MP Mhone says Britain to face legal action against Malawi pre-independence massacres

Ralph Mhone;  Compesation needed

Ralph Mhone; Compesation needed

Parliamentarian Ralph Mhone, a lawyer by profession, has said he is launching a legal action against Britain to compensate families of people who died during the March 3, 1959 struggle for this country’s independence.

Mhone has disclosed that British barrister, Chris Esdaile, has offered to assist in the legal action in London courts.

Esdaile who successfully represented 5 000 elderly Kenyans against Britain for the torture and abuse suffered during the Mau Mau uprising in 1950s is expected to be in Malawi next month to get finer details of the matter, Mhone said.

Mhone had asked Malawi government press for compensation from UK, its former colonial master, to thousands of Malawians who were tortured during an anti-colonial uprising late 1950s.

The People’s Party (PP) legislator for Nkhata-bay Central constituency said Malawi is likely to get the compensation as was the case in Kenya.

He said in the legal challenge, they may include Malawians who died in other districts during the same struggle, calling it “a typical human rights issue.”

Said Mhone: “It was London which sanctioned the State of Emergency that led to the massacre of these unarmed Malawians and today they cannot deny that and say it was the federation.”

But Mhone is appealing for financial support from well-wishers to help lodge the case in the high court in London which he noted is expensive.

United Kingdom (UK) High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, has has dismissed compensation claims , saying though his government is saddened by the loss of life during the struggle, the issue of compensation does not arise as London has not held any discussion with Lilongwe on the matter.

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67 thoughts on “MP Mhone says Britain to face legal action against Malawi pre-independence massacres”

  1. kajindamoto says:

    Very true the comment above,what can a small fish do to the big ones, Mhoni what u trying to prove,u guys are been fead by the British since 1959 untill now and will still be for ever.
    Try another luck my friend but not this one, U Malawian polititions just want to put this money in your pockets.

  2. Concerned Malawian says:

    Mbalame iyi! britain yapeleka ndalama dzingati kumalawi in form of aid kuti lero udziti compesation. The problem ndi ma lawyernu mumangofuna podyela. iweyo britain itanena kuti mubwenze ndalama since 1964 out of that adzatengeko za compesation, will u pay? galu uyu asayambitse dzinthu zopanda pake. by the way, which family member approached you on this matter, if any? ungofuna ndalamazo ndiweyo

  3. Spectator says:

    sumtimez u jxt hv 2 let sleepin dogs lie!!!!

  4. james says:

    Ralph is right London must compasate Lilongwe as u knw hw innocent pple die @ Nkhata -Bay

  5. I mean banda says:

    I think UK should not compensate or be forced to compensate can only agree to compensate if it wants otherwise taking UK to international court if crimes would be too ambitious. I must say that the myp..young Democrats and pp and dpp youth killed all it more. ..we don’t want to be compensated to what happened on the state of emergency some 67 years ago..we are poor and proud we want UK to empower our democracy and economy so that no one including our mp would oppress ordinary citizens of malawi.

    1. Nanncy says:

      Ndiwe chitsiru kumayenda uzaphunzira zambiri galu iwe

  6. Big brain says:

    We from John Chilembwe family we are in support of this and we will contribute 10million for legal fee those who are saying wooo do my know people died for the freedom that we are enjoying now and the Britons killed a lot of people!!!!

  7. Ezekiel says:

    Though having problems in his constituency but it is different from this issue don’t just go criticize somebody when feel the lose of our parents during that time. And if happen in Kenya can be the same to is here why do you underrate him of course he can not succeed but there’ll be someone who will finish this task. Osamanginyezera china chili chonse and you must be ujeni.

  8. alomwe says:

    This is selfish he just seeking a way of robbing London. How many miserable things has happened to our country since Kamuzu, Bakili and Bingu what have done so far. Tiyeni tisiye mkhalidwe wakuba change our mind set tiyambe kumanga Malawi wabwino tsogolo lathu.

    1. Dambudzo mwasanya says:

      Alomwe ndinu mbulidi.How much have British taken from Africa to build London.Ka aid amepeleka ku Malawi with alot of conditions is nothing in comparison of what they have benefitted from Africa.Alot of countries have been compensated,so why not Malawi.Alomwe u r just showing Umbuli wako pa forum pano.

  9. joseph makuya says:

    Just concertrate to the problems you have at hand in your constituence Mr Hon MP Mhone,i think you have so much problems than this.

  10. Special advisor says:

    Did Malawi Government compensate anyone for the Mzuzu masacres by the Bingu regime? Dis government compensate anyone for the loss of Fanikiso Phiri? Did it compensate anyone for the loss of a Mangochi damage to MCP Office and the loss of a female student from St Monica during Bakili regime.

