MP Lunguzi says ‘start taxing’ Mutharika: ‘Malawi should not focus on resilience’

Dedza East Member of Parliament Juliana Lunguzi (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) has said the country’s Head of State should now be liable to pay tax to maximise revenue.

Lungzi: Presidents should start paying tax

Lungzi: Presidents should start paying tax

In her contribution to President Peter Mutharika’s State Opening Address of the 46th Session of Parliament delivered on November 6 2015, Lunguzi said “we are aware that we even have Presidents who come in as millionaires. Can we start taxing our Presidents? Our Presidents are coming in very young and we give them everything tax free.”

Lunguzi cited South Africa where Presidents are able to pay tax.

“Can we, through the DPP-led government, ask the President to start paying tax because he has told us that he has the money to do that?”

Lunguzi blamed the challenges on Ministry of Finance for allegedly making poor projections of macroeconomic statistics.

She said the miscalculations have resulted in under-collection of value added tax (VAT) and other taxes by public tax collector, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

Lunguzi said as Malawi continue to depend on MRA to collect revenue, the authorities should also need to be mindful on the “redeployments” at the tax collecting organisation.

“At one point we had three Chief Executive Officers if not two on the pay roll at MRA, all driving huge Prados that we have. As a country, we talk about austerity. We cannot talk about austerity if we continue to be in this kind of mess,” said Lunguzi.

The President, themed his address, “Building Resilience for Sustainable Development.”

Lunguzi however said for Malawi to develop, “we should not focus on resilience but we should look at some of the issues that, we as Malawians, need to do from Chitipa, Mangochi, Nsanje and across the country.”

She offered “solutions” saying Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development needs to be “better   focused.”

Lunguzi continued: “ MRA target should mirror what we can do as a country. The other issue is that, as a country, MRA needs our political support. “

She said the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Civic Education should persuade the public on the importance of paying VAT as MRA recently introduced electronic fiscal devices to collect VAT.

“The other solution, we know as a country, we have all these trade agreements through SADC and COMESA. What we want to advice, as a country, is that we need to be serious on the concessions that we give for the so called investors. Because, if we continue giving tax concessions to these investors through the SADC and COMESA, we tend to be losing out, as a country. As a result, MRA will hardly collect the amount of money that we need,” said Lunguzi.

She hailed government for mandating MRA to take over revenue collection from TEVETA but said there is “another booming industry” in Malawi, in house construction.

“If you go to Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba, and Mzuzu we are constructing all these huge houses. If only we can mandate MRA to be collecting the city rates, maybe our city councils would not be struggling to make sure that they collect proper taxes,” said Lunguzi.

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65 thoughts on “MP Lunguzi says ‘start taxing’ Mutharika: ‘Malawi should not focus on resilience’”

  1. Mmanja wawawawawa!!!!! Juliana akalankhula dziko limamva. Ndi MP yekhayo yemwe amalankhula za nzeru, keep it up. Zangovuta kuti ndine wankulu ndikanakukwatira, utha kubereka ana a nzeru iwe.

  2. Lunguzi keep up giving the solutions to the unlisten Govt until they return back from their ignorance’ selfhiness’ mediocrity’retrogressiveness’ autocracy’ dictatorial and inhuman class.

  3. nkhangazaona says:

    On taxes you are 1000% right. Lets revamp taxation system so that we share the burden equally. On city rates its better no body is supposed to pay a penny since there is no service we get from councils worthy paying. Councils need transformation heavy first and rates later.

  4. The Most Concerned says:

    Waku MUA ku Dedza uyu akudziwa chani? Kufuna Banja ku Parliament, nzako ndi Kabwira ma spinister. We pay City Rates to MRA, I dnt wat r u looking for.

  5. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Yet you say the opposition do not give the government good advice. This is the best advice for Malawi to go forward. Let us see if you are going to take it.

  6. Munthuwamba says:

    There is nothing new here Madam. As property owners, we already pay city rates to the City assembly. And do you know how much we pay to have a deed made?? As if that is not enough, do you know how much we pay to MRA when we sell these houses? Do your homework properly madam. The question here should be when to make your hefty sitting allowances taxable so that everybody feels the heat and shares the tax burden.

