Mpasu tells Malawi govt, ‘stop retribution’

Former Speaker of Parliament, Sam Mpasu has warned the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government to stop acts of retribution to political competitors and critics.

Mpasu: Stop retribution

Mpasu: Stop retribution

Mpasu lambasted Peter Mutharika government during a local radio interview over the termination of Louisa Angella Kabwila’s internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Angela Kabwila, daughter to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicist, Dr Jessie Kabwila, had had her internship at Ministry of Foreign Affairs terminated, a development that some commentators linked to politics.

Mpasu said it is clear that the termination of the internship was the cold calculated hatred and the vengeful tactics of the DPP government towards the opposition spokesperson.

“The country does not belong to a ruling political party,” Mpasu said.

“Retribution is political immaturity and dangerous to stability of our country,” he said.

Mpasu said the DPP government “must understand everyone has got equal rights.”

He said: “Criticising government is not a crime, it has never been a crime unless in a dictatorship. Criticism is part of advice.”

Mpasu accused the government of sparking “political tension” in the country, saying “it is too high.”

Kabwila herself vowed to accelerate her criticisms and attacks on DPP government despite what she described as persistent persecution on her and family.

She said arrests or government decision to terminate the internship of her daughter cannot shut her up.

“They are failing to separate me from my daughter. They are trying to intimidate me and my family but I will not stop,” said Kabwila.

She said since her arrest, the government has foiled two trips as punishment for being too vocal and critical of the Peter Mutharika administration.

She said she has credible information that the government has reordered her re-arrest on Marchl18 just a day before parliament rises.

Kabwila said the police will do so on pretext that she and other two suspects on sedition and treason charges will now be formally and officially charged with the offence.

“I will continue to speak out. I cannot keep my mouth shut when people are dying of hunger, this government has failed, it has failed Malawians completely,” she said.

The MCP spokesperson said she and co accused Peter Chakwantha and Ulemu Msungama are not intimidated by government.

The issue of termination of Ms Kabwila’s internship was raised in Parliament on Tuesday by MCP’s Lilongwe South East parliamentarian, Willard Gwengwe, who asked Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, George Chaponda to explain why the lady’s internship was terminated.

But in his response, Chaponda said the matter had been blown out of proportion saying the termination of the internship was necessitated by lack of space at the ministry.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs shares space with Ministry of Local Government and we have a number of employees who are being recalled from our foreign missions having served for 7 – 8 years and we are going to absorb them back into the system,” explained Chaponda.

He added: “We, therefore, thought of releasing interns to create room for the returning employees.”

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23 thoughts on “Mpasu tells Malawi govt, ‘stop retribution’”

  1. Kalyoto says:

    I for one do not support the idea of taking unparliamentary issues into this respectable house with the aim of getting sympathy from other devils whom you drink water with, Yes we all know that the speaker can not apply excessive control over Kabwira’s out bursts in parliament just because of the intimancy which is there.

    Firstly Mpasu was supposed to know that parliament is not a place for retribution against the government which has not lost its trust and glory. The opposition is busy fighting the government now that anything that the government will do, will surely be blamed as retribution. Some of the fights are more personal and not for national consumption, now who is government? These are the same people that we live together in the towns and villages forgetting that are human beings just like the opposition members. All in all Mpasu should not take himself as a saint forgetting his past, lets not politicise the issue. Mpasu is a president of a political break away group from the UDF so what can he say here to be neutral and also idoiises Kabwira,

  2. Billiat says:

    I have seen teacher’s and nurses retrenged not so long and nobody complained because they don’t have top names, so why this people moaning every day for this little bitch Kabwila, ugly mouth like your mother, fuck sex….

  3. Chambe says:

    If you get bored with my comments then just skip what I comment. I don’t comment to please anybody; I just express my mind. Iam not even any Political Party supporter as you are. Iam just independent Malawian who never gets swayed easily by the follow like you.

  4. Mbunga says:

    She’s so lucky she even got the internship in the first place, for I, son of a plebian and without anyone on top there to put in a word for me, never got that chance. Worse still predicament can’t get to the media houses because, like I said, I’m a son of a nobody.

  5. Chambe or Chimbwi says:

    Chambe I think the only sensible thing you do in this world is going to the toilet. Have you not noticed that nobody ever agrees with all sputum you always spew on Nyasa Times. All your comments are boring, pro APM, senseless and with no any intellect . You are somebody who could support Bwampini or atanyera pamseu. Give us a break man. Am DPP but inu nokha man ndi mbola.

  6. Misolo says:

    Sam is correct iwenso ungokhala chete chifukwa nawe uli ndi zakonso zonyasa.
    Kubwezera pa ndale sizoyenekera.
    Sam ndi wa nzeru kuposa iwe.

