MP enters with a gun in Malawi Parliament: Opposition irked

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP for Blantyre City South East), Victor White Mbewe caused commotion in parliament when he was found with a loaded pistol when entering parliament.

Gun-happy MP: Victor White Mbewe of DPP.

Gun-happy MP: Victor White Mbewe of DPP.

This caused disturbance in National Assembly when Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lingson Belekanyama stood on point asking the Speaker to adjourn the house until government side assures the safety of opposition members of parliament inside and outside the chamber.

Belekanyama asked the Speaker to suspend the proceeding for the day as members of parliament from opposition benches are feeling insecure with the news that the government Member of Parliament has been caught with a gun – as there are reports of planned terror attacks on opposition members.

While acknowledging that it’s not allowed for anyone even member of parliament to bring say offensive material to the house, Speaker Richard Msowoya said he could not suspend the proceeding as that is not stated anywhere in parliamentary standing orders.

Msowoya quoted standing 91 which says any member shall be searched before he or she enters the chamber and standing order 92 prohibit any member to bring offensive and dangerous weapon to the house but said there is no punishment stipulated to those found with the weapon.

This did not go well with opposition benches as several members of parliament stood up to speak on point order against Msowoya’s decision to rule out Belekanyama.

Peoples Party (PP) acting president who is also leader of the party in the house, Uladi Mussa added his voice to the issue advising the Speaker that even though the standing orders are silent on what to be done, as former minister of home affairs what he knows is that the said member was first supposed to declare that he had a gun and should have left it in the car not in the chamber as that is against law.

Cabinet ministers and MPs are among people privileged to apply to possess firearms. When they are given such licences, the guns need to be registered with the Malawi Police Service.

Belekanyama wondered why the Speaker can’t act, saying it is a serious issue to do with their safety.

“Mr Speaker Sir, this is serious issue today a member of parliament bringing a gun in this house and being caught by good and patriotic security officer right there at the door , and this is not simple to us in as far as our safety is concern.

“We also noted the presence of National Intelligence Bureau two officers in visitors gallery moving around this house and the same day it’s when we had frequent black out with electricity powers going off and on, were really worried we dint know if we’re safe here Mr Speaker Sir,” Belekanyama said.

During all this time the government benches was quiet and never responded to the opposition.

In 2002 lawmakers demanded to be allowed to carry firearms, to parliament if necessary, after they were told police could not guarantee their security.

The call was made at after the then Home Affairs Minister Monjeza Maluza revealed that the six-thousand-strong police force did not have the resources to protect all 193 lawmakers.

Joseph Njobvuyalema of MCP demanded of the minister to “authorise MPs to acquire, move about and even carry firearms to parliament for their security.”

The demand, which received a lot of support from the opposition benches, was opposed by the minister.

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64 thoughts on “MP enters with a gun in Malawi Parliament: Opposition irked”

  1. Ben Dumbo says:

    shame on you insted of developing malawi you are buzzy with nonses

  2. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:


    It is easy for all of us to pass judgement on this (Honorable?) member of Parliament for carrying a loaded gun into the Parliamentary chamber (if it is true) which, in my view, is supposed to be treated as the Holy of Holies since it is in this house where 193 representatives of the 17.1 Million Malawians meet to debate and agree on the future of our country. My fear is that in the process of doing the figure pointing we might be missing the real issues behind this incident. Like others have already said in the commentaries, those who are older will recall that similar incidents (or allegations) happened or were made in 1990s when a senior member of the UDF was alleged to have walked into Parliament with a gun strapped on the waist. A few years later similar allegations were made that three senior government officials had attempted to enter Sanjika Palace with loaded guns in boots of their cars despite the fact they they had an appointment with the then country’s citizen No. 1 late Bingu wa Mutharika. But, some of you who are of my age may also remember that both Chakwamba and Muwalo Qumayo had been accused of treason in the 1970s and the possession of unauthorized guns was part of the allegations that brought them down politically. Muwalo wen to the gallows while Chakwamba was in jail for (13? or 22?) years. Like they say, the rest of what followed is for historians to write about. But three thoughts come to my mind:
    1. There is a strange obsession about guns among Malawians politicians. I have not understood why this is the situation. I for one fail to understand why a whole leader of a people, in peaceful country of Malawi, can go to the extent carrying a gun to holy place like the State House or Parliament. I also fail to understand what makes such people think that no security officer would catch them with a lethal weapon like a gun. Should we say that this fellow was just unfortunate on this particular day – that he always came with a gun BUT noone noticed it? And if this is the case, shall we say, that our leaders are safe?
    2. I am not sure what would have happened had the Muwalo and Chakwamba cases taken place in the multi-party political dispensation of national politics. Supposed the matters involving the two gentlemen had been proved beyond any reasonable doubt in credible court of law, would they have been arrested or hanged like it happened during the one-party state? Can a person be arrested or hanged for treason in this dispensation?
    3. Since we crossed over to the multi-party dispensation, I have always questioned the behavior of the police when dealing with cases involving people in the running party. Almost always, errant politicians in the ruling party are left scot-free for serious security offenses like this one. Strangely, even chiefs and CSO leaders are usually vocal when an opposition member commits a similar offense.
    4. I feel very uncomfortable that police have not acted with speed to arrest this errant member of parliament on security concerns like they did with opposition members of Parliament caught amid a “treasonous” Whattsapp dialogue. What constitutes treason: people discussing ways to force government out power on Whatsapp through a vigil or people carrying guns into the Parliamentary chamber where senior government officials are in a meeting?
    5. Owing to the deafening silence on the matter on the government side, should we conclude that the police and the whole government machinery were aware of the gun that was being smuggled in the Parliament building? Would it be wrong for me to conclude that possibly a bunch of guns are already hidden in the Parliamentary chamber or somewhere?
    6. Are Malawians (including opposition members of Parliament – amtong them the Leader of Opposition and the Speaker of Parliament) in this august house safe? Are they not going to be shot at one day? What mechanisms has the police put in place to ensure that a similar incidents do not happen again in future? How about the protection of opposition figures in the house?
    7. Has the coming of the multiparty dispensation shifted our mindsets regarding security and the application of the law in that context?