  11. MMALAWI says:

    this is crazy…why malawian politicians you dont listen…Please this country is leaking …it needs plumber…why you are not trying to fix our problem here or your constituency…now you are comming up with crazy ideas of which you dont have legal funds and trying to ask poor malawians for support…vuto la anthu amene God did not call them to be leaders or servants ndi chonchi…Without KNOWLEDGE….Or wisdom..

    Please leave this issue sort out the dip shit in your constituency of which people are going through……I for one My family suffered in those days dont remind us Timanva kuwawa..

  12. Stout says:

    Attention seeker. How much will he get out of this if it succeeds?

  13. Galu WA galu says:

    WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND GO Ralph go!! Human rights Sima gays okha

  14. Galu WA galu says:


  15. Mbuza says:

    That is one way to make the donor and budgetary aid dry up again!

  16. fkr says:

    let’s get real for a second. Ralph is doing this to make money for himself and to gain popurality buy using the colonial card which is popular amongst those who do not know thier history. the time in question was when the world was at war. Many African counties joined the war and fought together with the Allied forces, they obviously won the war because if they had not there would be no blacks in Africa as the Nazi grand plan was to exterminate any race that did not meet their strict genetic requirements (master arian race). So you could say that Ralph and his family are here today because good people got together, be it white black or yellow to fight a common enemy so that they and their children could live. so my dear Ralph now you not only want to sue one of the Allied forces that helped win the war but also one of malawis biggest money donors? yes, at time of war there are people who will loose their lives in order that others can live. sometimes people need to look back at history and be grateful for what others have done and sacrificed instead of trying to make money as you politicians and lawyers can only think about.

  17. clive ndecha says:

    Britain must pay for what thy did,go ahead and send me account number,am ready to support.

  18. Mbola says:

    Imwe a Mhone ndimwe a kwiba , mukukhumba ndalama za vichi?

  19. pamsundu says:

    The matter is valid for the 70yrs Britain was getting law materials without verifiable infrastructure developments on top of killing and imprisoning freedom fighters is violation of human rights.Cashgate was created by them why put condotionalities on money borrowed from them?

  20. True that, becouse, most people, who passed away were Malawians. There is no legal action against aperson who happen to die while defending his country. Becouse, doing so, is the duty of every malawian. Hence, you cant be charged with an offence, whilst, defending your property. Lets be sober minded.

  21. joshua says:

    Non starter

  22. Winston msowoya says:

    Ralph Mhone has a patriotic duty to help people in his Constituency to get decent hospitals,schools,clean water and good roads rather than trying to make head lines for the tragedies which happened some 56 years ago.All Malawians acknowledge this fact that those who were lynched in the struggle,died for us all,but the so- called leaders care about that? Even if say that the British government concedes the responsibility and pay the compensation,the money will largely ends up in Cash gate or Danta scandles.However,to frank,since self government,the British government has given Malawi outstanding funds for the economic development of our country.For your information,the first funds when we just formed self government in 1961,were the ones Banda used to build his Sanjika Palace.Did common Malawians benefit from that?

  23. angoni says:

    Kufuna kuba basi

  24. On says:

    dr bwampini,

    I wonder how u got access to us here. You dont belong here mbuli like u

    1. Dr Moo Thaa Leeker says:

      Ichi nchi mbolozainedi eti. Tachiwonani ugunata, umbava, uhule uchita kuyenderera pa chipumi. Ungamanyoze Doctor WA PhD

  25. Kenkkk says:

    I think we are doing this because other countries got compensation from the BRITISH. Also other people may have their own ulterior motives. It seems there
    is no time bar to make claims in such cases of colonials abuses.

    It is better to try our luck rather than do nothing at all, then regret got not trying.

    Trying to find the affected people or families could be very problematic.

  26. boney m says:

    really stupid-how many of those people are alive? do they have photo IDs to identify them from those days and incidents?? i think not! Mhone-this is a legal non-starter!

  27. Cocoon says:

    Try and sue Bingu and his brother for ordering the Malawi Police to Butcher Malawians on 20th July and he admitted it too, that is straight forward case. You are just after money what a desperation to use vulnerable people to get pounds for yourselves. Mau Mau was full war, we never had war in Malawi, read your history!!!

  28. Nkango says:

    That’s the true colours of a malawian ungreatfull .for so may years Britain has help Malawi in various ways of financial support today you Turing against them Ralph mhone is broke wants to make money . His now behaving like a street lawyer fight for anything that’s comes shame Ralph shame

  29. george chimowa says:

    God pls forgive my country

  30. Nkhombokombo says:

    Some people can think right!! Go ahead RM, people should not mix up the stupid Cashgate and Donor Aid with this issue at hand here. Mlandu siuola, it doesn’t matter how old it has taken. Mhone was a minor or was not born when these murdering were carried out and from history he has seen that there is a case here. So I support and urge the Gvt to listen to him and challenge him if they see no case but otherwise it is worth giving it a try. We must be abused and looked down because we are poor. Murder is murder regardless of who might have done it. Malawi is as it is now because of the foundation they left behind. Them being our colonial masters must suffer the blunt. Zambia and Zimbabwe are a million strides away than us because they had Malawi their resort because of our beautiful lake and mountains. Shame on them! Go ahead RM! You have my support, I hope more Malawians will support this concern and call. The British High Commisioner can not support this call because it is them who killed our brothern and most likely he is protecting his job. It will be absurd for him to rally against his mission. Go, go RM!!

