Mphwiyo blows K1 million on gambling

Former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, at the centre of massive looting of billions of kwachas of government money, surprised revelers at DBR Gaming Casino in the affluent suburbs of Lilongwe’s area 10 when he gambled the machines a cool K1 million in cash last Thursday.


Mphwiyo: A gambler

Mphwiyo, whose shooting on September 13, 2013 revealed the massive looting of government money, arrived at the Casino with a brown envelope containing K1, 000 bank notes in starches of K100, 000 each and gave the barman for safe keeping.

He took two bundles of K200, 000 and went to the gaming area and was back within 30 minutes to get two more bundles of K200, 000, according to an eye witness who did not want to be named.

“After another 30 minutes he came to the barman again to get another K200, 000 and went back to the gambling area and re-appeared after an hour to get another K200, 000. After this one he joined us at the bar and started buying everyone who was there whatever they were drinking, we were about 10 people at the bar and we drunk like nobody’s business,” said the eye witness.

Many patrons in the bar wondered who the ‘rich’ dude was until one of the guys recognized him as Paul Mphwiyo.

“He did not look bothered that he had lost so much money on the gambling machines, he looked calm and composed. He had more than K1 million kwacha on him in cash that night and blew it on gambling and drinks, some guys have got all the luck,” said the eye witness.

Mphwiyo was back in the witness box on Monday  testifying against former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara and his colleagues who have been charged with his attempted murder from the shooting.

Mphwiyo is a civil servant and his salary, according to insiders, ‘cannot reach K500, 000’.

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97 thoughts on “Mphwiyo blows K1 million on gambling”

  1. Kamuna says:

    Nayenso akwenyedwe CASHGATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patriot says:


  3. Yosefe says:

    So Joseph u r wealthy 70 Million excluding 4 descent properties and still working for 300,000 a month. Why not just concentrate on ur successful business. Why employ others to manage that massive business yet u can do a better job urself. Is that 300 000 worthy than managing this big business. Kapena the business is thriving from the 300000 job. Tell us more. Wisdom is the principle thing.

  4. nankungwi says:

    so what must we do its his cash leave him alone he is got bullets in his body musiyeni sinkhani iyi ndi ndalama zake zachipepeso

  5. matako says:

    whatever happened to vigilante justice? We all know those who stole from us through cash gate lets take them out!! let them wear tires around their necks. This is our money they are playing with.

  6. Mr.Bambo says:

    Ali ndi bodyguard kodi?Amuombekansotu akuona ngati achina Kasambara amutaya eti?

  7. CB says:

    A Malawi mungopanga comment inu munaliko??..zabodza izi

  8. Federalist says:

    I don’t blame you Mphwiyo, asiye abale ako enanawa abatangwanika ndi kulalatila aTumbuka amene akuwawuza kuti lets federalize the government systems in order to enhance proper distribution of resources. Abale ako akuti, ayi ife bola Mphwiyo aswelese ma million, bola Triza Senzani amange palace yake yake, bola Mulli adye 1 billion

  9. Federalist says:

    I don’t blame you Mphwiyo, asiye abale ako enanawa abatangwanika ndi kulalatila aTumbuka amene akuwawuza kuti lets federalize the government systems in order to enhance proper distribution of resources. Abale ako akuti, ayi ife bola Mphwiyo aswelese ma mallion, bola Triza Senzani amange palace yake yake, bola Mulli adye 1 billion

  10. Anonymous says:

    All this while other people starve in the townships, others cannot even afford shoes and people are dying in hospitals from lack of medicines. We need to round up these cashgate dogs, reposess all their money and property, and throw them in jail. Sis.

  11. bulawayo timoro says:


  12. Nabetha says:

    Is there any problem seing him gambling? Koma zinazi ndizogwetsa ulesi.

  13. Fanta says:

    So what should we do? Is this an issue worth reporting? What’s the purpose of posting it here? We need real issues please. This reporter… wasowa zolemba?

