent from office.”

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93 thoughts on “MP Bisnowaty hits at ‘rotten apples’ in civil service: Probe ‘travel allowance Cashgate’”

  1. Denguzman says:

    Zoona, this Mp is useless. If he serious wit what he is talking why is he accepting to get allowances while he sleeping at his house. Nafenso Amalawi kutengeka.

  2. Point of Order says:

    I’m afraid, the MP is focusing on an easy target, the civil servants. I feel sorry for civil servants, who are lowly paid. If Bisnowatty cares about the wanton expenditure he should first question the President for travelling to New York and all over the world with bloated entourage of people who are not even civil servants! The MP should also question the wisdom of spending K90 million on an official car of just one public official. At K500 thousand a month, this money can cater for salaries of 15 middle rank civil servants for the whole year! At that level it would make sense to restrict local and international travel. I heard Saulos Chilima is spearheading some reforms, I ask my MP Mr. Bisnowatty to take Saulos to task. What reforms is he implementing? In Rwanda, no public official is entitled to official vehicle except a few such as ambulances and police. Not even Ministers have official vehicles. They get a loan to import a vehicle of their choice. Let’s do this in Malawi and let’s see if our ministers, PSs, Speakers, judges, parastatal heads etc will be so extravagant with their money!

  3. Mtunda says:

    I would love to agreeing withthe mp when it comes to cashgate allowances. how can u disimburse a 5 day allowance, yet u fully know it is a one night worth? how do camp outside your offices, draw allowances for work which would rightly be done in offices? how can u share allowances to people just sitted and working in their offies. how? the mp is right! a lot of resources being wasted in gvt. action please!

  4. blackberry says:

    bizinowate why are u receiving allowances when u are operating from home to parliament? fotseki.

  5. Beast Msonda says:

    Hahahahaha one can easily pick out comments from the thieving civil servants in this article. This means MP David Bisnowaty is right. Please government listen to what the MP is saying. Just read the comments here, it is evident that the MP is right. Kuba musiye. Among the civil servants I think it’s only the teachers that are not part of this robbery.

  6. Mmalawi Weniweni says:

    Bisnowarty, please be serious with life in Malawi. In case you don’t know how much civil servants get as a salary,most of them their salaries are around K50,000 per month. Bisnowarty please keep quite, may be you have forgotten that you are also stealing from the government with your substandard products and services from your companies (SADM & Medical Consult Africa), may be you have forgotten that in 2013 you supplied rotten drugs to Malawi government, in case your memory is also rotten: you serviced CT/Xray Scanner at KCH and it only worked for two weeks and you are demanding K25million from the same government. Bisnowarty be careful because we know you from in and outside.Hope you Nyasatimes will investigate some of these issues/dirty deals this Bisnowarty is doing. Bisnowarty you are the biggest thief


    Kkkkkkkk biznowateeeee

  8. mawu ambiri ndiribe here are my formula for turning around economy in Malawi:
    •Reduce no of constituencies from 193 to 50 with all district represented by 1 mp + ward councillors including abolishing Lilongwe city constituency which belong to Bisnowy.
    •Increase salaries of civil servant by 200% and improve there living conditions.
    •Introduce federal system of government in all regions
    •Come 2019 vote out DPP to bring donor confidence
    •All cashgate suspects should be imprisoned without being formal procedure
    •All activists shouting without solution should be silenced indefinitely.
    •If government doesn’t listen to its people should be axed for its defiance

  9. chimboro says:

    Ndalama zimathera ku DCs offices.Too much corruption

  10. Naphi says:

    Moderator please remove some of the comments on this article. People should learn to address issues and not to demean personalities. How will obscenities resolve the different sides of the issue? Thanks.

  11. MuYuda jew says:

    All Civil Servants in Lilongwe City Dont vote for This man again. Decampaign him kwambiri. Athere pompa. Mxiiiii

  12. ndani atelo says:

    This is the same MP who was working to have an efficient CEO at LL CITY COUNCIL to be removed for his strictness on government procedures. What is he saying now since the I’d worse than before. a what are his motives. of course there could be people that are lazy or abuse resources. But the Lilongwe City Council issue betrays him. May be his payments have been delayed somewhere.