  31. Zebron h banda says:

    Indeed,knowledge is power.some comments are plain difficulty to comprend,rather such people exibit umbuli wakachasu.swearing,how logical is that?The state of Israel claimed compensation from Germany for atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.So why not African countries against the brutalities of colonialists?za cashgate is another issue all together.Tinapeza mtendere chifukwa cha mwazi wanthu amene anaphedwa kufuna mtenderewu.You should honour them.

  32. Zantchito says:

    Moti mudzikakamba za miseu ku pariament apa….talk of nkhatabay mzuzu….salima dwangwa…thabwa to fatima….basi kumakamba nkhani zonsanveka ngati zimenezo….

  33. Observer says:

    Anali kuti uyu! Is this why he went to parliament ?

  34. Nowa says:

    Amai ankanditsina,ndikundimenya kalekale.nane iam lunching my case.

  35. zabweka says:

    Viva raph enawo ndi ana angona Osadandaula nawo, please awozweni wathu titikwanjani ada

  36. Mike siliya says:

    Comment. tiyenazoni a mhone mwayiunika mwati apa pali kudya apa, nayenso mzunguyu mwati wachoka kuti

  37. Great Caesars Ghost says:

    Interesting… this site and its captive audience likes to go on and on about the nepotism of certain tribes or regionalism… this being the case what does Mr Mhone mean when he say “during the legal challenge, they may include other Malawians who died in other districts during the same struggle..”
    Are our compatriots from Nkhatabay the only ones who died for Malawi to gain its independence? I can only assume from the statement in quotation marks that this is not the case; which makes me wonder why Malawians from other districts being included in the claim seems to be optional. secondly why the writers, editor and Nyasa times audience see nothing wrong with this and haven’t condemned it in the strongest possible terms like if “others” I can think of had made that statement?

  38. nana says:

    Washota ukufuna ubele anthu Osauka a Malawi.1.john chilembwe, john grey kufa
    Anthuwo palibenso anamwalira and their relatives can’t be traced

  39. Comment. all this time where were you to start talking nonsense now. where in the world someone demands justice because he is hungry? muhone better be careful

  40. Yankees says:

    U want to Cashgate the Compasaed money again? May Yu come with the list of the so called dead peoples relatives cos 1953 is not a joke, how old were U in 1953? Akukupindani Rafu mungawapinde ma Lawyer aku UK inu? Wen we talk about freedom fighters whom are we talking of? Do U wanted the freedom to come on a Silver plater? Please mukatha mano osamaswa phale adzalamula ena adzafuna ubale ndimayiko omwewo!! Waziyamba wekha ndi Pitala wakoyo now u want to mis use our moneys from the poorest pple in this world? Tamuoneni suit yapakaunjikayo? Shutup and stop this oqwad maniopic fool!

  41. Chindele says:

    ndalama izo wazamurya ninjani benecho bali kufwa kale

  42. Wina alila says says:

    Does this mean those people whose property was confisxcated during the Kamuzu era can also claim for damages? Sort your domestic matters first.

  43. proud parent says:

    Money spinning machine. Why not govt well wishers watch out.

  44. proud parent says:

    Embarrassing request. This is 60 years later it is gone and forgotten. What if 60 years from now the British should say we want our aid back and compensation for the way you treated our high commissioner wen you deported him after giving you aid. This is rubbish stop it you are embarrassing us.

  45. chatonda says:

    now if Britain stops giving us aid, is because of Raph Mhoni, Mtonga wa ku NKB

  46. Imran jawad says:

    Iwe chibwampini,pali nkhani ya alhomwe ndi atumbuka pamenepa,chitsiru iwe eti?iwe nde wakuti?mchewa wa gule,mbuli zosatha ndale izi,hw can u entrust u president mmanja mwa yona?si izi mwalephera kufika ku careful,we are watching.u wil dearly pay for this madness.

  47. Ndalama Ya ccompensation analandira kale kale kamuzu anadyera ndi mkazi wake kadzamira. Ndalama za cash gate ndi za NAC zatha ndiye akutuma kuti ubweretse these stale claims? Hehehehe. Tiyeni nazoni. Don’t pretend kuti it’s for the victims. They won’t get jack !