  14. Anthuwa akuziwana Kasambala,Lutepo, Manondo and Mphwiyo

  15. Mbanangwa says:

    And yet we have some Mlawians who can not afford even a bar of soap! Shame!

    1. Learnard says:

      Achimwene lets just pray that the truth comes out very soon, we need to deal with these ponopoly once and for all. ndalama zachilungamo sungadye mwamakata choncho.

  16. Glad says:

    Mr Man receive Jesus as your personal savior. Very few have your luck, if you cannot repent now, you will never do it even if Jesus himself can come down.

    Its your choice to know what is best for you

  17. Chindazi says:

    Nyasatimes….. kodi scandal ija yaku area 47 sector 3 on Saturday morning the 20th September simunaifufuze….. yabwana wa FDH Bank…..kkkkkkkk may be they were together with Paul on this day ……mahule …………kkkkkk Shame to you guys kkkkkkk you have mkazi okongola basi kumachindabe mahule,,,, mkazi wako uja ma hip ake aja iwe basi kwa hule….. UZAFA IMFA YOWAWA….

  18. The One says:

    Let paul live his life apa, kodi mumafuna aliyense akhale osawuka basi. Remember not guilty till proven guilty by the court.

  19. Chindazi says:

    Rasta…… do you know the rate of the dollar today…. its us$2500 not us$4,000….. kkkkkkk

  20. stanicious says:

    Much as i appreciate that the money was spent in his name is much as i don’t appreciate that he got this money through his own sweat. A million kwacha spent on gambling? A Mpwiyo are u saying nothing but the truth that u didn’t steal money from these poor souls under bridge? sure, sure mpwiyo? i believe in this saying: there is always the moment of truth in one’s life we shall see

  21. munthu wa munthu says:

    Thus cheap propaganda lembani zina you must have your facts right one envelope stuck with 1 million then getting K200 thou each time who was counting the money or how did the guy witnessing seen that he has taken Mk200 thou, did Paul tell the guy keep this one million and starting demanding chanks of Mk200 each, malawians must stop mmabodza they will not reach us any far.

    1. Saulz says:

      Dunderhead! How can it be so difficult to understand that it was most probably the barman to whom Mphwiyo handed the envelope , or anyone in his vicinity e.g a manager or waiter , who witnessed every transaction that night? Is it really not that obvious? And this is not the first silly argument about ”how do they know how much money he had”, There’s another goon calling himself a real lawyer who made a similar remark and actually got support, lots of it. Bottom line is this ‘victim’ of cashgate appears to be spending outside his means as a civil servant. That should be the real issue being discussed here. It should have been the question being asked when civil servants like Tresa Senzani were observed leading lavish lifestyles. It’s not about jealousy, its about holding public servants accountable. As a public servant and a victim of an attempted assasination, Mphwiyo should conduct himself in a manner that shows he has the public interest at heart.

  22. Eeyetu eeee!!!! inu m`mati bwa? Alipotu ambiri siyekhayu ayi koma kusagwidwa. Ambiri akunjowa nkhani yake ndi imeneyitu basi.

  23. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

    Musalire a Malawi. Paja munafuna nokha kuti ulamuliro wa utchimo upitilire

  24. nkhedu says:

    ndizake basi and akudjeratu cos u neva kno



    1. BWANA says:

      Mungokonza nokha?? A satanic nde ndi inuyotu man!

  26. Dadaboma says:

    Paul if you want your life, stop your lifestyle. The money you have is stolen money. If you can’t return it to the owner (govt and its poor people) then don’t continue spending it the way you’re reported to do. Give it to God for he is the ultimate owner of everything, and He will know how to return it to the people you stole it from. This my advice, you’re free to take it or leave it.

  27. Nyirongo says:

    i love him. he has shared the money with us in a way. did you want him to spend on nyanga?

