Mpasu, Kamlepo condemn State spies: ‘Malawi no longer a dictatorship’

News that the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) presented to President Peter Mutharika a report that implicated leader of opposition, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and other opposition figures in a plot to bring down government through unconstitutional means has received sharp reprimand and wide range condemnation from political commentators and the general public.

Mpasu: There should be no political police

Mpasu: There should be no political police

Speaking on Capital Radio, former Speaker of National Assembly and seasoned politician, Sam Mpasu trashed the NIB report as a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

“In a democracy, we do not need spies who are political police for government critics,” said Mpasu.

“NIB should not be used for political purposes to victimize perceived political opponents. NIB should be concerned with the security of the country, which is deteriorating by the day,” added Mpasu.

Mpasu said Malawians cannot afford to return to dictatorship days and that Malawians shall always to continue to fight for freedom and democracy.

“I do not see Malawians sitting back while looking at their country receding back to dictatorship. The DPP government must be aware of this and strive to stay the democratic course,” he said.

Mpasu said instead of fighting perceived political adversaries, the DPP government to find solutions to the social, economic and governance problems besetting this country.

Hot-shot legislator, Kamlepo Kalua has also said suppressing opponents “is not doing national duties”.

He called on government to desist from the path it is taking as it has the potential to inflame the already volatile situation in the country.

Kalua urged government to focus on real issues than wasting taxpayers’ money on out-of-date politics.

A Lilongwe-based social, economic and political commentator, Hastings Kandojesaid the NIB report is one of the lowest moments that have come to characterize the performance of the DPP government in recent times.

Said Kandoje: “We understand that the NIB or [Nicholas] Dausi is under pressure to create an impression that he is doing something. The president has come under intense pressure to correct the political, social and economic landscape and this is one way of diverting people’s attention from the mess”.

He told Nyasa Times in an interview on Friday that government wants to take-off the pressure from itself and divert people’s attention from the daily distresses that have visited upon ordinary Malawians.

“But to resort to slandering and victimizing political opponents is simply shocking and sad,” he said.

The report also implicated other politicians such as Brown Mpinganjira, Joseph Chikwemba of People’s Party (PP), civil society member Reverend MacDonald Sembereka and health rights campaigners Martha Kwataine and Mrs. Dorothy Ngoma, among others.

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77 thoughts on “Mpasu, Kamlepo condemn State spies: ‘Malawi no longer a dictatorship’”

  1. Nanungu Wa Chinyamata says:

    Disband useless NIB give jobs to teachers and doctors instead.Cut state house funding for stinking NIB now

  2. Taelo says:

    Dausi do not think you will not fall. if pitala falls you will accompany him. Always think of your children who will help them to find jobs if you fall. We see , unless they change their surnames ifeyo we wont even short list them. However they are damn.

  3. truth says:

    what if the report is saying the truth?

  4. A dausi mumapemphera ku Katolika ngati umapita ukuyetsa Mulungu akuwerengera matsiku kuti uone zikhadabu ana ako sazapeza mtendere. kudya makobidi chifukwa choti ndimadziwa kuthana ndi anthu owatsutsa. Galu wa munthu.

  5. Lola says:

    Dausi is a miserable failure. He failed Kamuzu and Bingu. I don’t know what is peter seeing in Dausi.

  6. wayunda says:

    Leave Chakwera alone if he is a threat to you that is because you are weak and authoritative

  7. Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW) says:

    Kodi can’t someone send ma thugs to beat Dausi up nyamilandu style? Wandikwana Galu ameneyu

  8. onyonyo says:

    No country on earth can run without spies musanamizanepo apo,government is a serious business.

  9. advisory committee says:

    Me too l have captured chakwera in my vision and ipad to rule malawi after next elections

  10. Tonnex says:

    What is the meaning of this? Should we stay without opposition Leaders? During the time of Dr Bakili Muluzi’s regime , Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika and his brother Peter Mutharika could hear about treason cases,. The thing is; when things are tough, why should we implicate other people who are innocent?

  11. KARU UNITED says:

    Tiye nayeni, osamusiya mtchona ameneyu! Peter & company, Chaponda, Gondwe, stole our revolution. “Anthu amenewa, asanabwere, M’ malawi muno, timakhala, bwino bwino,” said Joyce Banda.

  12. Emmanuel Mbewe says:

    Why Malawi? wow, i now understand the so called DEMON KRATOS. I now opt for GOD’s KRATOS.