  13. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Others faults seem double size and that enables us to criticize others. Much as the proposition by Bisnowaty would seem to make sense at first glance, Parliament is the very institution caught up in the same malpractice. Besides, who can justify the hefty allowances MPS receive some of them don’t even make any sense. I mean does it make sense for one to receive accommodation allowances when he/she is operating from home? Mr Bisnowaty you don’t have a higher moral ground on this matter to blame the civil service. You are an accomplice.

  14. Fenali AL, you are number one, you know things happening on the ground, fuck this idiot up, he is nothing but a pile of cow shit, iwe ndi namba wani

  15. Cashgate1 says:

    Infact there is need to stop this allowance syndrome for everyone. I mean for the President, Ministers, MPs, CEOs like Chikaonda, Civil servants, NGOs, alonda, and everyone. Much money is spend on allowances than ones salary. Why not scrap off allowance issue and give 100% increase on ones salary. Moreover the allowances one get surpasses his/her annual salary so why not do the other way round and let people concentrate on their jobs. By the way we should start with the President, Ministers and MPs. #justthinkingaloud#

  16. munthu wamba says:

    I’ve only read a few comments and I’m disgusted- I really feel sorry for my country! Why are are we churning out such obscenity? Where are our morals? It’s even more distressing that some of this dirt is purportedly written by educated people who ought to engage their brains before opening their mouths – it’s really shameful and I’m embaranced to be a Malawian. By the way Nyasa Times, why can’t you screen out these disgraceful comments? It’s ironic that every I submit a contribution I’m told my article is being moderated. Should I assume that Nyasa Times feels that these articles with full of unprintable language are ok for publishing?

  17. grender says:

    Stupid boy. Propose the reimbursement of allowances of members absent from parliament

  18. Sapitwa says:

    He does not say that the whole traveling should stop. He is simply saying unnecessary traveling. Wasn’t it here on Nyasa Times that we condemned UNGA trip for some who were on the wagon as unnecessary traveling that should stop? Isn’t it here also that we argue about excessive travels by APM on a large convoy as unnecessary? This is what this man refers to. Traveling should not be taken as a benefit but as a tool and where unnecessary as is the case in some departments, this tool should be frozen.

  19. Winston Msowoya says:

    From Malawian diaspora,we say bravo MP Bisno.We just implore that your feelings on the sufferings of the masses of our beloved mother Malawi,have awaken our inspirations in the fight for the peoples’ indomitable human rights.In fact,Mr.Bisno sounds more of a Malawian born than Fenali A.L.( MA). What I have observed from some of the commentators’ opinions on burial emerging issue,is that the language they use,is typically from the mouths of morons and buffoons whose thinking is worse than even someone who did not go to school.If every MP,PS and thousands of other government officials are buried with Govt funds,where is it going to get all these funds,while at the same time,general conditions for our patients in the nation’s hospitals are repulsive,medicines are dangerously in short supply,workers are not paid in time and inflation is astronomically high beyond the reach of the common citizens creating in the country,man eat man society.The current leadership never fought for the independence of our country and have been very jealousy of the leaders who brought independence for instance,Masauko Chipembere,Orton Chirwa,Yatuta Chisiza,Augustine Bwanausi,Harry Bwanausi,Willy Chokani,Dunduzu Chisiza,Kanyama Chiume,Attati Mphakati the list is long.However,I have personally endeavoured to plead with the leaders of the present regime,to repatriate the remains of Masauko Chipembere,Attati Mphakati,Augustine Bwanausi,but my pleas went unheeded. As for Kanyama Chiume,Bingu Wa Muthalika facilitated his repartriation not through an act of appreciation for Kanyama’s outstanding role in the struggle for indendence,but to attract votes from the North during the elections then.We must remember that we can destroy an effigy,but we can not erase history.ONE MALAWI,ONE NATION!!!

  20. ABONZI says:

    Your ofc is at parliament and work field is constituency but you clim allowances for movements between your mandated work areas. Why hate someone claim allowance for moving from his work area kupita another dstrict? According to malamulo a boma iwe sukuyenera kuchita claim ma allowance poti parliament is within Lilongwe in your own constituency.

