Mswati stays put ‘for life’ as Inkosi Goman V, challenges ‘dethroning’ as Ngoni Paramount Chief

The Maseko Ngoni Paramount Chief Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani V as the Paramount Chief of Maseko Ngoni is not giving up the throne after being dethroned by some of his royal family members for despising other royal members.

Mswati: Stays out as Gomani V

Mswati: Stays out as Gomani V

But Mswati Willard Kanjedza Gomani V is firmly staying put.

He told Nyasa Times that his coronation oath is binding until death.

“I will die on the throne,” said young Paramount Chief, stressing that his is a “title for life”.

Mswati was declared Crown Prince in 2009 at the age of 13 after the death of his father Kanjedza Gomani.

But a meeting of some 24 Gomani royal family members which was held at their headquarters in Ntcheu recently, resolved to fire a 20 year old Mswati Willard Kanjedza Gomani as Paramount Chief.

The decision was made after observing that Mswati and the then regent, Rosemary Malinki, are despising other royal family members.

At the meeting, the Senior Prince, Titus Phillip Gomani declared Dingiswayo Samson Gomani as a caretaker until further notice.

But Mswati has said he will not be moved with that decision as he will continue to act as Paramount Chief.

He has meanwhile urged Maseko Ngonis to follow the patrilineal system of marriage to avoid succession wrangles.

Speaking at his royal headquarters at Lizwe la Zulu in Ntcheu, the Ngoni supreme chief said: “We can keep away from chief succession wrangles which are common now if patrilineal marriage is prioritized. This is because the children born from such marriages are culturally believed to have stronger family recognition and bondages.”

Gomani said apart from preventing succession disputes, such marriages will further end land disputes which he said overwhelm most traditional authorities under his jurisdiction.

“Patrilineal marriages should be followed by all Maseko Ngoni because they have potential to abolish land grabbing issues among family members more especially when one parent dies,” said Gomani.

He observed that children, widowed mothers and orphaned children have always been chased away from their land a situation that he said results in suffering.

The Gomani Maseko Ngoni royal family in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania trace its roots to the royal hierarchy of Ngcane Maseko kings who ruled parts of South Africa and Swaziland particularly during the reign of King Maphanga Maseko who had succeeded King Mcamane Maseko 1.

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52 thoughts on “Mswati stays put ‘for life’ as Inkosi Goman V, challenges ‘dethroning’ as Ngoni Paramount Chief”

  1. pika says:

    mwana wanzulu uyu. especially when he is promoting patrilineal marriage. Real Ngonis follow patrilineal marriage . osati chikamwini. it is true that chikamwini has common problems of land grabbing , child headed household families, poverty in the villages because men do not work to settle at that chikamwini village where they easily be chased even if they brad winners.

    on another note. it is unheard of to hear a dethronement of a king because of such reasons. Late Mbelwa 4 said Nkosi silakwa. zimalakwa ndi nduna zake . therefore we can not critise the Nkosi atalakwa bwanji. Mulikulakwisa ndinu ma adviser ake inu. Musiyeni alamulire mtundu uwu wachingoniwu. Ndipo akuwoneka kuti ali ndi maso mphenya abwino kuposa onse amene analipo makamaka polimbikisa kuti anthu amuna achingoni a kwamaseko nawo azikwatila osati kukwatiwa ngati achewa ndi anzawo a lomwe ndi a ayao. Long Live King Mswati Gomani Long Live Ngoni culture, Long Live wisdom of the Ngonis

  2. Chimkhalo Chigwa says:

    Asachoke Mfumuyo!

  3. Kingsley Yohane Simon says:

    Ife amene timakonda mtundu wathu tikuti muisiye mfumuyo ngati amalakwitsa bwanji osangomuthandiza?

  4. Just give respect to the Ngwenyama, if he is doing wrong in some of his works just try to assist him with the strong advice osati zoti asiye ufumu, asiyira ndani ngati wamwalira?

  5. Zondiwe says:

    HRH King Mswati Kanjedza Gomani Maseko cannot be dethroned ‘just like that’.
    Sit down and discuss if there are problems, and look for solutions.
    Ngonis are an important part of our tradition in Malawi.
    The dethronement declaration is null and void.
    The Minister of Local Government should have clarified the issue.

  6. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    You seem to be civilized young man. Please do not start drinking beer excessively like other young T/A under your jurisdiction.

