MP champion hemp’s legalisation in Malawi: Debate resurfaces

Debate on whether Chamba (Indian Hemp) should be legalized or not resurfaced Monday in the National Assembly with Ntchisi North Member of Parliament arguing that Chamba fetches more per acre than trees.

Indian hemp's narcotic relative, also known to users as Malawi gold, is so popular

Indian hemp’s narcotic relative, also known to users as Malawi gold, is so popular

According to the MP, Boniface Kadzamira (Malawi Congress Party) apart from paper, “hemp can be used to produce fibre, fabric, soap, lighting oil, medicines, food, oil and proteins for both humans and animals.”

But Minister of Agriculture and Water Development, who was not present in parliament at the time, told The Nation that he “he had no comment.”

He insisted that “what Kadzamira said was his opinion” and that “government does not take opinions as policies.”

This is the second time the issue has come up in the Malawi parliament. In April 2000, Jon Manduwa, then deputy minister of agriculture had made a similar proposal.

Manduwa had argued that Malawi would benefit a great deal economically if Chamba could be legalized.

Commentators say that Malawi’s variety of Chamba is one of the best in the world.

Despite growing and being found in possession of Chamba is illegal in Malawi, hardly weeks pass without truckloads of the same being impounded by police.

The posits that hemp has several uses including medicine which can be used for easing pain and inducing sleep or for soothing influence in nervous disorders.

In 2013 Rastafarian community held peaceful demonstration to ask the government to consider legalising the growing and use of the illicit drug, which is being illegally grown across the country.

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Misi anguisher

Prostitution has legalised in malawi and some prostitutes have official documents for that bussiness why not hemp which can bring foreign currents into our country.maiko amene wolemerawatu nthawi inayake anatha ndithu kukhetsa mwazi kachamba kachaniso

Hemp Power
The MP should have been clearer in his argument. It is important to understand the difference between Marijuana and Hemp.Unlike Marijuana, Hemp that is grown for industrial use has no narcotic (‘drug’) properties. Even if you smoke it, it will do nothing. Maybe just give you a headache. The problem when the law was created is that they put both varieties of the plant under the same rules. Also technically the law actually has a clause for growing hemp if you obtain a license to do so. Personally I think Hemp can be a useful crop for Malawi. It is… Read more »



I second this.


legalise it,i will advertise it


Ngati timakumba uranium, yemwe ndioopsa kwambiri, kachamba nkachaninso? Chivomerezedwe basi! Afterall palibenso choti tingaope chifukwa ma donors anatithawa kale.

Kulibe kantu

Only government should grow it under special circumstances.

che mbwiye

kumeneko ndiye kusakonda dziko lathu .cholinga chako ukufuna dziko lidzadze ndi anthu osokonekera maganizo.bwanji osakamba za ulimi othirila along shire river.zochita tiri nazo zambiri.tiri ndi anthu omwe anali apayoniya anaphunzitsidwa za ulimi osawagwirisa ntchito anthu amenewa bwanji osati za chambazo.


Please legalize it, maybe we can all forget our problems!!!

The Objective Person

You know what the government seem not to take the opinion but they (politicians) are the ones involved in the smuggling of the illicit drug. Foolish poticians.

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