  7. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Iwenso should be exemplary madam Spinster Lunguzi. Na si Banjanso mulibe kkkkk hehehede

  8. tchama says:

    Thumb up Hon Lunguzi especially on protecting MRA staff, DDP gurus angobwera kudzaopsezaopseza kuti boma lilimmanja mwawo they cant pay taxes. teach them that they are not exempted 4m paying taxes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Start with kaliati ma business apa mkando, moni nganga etc sakupereka, ngati musutsa kafufuzeni ku MJ office

  9. kate says:


  10. phodox says:

    Koma adona, munabadwa tsopano zikuvuta pati kuti mupeze abambo.Mchifukwa chiyani banja likuvuta. Tangobweretsani nginiyo kuti muchilawe changachi.Adona simwafika 40 years inu?.

  11. ngongoliwa says:

    Well done Juliana. These presidents, MPs, Ministers mu be paying taxes. Next time I will be glad to be told by you that APM will be paying 40 percent taxes he will be fending for himself not the government buying him food, all fringe benefits must terminated until economy picks up.

  12. golo says:

    Big up to Hon J Lunguzi for making a very important response to the presidents speech. Indeed its high time the president started paying taxes. He should unserstand how much it pains to see almost half of what you get taken away in PAYE.And if that is not enough the little of what is left is also taxed in form of VAT.

  13. Mabwana ozikonda anthu andalewa tavutika ife mu Malawi misonkho plus poor salaries less benefits at work.

  14. Wadyera says:

    Allowances that MPs get from parliament should also be taxed because they get too much for doing nothing. What they do the four to five weeks is insulting each other while spending huge sums of money. If anything don’t get allowances since you are already on payroll use your money since its the only time you are seen as if you are working. Otherwise some of you stay the whole five years without contributing to your constituencies. Some of you moved from your village into the towns and cities. You are building beautiful houses in town and leave your constituent without a good house and you expect the government to develop your home! Stupid MPs. We have former MPs like Hon. Chikhadwe, Joe Kalero,Boniface Kazamira, just to mention afew who are leading miserable life yet they have been MPs for quite along period! Shame.

  15. Bololo says:

    City rates are already supposed to be paid but city assemblies don’t have the capacity to enforce its laws. Lunguzi is only suggesting that MRA take this responsibility of collecting city rates on behalf of city assembly. It sounds a good idea

  16. ephrahim says:

    Good point madam, bravo! I would like to see you toghther with fellow MPs to start with. Encourage them to pay the 30% P.A.Y.E to MRA to set a good example to the rest of Parlament , Judiciary, President and Cabinet,
    Afterwards you can make it into law!
    Dear Madam MP, I would go even further and would think about taxation on benefits and allowances!
    Looking forward to your response on this!

  17. Charter says:

    I second the motion. The motion is adopted. Slash tax from apm’s paycheck!

  18. mdk says:

    What about you and your fellow MP’s do you pay tax?if not all of you should start paying tax including the president.don’t target individuals since you are doing it for the good of our country.

  19. Ma says:

    Stupid contribution you want mra to start getting our rentals? Are you normal?

  20. Kanjipiti says:

    APM talks about the need to brace for hard times, but does absolutely nothing himself to show that he is serious. Removing the tax free status of the presidency would be a big first step to show seriousness. Obama pays taxes on his salary as President of the US (POTUS). He could then go on to reduce his convoy to reasonable European standards (a la Cameron, Merkel, and Hollande). Next would be to axe state residencies that are used for less than a month per year (Zomba, Mzuzu, Mtumthama?). Then it would be the turn of the advisers – who just make noise in the papers – that is when they are not taking potshots at each other. There are a lot of ways that APM can contribute in saving scarce public revenue…

    Interestingly Juliana did not mention some of the senseless tax exemptions that MPs enjoy – for example not paying duty on (two?) vehicles which they purchase while serving as MPs. Everyone whether an assistant accountant, President, Vice President, Cabinet Minister, or MP should face the same tax burden. Juliana is a rising star in Malawian politics, therefore she should avoid selective amnesia when making public pronouncements…

  21. pwefu says:

    Levelheaded ulibe nzeru, anthu akulabdira ma 30 thousand awa sakupwetekedwa when paying tax. Ndiye wina 1.5million ulele ndi ma cashgate nkati

  22. ngerengere says:

    When you don’t know dont expose your ignorance.when your stupid remain silent.when you are dull just play with a pen.jealous is evil.there many people to be taxed including yourself and Mr chakwera and msowoya.another point is not collecting but the use of what is collected.just imagine the wmany of you sting there and pocketing allowances everyday only to castigate one another and you say we have sent you.GOD Will judge you.

