MP Mwenifumbo raps ‘overzealous’ Minister Jappie:  Stop ‘politicising’ food situation

Independent memberof parliament for Karonga Central, Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo has accused an “overzealous” Minister of Information Jappie Mhango  for politicising the current food shortage in the country.

Mwenefumbo: These overzealous ministers are spoiling the name of the President in north Malawi

Mwenefumbo: These overzealous ministers are spoiling the name of the President in north Malawi

Speaking in parliament, Mwenefumbo cited Mhango  as one of the cabinet ministers  who politicised the  food situation in Karonga when he came to donate maize to the district hospital.

“ Instead of him just making that donation, it followed out with some negative reflections on us as Members of Parliament for Karonga district.

“He made a statement to the effect that he said to the congregants of that meeting, ‘we as a government have come all the way from Lilongwe to give maize to your hospital, where are your MPs here?’  and that was followed up with the party functionaries.

“I thought the initiative was very good for the Minister to come and donate maize to Karonga district and that he was doing that on behalf of the people of Malawi including us as representatives of the people of Karonga; but unfortunately, they use that as a political tool to de-campaign us,” said Mwenefumbo.

Mwenefumbo wondered why there are other members of government using the “unfortunate situation in the country in terms of food shortage to de-campaign others and to de-campaign other parties?”

He added: “ Please overzealous MPs and ministers don’t politicize maize You are the ones spoiling the image of the President in the northern part of Malawi.”

Mwenefumbo also complained about the ”selective distribution” of maize into different ADMARC depots.

“Karonga Central along with Karonga Nyungwe and Karonga South, out of the five constituencies, were deprived of the distribution of maize in ADMARC depots, simply because their representatives are not amongst the ruling party and this was evidenced.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, it took us to speak and complain to the Honourable Minister of Finance, who actually expressed ignorance and shock of what was happening and I want to commend and thank the Minister of Finance that he reversed that unfortunate situation by ordering ADMARC people to distribute maize equally in the district. I am happy to report that there is now an equal flow and distribution of maize in Karonga district,” he said.

There are long queues of maize buyers at state grain trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) depots throughout the country because of shortage of the staple grain.

Presenting a ministerial statement on the food situation in the country in Parliament on Monday, Chiyembekeza  has 9 300 metric tonnes (MT) of maize in stock.

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13 thoughts on “MP Mwenifumbo raps ‘overzealous’ Minister Jappie:  Stop ‘politicising’ food situation”

  1. Mtumiki Watson Msowoya says:

    My people love each other say God so lets love lead all we r Malawi

  2. mwene says:

    This Jappie Fool!!!! No wonder he was roughed up in his own constituency!!! He is in the Ziphwitsi group!

  3. anadimba says:

    kodi majappie.mwavala mosseeee

  4. Ento j says:

    at not all a bout politics minister change de mind set we need change say the truth sometimes dat wil set mw free

  5. ineyo says:

    All he knows is to bulldoze other people. He is such such a big fool! Matama akewo ndi amene anakamuphetsa ku Rumphi pa Tasokwa Msika ‘ s funeral. Too selfish minister

  6. Mlomwe says:

    None of the DPP MPs have been in two terms in the NORTH.Ask Peter Mwanza and who is Jappie after all?Timufyunyengepo mwana wamaphinya nga ndi Jappie

  7. MBUMBA says:


    SHAME !! SHAME !!

  8. its doesn’t surprise us when we see dpp falling apart, bcoz all top blasts are empty tins, deadwoods, gum trees- they can’t do something tangible to the nation, only to suck all nutrients(backs) before they leave.

  9. Omex70 says:

    Jappie Muhango, is the most thinks he is doing a good job for Mutharika. The truth of the matter he irritates us when he opens his stupid mouth. He is doing more harm both to Mutharika and DPP party by his useless and senseless utterances. He does not engage his brain before opening his mouth. He is the most trigger happy minister.

  10. vavlov says:

    What’s the qualification of this Mhango man? He is uniquely stupid, I cant believe he is a minister

  11. Malawian!!! says:

    Yes, where were you Mr. Mp when the people voted for you were ineed of food? Where did Mr. Minister errored? What suitable words do you think could have used.

  12. Kenkkk says:

    This jappie is the most stupid, shameful and an embarrassment to northerners. Typical northerners are not bootlickers like this dpp thug dog called jappie.

    Dpp is deliberately causing the worsening of food situation in the country simply because it wants to politicize food so that it is available only in the areas supporting it. Votes being more important to these dpp thugs than people’s sufferings and deaths.

    It is the same dpp gurus collaborating with vendors and buying maize from admarc through the back door to make huge profits for themselves while people are suffering. Their aim was to have good in all their dpp MPs areas whilst discrediting other MPs from opposition for not giving food to their areas. Their plans backfired as people exposed them.

  13. Master says:

    JAPPIE MHANGO is the most crazy minister peter mutharika has hired this time around, i dont know where he hired him, but its terrible to have such mafias as cabinet minister, shammmmmmmmme Jappie, u are a big fool currently in cabinet

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