  7. Kwende says:

    Wawa Maseko Mswati Kanjedza Gomani,
    Maseko those challenging you or dethroning you are not readers of Nyasatimes nor are they resident on Nyasatimes.
    A Chief does not get legitimacy by ranting on Social media but by ensuring that his subjects including his relatives within the Royal Family are taken care of properly.
    Take your fight to them. You Grandfather Senior Prince Titus Phillip Gomani is living in nkolimbo right there in Ntcheu. Go and settle your legitimacy issues with him!
    People on these social media platforms are not aware of the real issues behind all this issue and saga. The quietness from some of us is simply meant to preserve the remaining little reputation of the Paramouncy.
    I will repeat – Take your fight or defence to the larger Gomani royal family.
    Your Grand father – Senior Prince Titus Gomani is your Grandfather and he is no mad person as you would want people to believe. Sometimes you just need time (Warren Buffet) – Just Time will tell (Bob Marley). You some times can not just quicken certain things! You cannot impregnate nine women and expect to have a child within a month! A baby requires nine months in the womb to acquire full life! Its only a matter of time, Dethronement may take place if you mishandle this whole saga using the wisdom of Mrs Rosemary Malinki Your Aunt! The Chiefs will also not help you because they are currently thriving under your weak Chieftaincy! You need the Elders with the Paramouncy and well as the confidence and support of the royal Family.
    Lastly, be aware from now onwards that The Gomani Royal Family is not equal to Mrs Malinkis Family!
    Social Media and Rhetoric through the Press will also not help you avert dethronement! Similarly keyboard Support by your admirers will also not help you avert dethronement. It is only genuine engagement with the Gomani royal family which will help you!
    Zimatha Maseko

  8. goodluck says:

    Isiyeni mfumu yathuyo

  9. sibongiseni chinkondenji says:

    mwana uyu ndi akatundu omanga mawaya.satheka msiyeni atitsogolere advice to INKOSI BE COURAGE ENOUGH and dont be intimidated we are behind you Nkosi.CLING TO JESUS as your you sleep use PSALMS 91,

  10. Wa kwa Nyoni says:

    Mumusiye mwanayo ngati simunabadwe mfumu sinu mfumu

  11. Bayeti Ngwenyama Inkosi those jealous people have no powers to dethrone you,you are the legally enthroned Inkosi,do they understand the chiefs acts those ignorant jealous failures.

  12. Mlakho says:

    Nkhalamba musiyeni mwanayo.He is the king for life no matter what.

  13. Miccateez says:

    Brav0 G0ma v, ,,,,,,

  14. Juju says:

    What a contradiction from the young chief. He chased his father’s wife from Lizulu; the Inkosikati, Queen mother, whom lobola was fully paid for by his father, the sleeping Ngwenyama, Kanjedza Gomani. She is the one who was by Kanjedza’s side when he was coronated, the one whom he lived with at Nkosini and the widow of the sleeping Ngwenyama. His father practiced the same patrilineal marriage being a true Ngoni. Now Mswati chased his mother and is preaching ‘patrilineal marriages’?

  15. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    It is his birthright!!! …I repeat….. It is his birthright!

  16. jojo says:

    Chipasupasu cha Angoni

  17. Mwanayo mumusiye. Musansokoneze. Komanso ufumu sasinthasintha ngati kabudula. Kukhwima eti?

  18. Zimene zikuchitika ku banja la chifumu zikuchotsa ulemu ku banja la chifumu komanso ku mtundu wathu wa chingoni ku ntcheuko. Sindikudziwa kaya mukanganirana chuma kaya ndi mswahala ochokera ku boma. Enanu akuluakulu amene mukuti ndinu ana a Philip Gomaninu muzigwira ntchito osangodikira mswahala. ulesi eti? Pa Lizulu pangofwifwa ngati palibe anthu.

  19. Pat says:

    Mmmmmmm! In 2009 he was 13, and now (2015) he is 20 uears old. Ok?????

  20. anale says:

    Real ngonis don’t practice chikamwini,but patrilineal,this chief is wise and you all ntcheu people stop the stupid chikamwini system of marriage and be real ngonis,just like tiur king is advising you,the entire world its only sourthen and some parts of central region where this stupid chikamwini system is practiced,stop this trash now

  21. Dislabada says:

    Muphanapo zaziiii maufumu apa dziko lapansi eish!

  22. Nancy says:

    chonde musamuphe mwanayu

  23. Angonienieni says:

    Munthu wina otchedwa Govate ndiye amene akusokoneza Maufumu kuno ku Ntcheu iye ndimwana wa mufo,Mdzakazi,ogwidwa,kapolo komanso mtumba .Iye mudzamudziwa popeza watsala pang’ono kuyaluka

  24. Hoitty says:

    You Ntcheu Ngoni adopted too much of Chewa culture. You are the first to disrespect and talk bad of Lobola yet all Ngonis in Africa practice it. You have nothing to identify you as Ngoni even your names are Chewa. Copy something from Mzimba Ngoni. Name your area with Ngoni names or adop sirnames. Ati ndine mngoni ndakonda kudya mbewa what bulshit! Alomwe ndi a chewa nde eni Mbewa true Ngoni amadya nyama zoweta. Ku Mzimba mwana wa mfumu autimatically iye ndi mfumu isati sister wa mfumu abereke ndi Yao uko kumati mwana wake akhale mfumu. Nonsense

  25. Munyalika says:

    ife atumbuka ndizimene tikupanga osati zi alomwe zianthu zoipa

  26. Mhesha says:

    The kid is now grown up. He has started making independent decisions. This is not going well with his so called royal family members who still fail to part ways with the past when the boy used to ask for advice on anything.