  23. Chimanga says:

    MRA indeed had three CGs on payroll ; Kamoto , Malata n Biziwick until last week when Biziwick informed them he has found a good job with Press corporation. As of now Kamoto n Malata both drawing obsene salaries plus hefty benefits while majority receives less than 100000 kwacha. Really? Do we love this country?? And this Malata ali ndwiiiii can he collect taxes ameneyu?? Mwangoyesa ku MRA kolemelera basi. We are a shameless country

  24. Mangalira Zolotu says:

    Juliana, its like you are sying we are struggling as a country bcoz pple don’t pay tax. Iwe ndiwe mahop athu iwe. Get things right. Malawians pay taxes. Lots of taxes! Koma kuba, kutenga ma allowance pa Lilongwe pompa appa ma MP inu ngati simungabwere ndi kukagona kwanu. By the way, mahope, keep me some…titchpe fuel aise

  25. Bwemba Sodyeramchere says:

    Indeed let’s walk the talk. It’s good the president should live by example. Let his salary face the monthly chop as well. Malawi stopped being an agro-based to heavy tax economy and the master minder should also feel the dosage of his own making. Aliyense apeleke msonkho

  26. Chingandanga Z says:

    Koma ine kwamwana kameneka ndingokakwatira bwanji…Hehe ndi size ya ine ino akaka ndi ka sweet 17 kanga ndithu! Iwe Julie, will stop by your home when passing by to Blantyre next week

  27. Pat says:

    Good idea, start with MPs and ministers

  28. kumangoni says:

    Don’t worry with the Muntalika government, they always not listen to the peoples advice. Don’t worry Mr Chakwela a genuine man of God will take all these advices.

  29. Mo says:

    Starting this month HE must pay tax we need to see him in shoprite let him carry a basket and buy some sugar and bread for his wife let him pay may be he will come to his senses

  30. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    While I agree with Honorable Lungudzi on her point that the Presidency should start paying tax in Malawi, I would extend the same call to MPs, the whole Executive and Judiciary including all those who have tax free benefits. I would also propose to Parliament to consider reducing fuel that MPs, Ministers, Judges, Heads of Public Institutions, Directors and all by 50% because you as I would appreciate that this fuel is too much. Please Honorable Lungudzi, can you introduce this to the August House so that for once Parliament discusses an issue outside politics. I was really surprised to learn that one deputy speaker can get housing allowance up to half a million or quarter million in what we hear is the correct figure. In this consideration, we were told some two years ago that Govt consolidated salaries for everyone who draws their salaries from Govt purse and that allowances were made to be part of salary. Seriously this has been implemented to middle managers and below. In all the Govt departments, Management get extra allowances either through fuel or housing allowances. Please Parliament, can you get to the bottom of these inconsistencies and correct the anomally. I wait for action regarding these loopholes.

  31. Mac C C Soko says:

    if queen Elizabeth pays tax , who is APM not to pay tax. Wake up pls….!!!

  32. kumangoni says:

    We gonna start that in 2019 by the MCP Government.

  33. omex says:

    I agree 100% hon. Lunguzi. I have had this idea in me but have no platform to be heard. Hon. Lunguzi doesnt represent her constituency only but all concerned cutizens of this country. The head of state MUST paying tax.

  34. Peter says:

    Apereke msonkho tose tili wene malawi

  35. mogasa club member says:

    that’s my ma hope right there. kamandidutsa-dutsa kadona kameka. kitsi to kitsi, lavu to lavu. i lavu you more than a cup of tea.

    tell them julie, teach them. kodi convention ya mcp ndi liti madamme president? my vote is already chongad for you.

