MP Mwenifumbo laughs off plans to join DPP: A ffirms ‘no one will die of hunger’ govt talk

Karonga Central parliamentarian Frank Mwenifumbo has heaped praises on government for its efforts towards making sure that no Malawian will die of hunger in the country following floods that devastated food crop land last season.

Mwenefumbo: I am being objective

Mwenefumbo: I am being objective

A critic of the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration, Mwenifumbo said such efforts as stocking Agricultural Development Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) with enough food reserves are a sign that government is “serious” about it is talking about.

Following the floods, it is estimated that more than a million Malawians risk starvation. While the DPP government has insisted that no such thing will happen, critics have been sceptical if government can materialize her talk.

Most argue that government has “no capacity” to maintain enough food reserves.

Mwenifumbo told state broadcaster MBC TV that he was “happy” with government’s commitment.

“For the seven years I have been a Member of Parliament I have seen no such a thing happening. All the ADMARC depots in Karonga, and especially my constituency are full,” said the former deputy agriculture minister.

The recording has repeatedly been aired on the state broadcaster despite a precedence of giving little or no airtime at all to critics and the opposition.

Mwenifumbo, who was given a reasonably long interview, however denied plans of joining the ruling DPP.

“No. That will never happen!” he told this reporter.

In the interview, he nodded a blue neck-tie – the official colour for the DPP. Interestingly, also, is that it was during the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s regime that he served as deputy minister.

He fell out of favour with the DPP following his defection to Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP) which assumed power through constitutional orders following Bingu’s death.

But he told Nyasa Times that he was only being “objective.”

According to Mwenifumbo, government “must be commended where need be and must also be criticised when such a situation arises.”

He said: “In the interview, I did not praise the President but government knowing quite well that it is not a single man’s job.”

Asked if he was going to join any party, he expressed reservations.

“I’m better of as an independent MP. I serve my people better this way,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “MP Mwenifumbo laughs off plans to join DPP: A ffirms ‘no one will die of hunger’ govt talk”

  1. santana says:

    My take is that Mwenefumbo triumphed in the 2014 elections by being voted by PP supporters who were not happy with the primaries which he lost. Some of his supporters are those who were with him in the DPP before his defection. And now Mwenefumbo knows that the PP is in the dustbin and can do nothing in Malawi’s politics. The leadership of the party is self-exiled and there is no hope for her return. The Northerners obviously voted for her that time because she was the incumbent. So Mwenefumbo is a strategic planner. He knows his constituents need food which only the govt is mandated to provide. He knows that if he chose to be rude to govt it is his people who will suffer the repurcussions. So he is thinking of being a little flexible with govt for his people to get a little something. Unfortunately people are starting insulting him as if they can provide something to Mwenefumbo’s constituency. Mwenefumbo is doing what his people want and he will do everything to win the 2019 elections. Those who are accusing him have chosen to be blind of reality. Why do people chose to be always negative? What is wrong with what the MP has done here? Some who are accusing him are those of the failed candidate so they don’t want the MP to do anything which may look good to the constituency so that come the campaign time they will talk everything bad about him. Mwenefumbo should just stick to his ideas otherwise he will lose direction if he listens to these dunderheads.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    We know you brother mwenefumbo. With mwalwanda in mcp, you will naturally tend to move to dpp and then perpetuate violence in central Karonga. Why is Mbc not giving Laz as much time as you, a mere MP for that matter? It is obvious you and dpp are courting each other.

    If you remain independent, I will respect you but if you join dpp thugs, I will consider you a traitor and without principles. We will see.

  3. Central says:

    Mr Mwenifumbo, nobody can deny that “in as far as boot-licking is concerned, you’r indeed objective and very objective for that matter!!”

    Keep up, for very soon you’ll achieve what you want!!!

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