  21. patrick wa Naphi says:

    Ameneyi ngwakhanza 8t? Shaaaaa akanakhala pafupi kunali kumuombela basi ndigalu weniweni. Iye akulandila night allowance chonsecho amakhala ku LL komweko ndiye azikakamba zawina kuti asamalandile allowance. Ameneyi osazaelekeza dala kumuika pa mpando wa president ndipo ndipemphelo langa kuti 2019 asazawinenso fokofu zake

  22. Hansou says:

    We hope you Mr Bisnowatty don’t have skeletons in your closet.

  23. KCH man says:

    Bisnowaty, you forgot to mention KCH CT scan cashgate, why your company charged so much for simple software problems fixed by e-mail from Norway technicians. Your company gave quotation to buy spare parts, were they for your car? You think we are fools? Why not cut down you fat allowances as MPs, fuel allowance and high salary. Do not offend civil servants again.

  24. Koma ????? says:



    hahahahhaha David is against allowances but he has signed for allowances for current sitting yet he is lilongwe! hahahahahhahha

  25. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    While I concur with bisnowaty on spending spree, but politicians themselves should remove the speck first before blaming our civil servants.politicians themselves have obscene benefits yet they want to lecture the underpaid civil servants.Does Saulos Chilima require 6 big fuel guzzling cars when travelling in LL?For Pitala it is almost 20 cars blowing tax payers money heartlessly.Nobody really cares for this country full of downtrodden docile people who are in total slumber.Getting allowances has been a norm for civil servants in Malawi while not doing anything worthwhile.These have been their survival tracts for so long.Solutions for malawis problems are found at Lakeside in Salima and Mangochi in air conditioned rooms with full plate of chips and big chicken while washing down their thirsty throats with some expensive juices.All along we have never seen solutions for this impoverished country.It still remains being the poorest country on the earth planet.

  26. chakwela says:

    chilowele pa u mp palibe chomwe wapanga ndalama za chitukuko dzili kuti? uzatifunatu ungodya ndalama ndi anzungu anzako eti?

  27. Katundu says:

    Fenali AL you shit idiot what the f…ck
    You know about politics
    You come and lick my ass bastard

  28. Bob says:

    Biz or whatever start that change with you and your collegues at parliament. U stay in Lilongwe and yet you get allowances. Why dont you refuse it? Kaye iwe eti

  29. mapuyamurupare says:

    Malawi government has to reduce numberof MPs to at least 2 per district in order to cut costs. We can have mp for mzimba north and another one for south. Thyolo north and South. Just two or three MPs per district are enough. Malawi is very small country. That’s why there is no development in some constituencies. Too small to win development projects in a district
    Malawi is running with only 20 ministers. 50 to 60 MPs are enough for Malawians to monitor their impact and achievements. They will be able to contribute in Parliament. Some MPs get all the pay and allowances without speaking in Parliament for their constituents. For example mp for my area ………… Zikomo.

  30. Misolo says:

    Mr Bisnowaty
    Stop provoking poor civil servants.
    If you have nothing to contribute in the house you better stay quiet nobody would blame you.

  31. Mirella K says:

    While afana Bisno has been accorded full human diginity and recognition here, see how his fellow Jews are mistreating fellow African brothers and sisters:

  32. peeping lizard says:


  33. Ana amuna amphongo says:

    Malawi is. failing to progress because we leave everything to few bad people and when one is trying to correct the situation we call him names. if a civil servant things his qualification can fetch more some where let him go. But don’t cling to our government a steal from us. Bisnowaty is a voice of the voiceless. speak Bisnowaty speak.

  34. peeping lizard says:


  35. Chomi says:

    Some of these comments are shocking, Malawians never seize to amaze me

  36. Chindere says:

    Unless if you harmonise salaries, you can go ahead with your racist plans. Forkoff.

  37. Fenali A L says:

    This Bisnowatty asshole got to stop commenting on issues yuo have little knowledge. F….k you to the end of times. Why not proposong trimming your obscenely fat allowances you receive as night allowance when parliament is in session yet u operate from home? Why not talking of revising civil servants salaries? F…..k you. I have an MSc at P5 grade in govt yet my salary is just one third of new recriuted (fresh)graduate officer at other govt bodies like MRA, MACRA, MERA etc. Bisnowat, you are fresh shit. So how do you reconcile such inconsistences in renumeration of people serving same govt. Go back to Israel and talk that shit not here. Can Israelis allow me to contest in elections? Instead of just thanking weak laws of Malawi for allowing you asshole to contest dont go over limits to the point of provocking long tym anger and frustrations of civil servants. Mboollliii yako.