  36. Mukharapwio says:

    He will go into tantrums and rants claiming that the opposition wants him to go unpaid

  37. munthu wamba says:

    While what the honorable MP has said sounds logical, we need to appreciate that it is not practical. We are one of the highest (if not the highest) country with the biggest tax base – we are literally taxed on anything! The biggest problem we have is enforcement of the tax laws. Of course we know that there is selective enforcement where some people are untouchables – MRA can’t dare touch them…


    Yes needs to pay because he gets more from government so why exempting him from taxation

  39. Shut Up says:

    Do our MPs pay taxes? NO. Hypocrite!!!

  40. Woyera Kamasula says:

    Ochewa mwanotu odaphunzira kudambwe.

  41. nachisale says:

    All heads of state are privileged and whether taxed or not they have hefty salaries and or perks. To raise such an issue in parliament is petty and trivial.

  42. George phiri says:

    Truth you are stupid, dull, useless, unreasonable, non functional and complete idiot. Lungazi is saying the truth. Why should head of state not pay tax? We are not talking about Peter here rather any head of state coming in. Imagine taxing a person who receives K100,000 while The head of state makes K1,500,000 tax free. On top of that he has free accomodation, free transport, free communication, free medical access and the list is endless.
    This issue needs serious consideration. Actually starting from MPs to ministers all the way to the head of state they should not be getting salaries because they always tell us that they are there to serve poor Malawians.
    So I dont expect wina adziti fweefwee apa. Lungadzi akunena dzoona ndithu.

  43. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Juliana!! Aaaa kamwana ka na mahara aka!!

  44. levelheaded says:

    Far much as we would want to accumulate much revenue as possible,I think we have to weigh our president’s salary with sober mind and scales.

    I always blame the tendency that we Malawians have of always referring our situations to rich countries like south Africa.
    Latest information is that Zuma(the most less educated president in the world) is cutting home $272,000 per year which translates to K13,101,333.00 a month.

    So to say that government should deduct 30 percent from 1.7 million kwacha which the president is getting as a salary and later make a reference to Jacob Zuma who is earning more than 13 million kwacha is worth to be on record as the joke of the year.

    We may start taxing the president because we know he is a millionaire but at the same time we may be punishing future presidents who might be financially handicapped.

  45. Chikavu says:

    Juliana’s thinking is childish and political than wisdom. How much is the president’s salary? The Speaker and Leader of Opposition are getting better salaries yet not paying tax. MPs get tax free salaries and benefits and you exclude them in your proposition yet they are many which would aggregate to more tax than a single person’s tax, why?

  46. kaka says:

    start taxing because the president is peter wa mtharika. What if it was chakwera? Ko a kongolesi inu chauta akukuonani

  47. ernerst says:

    i am dpp but juliana is spot on.

  48. Sapitwa says:

    In the first place you don’t explain why the Head of State is exempted to pay tax. It should be in the constitution I guess? Why is the reason invalid now? Surely it can’t be to maximize revenue as this is a lame excuse for insulting the Head of State. This is part of his conditions of service and can not be attacked by misguided naughty chicken brained MPs who have nothing tangible to contribute in the house but uttering this rubbish. What significance would it bring to the revenue base by taxing the President’s salary rather than removing his respect?
    I hope to become an MP in 2019 on an independent ticket and I will grind these useless MPs who utter nonses with really nothing to make a difference from the Legislature!

  49. Malipeya says:


  50. Noxy says:

    A Juliana anali anzeru kale pano atha fasho

  51. Dolo weni weni says:

    The issue is not paying taxes by the common people. The first offenders of subverting taxation drive are our dear politicians which include you the so called honourable MPs. You have deliberately put all your benefits as allowances which go untaxed.

  52. Munyasa says:

    I hav never been being touched and convinced by any member of paliament none other than lunguzi

  53. The Analyst says:

    Lunguzi, the idea of having the Head of State have to pay tax is a good one. However, the cited reasons for the same, the timing and the source of the proposal are grossly wrong! And I will tell you how n why . . .

    The reason for asking the president to start paying tax should not have been because he said he has money and could afford it nooo but because it promotes fairness to all who are equally being taxed. This shows lack of maturity on your part. And you need to grow, its been a while now!

