Mpico closes down Malawi govt offices in Gemini House over K2.9bn rental arrears

Malawi government business especially in the ministries that are in Gemini house in Lilongwe have come to a stand still, following a move by Malawi Property Investment Company Limited – MPICO to close the premises.

Nation Msowoya:  We are discussing

Nation Msowoya: We are discussing

Employers of various government ministries and departments were left outside the premises  as they were denied access into their respective offices due to the development.

According to the notice posted by the company on the building’s entrance, the closure is with effect from Monday – July 28 until further notice.

Managing Director of MPICO – Peter Du Plessis refused to comment on the development but records show that the company had previously threatened to seal the building due to outstanding rental bills that government owes the firm.

Government has accumulated rentals of up to K2.9 billion; hence, Mpico’s issuance of eviction notices.

Spokesperson in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development – Nations Msowoya admitted to owe the private firm some money but said the move is unexpected as discussions between the two parties is underway.

”We are also very surprised because we have been in the building for years since it was constructed, so the action has really surprised us despite owing them money,” said Msowoya.

”Right now we are discussing with officials from Mpico and ministry of lands to try and find a solution to what has happened. I think it is very difficult to pre-judge a meeting, because if they have decided to close the office it means may be they are not giving chance to discussions,” he said.

Some of the government departments that use the building include; Ministry of Gender, Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Finance just to mention a few.

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46 thoughts on “Mpico closes down Malawi govt offices in Gemini House over K2.9bn rental arrears”

  1. ziz says:

    Boma likavu ili!

  2. Dikisan says:

    AMayi ndi abambo ichi chiyambi chabe. Alibe cholipira. Ndalama amwera mowa zones. Ulanda muno mudziko. Party too much. Ngati zenizeni.

  3. ANGITAU says:

    Next water,electricity and telecommunication bills are to be disconnected.Check me out.

  4. chimwemwe says:

    Why did lands allow this to reach mpakana they close this shows senoir staff at lands are not doing there job efficiently as this is an embarassment to Malawi.How can government offices be closed on a normal working day there is need to improve efficiency as i dontthink this happens in our neighbouring countries

  5. Fwe fwe fwe says:

    Malawi Government is a toxic tenant. Can FDH Holdings come to its rescue.

  6. Zuze says:

    Thumbs up MPICO Limited. Ife timaopa, kani ndi zotheka kutseka office ya boma. If tilimbuyomu. Tikatseka Kamuzu Central Hospital. Atilipire basi!

  7. Nganga says:

    Ma PS a ku Lands Ministry ali busy kumanga ma nyumba za upstairs. Muzidzakwera ndi wheel chair mutadzakalamba. ACB, mufufunzenso Ministry of Lands chonde.

  8. In the know says:

    So Treasury had money to fund development rallies in Thyolo and Ndirande to allow Kaliati and fellow Lohmwes to castigate Chakwela instead of using that money to pay rentals for Kaliati’s Office. Look today she will not go to her office since it is located in this building.

  9. lol says:

    The Professor is wasting time suing Allan Z. Ntata instead of solving real issues on the ground. Tiyeni nazoni ife timanena this government is full of midala… a Goodall Gondwe anakalamba akapume he cannot bring anything new to the system than this mess. Koma kukakamila kokhako yayayayayaya!

  10. Mwama Du says:

    Bomaaaa koma limenelo! Kkkkkkkk dubious prof on the steering indeed. SUPPORT dPP ON YOUR OWN PERLIL.

  11. chamoyo phiri says:

    kumalawi kima.mavuto alipo ndithu.

  12. chamoyo phiri says:

    koma mabvuto alipo kwabasi.

  13. mgawadere says:

    Zilibwino nkhani za rent zimakhala choncho ngakhale ife kwa Chimoka ngati sunalipile rent umatulusidwa ndithu mnyumba apereke basi apo ayi ma office akhale pansi pamtengo kulibenso chomwe amapangako ku office zawozo

  14. Zilikoliko ku nyasaland. says:

    A PS a lands and housing muyalukapo apa. Mapwevu govt. Woyeeee!

  15. Kadakwiza says:

    Heeeeh! Malawians, why crying like babies, or chickens? Fwe, fwe, fwe, fwe, fwe! Why crying? Don’t you know that the president, Professor of All professors Peter Auther Muthalika is in the kitchen, still cooking. Its a year now since Dr. Ben Phiri told us Malawians to wait. So just wait. Malawians complaining too much.

  16. Paradiso says:

    I think MPICO has done a good job. I am also own some money by Government dating back to 2013 since I supplied some food stuff to a Government Secondary School.I will also close the school at a time the new term will be due to start.

  17. JCInLA says:

    I am soooooo happy that someone with balls did the right thing. For some reason this government owes the businesses in Malawi sooo much money and they ignore paying them back. Its very rubbish that this government is in such a state. I am glad that the MPICO took the actions they did.