    Now can the state amend electral laws aimed at barring the so called Bisnowattyz from contesting in the country’s elections. We cant be allowed to contest in Israel, Denmark, Germany.

    Bisnowatty fu…..k you. Lick your mums ninyi

    1. zikomo amalawi pondionetsa ku new york ndi misonkho yanu says:

      bwana fenali #56, mumueoneka kuti muli ndi mavuto ambili. do you pray? do you have a wife and kids? try to keep it civil brother

  38. Mandela says:

    Mfanayu ndiwaku desert kumene anthu sayenda yenda komanso musaiwale mfanayu anabwera ngati phunzitsi wa pioneer ndiye ndiwakhaza akufuna nkhaza zake amaphunzitsa a pioneer apangirenso ife mbuzi ameneyi azipita kwao uko nkhaza basi

  39. Eunice Mike says:

    A Bisnowaty, mwalandira allowance Ku LL komweko? Ndipahome ground. Think about it, honorable before u proceed with contributions further

  40. chimanyisko says:

    T must begin wth u (MPs). Stop drawing fat allowances when u meet. Then tell the auditor general staff to do head count in (their) office. They should not travel.

    When ts u ts fine. Others r stealing. Funny way of thinking

  41. ndugumvwinya says:

    unlike mps, most civil servants e.g teachers hardly get any allowance

  42. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Tiyeni naye Bisno, mumasuleni asawoneke ngati dolo

  43. darth maul says:

    bizno, malawians don’t think straight. the sum of their ambition is to ride a prado or travel in a plane. their thought process is totally different from yours so stop trying, you’ll just exhaust yourself…

  44. darth maul says:

    bizno, malawians don’t think straight. the sum of their ambition is to ride a prado or travel in a plane. their thought process is totally different from yours so stop trying, you’ll just exhaust yourself.

  45. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    Its sorry to hear this nonsense from this so called MP- He does not see the problems with the heavy and fat allowances they get as MPs? Why doesnt he suggest to trim these allowances first, fuel allowances, sitting allowances and even their salaries. What do they after all after Parliament has adjourned? I can see the problem is us Malawians, uwu ndi usamunda uwu. How can he suggest to trim civil service? Most civil servants are teachers in primary schools. If you trim them, who will teach our children, their children go to Pvt Schools or even out of the country. Please do not bring these ideologies here in Mw. People will gradually become intolerant with such suggestions and akumatchani kumeneko. Solve real issues not what u are seeing. Pano akupatsa kale hefty allowance and u think a civil servant has money in his pocket. A Malawi, how can one pocket K100, ooo in allowance per day in such a poor country? Ma MP awanso akuba, lets look into their transactions too. If u cut internal trips ndiye how can people work, it is as good as closing every Govt business in Malawi. MPs are leaving real issues as to how our money is going, check what did your company propose to do with scanning machine at LCHospital? Was that not an attempt to defraud Govt. Becareful when making such contributions.

  46. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Thanks very much Bisnowaty for speaking as a saint to the nation.Are you repenting?Take note of this now.However I will not go deeper.Why is the x-ray machine at Karonga District Hospital not working for three years if your company MCA won a contract to do preventive and corrective maintenance by Ministry of Health.Where is the x-ray tube which you said you will source three years ago and Karonga is suffering?Why do your engineers visit district hospitals on Sunday without meeting management.?Why do your engineers come to hospitals with no spareparts when they are already briefed by MoH officials about the fault.Why did you take long time to maintain CT scanning at KCH?Was it not because patients come your CT at KCH is down .Why dis a spare part for correcting CT scan machine at KCH cost over K20,000,000.00.If indeed you are patriotic to this country why wasd there general country outcry about the machine you bought for the nation.Why did MoH carry a factfinding mission with auditors to check your performance.Why do official at MoH fear you.They cannot even change dealer because they fear you.Donot even talk about civil service .How much allowance do you get in parliament for sleeping the whole day.If you want to bring in austerity measure start with august house where people determine their own salaries.If you talk nosense next time I will go deeper.You brainwash Malawians by buying infrared thermometers for ebola so that we believe that you are good man.We know what is happening between you MoH officials .So Shutup.