    The timing and the source of the proposal is also wrong. For once, I wish Chakwera had been declared Malawi’s President in the last elections. If that were the case, would you bring forth this proposal on him as you are doing now? I doubt! And any Malawian who is honest with him/herself or his wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend; knows that you wouldn’t. As such one can safely conclude that the proposal has been made not necesarily more for the good of the country but for some ulterior motives.

    And am sorry, more often than not, such agendas do not succeed!

  54. BrownMan says:

    Komadi kukula mutu sinzelu eti,Mayi uyutu alinzelu kusiyana ndi Bambowo!

  55. Mwatani kodi Juliana propoding and its true apm said has millions so he shud psy tax on his benefits and esrnings in mlw.wamwano ndinuyo abambo.lungudxi is awake ur in slumber!

  56. mnyapapiii says:

    Ma Lunguzi tsopano, shaaa, munasowatuuuu, takunyadirani zedi. Auzeni amenewo azilipira misonkho ngati tonse, eeehhhh, naonso amve kuwawa. Funso limodzi mai: KODI MA MP MUMAPILIPIRA TAX?? OR Nanunso muyambapo as proposed? Another idea is for MRA to Tax All Type of Allowances including TRAVEL, for all, The Executive, Parliament , Judiciary , Civil Servants , Private Sector Employees and all the sundry. Just imagine how much money will be collected from taxes during our all year round useless workshops, familiarisation trips, capacity building etc?? Ministry of Finance please think of that seriously. As for MRA to collect rates… i think mada MP you have gone astray. First ask yourselves why are rates paid and what in return rate payers are supposed to benefit from the rates paid. Having a mansion is not a sign that one is not paying rates. Also note that rates are governed by its own statutes, by-laws and regulations. Its a non tax income for local authorities. With this type of thinking, soon we will be suggesting that we be paid by MRA directly………Read the relevant Acts for guidance before debating. Also suggest MPs loans must be paid in full by the MPs, not current 50%. Commitee Meetings allowances to be fully taxed, Thanks for ever brilliant ideas

  57. SONG says:

    MCP Boma come 2019. These are future Ministers, I am proud of you Juliana, Kabwira and the rest keep up training these so called cabinet ministers of Dpp.You always make Malawians proud. I don’t see any cabinet here what i see is thieves only to masacre innocent Malawians. Go to hell dpp. We don’t want you in Malawi.

  58. Benson Chirwa says:

    I agree 100%. That’s the only way these leaders will understand what people are going through.

  59. Akhwinda says:

    Bolani mwanayu watha kupereka solutions momwe zinthu zingathekere osati momwe Wo Chakwera analankhulira

  60. mtumbuka1 says:

    I can’t agree with you more. The president is only human, he sleeps,eat,goes to the toilet, votes and is employed just like any other civil servant so what makes him immune to paying taxes? We need people like this young woman to shake and wakeup the sleeping parliament. It seems to me if it’s not the Malawi congress party then it’s kamlepo kalua so what are the rest of you cows doing for goodness sake? Where is the udf, in an alliance? Alliance to loot Kkkkk. Folks, wearing your suits and sitting in front of free government laptops in parliament is not enough. You have a sleeping president to wake up, you have poor starving people in your constituencies who you are representing and needs to hear you speak on their behalf. Well done lunguzi, your late dad was equally great.

  61. Yaya kumudzi says:

    Paja chilungamo chimamasulatu.musadabwe,

  62. Chingolopiyo says:

    Indeed the head of state must start paying taxes. Why should the least paid servants paying while those getting too much are not? Our City Assemblies dont knw what they are doing. I was paying the city rates but when they stopped sending their statement i also stopped. Even God want someone to ask what he wants, how could i be paying when i dont knw how much i should?

    1. wanthu says:

      what are you talking about chingolopiyo, how much is that against Malawi economy. he is the first citizen muzayambe kudula nsonkho inuyo mukazalowa 2060

  63. Abiti says:

    Juliana, You’re the first and most Member of Pariament Malawi needs. That’s good thinking.Teach other members there.

  64. Truth says:

    Koma kamwana kameneka mwano!!! Juliana, the President is not your size (not your level). I don’t think this is your area of competence. Stop commenting on everything. MCP yonse yaphunzira mwano kwa Kabwira. You are being misguided indeed and surely losing your heads. i don’t think you can make good leaders of this country.

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