Msonda says ‘time to eat’, off to meet Mutharika in America: DPP lures MP Jooma

The ruling  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)— desperate to annihilate its rivals at the next elections in 2019,  has dangled a carrot in front of  former outspoken spokesperson of Peoples Party Ken Msonda and is now luring the party’s spokesperson on finance, Ralph Jooma.

Msonda: DPP sees value in me and I will eat

Msonda: DPP sees value in me and I will eat

Msonda ticket

Msonda ticket

Jooma on DPP shopping list

Jooma on DPP shopping list

Msonda, who resigned from PP two weeks ago, has since left Malawi destined to United States to meet on President Mutharika and other DPP officials to seal his next political move as ruling party operative.

Government handed Msonda with air tickets and allowances for his trip to New York as he has been added among the private delegates to UN General Assembly which the Malawi leader attended last week.

The DPP wants to assign Msonda a political mercenary role to fight PP and its leadership.

Msonda was captured aboard Ethiopian Airways plane in economy class, seat number 13J on Sunday through Chileka International Airport at 14:42, ticket number 0712115681513 on his was to New York.

The trip was arranged after meeting DPP vice-president (North) Goodall Gondwe in Lilongwe recently before he tendered his resignation.

Msonda reportedly told Gondwe, who is Finance, Economic Planning and Development minister, that he was ready to work on any assignment DPP will give him “as long as there is eating”.

Gondwe promised Msonda that the President will meet him.

He said Msonda indicated to him that may be joining DPP.

Msonda, however, denied meeting Gondwe, saying the Finance Minister was peddling lies.

He, nonetheless, said time has come “to eat” and not just be a “foot soldier”.

“The fact is after I quit PP, the ruling DPP approached me and asked me to join them.

“I did not know I have this value in Malawi politics until I quit PP,” said Msonda.

Msonda, who often times accused DPP leadership of shielding its officials allegedly involved in the plunder of public funds at Capital Hill widely known as Cashgate, joined PP in January 2012 after he quit the United Democratic Front (UDF), which he joined after being lured from National Democratic Alliance.

He is seen in the position of a drowning man who can clutch at a straw in a desperate bid to enhance his fortunes.

Meanwhile, impeccable sources revealed to Nyasa Times that Jooma is now featuring prominently on DPP’s shopping list of opposition politicians whom it wants to win over to reboot its political fortunes ahead of 2019 elections.

DPP secretary-general Ecklen Kudontoni said Jooma would be welcome to join the party, saying after all he was previously a DPP member.
“It is natural that we would welcome him back. We have always said that we are an inclusive party, a progressive party,” said Kudontoni.

Jooma could not immediately comment.

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23 thoughts on “Msonda says ‘time to eat’, off to meet Mutharika in America: DPP lures MP Jooma”

  1. santana says:

    Is the ticket showing that he is going to the US or Addis Ababa? You would have waited up to the time you flash us with a ticket from Addis to the US. Who knows the guy had a visit to Ethiopia and back home? Did Msonda tell you his visit to America or you are just assuming? And do you really think Msonda as he is can openly utter the words ”eating money” as you want make us believe? All you have written here does not make sense. These two political giants can not so stupidly to reporters. You can fool others but not all of us.

  2. Dogs ruling the country KKKKKKKKKC

  3. POLY POLICE says:

    This is why I have always said we do have politicians in Malawi. Its a big shame that money shakes a politician instead of a politician shaking money. I wait for a day when he stands on the podium to begin his usual business, Kutukwana. Yet he calls himself wampesa. Mpesa my foot. This is a typical example of an idiot of a politician. He talks of value. Just look at him if at all there is any value remaining in such a shameless ghost.

  4. Reformer says:

    If this is true clearly shows decay in our political realm. Ken Msonda lacks core principles & values of a exceptional politician. The same man stood against the ruling part with tenacity now sleeps with the enemy because of greed. Shameful stance from once a promising politician lacking longevity & passion. Double standards# Tax payers monies

  5. Ulreka says:

    Is Bingu now based in the USA that he should invite a fellow Malawian to USA to discuss Malawi political party membership issues? Who is financing the trip? DPP, Bingu in his personal capacity or the Government of Malawi? Those that are clamouring to honour this caricature of a president should hang their heads in shame.

    1. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

      Akulu Bingu died 2012, kugona bwanji????? Chonchi dziko lingatukuke tulo take timeneti

      1. nancy says:

        hahaha Kangw/’ngw/’I good one

      2. Monsieur says:

        Ignorance at best, how can they hold their government accountable when they do not even know who runs that government hahaha, A Malawi amandiseketsa nthawi zina.

  6. Mbesuma says:

    Kkkkkkk Pumbwa ameneyu wadya chibanzi

  7. Lest We Forget says:

    Msonda should indeed just eat the tax payers money to be offered to him because only idiots will take him seriously on whatever he says in his new job.

  8. True Patriot says:

    Assuming that what has been attributed to Msonda in the article is authentic, and I sometimes have my doubts over the authenticity of what is published by Nyasa Times, we clearly have a big problem with our politicians. The guy is openly bluffing that it is now time to ‘eat’ and the DPP feels that this is a small risk worth ignoring?