  47. Zanga Phee! says:

    Thank you Sir we need people like you i think we can develop in such extent.See my name.

  48. Fireguy says:

    only criminals think ths guy is crazy….there is need for serious uprooting of pple who are nt patriotic ….ths guy is mo patriotic than the true malawian

  49. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Bisnowatty, don’t fool us!! We know you are siphoning government money through bogus contracts at the Central Hispital in Lilongwe!! Innocent Malawians are suffering because of your dirty tricks playing around with the CT Scan contracts and related issues!! You are under the microscope bwana and before you start pursuing the travel allowance cashgate make sure your CT Scan mantenance and support cashgate file is destroyed otherwise the clock is ticking!!! Tick- tock! Tick-tock! Tick- tock!!!

  50. Chelinje says:

    Then you must also reduce fuel allowance for MPs from 500l to 250l. You sitting allowance must be abolished because you are being paid salary already and your job is to be in parliament. The government must reduce again constuencies to 80 look Zambia is 5 times bigger than us but has only 250 constuencies. Mbuzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Tman says:

    The problem is that people in Government are employed to fill the vacant post not to accomplish certain key roles. In NGOs 1 staff can perform duties of 15 government staff who are trained to be lazy and jealousy of those who are working hard. Go to ministry of Agriculture and see idle labour at all levels. Lazybones.

  52. kaya says:

    Honorable MP ,which office do you go to? yet you are paid monthly salary.First get rid of your monthly salary and then start talking about civil servants .You are supposed to be paid honoraria just like councillors .you should be ashamed if you didn’t think about this one.

  53. pika says:

    uyu sadzawinaso uyu. He wants civil servants to work in his constituency only where there is no need to earn travel allowance for work to be done in his city center constituency. But how will people work in Chitipa wenya, Nsanje Lalanje without travelling and earning travel allowances? Kukhala mzungu sindiyekuti uli ndi nzelu ayi. Apa mzungu waonetsa kuti palibe chimene adziwa zoyendetsa boma but knows how to run his company which only concetrates in the city and work can be done while in office only.

    Shame some people also think he is talking sense. You will not know that travelling to work in Kazgozgo is necessary until you are one of the people who want assistance of having a hospital there or a water point in your village or a criminal is in your village tormenting the village.

    Some people think they know better than the civil servants because they have never been one in any office

  54. Kodi ameneyu kwao ndi kuti??????

  55. Biz says:

    Please contest in 2019, you have my vote. You seem to be a man with a vision for Malawi. You are already rich so you won’t cashgate. Please consider this and help Malawi. Son of Malawi.

  56. Denguzman says:

    I dont agree wit this mzungu , this Malawi u cannot do business wit govt dept wthout corruption and wit this corruption we are talking iwe mzungu unapindula nayo even that place u owned at city centre u got it thru corruption so mukalowa ku parliament musamakhale ngati ndinu wochenjera coz non of u our Mp is clean, u all went there thru corrupting innocent Malawians. Leave civil servants alone, what allowances are u talking? Civil servants are struggling wit poverty coz of stupid conditions of this govt and if u want to kno the truth about our cservants go to capital hill during lunch hour, anthu amatha kukongora nsima bt they work from 1-30 and went home wit nothing. If u want to join APM use gud mathematics.

  57. Sapitwa says:

    Indeed! If revenues are slow in coming, then better be economical with what is in the coffers and spend it wisely on the most critical areas. Now a days we have video conference equipmens, Skype, teleconferencing etc and some of these travels can be replaced by these equipments. It won’t be new as previous presidents have banned travel at the worst times of economy.
    Ghost workers and dead woods should indeed be uprooted urgently. I remember recently when I visited Escom to complain about the delays to my installations. The guy I met told me that he works 4 hours only and for the rest, he runs his business. This is the mentality of rotten apples.