  28. MWANA says:


  29. New Generation says:

    very silly man that’s our taxpayers money but gvt is just phwi one dy he will see live shootings without sparing him thank God

  30. Truck says:

    Very sad shinning with money which he didn’t work for what a shame.

  31. akhona griffiths says:

    musiyeni nzanu adye mane, vuto ndi chani kodi??? koma mavuto a ku nyasalande sungawamvetse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rasta says:

    MK1 000 000 is only US4000 RIGHT? No big deal there, for those with money!

    1. MalawianNAKUNGWI says:


  33. zandiwawa says:

    please repent and turn to God u have been saved by His grace ukadakhala wina bwenzi pano ukulalikila uthenga wa bwino wa Mulungu osatengela chitsanzo cha bwino cha nzako wa dzina paul from the Bible.

  34. wobeba wanga says:

    Let him blow his own money (sweat)

  35. lexus says:

    Ukanakhala wina bwezi utalandira Yesu, and use that money to spread his gospel

  36. wellington chirombo says:

    mzanu asadye money inu basi maso tuzu kumamuyang’ana ndi diso la nkhwezule? dhollayo ndi yake musiyeni azinyindule basi. pangani zanu a gang’a inu. iwe ukuuza anthu za paul ulipidwapo chani? ukhala choncho.

  37. Hagar the Horrible says:

    If I were him, I would at least for now, desist from any actions that draw people’s attention, particularly those that portrayed me as a moneyed person. Of course I understood him saying that he has businesses in and outside Malawi, but he should not behave as ‘Mbuli ya chuma’. He can quietly ‘eat’ him money, not showing off by buying beers for everyone or spending a cool million gambling. Kodi mwina the windfall was never expected eti? We will be tempted to think kuti ndi zakuba.


    What a wreck of a mind!
    You mean he cannot change even after he took those bullets?
    Dr Ntaba, the man who literary saved him from the jaws of death, rightly described this man’s survival as a “MIRACLE”; yet for him life goes on as normal!! No moment for Reflection, no chance for Meditation!! Oh God save Paul.
    Surely, this is not enjoyment of life. A whole million spent within 2 hours, on gambling!
    Abale ake a munthuyu, wife, friends, well-wishers; this guy desperately needs your HELP.
    Take him to a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist or a Devout Man of God for assessment/counselling. Ignore this advice at his Peril.

  39. nduyankha says:

    if i was him I would not behave like that in the situation he is in now. koma mukundidabwitsa ndi amene muku bakilanu

  40. ZAZI says:

    remember GOD watches every step u tek………………….

  41. Ayatollah says:

    I am a lawyer. A good one. The story doesn’t make sense. How did this onlooker tell that there was one million in the envelope which this guy handed to the barman? Secondly, From the narration, it is clear that Mr MPhwiyo only took a total of K800000 when he went to the gambling area. There is no indication that he came back to the barman to get the remaining two hundred to go and proceed with the gambling. Further, this witness is only a witness of what happened on the bar, not what happened in the gambling area because he was not there. What if this gun shot guy wasn’t gambling but lending the money to Gamblers? And what if, assuming he was indeed gambling,he won some money after the gambling, say four hundred thousand,and simply put in in his pocket as he went to sit on the bar. And if he was buying drinks for people on the bar, why don’t we want to assume that he may also have been buying drinks for the people in the gambling area? Meaning that all the money he took was not spent on gambling?

    The story is a complete nonsense actuated by bad faith. Get rich and get a life. Demeti

    1. wish you well says:

      Not a good one but a bad lawyer, if you are a lawyer at all!!!

    2. thoko says:

      assuming ur also rich ryt ??

    3. Bulu wa Mphamvu says:

      Inu Ayatollah si inu Lawyer…Nanunso ndi akuba ngati Pwiyo…..

  42. Jose' says:

    Man Paul. Zikukudabwitsani? Amene tinamudziwa kalefe apa ndi pang’ono amapanga zoposa apa.