    My personal view is that this country is increasingly becoming unsafe for each one of us. May I, therefore, plead with government and the police in particular, to remain objective and consistent in the way security is dispensed.

    Good day,


  3. ok.ndakudziwa kumene umakhala ndi mene umayendela.i wl dill with u.and u cn not determine.u hv got 15 dez .be prepaired pliz

  4. markmarkc says:

    zimenezi anapangaso Dumbo Lemani ndinamuuza kuti asazabwerezeso anasiya ndiye uyu wapangaso?Ndikomana naye ameneyu amakonda kugona ku Nguludi Garden centre(area23)ndithana naye!

  5. John Mwalungila says:

    Shame DPP mp.He had an aim by bringing a loaded gun.

  6. markmarkc says:

    oyamba siiye mwaiwala Dumbo Lemani?

  7. markmarkc says:

    mundiuze ndimuonese galu ameneyu

  8. Markmark says:

    mukanandiuza msanga ine ndikanamuombera pa bridgepo!

  9. kaipa says:

    A DPP member of course. But a gun in the chamber ‘fully secured by police’ what for?

  10. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    This is a serious offense! The Hon. had a pre-meditated agenda of bringing a loaded pistol in the chamber. Opposition, watch-out!

  11. Funzo says:

    The MPs should know the standing orders and if there is no punishment for bringing in a gun then change the orders.

  12. Boliwoli2 says:

    Clement,if uknow that dpp will be rulling till todate so why bringing futi ku parliament? U have to fight idea to idea like mp kamlepo.kapnena nkhonya simumayiziwa u dpp mps? Futi zimenezo zizayamba kukulasani nokha.

  13. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    DPP is a party of thieves and thugs.

  14. Never says:

    ndizovuta kuvetsa guy mpakana kulowa ndi futi!

  15. mkonda moyo says:

    A opposition amagona kundende ndi whatsapp koma mwanawanuyu mukuti ndi self security. where is Muslim Justice on this issue?

  16. Ernest says:

    Sad that the ruling government is able to move forward with intimidation tactics while having a background of killing many people in the North many years ago.

    All they know is thuggery behavior! Shame on a man that came from a very civilized Nation on Earth like America. Peter Mutharika is a complete failure. If he can’t manage his boys it is surely a big evidence that that’s why he is failing to manage Malawi.


  17. Eugene says:

    Chamba eti

  18. Piper says:

    Only in Malawi, only in Malawi….

  19. Chikadya says:

    A Malawi tatani. People were talking of how to overthrow the government and were arrested, timati a police alakwa chifukwa anthuwo amangocheza chabe, lero wina wapezeka atanyamula mfuti yake apolice ndikungomulanda osamumanga tikuti alakwa akadamumanga poti amafuna kukapha a opposition????????? Mukadamufunsa kuti kodi mfutiyo idali ndi ma paper oyenera, nanga amakatani nayo ku parliament? Nkutheka kuti iyenso amaopa a opposition kuti amupanga chipongwe ndiye amafuna zikavuta naye aziteteze. A Uladi akuti akanaisiya mgalimoto mmmmh! Bodza nanga akanampanga attach akukakwera galimoto lake zikanatha bwa? No big issue here. Kkkkkkkkkk! Kumalawi woyeeee!

  20. Boma says:

    Zoyamwira, zakumtundu, tate mbu mwana …….? Kkkkkk

  21. Futi says:


  22. Futi says:

    Kkkkkkkk kulowa ndi futi cholinga mutiphere president wathu, mwanyanazo agalu inu a DPP.

  23. clement says:

    Big up Hon victor Mbewe. These nyau people are taking chances parliament being built in Lilongwe. They don’t know that it’s the same DPP changing that dusty city to look better. Fuck you all Congress. Whether you like it or not dpp will be rulling till the date.

  24. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk DPP yapenga chifukwa cha njara hahahahaha!

  25. Clement Lonjezo Mtukula says:

    Zovuta ndithu.