  58. blackberry says:

    Iwe bisnowate fotseki are also a thief. bwanji company yako charged 6000 us dollars for one spare part of a machine @ kamuzu central? ndiwe chitsiru you think we do not know what you do? your company deliberately fails to rectify radiology machines at kamuzu central to which you are contracted so that people go to ABC clinic where you have planted your machines..your contract should also be terminated..shupiti and fotseki mp mufunseni bwino ameneyi..

  59. Ngozo says:

    Tiyambire ku assembly kobwanji? Inuyo amakupasani sitting allowance ngakhale simunabwere mu chamber bwanji? Is that not cash gate ngati mukufuna kuti boma ligwe chosani ma allowance muwone

  60. Hamas says:

    Mr Bisnowatty what you are advocating isn’t really bad only that you are dealing with the symptoms not the cause. To achieve what you are propagating without provoking a rebellion, you have to increase civil servant salaries four fold. As social animals, civil servants will continue to strive for survival by supplementing their pathetic salaries with subsistence allowances, until government normalises this through four times pay rise. In fact most graduates are incentivised to join the Civil service by the expectation of internal and external travel. You want to trim the Civil service at a time unemployment is soaring where are you going to put them? To work in your kibbutz? And to ban lakeside workshops is myopic and unreasonable. Do you want to kill livelihood in lakesides? You sound like an IMF envoy prescribing painful but fruitless measures. In summary your suggestions are dangerous and will suffocate our economy that may lead to the dramatic collapse if the DPP govt.

  61. wise says:

    He is right we are tired feeding fingers that does not exist, well done Mzungu take them own. Black ppl we like harvesting things that we never planted. Next time we want to hear from the Indians MP what will they says about this too much spending money country for nothing.

  62. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    I wonder if people are still getting top up allowances of $50 a day since this was abolished for external travel which is donor the government and circulars were circulated to all government and statutory corporations. If its still done in other government bodies then its disobedience and is tantamount to cash gate. Please investigate and arrest them.

  63. Balamanthu says:

    Bisnowatty is the last person to ask civil servants to do this.He is the one who receives millions for drugs through his company called SADM and politicians and go to collect cash equivalent from him instead of supplying hospitals so that more people die.He doesnt care at all and he has consistently done this from the time of Muluzi to Bingu to APM.Just shut up your probscis and enjoy the stollen money that has made you rich.How do you explain getting a plot next to MCP headquarters when you are a foreigner?Whose interest do you represent?-Malawians or Israels?

  64. brave nyanyaluwa says:

    Bisnowaty don’t u have concerns that are requested by ur constituents? Talk of Chenicheni – Senti toarea 18 Road, Senti masaf to Area 49 Zebra. Where is that 1.8 Billion for these roads at City Assembly? U’re the one who has sacked Malawi Govt in the past when Mr. Ntaba was a Minister of Health, u had a contract of supplying Beds which u said u will import yet u had to weld them at the then Bisnowaty Filling Station at Night. Do u think pipo don’t know? Think of Kauma, Chimoka Area 25 (whole constituency) how pipo are suffering. Don’t u have something for them so that their live can be transformed?. Ever since u were voted into power, what have u done for them? U promised a lot but how many have u fulfilled so far? That is C/Centre no one of the legislatures has served for two terms. By the way are u still attending the funerals as u had been doing, sitting on the floor?

  65. waichukucha says:

    Civil servants need to travel to get things move, and they need travel allowance banning travel allowance means no progress. Aftre all if you compare between a civil servant and you the mp who spends much on travel allowance. A civil servant will demand on ten pin per night and transport while you will demand fuel allowance, subsistence allowance and hotel accomodation.

  66. Muhiphethere says:

    In olden days, civil servants used to be housed in government houses, be given travel warrants, be driven in government vehicles and drink several cups of tea in offices. If Bizinowate can bring these back, we shall work like olden days.

    These days, we rent houses, we use personal vehicles and personal pone units to do Govt work. Do you think we should not devise ways to compensate for this?