    My worry is: If he spends so much does it qualify him as not having been shot aimed for the dead by the Cruel Raphael Kasambara? Palibe kugwirizana kuli konse. If he wants to blow his money, let him, after all, gambling is legal in Malawi while shooting Budget Directos is not!

  43. yuona says:

    Pali nkhani apa? Kodi nkoyamba kulowa mu casino eti? Inu simunaone messenger akumwera ndalama zones za GPL?

  44. Chindazi says:

    Paul…. you would have donated this money to friends of Limbani Moya so that the grace of the Lord should be with you….. not spending on gambling which would cost your life as well…… We never know,, may be the shooting is from your gambler friends…… Please tell us the truth you young man…

    If I was I Chindazi….. I would have changed the Life style of leaving and spending mwa chamba chonchi…. The world will turn around you ,,, then things go sour….

    Turn to God , live faithfully with your wife and kids before you die…. Surviving gun shots its your Turning Point….

    If you can read, read this and take my words….. UZAFA IMFA YOWAWA……

  45. Chemjambe says:

    People do gamble even beyond K1m

  46. All civil servants are thieves starting from the President to the bottom
    ,they are all in a possession of unexplained worthy hence spare us the bull
    Gambling is his personal problem does not concern us,some of you (journalists) are asking money to write good about somebody
    Malawi sadzatheka basi!

    1. Mind your language says:

      If it is from the President down then that includes that person u admire most if not outright worshiping in the name of Atupele Muluzi. There are lots of Civil Servants who are leading an honest life and do not generalize. Next time make sure you comment on the first cashgate case involving Muluzi Senior.

  47. petani says:

    ndiyetu kumulonda mzanu thats his private lyf whats wrong

  48. wavisanga says:

    chimene sunachivutikire kupeza sumavutika kutaya kwake!

  49. Mphwiyo is a wonderboy who seem not to have botherings as regards to how he spends his money. The big question is what is the source of the money he spends willy nilly? I wish we all knew the source!!!!! kikikikikikikiki

  50. John says:

    Koma zili pa Malawi ndiye ey…

  51. Black Market says:


  52. masada says:

    Some Guys have all the Luck in this world,,,,,God reveals

  53. Marvericj says:

    How do you expect one t blow stolen money! Like Makaka…..

  54. chimms says:

    kodi Mpwiyo after that tragedy, u haven’t yet repented and commit your life to Jesus Christ, Shame.

  55. Kodi Mkazi ali ndi Mr. Paul Mpwiyo pa chithunzi ‘pa ndi ndani? kapena akazi awo. tatiuzeni.

  56. Big brain says:

    Rich man:

    It does not matter where the cash originated from but he is rich.

    Until proven guilty !!!

  57. lufina says:

    Thandie please advise your husband to cool down. We all know he stole from the Malawian people but he should not be rubbing it in our faces like that

    1. Anonymous says:

      Or even better, why not just divorce him? How do you sleep peacefully at night knowing what you know? Just take the kids and get out from that evil marriage, no one will blame you.

  58. DJ Mlambadolo says:

    so what!

  59. FKS says:

    These other people do not appreciate. Instead of glorifying GOD for serving u from the death tramp u are at it again! If I were Pwiyo or Mphwiyo I would serve God the whole of my life time. Let me remind u Piyo, two bullets are still in your body, the world doctors failed to remove them but MASTER JESUS can do. Mphwiyo, Pwiyo, Piyo, come to GOD THERE IS A PLACE FOR U.

  60. Kabwiro says:

    Come on guys a person blows K1m which is less than US$3,000.00 in a day is that something you can be talking about a story?