  13. Kapalanaka says:

    It is very sad indeed with dausi. Should I pay one third of my salary as tax to be misused by dausi while my family is suffering. Should have been better if it was spent on buying medicine and food in hospitals because one day my family would benefit from it when sick rather than on mapwevupwevu, hiring jets, being stolen by apm and claim he has millions out there and enjoyed by dausi. Oppostion parliamenterian think about reducing our taxes so we pay less. There is no point in paying more and being swindled by very few individuals.

  14. Nathan says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Mpasu and Mr. Kalua. We are no longer in a dictatorship era. The government must not use tax payers money to surpress its opponents. Such stupid mechanisms should not be allowed in a democratic society! Let us say the truth which shall set us free. Pitala and his fellow tokoloshes have failed dismally to run this country. The best way forward is to let these idiots resign.

  15. 2mbwe says:

    Y the fear? If u did not plan to impeach the through unconstitutional way,why fearing?

  16. Joe says:

    Dausi, are you sensible enough ? Are you there to build or destroy Malawi ? Away with old fashioned politics. Away with your colloquial speech.

  17. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    Nicholas Dausi should be investigating about the people who killed Njaunju instead of creating lies about the opposition so as to look as if he is working.Implicating Chakwera and other politicians will not change the status of Dpp which is losing popularity on every passing second.Dpp should sort out myriad of problems that have engulfed Malawians than being obsessed of Chakwera for nothing.Malawians needs jobs,better healthy services,security,education,modern agricultural standards and good infrastructure.Cheap politics of the spy Dausi and other Dpp failed politicians will never take Malawi anywhere.Lastly sort out the ever sinking economy of Malawi.

  18. Wadiyusufu mchinji says:

    Za chilendo izo. Kodi akulamula ndimanthanso eti?

  19. Mhesha says:

    Pipo. ..don’t be cheated. This is a mere mind boggling political propaganda. We are only told of the so called NIB report and pipo are already up in arms condemning a report that is actually not there. ..Let NT publish it since they have its copy. There’s no single of such a report. They just want to create a debate out of nothing. In the end it will be Laz looking as a victim yet he is not

  20. kanenani says:

    Vitsiru Agalu Zobwilira Vaalomweinu Ujenizanu. Kapulezidentkanji kolumbilitsidwa Ku khothi.zauchi-ndipo zauchitsilu.Mukunya bibi muona.Tialomwe topanda Nzeruinu.Zakuujeni basi.

  21. Malawian says:

    In fact, we don’t need this animal called NIB. We already have security agents to deal with National security! We are not prepared to finance an organisation which deals with intelligence issues of a particular party! This is what we fought against in 1993! The problem with Malawians is that we forget too quickly!

  22. Katewe says:

    Lawyer president thinks old days politics.what use is NBI when there is official opposition to tell you the weaknesses of your government.koonanga ndalama kulipira nbi bambo president zoona izzzzi? Dausi ubweze siufunika ai!

  23. Domingo says:

    If the DPP want to stay in power they should just focus on fixing the economy and all these problems Malawians are facing. You are failing to employ even teachers and doctors and you want to divert people’s attention to petty issues. It wont work believe me. You are even busy burning markets to fulfill your campaign motto DPP moto kuti buuuuuu! Mbuzi za anthu.

  24. John says:


  25. kadushu says:

    Dausi, you are a confusionist remember how you killed MCP and kamuzu Banda

  26. Namachete says:

    Y r u against NIB? Is it bcoz they are doing their work? Mwaonekela poyera that’s y u r talking shit, let them do their work.

  27. Byron says:

    Mathuwa-Bt ndiwe mbuzi yomaliza.In most civilized democratic countries people call for the president to resign when things go wrong and when the constitution is raped,but this doesn’t mean those people want to topple government undemocratically or through a coup, others even call for impeachment.Are you telling me that when president Clinton in the US was facing impeachment during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, then those calling for that faced treason charges?

    Speaking that the president should resign is to show him that people who elected him are alert to any sscandals and mishaps and that what he is doing is not what they elected him for hence the need for him to step down because he has proved to be more incompetent than capable.The opposition and civil society are supposed to be Watch-dogs in a democracy and no forces of power from the executive should intimidate or threaten them with reprimand.People voted for transparency,accountability,and freedom.They are responsible to check the performances of their leaders,president,cabinet ministers,and MPs included.

