Mpasu, Kamlepo condemn State spies: ‘Malawi no longer a dictatorship’

News that the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) presented to President Peter Mutharika a report that implicated leader of opposition, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and other opposition figures in a plot to bring down government through unconstitutional means has received sharp reprimand and wide range condemnation from political commentators and the general public.

Mpasu: There should be no political police

Mpasu: There should be no political police

Speaking on Capital Radio, former Speaker of National Assembly and seasoned politician, Sam Mpasu trashed the NIB report as a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

“In a democracy, we do not need spies who are political police for government critics,” said Mpasu.

“NIB should not be used for political purposes to victimize perceived political opponents. NIB should be concerned with the security of the country, which is deteriorating by the day,” added Mpasu.

Mpasu said Malawians cannot afford to return to dictatorship days and that Malawians shall always to continue to fight for freedom and democracy.

“I do not see Malawians sitting back while looking at their country receding back to dictatorship. The DPP government must be aware of this and strive to stay the democratic course,” he said.

Mpasu said instead of fighting perceived political adversaries, the DPP government to find solutions to the social, economic and governance problems besetting this country.

Hot-shot legislator, Kamlepo Kalua has also said suppressing opponents “is not doing national duties”.

He called on government to desist from the path it is taking as it has the potential to inflame the already volatile situation in the country.

Kalua urged government to focus on real issues than wasting taxpayers’ money on out-of-date politics.

A Lilongwe-based social, economic and political commentator, Hastings Kandojesaid the NIB report is one of the lowest moments that have come to characterize the performance of the DPP government in recent times.

Said Kandoje: “We understand that the NIB or [Nicholas] Dausi is under pressure to create an impression that he is doing something. The president has come under intense pressure to correct the political, social and economic landscape and this is one way of diverting people’s attention from the mess”.

He told Nyasa Times in an interview on Friday that government wants to take-off the pressure from itself and divert people’s attention from the daily distresses that have visited upon ordinary Malawians.

“But to resort to slandering and victimizing political opponents is simply shocking and sad,” he said.

The report also implicated other politicians such as Brown Mpinganjira, Joseph Chikwemba of People’s Party (PP), civil society member Reverend MacDonald Sembereka and health rights campaigners Martha Kwataine and Mrs. Dorothy Ngoma, among others.

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Nanungu Wa Chinyamata
Nanungu Wa Chinyamata

Disband useless NIB give jobs to teachers and doctors instead.Cut state house funding for stinking NIB now


Dausi do not think you will not fall. if pitala falls you will accompany him. Always think of your children who will help them to find jobs if you fall. We see , unless they change their surnames ifeyo we wont even short list them. However they are damn.


what if the report is saying the truth?

Imfa yibwera pompano.

A dausi mumapemphera ku Katolika ngati umapita ukuyetsa Mulungu akuwerengera matsiku kuti uone zikhadabu ana ako sazapeza mtendere. kudya makobidi chifukwa choti ndimadziwa kuthana ndi anthu owatsutsa. Galu wa munthu.


Dausi is a miserable failure. He failed Kamuzu and Bingu. I don’t know what is peter seeing in Dausi.


Leave Chakwera alone if he is a threat to you that is because you are weak and authoritative

Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW)
Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW)

Kodi can’t someone send ma thugs to beat Dausi up nyamilandu style? Wandikwana Galu ameneyu


No country on earth can run without spies musanamizanepo apo,government is a serious business.

advisory committee

Me too l have captured chakwera in my vision and ipad to rule malawi after next elections


What is the meaning of this? Should we stay without opposition Leaders? During the time of Dr Bakili Muluzi’s regime , Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika and his brother Peter Mutharika could hear about treason cases,. The thing is; when things are tough, why should we implicate other people who are innocent?

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