  67. Percy Sledge says:

    No need to impose travel bans as most Ministries and departments have no funds for travel and this MP must be speaking from a position of ignorance in as far as the funding situation is concerned. Secondly Parliamentarians have no moral authority to speak about civil servants allowances in as far as allowances are concerned. David tell your colleagues to stop the thieving habit of demanding allowances when invited for a meeting in Lilongwe even when the House is sitting and Parliament has already paid them allowance for the day. Are you aware that an MP from Chitipa would demand to be paid T&T from Chitipa even though Parliament has already paid for him to be found in Lilongwe? It’s broad day thieving and if you are really concerned I want to hear you speak against this evil practice in the House. Finally deal with the rot in Parliament on Rent gate involving your 2 Deputies. Thereafter you are welcome to Capital Hill and convince OPC on your proposed ban.

  68. David wakuchewere says:

    Amene akunena izi nayenso amupatsa ma allowance okakhalira ku parliament. A poor foreign Malawian.
    Mumugwetsa mnzanu mukayamba kuseretsa civil servant. Kafunseni amayi akudziwa bwino.
    Muthalika,Chilima dont pay hid to this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. TUDZI says:

    mkulu mwangokhala mzungu koma ndinu TUDZI kobasi, u dont have any idea how the Civil Service operates just like your fellow TUDZI TOTENTHA, CHAKWERA

  70. Kwazulu says:

    Kodi ameneyu kumudzi kwawo ndi kuti ? Sakudziwa kuti kuyenda amayambitsa ndi a pilezidenti? Nanga a pulezidenti angayende wokha? Kuyenda kunayamba kalekale ndipo a Ngwazi ankati kuphunzira si mkalasi mokha komanso kuyenda. Iweyo ndalama mumamupatsa civil servant ngati malipilo ku parliament kwanuko akapanda kuyenda zikwana kulipira rent, madzi magetsi, mbwandilo? Nanga iweyo ukaletsa kuyenda ubwelanso ku parliamentiko? Nanga ambulace iyenda? Nanga kukachita ma floods apitako ndi ndani kukapulumutsa anthu? Nanga mtchemberezandonda zikavuta apite ndani? Osamayankhula mosefukila mudzingonena zavutazo basi. Vomerani kuti ntchito zina zizingatheke opanda kuyenda. Ndizoona kuti ena amaba ma allowance koma manenedwe ake si amenewo olemekezeka inu achizungu. Ndipo akufufuzeni munabwela bwanji mdziko muno. Nanga munachoka inuko ine zingatheke kukhalako MP ? Mutipatse ulemu sitonse akuba.

  71. Pimbisa Ambwiye says:

    Ha ha ha ha! Parliament mukupangira kuti? 193 parliamentarians on internal travel for more than a month and receiving hefty allowances and you don’t bring in any sensible laws but kulimbana ndi the Executive. Choyamba tithetse Parliament and we should have no MPs. Mukuwona bwa? That’s a huge saving! Most of the Parliamentarians ndi mbulinso zoti you can not compare with most civil servants.

  72. Concern Civil Servant says:

    Ministry of Industry and Trade is one. Starting from the Hon. Minister Mwananvekha who is never in the office to his chosen few. It’s really a sad state of affairs. I have seen great minds in the Government demoralized because of this rotten apples. I hope parliament would take the MP’s observation seriously.

    On a side note I hope the same applies to these Hon. MPs because most of them are rotten

  73. Fwetseki, fwetseki, fwetseki, tikakudyere kuti? Uzipita kwanu, maganizo oipa ameneo, kuno siku israel nkuMalawi wamva. Ukapitiliza Zimenezo tikulodza m’phwanga, uwona

  74. Edoms says:

    I totaly agree with Bisnowaty

  75. pido says:

    Civil Servants used to travel during Kamuzu era but there was no such a stupid observations. Reforms does not mean punishing someone working for you. Why cant you suggest that M.P.s should not get allowances as they attend Parliament and Parliamentary committee sessions. After all Bisonwatty is one of the white from Israel who tortured many Malawian through M.Y.P. Never think people don’t know you. You almost Hacked the Malawi Olympic Committee event in August, 2015 thinking that Mitsubishi was to bring money and Katundu wina that you wanted to use for personal gains. In fact you succeeded because the Mitsubish people ditributed the solverniers in your constituence and not where the eent took place. Mbava iwe umati ndani sakudziwa. Zaka 50 mMalawi koma kumangokuba basi Mbuzi

  76. Emmatuwa says:

    David imeneyo ndiyo fundo .manisters amaupanga ulendo wadala kuti alandire malawasi. APM nkhani ndi imeneyo.