  48. Gona Mpanda says:

    Akati Mtumbuka ndiameneyu. Samafuna kugonja ayi. Nkhondo basi. Bingu ankawauza kuti akomana nawo kumseu. Tiyeni nazo, tikuwonerani Atumbukanu, anthu a mtima ngati nyini ya hule!

  49. Abwana says:

    So who will be these silly welwishers helping on the case? I guess mukufuna pongotchukira!

  50. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    As the drama called legals in Malawi continues. it never seizes to amaze me. Here in Malawi we have piles and piles of unresolved cases in our courts including this monster called cashgate committed by our fellow Satanists and some crazy lawyer is thinking of starting a new battle with the british just because Kenya did it. my question to you mhone what do you think all the aid you have been receiving from the british all these years for? some of that money was compensation you idiot. please stop the nonsense and go to courts to assist in the old cases if you gat nothing to do with your time.

  51. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Keep it up Raph , not even a single Lhowe died on the 3rd of March 1959 , that’s why they are not talking ” Dust is yourself ” FUMBI NDIWE MWINI .

    Why should the Malawi Government honor a terarisit in the nama of Rev John Chilembwe ? Malawi is not mentioning anything about Levi Mumba , Chinula and not even a Mulozi war in Karonga .
    Especially Munthalikas they are teaching Lhomwe history only , trying to bend the whole history of our Malawi.

  52. Jim lingu says:

    Let’s also sue for slavery. How about all the people Kamuzu tortured and killed. What a nonsense, these are the Malawi politicians of today. May be you can use the compensation to buy a brain

  53. brutsha says:

    This is unnecessary noise. Compensation for what? Just work hard in your cassava fields or wallow in abject poverty. Do you have criteria on how to identify the victims. Being old is not enough neither coming from the area where the brutality took place is enough. Mufuna kukulola pomwe simunalime!

  54. Kenkkk says:

    For this matter to be seriously considered, the govt must be directly involved by initiating it and contacting the UK govt. The UK high commissioner has already given us the green light as to how the matter should be handled. So DPP govt wake up and do something for the sake of proud Malawians who died for the freedom we enjoy today.

    Are you dragging your feet because there is no direct benefit to corrupt officials in govt? I am certain you will somehow find the loopholes to benefit yourselves as the real beneficiaries will eventually only get a fraction of their entitlement.

  55. watchfuleyes says:

    Big idiot with racist motive. May all your visa requests for UK and Europe be turned down forever. Better if you focus on present leaders of cashgate thefts, which is killing people today. Bid Idiot indeed.

  56. Brian Nashire says:

    Can we say these issues dont consider limitation period?

  57. Sake Chilling says:

    That is the way to go, Ralph. The UK lawyer will definitely be an asset in the case.

  58. Mbonga Matoga says:

    My advise to the British govt is to settle this issue as soon as possible by compensating these so called 1953 victims and then make sure you never give aid to Malawi ever again.

    The question one has to ask is why these compensation claims are coming out or at least getting momentum now. Your guess is just as good as mine.

    The issue here is the fact that the British and other donors stopped giving aid to Malawi in order to persuade the govt to close all loop holes that let cashgate to happen before our own eyes, some, and some politicians are not happy with this.

    The pockets of those politicians who used to benefit from stealing aid money are running dry and that’s why they are bringing up this issue against the British govt today.

    The one thing that these stupid politicians are deliberately forgetting is the fact that the British govt has been giving aid to Malawi than any other donor since we attained self rule in 1963. How much compensation do you need you myopic politicians. Where would we be without the aid the British govt have been give our country over the years gone.

    Agologolo wosayamika inu mbava za cashgate.

    The British govt please compensate these people and never give any form of aid to Malawi again.

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      1. How much of the British aid has trickled down to NB people? If the British were to close aid to Malawi, it would not make much difference to NB peope who have been on marginal lines through out the past 50 years.
      2. The demand for compensation has originated from concened family members. In fact, an ordinary NB person, Mr. Chunga is the one who presented the petition to Mr., Nigel, the British envoy to Malawi
      3. Lawyer Mhone can and should offer support to the concerned people. He is a good lawyer and he is from NB.
      4. Everything has time, and this is the time for NB people to rise and demand compensation fron Brits.
      5. I urge you to look at Malawi history and check on the origins of the cooking pot of any nationalism/democracy/rights issues

  59. Commen. akadalipo anthu amene aka haa Muhone una boza

  60. Think Tank says:

    That is the way to go about it. You dont espect High Commissioner Nevin to fone Foreign Office and say “‘please send money i want to compesate victims dependants here” here”?

  61. Dr Bwampini says:

    Nthawi yonseyi unali kuti mboli yako

  62. Dr Bwampini says:

    Alhomwe=Atumbuka. Uchidyamakanda, ugunata, kuuba, uhule

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