    The guy is definitely a liability, but perhaps it requires people with a minimum average IQ to realize that a political liability, however in a small dose, can lead to the fall of even the most established political organizations!

    What is it DPP? Is it the obsession with power? Is it complacency at the seemingly never-ending upheavals in your nemesis party?

    What is happening in Malawi politics is very retrogresive. The ruling party is all happy to see a weakened opposition in the country.

    While this strategy would almost certainly guarantee election victory, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee political stability. The ruling party needs strong opposition to continually keep it on it’s toes. Conversely, a weak opposition can’t provide the oversight that would move the country forward. As Lucias Banda once sang, in order to have a strong society you don’t weaken the strong, rather strengthen the weak…..

    The strategy of alluring opposition figures also has detrimental effect on the internal settings of the party. Mind you there are people within the party who have been loyal to the party, and have been with it through very difficult times. There is no need to imagine how such people must be feeling when the party ‘invests’ it’s resources to rope in the same people who, only a few weeks ago, only saw evil in the ruling party.

    In my opinion, the DPP is becoming too big a party to run efficiently. One just has to look at the level of abuse of party resources happening in the country! I frequently travel on the Lilongwe – Kasungu road and I always meet party vehicles doing matola business, party vehicles hired for wedding parties, party vehicles packed at drinking joints, etc. The worst abuse however, is the one where a party pick-up is always found overloaded with bricks and sand for construction of a party official’s business shop somewhere between Mponela and Bua!

    If you label me jealous for saying this then, as Professor Lumumba says, we Africans have lost all moral decency and we only pride ourselves in mediocrity!

  9. Waphuma says:

    Politics of self-aggrandizement. Politicians will answer this before GOD. Malawians in the rural areas are languishing because of your greedy attitudes.

  10. gaddaf says:

    opposition wake up & remove nkholokolo mchipani .we r tired ndikuzima kwa magetsi 2019 we want new government not a galu awa akuba

  11. The Analyst says:

    Only myopia would make someone jelously guard and hold on to a bag for so many years. Only to open it and realise that in there, is nothing. PP is such a bag. A party long dead yet kept alive by people’s talk of JB’s fugitivity. Nanga inu . . .
    . . . Who thinks that PP will win the 2019 elections? Not even Uladi himself; thats why he keeps talking about a coalition.
    . . . Now, of what use then is being a member of such a hopeless, long-dead party? when all one can do, is hope for a future that doesnt even exist?
    . . . Are we surprised therefore that Msonda gladly quit, poor as he looks and perhaps, as he is?
    And besides PP’s non-existence, who is surprised that Msonda has quit? You see . . .
    . . . One has to be a stranger in town to be surprised that Msonda has jumped ship. He is, has always been and will be a wanderer – a married woman loyal to no single man. A soldier loyal to no flag.
    . . . Its just sad that Malawi has such people for leaders/politicians coz it clearly shows that we are doomed!

    1. Malawivoice says:

      You’ve talked ill of Msonda – calling him poor and a wanderer
      You’ve talked ill of PP – calling it empty bag, long-dead, non-existent, hopeless party
      You’ve no bad words for DPP
      Because you are DPP, a thief, plunderer, nepotistic, killer, liar, manipulative
      You are all that the devil is
      You are the people that have destroyed Malawi and you see no wrong-doing in your acts
      DPP is a beautiful blue party for you – a party without blemish in your sight
      You will be surprised or even astounded – PP will rule Malawi again, and it’s not long from now

      1. Vumani Mkabenga says:

        Ken Msonda is entitled to what he has done and if you had wanted him to do differently then that is not the role of Ken it is your role. Congratulations Ken for taking that move.

  12. Dzina Msamatchula says:

    Is the man used to take Msonda to the UK and all expenses to do with that coming from the DPP pockets or the State purse? We are a laughable and shameless headless state

  13. malawi says:

    Shame on you, is that spiritual warfare? Ken

  14. Maliseni says:

    DPP should trade carefully with Msonda, one cannot say publicly that its time to eat to a party that is serving citizens, he can’t take a picture of his boarding pass and share it online. He is greedy and money hungry

  15. Gogodasi says:

    After Jooma, next will be Salima mafias, Jumbe and his sister Jesse, the lecturer. Wait a minute , you will see it happening, In the midst of all these squabbles in MCP, what option would one struggling politician be left with?

  16. Machiavelli says:

    the way i see things, we are going back to the one party system. Thats what this clueless DPP and its supporters want. They have caused trouble in MCP , now they want to cause trouble in PP to have an easy ride in 2019. They are spending our taxes buying opposition leaders. Ndidzakuthotholoni ndima M16 and AK47 nonse, be careful, mwatipusitsa kokwana

    1. gaddaf says:

      stupid politicians dyera basi

    2. chintamachanga says:

      Very true, we are going back to one party state. Who Is msonda to make dpp panic? Eating Our tax money, aeroplanes n allowances for what?

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