  77. Mathanyux says:

    Ban should be from Peter Mutharika because he is civil servant number 1. Next zinduna, MPs, PSs, Directors. These are the civil servants who travel alot. The rest are juniors who have never gone beyond the boundaries on government tickets. So to answer your suggestion Bisnowaty, with this list of people, do you think it is possible to ban? Easier said akanakhala ma juniors koma these dunderheads, you just wasting your energy.

  78. Jew says:

    Bisnowarty you have no moral grounds to say what you are saying. You are busy destroying lives of many Malawians by supplying fake drugs and overpricing the Malawi Government. In the true fashion of a thief don’t try to shift attention from your crookedness to civil servants.

  79. Pido says:

    Myuda uyu mudamusankhilanji abale. He is now tryng to bring Hebrew ideologies to Malawi parliament. Man David, who told you that when a person travels on official duties and pockets an allowance should not get salaried for that period? You Jew! Who told you that when we travel we are not working? Iwe Myuda! What makes you think that we only work when we sit in designated offices? Maganizo amenewa ndi opusa. When you stand to contribute in the August house, Malwians expect you to speak sense and sense alone not this eastern rubbish

  80. peter says:

    This is a tough proposition but I entirely agree with the MP. We need to sacrifice a little for a short time before things can get better!

  81. mzungu wopusa says:

    iwe akatiletsela ma allowance tikakudyera kuchipatala, kulakwa amalawi kukusankha mp ukhaula sudzawinanso

  82. Isaac says:

    you man ,our system is still centralized. so how do u think things can move without traveling to where the system is.Talk of things that you better than commenting on something which u r not well versed with.

  83. No Laughing Matter says:

    Yea mzungu wachimalawi akunena zakupsya. Mzungu anabadwa manager basi. Ife tikulephera abale

  84. Beast Msonda says:

    Bisnowaty speaking with the national interest at his heart. I totally agree with you David. And your suggestion is long-over due. I know what I am saying. I wish we could have at least 50% of Malawians who think like this MP. You always motivate me. I will join politics I think to increase the number of great political thinkers like you. Go on David….tell these lazy and good for nothing Malawi civil servants.

  85. Blessed Banda says:

    True obervations. One of such departments fond of travelling outside Malawi is the Department of Energy Affairs (DoE). Key culprits to our energy crisis in Malawi. THEY LIVE ABROAD AND ONLY VISIT MALAWI. Watch this page. All those who will comment to the contrary on the issues raised by this MP are the very Civil Servants doing the malpractices. We should also ban familiarisation tours by Ministers. Let them sit in their office and read numerous documents of their respective ministries. There are so many good documents in the drawers under the beautiful tables which Malawians are known of producing.

  86. amuje says:

    it the same govt that has spent k300million on doctors in training and cant employ them when the constitution clearly states that doctors will do their internship under govt hospitals.
    the same govt tat has spent another k300million on doctors postgraduate studies only to recall them while in the final years.

    w love spending with no tangible outcome
    let the civil servant travel at pleasure

  87. feooka says:

    i agree with Bisnowaty a lot of people i know who are civil servants embark on this trips with nothing to show for.This is the only MP that talks sense please chilima put some tough measures in place we need this money in hospitals not for these people spending it in resthouses with prostitutes.Bwana Peter take this seriously

  88. mtengo wagwa says:

    Nice coming Mr MP.

  89. Resinate says:

    Thank you for raising these issues and thank you for not joining these rotten apples which is DPP, MCP and UDF, you are our hope, but you will meet resistance along the way, do not afraid of them, they are just evils, enjoying to see people suffering and dying while they are enjoying themselves including Peter Muntharika. Politics in Malawi has a long way to go, one person has too much power, until this is rectified grab all the powers from the president and decision should be fixed in two parliament, then we have a hope of turning Malawi around.

  90. Masoambeta says:

    Bisnowaty, talk about your scanning machine scam as well.
    Chotsa chako chitsotso usanachotse cha mzako

  91. losco says:

    How can a government ran minus travels by civil servants? Baseless facts!!!!!

  92. Meja says:

    Khalani chete inu, tikakudyerani kuti?

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