MP Lunguzi ‘delighted’ to meet Malawi ex-president JB in Denmark on global meetings

Former president Joyce Banda is in Copenhagen, Denmark attending international conferences concerning the upliftment of women.

Lunguzi (second from left) with Joyce Banda on the right in Kopanhegen, Denmark

Lunguzi (second from left) with Joyce Banda on the right in Kopanhegen, Denmark

She attended a micronutrient initiative and she is now attending a Women’s Deliver 2016 conference which is also being attended by Chief Kyungu, according to Dedza East MP Juliana Lunguzi who is at the meeting.

Posting on her Facebook wall, Lunguzi said the conference is aimed at finding ways on how best to end child marriages.

Lunguzi said she was extremely happy to meet Banda whose party, Peoples Party is working with Malawi Congress Party in parliament as an opposition block.

Lunguzi is a Malawi Congress Party MP.

“Today PP and MCP are in opposition together, providing checks and balances in this our chosen dispensation of the plural politics we are enjoying,” she writes on the Facebook wall.

She said her coincidence meeting with Banda should make people realise that practising progressed and mature politics is important.

“This is all the more reason to conclude that our political differences should not make us enemies. This is why civilised politics is important,” reads her post.

The post was accompanied by pictures of Banda, Lunguzi and other Malawians at the conference.

Banda has not been to Malawi since she lost the 2014 presidential poll to her political traditional arch-rival Peter Mutharika, coming a distant third in the presidential race after MCP’s Lazarus Chalwera.

She has not provided reasons for her  self imposed exile but the Democratic Progressive Party led government describe her as a fugitive who is running away from prosecution in the infamous K30 billion cashgate, plunder of public money at Capital Hill, the seat of government, an allegation she has vehemently denied.

Banda accuses the Mutharika administration of political witch hunt

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30 thoughts on “MP Lunguzi ‘delighted’ to meet Malawi ex-president JB in Denmark on global meetings”

  1. Chikavu says:

    Juliana Lunguzi, daughter of late police chief, Macwilliam Lunguzi, must really be exited indeed to see and meet Jb. The two have one thing in common, CASHGATE VETERANS. Juliana’s father was one of the biggest cashgaters during the iron man’s (Kamuzu) era building bigger than life mansions and resorts along the lake shore (Mulangeni Holiday Resort and that unfinished hill Mansion in Salima in my mind. So yeah, surprised?? They all love cashgate and are rousy ATTENTION SEEKERS. The only difference is that this kid Juliana is more immature and fast becoming childish every day politically.

  2. Real christian says:

    Joining jb josa and push that’s joining bad company. Are near or in the satanism. Alas! Join JESUS CHRIST, AMBUYE MMODZI MULUNGU MMODZI ZINAZI NDI CHABE.

  3. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Look at this:

    Mk24billion Vs MK577billion.
    JB Vs APM

    Mk24billion being processed Vs Mk577billion shielded

    JB stopped and is on the run Vs APM still cheating us until 2030

    Please indicate who is a bad and unrepentant leader in the space provided………………….


    The wages of sin is death. Joyce Banda, Bakili Muluzi, John Tembo, Brown Mpinganjira, I would like to advise you to just repent, you will have total peace. Money will never give you peace.
    It was bad when I saw Bakili in court because of stealing cases. his age and the type of cases do not agree.
    The face of Joyce Banda on the photo lack peace of mind. Please repent God is ready to forgive you. You will never get true peace from TB Joshua or Bushiri. Just repent God loves you.

  5. john banda says:

    akulamulirani Peter basi

  6. J. Banda Chago says:

    Why is she delighted to meet JB? JB ran away from Malawi for her own reasons….her role in cashgate. Why should Juliana be happy to meet someone who is running away from her own country? I used to admire and respect Juliana but I am beginning to change my mind. If someone comments and say Malawi is worse bacause JB is not president, that person is totally unreasonable. The truth is JB created problems which this Government has failed to solve.

  7. mkamthama says:

    kodi amalawi vuto ndi chani. Musiyeni Julie! kulakwa kujambulitsa ndi a Former President?