  18. Dr Mbewe says:

    Dpp fotseke koma mapwevupwevu

  19. MULOPWANA says:


  20. Jang'ala says:

    Mxxii. Zachamba basi. Yaa! What a hell is that? Eish!

  21. Kodi iwe Ben, ukungoti Dr. zamatchabwada basi. PhD ya ufiti yachani?

  22. Okay, point taken, we shall work on this, as we are a government

  23. Nyapapi says:

    I have witnessed presidents but this old folk is the worst of all.Look now, civil servants up to now haven’t paid their peanuts, police last funded in may..umbava and corruption zitha? Umbulances are being grounded each every day due to fuel shortage, no drugs in our hospitals, kwacha now selling @ k600 etc. Koma timaliza bwino? I can foresee alot of sit-ins and demos. Keep watching and get prepared for heart attack. #shame

  24. GRM says:

    We have lived in the offices since they were constructed? Well, we are paying for this negligence. How can one happy living in a rented house for several years ever since it was constructed. KUPUSA.

  25. No problem says:

    Zakhala bwino, makamaka kuti boma ili silikutipatsa malipiro athu, eeee tikapume.

  26. Bwampini says:

    Pulofesa Bwampini Pachiwongolero Zaka Zina Zinayi.Sumunati.Ndizomwe Munavotera.Tiyeni Nazoni.DIZILO PETULO PALIBE (DPP WOYEEE!).

  27. Sake Chilling says:

    It is a big shame on those responsible for paying these bills. So why going through the budgeting process every year? One of the items on the budget is rent, as such the occupant is expected to budget for this. What negotiations do you want with MPICO, the rent when amount is stated in the contract.
    It reminds me of a song by the late Samangaya – “kukolola pamene saunalime”

  28. ambewe says:

    Koma pitala usova

  29. Musazafulu Dums. says:

    Where is the money which you gain from selling bank (MSB)?

  30. Ineyo says:

    What discussions, for what solution? Just pay the landlord, how long time you have occupied the premises is very immaterial

  31. Dr Ben Phiri says:

    Chi Pitara plz wake up from that slumber. Eish nyerotu iyi first class

  32. Am sick and tired of this government I don’t know where we r going, mupaka kulephela kulipira bill a peter ndinu a chitsiru.

  33. haha says:

    I really don’t know where we are heading as a Country. Do you want to tell me the Govt can source money for Maphwevuphwevu yet cannot source money to pay rent. This is total humiliation. The World is watching closely. We have Ambassadors for other countries reading all these. Its chaos. Mother Malawi has lost dignity indeed.

  34. Achimidzimidzi says:

    By the way, you are all invited to a dinner and dance at Sanjika Palace.

  35. Bushiri man of God says:

    So embarrasing u mean all the millions u stealling frm donners then u can’t buy ur own buildings lol.

  36. Mapiri says:

    I thought this was a Malawian company. You sold it too?

  37. jimbo says:

    The government clearly has financial problems when it cannot/does not meet its commitments. This is by no means the first time this kind of thing has happened. I recall Blantyre Water Board turning off water supplies to government property because of unpaid bills. The government should be giving a lead by meeting its financial commitments instead of wasting public money on unnecessary meetings, lavish banquets, etc., etc. Clearly this government under APM has lost its way. The Kwacha has lost value, salaries go unpaid, medicines are in short supply. What next?

  38. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Where do we go? Bonjovi.

  39. Zondiwe says:

    Our democratic governments think that they can use other peoples’ services without paying for them.
    Under Kamuzu, government paid its dues diligently.
    I am not a fan of Kamuzu’s dictatorship as I suffered under it, but I appreciated the economic efficiency that was the hallmark of the government machinery.
    Huge amounts are outstanding by government e.g. Escom bills, water bills and supplies.
    Shame on our democratic governments. They are the largest Economic Institution in the country and they must live by example..
    Dr Goodall Gondwe’s primary role is to see to it that government owings are being reduced consistently, and not just issue empty promises of Utopia.

  40. Mapwevupwevu government at work!!!

  41. Bob says:

    This government? Salaries for servants none, funding for govt departments nje. Now some offices are being locked. This is just the first month of the new financial year. Eh kaya.

  42. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Government fails to pay Mpico and hundreds other suppliers and expects them to pay taxes for running the same government. Are you surprised then that our government has no money to pay for goods and services it is getting? How is the economy going to grow if private businesses end up in dustbins due to failure by government to pay what it owes?

  43. Dr. Kanyeremuka says:

    Shame this is signs of failures

  44. Henz says:

    go and open offices at ndata.

  45. chimwemwe says:

    Mboma alipamavuto mpakana ku mseka ma office, what is the top brass at lands doing why did they allow to reach mapkana ma office asekedwa,last time it was ma doctors locked this time it mpico wake up lands and housing

  46. TCHELENGWA says:






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