  61. loveness says:

    this is Malawi my friend you can get away with murder so long as you are rich

  62. Joseph says:

    hey hey hey silly Malawians,gone are the days when one needed to depend on a salary to make money.Paul Mphwiyo is a successful businessman and he has got the liberty to blow his money anyway he likes.I also work for a parastatal with a salary around 300 thousand kwacha but ive managed to build up my business and am currently worth over seventy million Malawi kwacha.i have two diary farms,three produce farms and a transport business.i also own three good houses excluding the one I live in.amalawi tikakhala ndi mtima umenewuwu osafuna kuona anthu akuchitabwino coz of their salries then am afraid a lot of u young people will die poor.please work hard!!theres a lot of money to be made here in Malawi

  63. Abiti Mtila says:

    By the way how much is in his account if the small fish like Manondo and Kasambara had K5bn between them? He is the main beneficiary of the cashgate and am wondering why the government is mum on this

  64. Lottie says:

    If the money is legitimately earned, that is okay. However, experience has shown that people that amass lots of money through fraudulent means are also great spenders. The reason is simple, stolen money is not a blessing to thieves! The truth will soon be out.

  65. Truck says:

    Its stolen money people who worked for their money will never play with money like that that’s the problem of Cashgate people get confused with that money.

  66. Boko says:

    hahahaha kikikii, Why not blow it when Pitala is also blowing much much more than this with his lomwe crew. hahaha kikii

  67. ine ndimaona ngati akulu awa sakukhudzidwa ndi cashgate scandle koma he is master of cashgate scandle, inu anthu akuvutika mmidzi wina ndikumaononga ndalama ku njuga zoona kumwera mowa special hell is waiting for you,must be careful

  68. Craniwell Yabooka says:


  69. Dry Cleaner says:

    He is the chief thief,all the looting evolve around him,but because he started with DPP,then pp and its DPP,then its just continuation of the drama. But someone steals goat or a cell phone,mob justice ,if he is lucky 5 yrs ihl and the cases do not take long .nanga si amphawi,apelekanji bwa judge ?

  70. ELIAH says:

    Dis pipo ve cashgate guys they shud knw dat *HELL* iz waiting 4 them


  72. Kika says:

    Mbava yayikulu yina ndi imeneyi.That is cashgate money.


    Kodi iwe Mphwiyo patsiki limene umazipepesali unali ndi body guard? Iwe mboma umalandira zingati kuti ukasewere njuga ya one millon?Mmesa ukuyankha mmulandu wokhuza kubedwa kwa ndalama mboma ,tikati unnaba nawo tilakwa? iwe Mphwiyo sunachimine eti?YANKHA

  74. Chikadza Kuwani says:

    Mbara zimenezi

  75. jojo says:

    he is careless how can he move around with million and showoff just like that

  76. njomba says:

    The author of this story is an embicile who z a great idiot of this country. We need dynamic en developmental stories not private norms of pple in this country. We have had pple spending more than 2 million not the fuss u hav brought here.

    1. ANALYST says:

      I think Njomba umapangadi za “njomba”. This is one of the few stories I will live to cherish to have read on Nyasatimes! Its a great piece of investigative journalism which WILL (not “may”) have an impact on his cashgate court cases! If you dont know what journalism is all about, you better keep quite!

  77. wakumalawi says:

    yah civial servant waku MW…onzakofe lelo 25th ndalama kulibe ku Bank ati GoM ilibe ndalama salary ichedwa…mudzafa infa yowawa athu inu

  78. abdul says:

    we blow money on whores,beer and everything but our parents and relatives suffer at home village.

  79. Sakala Francisco says:

    Mphwiyo has been rich since his college days

  80. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Easy come easy go .

  81. Is it another testmony?

    1. Mtumbuka says:

      Mphwiyo!!, Mphwiyo!, Mphwiyo!!!, wise up! Ur thinking is just like the looks of ur head. U must behave urself, u make the old innocent parents and relative worried over ur folly. Bury ur pride, boy!!

  82. H maloni says:

    Nayenso anaba ndalama zochuluka, dziwani kuti ndi amene adayambitsa cashgate

  83. Misechetu iyi ndalama ndi zanu kapena zache?

  84. Vyachalo says:

    bwanjiso. Uku pita ku polisi chamba chili mthumba?

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