  7. giftgift says:

    this country is not for dpp regime no! no that things change one day dpp ell be out of gov take my note I’ve kuno kumpoto mmati Ana anthu ndi 10 points asapite ku unve koma aknu ndi 30 points go ok God is watching.

  8. Chambe says:

    Why should the whole country absorb its energies in Parliament, in the media and public places discussing about an issue worthy not important? How many college leavers having Degrees but not politically connected and are straggling to find internship in the government as if government belongs to Parliamentarians only?
    I think Kabwira knows it herself that she has a personal bad blood between APM and herself because I could not find any direct link to the sacking of her child with her being critical to APM.
    Iam not a fool to be dragged to believe this nonsense and if Kabwira feels very offended and that she has a legal route to challenge APM over this matter, let her do so silently instead of troubling our eyes and ears with this stinking garbage.
    Mpasu as her supporter will provide his chest to to console her.

  9. FBI geniune says:

    its a matter of time one day this dpp government will b history.Enough is enough and we r tired.

  10. Puludzu says:

    #1, Malawi is not developing because of bootlickers like you. Just because Sam Mpasu has had some scandals doesn’t make him a lesser citizen and you idiot a wiser one. Irrespective of whatever wrong Mpasu did, he is highly regarded and holds a place in the annals of history of our land. There is substance in his utterances!

  11. Baba says:

    Mpasu should be a converted man for sure. When he was in UDF he was at the forefront of retributive politics. He was at the centre of political harassment of MCP and its leaders and the illegal occupation of MCP offices. Nkhonya yobweza imawawa!

  12. Jahan says:

    First you hire interns, a month later, then you realize you don’t have space for them? Like seriously?
    But then again, with the DPP gvt, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s absolutely true. They have NEVER been able to think a minute ahead. Such chaos in Malawi, shame!

  13. Fred Mailosi says:

    Mpasu never played the primitive politics of DPP played by their leader, the vice tried at first to play clean pilitics, but he has changed all over a sudden to tow the same line and thinking as Mchacha (Chacha), Kudontoni, Kaliyati and the rest of the political idiots that make up the party’s grouping.

  14. Phwisa says:

    A Mpasu zoona? Bwanji umphawi chani? Ndiye osangoyamba using’anga timitembo ta ana mumakafukula ku manda tija. Ukanakhala wina you would have been constructively advising govt but always opposing everything from DPP. Poti DPP ya Bingu idakumanga ukufukula mitembo ku manda ku Machinga

  15. John Black says:

    Sam Mpasu is a convicted criminal. We should not listen to anything he says.

  16. concerned citizen says:

    munthu ukamafa makutu amagotha.
    you are practicing childish politics.
    why punishing a child? mtima ngati wa lingstone
    ndale za makiyobasi
    makiyobasi was a kind of cheap politics by DPP goverment in trying to surppress its opponents

  17. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mr Field York mulipo? Nanga Joseph Mwana wanu chigawenga uja alipo? Nanga Silabha hule wa Ralph Kasamabara ali bwanji?

    Khalani chete mudzipatse nokha ulemu!

  18. fodya says:

    7 – 8 yrs yachani? Mulibe chilungamo inu a Chaponda, some people have served mma Embassy for over 8yrs koma osawapanga recall, mukulimbana ndi ana oti sanathe ndi 3yrs yomwe! What criteria are you using? Cholinga mutumize azibale anu osaphunzirawo! Choncho Malawi ingatukuke?

  19. Khwakwaniwa says:

    Eeeeeee Mpasu khala chete!Malawi ali pa umphawi bcz of u!munakanika kukhala okhulupirika nthawi ya Unduna wanu!kuba too much!kodi tidzingokhalira kumva zopusazi!Atolankhani tadziikani nkhani zoti malawi atukuke not za ziiii ngati izi!

  20. Johnmasanza says:

    A mpasu now you want to show your self that u r still alive in political atmosphere by making nonsensical head lines?ok?

  21. Wakwatabu says:

    akuluwa adakalipo?

  22. peter says:

    If the government is recalling some of its staff working in foreign embassies, why did the ministry request MK2billion additional funding for salaries?
    Whatever an evil mind conceives and executes will not be hidden before the eyes of men! It is just a matter of time.

  23. Robbin Makonde says:

    Sam Mpasu ndiye ayi ingokhalani chete. If Malawi has failed to develop, you are among the people that spoiled Malawi. Do you want us to start mentioning your scandles? I think you’ll do better by keeping quiet other than provoking us to remember the baddies you’ve done to this country

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