    Nicholas Dausi is not fit to blend in with true democrats because he has the spirit of a Crocodile and enjoys stifling democratic values.He is busy eavesdropping on innocent citizens instead of concentrating on using intelligence machinery to spy on criminals who are terrorizing the souls that deserve peace.This is not the one-party era when Dausi subscribed to victimizing and causing harm to unsuspecting Malawians,this is the democratic era that demands good policy formulation for government running and prudent leadership from the president-threats,propaganda,and victimization have no place in this democratic era.

  28. The Analyst says:

    Where is Moses Kunkuyu? Or just his ghost/spirit maybe?

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    Such was Moses Kunkuyu! So rare was his courage!

    The guy looked at Bingu wa Mutharika in the face (fierce as Bingu’s face looked – smiling or not and powerful as he was), and told him by a word of words that hand-picking Peter Mutharika as the successor was being undemocratic. He was an MP for the DPP, mind you! Right inside the crocodile’s mouth. The rest of the DPP members were just murmuring with rage, anger, displeasure but timid even to just look at Bingu. And when JB came in, he was among the 1st guys whose courage paid off.

    But now, no one (in the DPP) can stand up to advise APM to trash the NIB report from the confusionist Dausi? What happened to moral courage? Even the usherers of democracy like Bakili Muluzi? Et tu, Brute? Should we wait for sense to come from madness (Kamlepo)?

    You cant be indifferent on this issue!

  29. fffffff says:

    Mbuzi za DPP are afraid of their weakness so want to hide by implicating strong opponents. I agree with Mpasu and Kamlepo.

    1. Kk says:

      Nkhumba za opposition i know u you want to fraslate the current gorvenment and development stupit opposition

  30. Mathuwa-Bt says:

    Dont hurry with conclusion.No smoke without fire.Read from press,heard from press conferences of MCP and CSOs that time has come for the president to step down,to resign meaning there is acoordinated underground machination eg the recent market fires. You didnt say anything condeming them.Becz of the NIB findings of what the country is going through then you are coming up with all sorts of accusations.Pliz what NIB has done is also part of national security.The problem is the leakage of the report.

    1. Kabononkhola says:

      Asking the president to resign can not be considered as unconstitutional. It could have been unconstitutional if they were to use violent means. What do the market fires have to do with the opposition?

  31. nachisale says:

    Mpasu should shut his mouth because he was in power when NIB began to be abused by the UDF. Also, those agitating regime change in the opposition and CSOs should stop.

  32. Nhuma says:

    Can we learn something from Timor-Leste please? We should not waste our time spreading hatred among our selves. We are should invest such efforts in eliminating crime and poverty. We need to deal with institutions such as Road Traffic and immigration people are on queus everyday rendered unproductive. Please deal with these and many other critical issues….

  33. I have more than two times said that these are the people who were making MCP nasty. There is totally nothing new that can come from this animal called Dausi. He was the one organising several attacks of the then time under the banner of young pioneer. The chief youth militia. Izi ndiye ankanena mayi m’busa Singh kuti these old timers ndi mbatata sizingaongoledwe. He seem to be in denial that Malawi is a democracy.

  34. Those are politics of cowards if you see this in politics just know that they are cowards

  35. BINGU says:

    dzakhuta chamba idzi dzitsilu dza anthu dzooneka ngati dza school koma dzili dzi makape chinacho koma kulowexa chizungu cha mu dictionary chimzakecho ndiye mkamwa ngati mwa mabvu stupid fools asatinyasepo apa muwauziletu ngati akufuna zoti timenyane atha kungotiuzapo tiiyambepo basii mache…………..awo

  36. CHINJOKA says:

    Kkkkkkkk DPP ndi azake ziliko.

  37. Agalu Inu says:

    Where was DPP when people of this country were fighting for democracy??? Where was Mr. Ibu when the people of this country were fighting for democracy??? DPP be careful, do not make people of this country ungovernable. People of Malawi rose agaist Kamuzu, who is Mr Ibu that people should remain silent when our country is going astray????

  38. George Kamanga says:

    There is nothing you can get from criminals, robbers, killers and dogs in DDP. They are there to protect what they stole through Maxon Mbendera and Kenyatta Nyirenda.

    They are there only to plunder what the poor souls are contributing to help Malawi rise.