  26. OBSERVER says:


  27. mania says:

    What was he afraid of

  28. vavlov says:

    This fat-cheek MP looks like a criminal, no wonder the opposition was worried. But honestly why should MPs be carrying guns, who would attack these useless bunch of people, who are not helping the country’s development?

  29. Mac hende Mac hende says:

    Another idiot frm an idiot party. Constituency members what’s your take. If I were vice head of that party of idiots I could have fired this fellow idiot.

  30. ELINA MAONJERA says:


  31. chilembwe mtunthama says:

    Petulo,pse stop arming thugs in parliament.

  32. Happy Msapenda says:

    Hahahaha….. This means war guys…. DPP is afraid huh.?

  33. Akuzike says:

    The Security Officer who did a good job needs to be promoted ! or alandire honor – degree by unima ,eetu eee!

  34. pido says:

    Izi ndi zopangana ndi Kaliati chifukwa chotulutsidwa mparliament. She went to the Muslim Community to force Speaker to resign or continue as Vice president for MCP. These are targets for Government.

  35. naphili says:

    Get rid of his scary and ugly face!

  36. MERCEDES says:


  37. mafumuadyera says:

    Where are the chefs here. Let’s hear them on this issue if indeed they speak for the people

  38. imraan says:

    kkkkk members of parliament moving around with the gun how shame is that

  39. Mapwevupwevu says:

    These are signs of the end of DPP. Malawians have lost track with these thugs

  40. Bola kwacha says:

    Eeeee dis gvnt eeesh.wy nt police arrest ths gunman?instead u r busy arresting innocent pple.

  41. chisomo y says:

    This is not fair, police arrested JK for only having discussions on whatsapp, today someone is possessin a gun which is big threat to people. No action is taken against him. God is seeing you.

  42. sabata says:

    The first time I heard this guy was 2009 elections he beat all chiefs after losing elections in his area. no wonder he carried a gun

  43. Jane Banda says:

    If you can arrest the opposition MPs for a chat on Whatsapp, why not this MP with a gun??? This is scary and not heathy for the opposition in the chamber. In this case, the opposition MPs are not safe, this gun was meant to shoot the biggest threat to Government…(Rev. Dr L Chakwera) as government is having sleepless nights with this man. Politics is not about killing people, no no no no…

  44. Chigawaneni says:

    If this MP were from opposition, what could have been the case? Shame Malawi!

  45. Nkhoko Mwale says:

    Anakakhala Chankhwantha apa unali wa ku Kanengo akafotokoze bwino! Zitsiru za Diesel petrol palibe,,,, anyani eni eni inu! Shupiti za mathanyula wanuyo!

  46. Shude man says:

    Ku Malawi kwatha basi. Ngat latikwana dzikoli tiyen titsatse ku mozambiq kut mwina amene alipowa apezeko mtendere. Koma pachilungamo amangidwe kape ameneo

  47. Mediocrity says:

    Loaded gun not a threat but a whattsap message! My foot!

  48. Man of God says:

    Mr Speaker, Sir, you don’t have to be scared by those idiots on the government side. They are in minority. They can’t change things in the house at will. That savage deserved some sort of discipline. He shouldn’t have gone unpunished just like that. Remember you are heading the house of records.

  49. panga knife says:

    i think he wanted to shoot section 65

  50. Chithuli kachiwala says:

    Treason kale iyi, akufuna kupanga ambush another arm oif gvt. Shame

  51. Buyelekhaya says:

    This reminds me of the late Hon. Dumbo Lemani (MHSRIP) who was also found with a gun upon entry into the parliamentary chamber. No action was taken against him. He was from the governing party then! No wonder somebody has repeated. Chances of a strong action against him are slim! Such’s life! Ngamanye amaxesha abantu bazokudubalana!

  52. satana says:

    Inenso ndizilowa ndi pistol in church.

  53. Mbewe wa kwa Mbewe says:

    In modern times, you need scanning machines at the Parliament. We can no longer rely on humans to do a thorough check. For your own safety, please allocate some funds to have the scanners.

  54. Mpulula says:

    There is no issue here as long as he acquired it lagally and did not intend to use it in the chamber. I hope it was for his own safety incase he was attacked

  55. spin says:

    thats unfair the best decision was to give others who may have the same mind of bringing weapons in parliament the lesson by punishing him in a proper manner

  56. Angoni apaphata says:

    This is nonsense. Ndiye anthu akupanga malamulo a dziko lonse sangathe kupanga awo?

  57. Kay cee says:

    Zovuta izi

  58. Game on! says:

    Koma MP ameneyu waitha zedi. Phokoso linali lofunika mfuti ndithu kuti wina atengerepo phunziro. KKKKK

  59. God be with mother Malawi.

  60. wopauyo wandasange says:

    Mmmmmm…. Ambuye!!!!!!

  61. mjiba says:

    Uladi Mussa as former Minister of Home Affairs, you say your fellow MP should have left the pistol for safe keeping in a car!!! ha ha ha no wonder this country is facing serious security challenges. How can you advise government on security if this is how you think?

  62. Myao says:


  63. Odandaula says:

    Adakakhala MP wa opposition, mukadati amangidwe.

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