  8. Kwesi says:

    Iwe Imraan Sadick … JB ndi makape anuwa who is better. She left when the economy was much better pano mbava zenizeni zitalowa dziko latheratu. Atsogoleri opanda confidence from from neither Malawians nor donors. JB was far much better, even after cash-gate she steered the economy well pano mavuto okhaokha popnda chimene we can give a plus for, economy zero, security zero, education zero, food security zero, health zero, infratructure zero, corruption may be akubadi mokhanira

  9. NGANA MKULAWE says:


  10. chamsolo says:

    Mai Joyce Banda we love u kuno anthu akulira ndi ulamuliro wa Bwampini olankhulangati akulira

  11. dikisan says:

    Lunguzi kamwana kofewa. Bwera tikukwatire tsopano!

  12. luis says:

    i see too much comment without meaning.
    this women was the best president that you people have.
    are you better now??????????????
    you are going to be better?????????
    mkw depreciation,prices up,fees up,hospital fees to put even more expensive that i pay here in europe,fuel up,maize up, and this women is bad??????????????
    even after she come out she is still working for Malawi

  13. Joel says:

    Long Live Juliana, long live Joyce Banda! Juliana yemweyo!

  14. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    Akuluakulu, koma JB wakhwefuka chonchi? Komadi nzoona kuti money does not buy peace!

  15. james Mutuwankhwandwe says:

    Adakavalebe chijoyce ngakhale kwa azunguko? Osasinthako bwanji?

  16. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Ive now lost the little admiration I had for Juliana, frolicking with a fugitive from justice?

    And its true kuti timalangika pansi pompano you can tell from the look on abiti Mchila’s face that she is a very sad broken woman who would rather hide from the camera.

    Bweranikoni, you shall only be given three years like Senzani!

  17. Rubbish iwe mmalo muti ugwile mbava ya Cashgate ubwere nayo kuno idzagwire ndende instead ukuti uli delighted?..shupiti Lunguzi

  18. mwaaaaa says:

    Paramount Kyungu is there as a Paramount Kyungu because of JB , Bingu never wanted him to be the Paramount because he all the time since he came to Malawi he was a UDF supporter . Thanks to JB.

  19. The Critic says:

    Petty! Petty talkshop on how to end child marriages. Petty talk on glorifying a fugitive. Why didn’t she ask her to go back home and defend herself. Lunguzi slowly becoming just one of them petty politicians

  20. Chileka Banda says:

    interesting to see how Juliana Lunguzi is enjoying in DPP regime even though she is opposition party even using tax payers money in global trotting ….. aka shadow minister of health in Malawi …my foot

  21. The real northerner says:

    I should now believe that something is wrong with Lungudzi. Praising that she is with the former head of state in Denmark shouldn’t be an issue. After all what impact has the former head of state brought to miserable Malawians women that are leaving in dire poverty since she left this country. You are talking of civilised politics in a foreign land. Are you really serious. I thought you would have been saying you were persuading JB to come back to Malawi her native country. JB is aging and am very sure that at that age she should have been enjoying her retirement here in Malawi.

  22. Mzomera Banda says:

    we have seen the pictures what comes to mind is what of a purpose Hon Lunguzi our political leaders don’t learn we had hope in Hon Lunguzi now all is lost……..everyone knows even a 5 year old that our ex acting president Joyce banda left malawi because her love for malawi is gone and you see an honorable MP taking pride in that so sad…..but the reality is Hon Juliana Lunguzi a former Police Officer stole our hard earned taxes to build a STATE HOUSE in his village so birds of the same fly together ……My MCP please find replacement this is bringing shame to my party…… Hon Lunguzi you have list it big time..

  23. solomon says:

    If Lunguzi does not know that she was meeting a mass plunderer and looter then i have absolutely no respect for her and her judgement. all the money that was looted during cashgate could have helped many children and women in Malawi and Juliana does not know this!!!?? or maybe she doesn’t care and has become a hardcore politician. it’s a very slippery slope to becoming an insane looter like JB. I am very very disappointed!!!