    Why you great scholars from our beautiful land you still call APM president. It would be sound if all you honarable scholars of this land start calling APM a illegitimate president. I know all you know the truth that this dog (APM) did not win the election but because of greed and cruelity of Mbandera and Kenyatta Malawi has reached this far. Fear is gripping all great men and women of this land except the few are standing up to die for the freedom of our generations to come.

    Surely, surely, surely God will uphold the few who are fighting for “Truth and Justice” to prevail in this land but if they fight not for greedy reasons.

    My stand that this dog (APM) AND HIS SMALL dogs surrounding him are to fall soon as their late dog (bingu).

    All you who have been mentioned in the report voice the more for God Almighty is with you. Be assured that your effort is not in vain for you will be rewarded greatly by God Himself and your generations will enjoy your sweat. TRUE SERVANTS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD are praying for you day and night. Do not be afraid by the servants of the devil who are surrounding this dog (APM) for their father the devil is powerless.

    Victory and glorious days awaits those who fight for the voiceless who are dying in hospitals and homes because there are no drugs and there is no food for them.

  39. Charombanthu says:

    Did you expect anything less from a person like Dausi? He wants to take us into the one party dictatorship with his useless reports. No, No, No. We will not sit back and watch you guys slide this nation back to those dark days of dictatorship. Concentrate on the security of the nation and not dissenting views to those of the DPP. We are in a democratic Malawi now Mr Dausi and expect more of these. There are 17 million Malawians and not all of them are going to agree with what the DPP are doing and that is what a democracy is all about. I entirely agree with Hon. Mpasu that we do not need political police in Malawi now. We fought for this freedom (1992) and no one should attempt to take it away from us.

  40. haward says:

    A Duausi andikhumudwitsa kwambiri,kodi a Dpp simudatolebe phunziro mpaka pano simukudziwa kuti Mulungu amalanga mosavuta anthu amakani? Ok musawone ngati mulipo ena sangakwanitse mwamva

  41. nick says:

    Well said, Sam Mpasu! It is good to have a man of some intelligence, like you, back on the political scene. I once thought Dausi was that kind of person but he now seems to have embarked on the so-called “treason” path of unsubstantiated accusation that so much discredited the Muluzi and the Bingu governments and cost Malawi heaps in financial compensation. Grow up, Dausi! We are NOT interested!

  42. mapwevupwevu says:

    Iwe Kamlepo za upandu wa Chakwera zisakukhuze!

  43. OGO says:

    Dausi is doing the most dangerous politics which can put Malawi on fire. By putting Dausi to run NIB, it means NIB is a DPP Political wing which has nothing to do with national security. NIB is supposed to run by neutral professional. This is waste of resources. Where are the WATCH DOGs to watch and take note of this Nosense of oldest politics and turn it into national security services. That where Malawians are exposed to be fools. They did it in 1971. No wonder Malawi will remain what it is because of its people .

  44. Cameo says:

    What if it is true that these people really collected 50 mil from Sata junior. Who could detect this than the NIB.
    We can say Dausi ndi wamisala komatu Wamisala anaona nkhondo.
    Democracy sikupangilana chiwembu ndiye chiwembu china chilichonse chiyenera kuululidwa kaya ndi a CID ku Police, intelligence ya Malawi Army ife tikufuna Malawi ya mtendere.
    Kaya zikukhuza ndani

  45. chefourpence says:

    Point of correction! Mpasu….a season politician AND THIEF…,

  46. levelheaded says:

    What I was expecting from learned people like mpasu and others was to push for NIB to produce evidence before court of law than undermining the findings of its operations. National intelligence beaural is of great importance in every country not excluding Malawi where shortcut ascendancy to power is the order of the day. Chimene anthu amadanilana ndi DPP ndichakuti anthu anazolowera kuti akakuwakuwa apatsidwe ndalama zomwe DPP simapanga. Ànazolowera ma boma a UDF ndi pp. Zina monga kumakana ma recycled politicians amawona ngati DPP ndiyodzifila and creating enemies in the process. Bravo mighty DPP . I like your style.

  47. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Try that you will be walking on fire.You cam on the presidential through the window and you will come the same window.

  48. Impulse says:

    Having worked with Dausi over a decade ago when he was assistant to Gwanda the guy is a mafia, typical MYP guy. He still lives in the olden MCP days. The guy cant be trusted.

  49. True zopanda nzeru, the days of political witch hunting are long gone. After all even the opposition leaders are Malawians & don’t forget that even the opposition parties have a large following in Malawi. NIB what for?

