Msonda claims PP is dead, accuse JB of abandoning ship: Mchacha says DPP to rule beyond 2019

Former Peoples Party (PP) publicity secretary and now a member of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Ken Msonda has attacked former pPresident, Joyce Banda accusing her of abandoning him after she was booted out of government.

Msonda: PP is a party without vision unlike DPP

Msonda also attacked PP, claiming it is almost dead with his defection to the blue camp as he is the one who holds the ‘keys’.

He made the attacks during a political rally DPP southern region team organized in Ndirande on Sunday afternoon.

Clad in DPP’s colors of blue and white, Msonda claimed Joyce Banda and the party lost during 2014 Tripartite Elections due to, among others, failure to prepare and lack of structures.

“This is the question people have been asking, and today I will answer it. Why PP lost the elections? There are three reasons to that question,” said Msonda amidst applauses by DPP supporters.

“PP was not prepared to rule Malawi, it got into government by accident. Another reason is that soon we took over government we all went into celebration mood; we only focused on enjoying the benefits of being in government forgetting elections were around the corner.”

Msonda branded PP as a briefcase party that has no structures unlike the DPP which he said is more organized.

There was no immediate comment from PP.

Speaking during the same rally, DPP regional governor for the south, Charles Mchacha urged the party supporters to be united and described the gathering as one of the rallies the party is set to hold across the country.

Mchacha warned opposition political parties to stop dreaming of ruling this country at a certain point in time, arguing only DPP has the will of Malawians at heart.

The rally attracted some DPP top officials including national youth director, Louis Ngalande, Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, Minister of Labour, Henry Mussa, Parliamentarians Allan Ngumuya and Aaron Sangala. Other notable faces included Davis Katsonga, Blantyre City Mayor, councilor Wild Ndipo.

Also in attendance were Paramount Chief Lundu, Paramount Chief Kapeni, and Chief Machinjiri among other traditional leaders.

Paramount Lundu warned traditional leaders of working against government by siding with opposition, warning traditional leaders do not need to play double-standards.


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Mr.Msonda, what you are saying is only signifying that you were a dead wood in PP party. If indeed if you are strategic and visionary, you would have advised the party how to prepare well for the election.
To crown it all, you are have no principles or clear ideology that is why you are a rolling stone


@nyererendiineyo mawu msamantha

Moses Gawanani, Ndix, BT
Moses Gawanani, Ndix, BT
Msonda is my man, truth pains but sets you free. How can a ruling party with all government machinery lose an election? Thank YOU Ken for answering our question – why pp lost elections. It is undeniable fact that msonda stood by jb in and outside government but amai forgot the lone foot soldier. A lesson to greedy political leaders if you forget political foot soldier, people on the ground working hard for you to be where you are nanunso muzalithawa dziko ngati jb! More fire foot soldier, lero DPP yadzuka yayamba kupanga misonkhano, waichangamutsa foot soldier! We DPP members… Read more »
Nyerere ndiye ineyo

Akufuna ndalama ya bokosi awa.

Andey kalambula

useless person ,uzawafuna ndimunmthu mayi timawakonda ,tsoka I’llo…ooooo


Msonda yamunyokola njala. Akanapanga bwanji munthu uyu. Reduced to destitute.

That whole bandwagon of beggars Chief Lundu etc. Even Chief Kapeni, reduced to charlattans..

Yahya Jammeh

What do you expect to hear from a prostitute who has gone to bed on an empty stomach for several days. Is Msonda a principled politician or someone who wherever he lays his hat becomes his home? You will still face justice for openly saying gays should be killed. Malawi is a democracy despite flaws here and there and no one can take the law into their own hands. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

chief activist

i expected self enstranged msonda to offer hopes to malawi bu alas……he is another nail in the coffin………with such mindset of msonda expect constant maalawi


Msonda has keys? You are not serious Msonda because what we know is that you are a confusionist and a person that will lead any political party to destruction. You are filled with ill motives with your crazy ideas. Since you are there to seek fortunes amongst the thieves party, be quiet about other clean parties like PP. You had no impact at all in PP and cheat DPP that you matter when in essence you are useless. Used up aka politician Msonda…..shit!


Why should we listen to this political Idiot off a whore. who jumps from party to party.

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