  24. Bwande says:

    Imafunako chani mbava imeneyi ku Denmark? Ibwere kuno kumudzi idzayankhe mafunso awiri atatu

  25. chikopa says:

    Matako akana pansi – uko pinya pinya ukunso pinya pinya! Kwayeni kulibe nkuwe! Kwanu nkwanu mnthengo munalaka njoka. Kubowo, kawa mbewa yamanyazi inafera kwenukuku! Zina leku Zina Kambu, Mayi Joyce Banda ayenera abwere kuti mwina Bambo a Kunyumba eeeetu eeee!. Koma tsano oyipa athawa yekha. As for Juliana Lunguzi, you seek too much attention as I believe so many people have attended conferences or training abroad but did not bother to alert us all of their business. Keep it on the down low babie nobody has to know. As for the alliance with PP, well that party wont last 2019 and I do not see sense in this unworthy and uncalled for marriage. Its like Juliana marrying a ninety two year old man. Kodi gemu adzimenya kangati pachaka?

  26. Selfish says:

    Joyce Banda needs to come home and up lift the lives of Malawian women, she is just spending the “per diems” that she is being paid? I’m sure the organizations are paying her so she can help improve the lives of her fellow women back home and not for her own good

  27. Mzakwacha, says:

    JB,GO BACK HOME,BUILD UR PARTY.WHY ARE U IN HIDING JB?If they will tamper with U,its when dpp will be removed.You are,WERE&will be MUCH BETTER THAN PETER QOATA SYSTEM MUTHARIKA.HE IS&WILL BE THE WORST PRESIDENT OF MALAWI 4ever.MALAWIANS ARE CRYING 4 FEDRAL GOVT.LUNGUZI,PLIZ WE DONT WANT PETER,his head is full of water,yes,peter qoata system.He is not a man in&out.He thinks he is malawi.He will face it one day.The cry of malawians cant just go,God will hear and rescue us.I COULD LOVE IF MCP,PP,Aford CAN UNITE JUST TO REMOVE the killer,hunger creater,qoata system etc DPP 4 THE BETTERMENT OF MALAWIANS.GET ME RIGHT.MZAKWACHA NIXON-PRETORIA.+27724922299.

  28. Kangamire Zowazowa says:

    aaah but why is she in self imposed exile? Olakwa amathawa yekha. To be honest, this woman JB is the worst thing that ever happened to Malawi only outdone by Muluzi. These two managed to set the country back a century. They are both poorly educated to borrow words from a business mogul, never sat through formal education in college.

    If we are serious as a people in Malawi, we must shun these types of crooks and not celebrate them. They both infamously promoted “changu pa town” and briefcase businesses. They are both so good at hoodwinking poor people in rural Malawi with false promises. When the book of Malawi is written, history will judge them both so harshly and their offspring will never enjoy freedom from the loot.

    It is disappointing to see Hon Lunguzi seemingly speaking highly of a fugitive, I hope she realizes that by doing that she actually minimizes herself and the great role she has played so far in our politics. JB is not an honorable person, that has been known for a long time, but we leave personal matters to be private. Muluzi is equally known to be a less than upright person especially in matters of life, family and relationships. They both musterbated on Malawians to an orgasmic stooper and we must call them out squarely on this.

    I am not a DPP sympathizer, but a mere patriot to the flag and land of Malawi. I have no allegiance to MCP or DPP or any other party and thus able to stand on this anthill and call it as I see it. The current leader is obviously inept, sick, old and confused. We would do better to forgive him and wish him well in the twilight years of his life and presidency; but for the huge responsibility we bear for all our folk in Malawi. An ailing economy, beggar my neighbor, a satanic or god fearing nation? No one knows which is which; albino hunting nation and corrupt society. We have no saviour in this dark glass wrinkled eye Peter. He smells like a thief and am sure he is one

  29. Manleader says:

    Wherever there is a gathering of international Feminist she is there.

  30. boba fett says:


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