  50. McGoodson Ngoma says:

    Dausi needs brain surgery

  51. Gwape says:

    But you should all know that it is the democracy and oppositions which destroy their own country due to leasdership hunger. go to Amerca and all other developed countries, you will that they have spies more than the number of mps in Malawi, just to inform the president about his opponents. why not with Malawi?
    Malawian we are the number one kusakonda dziko ndi atsogoleri athu kuno ku Africa.

  52. Patriot says:

    This is why they failed to disclose those who killed Chasowa, Njaunju etc but instead cook up false treason stories.
    With this Dausi at the Head of DPPIB (NIB), the DPP of APM is just as bad as the MCP of Kamuzu was.

  53. reasonable man says:

    Sam Mpasu this fool illiterate Dausi still thinks he is heading MYP . He does not know in democracy there is a difference of opinions and outright rebuke on any wrong doing by our president by any citizen. Malawi is watching him LA chi 40 likakwana then he will understand why Malawi is also known as the flames.Surprisingly why is the president keeping such people. They are tarnishing his image.

  54. Chiza says:

    Apeze cocita Dausi this is old fashioned sensationalism of ‘intelligence’.Its like saying MCP is planning to oppose the bill which DPP is planning.Then u ask which bill,answer,any bill sir.Very very crude.Let’s advance please Malawi this is not 1964!What a waste of resources if NIB will be like this,disband it forthwith!

  55. aha says:

    The day mentioned that chikwemba went to Zambia is the day he got married.
    So the report is false. Chikwemba sue them

  56. Josophat Returns says:

    What do you expect from an organisation that does not recruit properly? Whose Director comes from a party line than a geopolitical background? Whose officers spend time sitting in workshops and seminars eavesdropping on participants? Who can’t even go undercover in Ntandile to see who is stealing? Or who is burning the markets? Or who is still stealing money from govt? Or who is stealing ironsheets from the bus shelters? Or Road signs. Are u serious you have no work to do guys? How can you become an instrument of terror to the tax payers? Why burn Namasasu votes? Are you really relevant to us or to only Peter?

    While I know it’s National relevance, it’s role is not supposed to priotise on political witch hunting. Can’t we learn how civilized countries use such NIB tools? Shameful for a professor who spent his life in USA but can’t adopt some of its good doings.

    If this country will be run like a Lomwe mulakho it will slide into some deep waters. No sane tribe will help you. You have to run it as MALAWI. We see all that lomwe laden cabinet. We see your lomwe laden advisers. We know you are on a sure Road to failure. You won’t succeed with all this favoritism in the Chewa capital. This lomwe jagaunaut needs to move it’s capital to Chisombezi or Nkata or Ntimabi or Nantipwili. That’s where you need to go and set up your camp. Lilongwe-MALAWI is a national capital. We need nationalists not tribalism like you.

    You may dualise the roads of Blantyre at the expense of other cities but that won’t make Blantyre Malawi’s capital. We will all feel the congestion in the Lilongwe including you Lomwes who stay in the city.

    The poor management of Lilongwe City is not only hurting others tribes but also Lomwes. And that’s the irony of tribalism: You can’t rob a province that earns more than 80% of the country’s forex and shunt it to the south province to dualise even the road to your pit latrines just because you have the political wherewithal to do so. Lilongwe bridge needs another bridge at Lingadzi and at old town. Don’t you fools who stole votes see that? You can’t decongest Lilongwe by only these by passes. If you have the intelligence of stealing votes in any election then you should be able to know that quiet easily. Can’t you see that Lilongwe is decaying as a capital? Does it not shame you when you land at KAMUZU Airport from the good countries in this fucking sinking hole? Don’t you have anger to change it for the better? Where do you stay?

    Don’t you know City council of Lilongwe is not collecting refuse in Area 47 and surrounding areas? Don’t you know that instead of slashing grass, Chile Aviation Authority uses bush fires to mow the grass? With aircraft packed nearby? You call that astuteness? NIB that’s the kind of report which should land on Peters desk and not about a Retired Reverend or a Kwataine woman. Grow up. Yale University is not a place of such lethargic minds!

    Lomwes if you won’t do this, someone else will. No matter how long that will take. Be prepared to see the Rise of the Lycans. Stay warned.

  57. Mkwapu says:

    Yes these dpp thieves must not waste tax payers money on stupid allegations!!!

  58. Knysna Zoona says:

    Dont forget who is heading NIB,its Dausi a former MCP cadre trained as bodygaurd of the late Kamuzu by the exrtemely notorious Malawi Young Poineers.

  59. Billy mayaya says:

    enawo ndi zoono koma chakwera yo l don’t think so.

  60. Mapiri says:

    Mpasu was a victim of one party state. It’s good that he has spoken. Mutharika shud take heed.

  61. dpp kanundu says:

    This makes me think that my hard earned money is being used to fund a useless institution. I urge parliamentarians look at importance of having NIB. We can easily use the that is given to the crowns at useless NIB to run some health centre in masambanjati.

  62. nobel says:

    DPP is afraid of its own shadows. How can Chakwera be first to topple government when it had golden opportunity to take the reigns of power through bloodshed after such chaotic elections? The man gave in for sake of peace to prevail. Let them proceed and test wrath of Malawi. They seem not to learn from the mistakes Bingu did, they have surely disowned those sins and wants to have their own sins. What materials are used to manufacture DPP presidents and advisory, NIB?
    That’s the benefits of appointing a politician on such clueless intelligence institution.
    By the way;
    Where was intelligence when MEC warehouse was burnt in Lilongwe amid court request for vote recount and no culprit caught?
    Where was intelligence when one Issa Njauju was brutally murdered and no suspect cornered up to now?
    Where was intelligence when JB (when she was Malawi’s veep)motorcade was involved in a road mystrous road accident and no arrests made?
    Where was/ is intelligence when markets are torched willy nilly and nothing near arrests are made?
    So Mr. Dausi is nothing than a ‘ white elephant’ Malawi can not afford to continue nursing.
    Vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity with DPP & NIB

  63. Zoonazake says:

    A Dausi ni misala ndithu iyi basi ayamba uphika nyemba popanda moto nkumaonjezera nkhuni kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Boma iloooooooo!!!!

  64. hisbolla says:

    Malawians, our problem is wr NATO no action, talk only. Look at university students in south Africa. Zuma has REVERSED his earlier fees adjustment. To begging with, this so called president was never in Malawi wen we fot for democracy. Even his late brother, these r cowards who ran away from kamuzu. Just becoz a lomwe ndi ambiri today this guy is RULING US ILLEGALLY N WE JUST WATCH THIS??? 33% of the total vote n we sit back, being RIDICULED, BEING TAKEN FOR FOOLS, SOMETHING WRONG WITH US FOR SURE.

  65. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ukawona ntchentche zikakhala pa bibi patchire nkumakauza anthu kumudzi kuti pali njuchi, nzoona? Kkkkkkkkkk

  66. Malawiyano says:

    Dausi niwaboza lenileni , niwaboza lenileni !!!

  67. Ma says:

    Dpp that’s what happens when you get Malawi young pioneer to be head of NIB! Peter has no idea how we suffered under Dausi mcp …matchona awa! Be careful Peter Dausi can help you fall further! Just think about it, who can vote for dpp under current performance? ???

  68. malawi view says:

    peace of advice indeed!! but stronger,less democratic leadership its wat we need to develop.

  69. Eye Witness says:

    Leave Ngoma alone. You haven’t employed the qualified nurses she has remained quiet. Now mukumususula pachilonda?

  70. Dido says:

    Iwe Dausi, ndi NIB yakoyo kagwere nao uko. Ife kungova kuti NIB timakumbukira a Gadama, Chiwanga, Sangala, ndi a Matenje. Thupi lamapanga tsemwe komanso mtima umayaka moto, chomcho siiranitu chibwana chomanenanena liwu loti NIB.

  71. YASINI says:


  72. Anabanda says:

    Watch out peter once again u instruct this behavior people will come to the streets

  73. Musayiwale kuti Dausi anali Bordgurd wa Kamuzu kuphedwa kwa wanthu munthawi ya Kamuzu akukudziwa bwino ndiponso anali mmodzi oononga Kamuzu .Kwa iye Dausi kupha munthu sizachilendo ndi mmodzi oononga mbiri ya MCP Atsabitsale poti ali ku DPP.

  74. Jimm Iyk says:

    Dausi pamtumbo pako.Kuzolowera kuyatsa office ya mec.Kodi bwanji sukumantha kuteteza umbanda podziwiratu kuti pamalo pabedwa..Kapena ukufuna peter adzikukwelaso iweyo..

  75. Zambulo says:

    I can prophesy that MCP will win the next general elections. I captured the face of Chakwela on my ipad.

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