  27. Patriot says:

    Ameneyu simupha ngati mene munaphera bambo ake komanso ankolo ake.
    This Chief will grow and due old, ukumva Malinki iwe?

  28. Sangala. Tinkanena ife says:

    Musamulodze mwanayotu tithanananu mwakalamba kwanu kunatha Stupide.

  29. Okhrana says:

    Ngoni wa pa Phata, gvt alowerere mumutukanirepo APM? Waiwala mmene inakhalira issue ya Gawa Undi? Ati president anamutchingira. Eee awandimafumu, ampezere chifukwa

  30. SHUSHE says:

    solve this issue in a way that will bring glory to our beloved ngoni maseko without fear or favour. Long live the king (Gomani v).

  31. Zagwa says:

    Nanga Bwana VP paja amati ndi Impi ya Mswatiyu angoonelela? Mthandizenitu nanga! Kodi zili ndi phindu lanji zaufumu wa a mphawizi? Kapena ndi ma Reform awanso?

  32. RoyK says:

    Wise words from a real Ngoni Chief not the 24 empty-headed fools

  33. Paul Omaliza Makoka says:

    Manyazi mulibe??? Mulekene mwana apa!! Dyera silabwino

  34. Ngoni wa pa phata says:

    As a Ngoni myself,Govt intervention is sought on this issue urgently.

  35. Eden says:

    This chief is right.Let men take the responsibility rather than men staying chikamwini. Hei you old men learn from him.The system which u adopted is not a Ngoni system. He is there to protect children widow, mothers .
    Keep on bring back the real ngoni culture not these old useless coward men who would like to be at Chikamwini.Wife dies ,they are chased. or bamboo tazipitani matako munasatila pano aphwera.

  36. Dingane says:

    I am a proud Maseko Ngoni, and I am fully behind upholding the young King as the Inkosi Ya Makhosi for life . My only advice and prayer to the young man is for him to quickly come out of the arm – pits of Mrs Rosemary Malinki if he is to be universally liked and respected by all Maseko Ngonis . The behaviour of Mai Malinki is what is bringing the Ngoni Chieftaincy into disrepute.

  37. Cetswayo says:

    Those who think they can dethrone aNgoni Chief by sitting in committee and declaring that you are “dethroned” do not know anything about their own tradition .
    You are either born to Rule by being the ruling king’s son or you become ruler through the power of your spear and knobkerrie by eliminating all other possible successors . The young man cannot be dethroned. Kamuzu tried it on late Inkosi Chindi ,he never succeded.
    What is surprising is why Govt has allowed this circus to go on for so long , the family Comedians are not the appointing authority.

  38. Bingo says:

    mukatha kukangana mutiuza


    the so called royal family members are power hungry Willard kanjedza gomani v for life.

  40. Anyone apaphata says:

    Koma muzitenge bwino mbali zonse

  41. anale says:

    Yes,this is it,patrilineal system of marriage is the way to go.

  42. reasonable man says:

    you are the right heir to the throne enawo they just want to use your age so as to get away with the title. Do not let these confusionists take away your title. what shall separate you from your throne only death. Advise ufumu umakoma ndi ambuye

  43. Yankho says:

    Mwanayu ndi wa nzeru koma anthu ena akufuna kumuzunguza kaya popeza ndi wa ku Likuni. zaiwo izo koma mwana wanena kuti mpaka imfa, zoona zimenezo,

  44. Ngwenyama says:

    Iyo mfumu yeniyeni bravo nswati we will soport u God blees u and guide u , enawo ng’oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ufiti basi

  45. Azimayi aku chiradzulu akuba says:

    Chonde kambilanani bwinobwino kenako mumange chimodzi. Zochotsana mochititsana manyazi ayi. Chonde tidzipatsana ulemu.

  46. Mwana mwana says:

    You have my full support young man. Anthu a nsanje asakusokoneze. Pemphera kwambiri angakuloze anthu okwiya awa.

  47. nguluwe says:

    It is time we dispensed with chiefs. It retards development. Let the Mutharikas rule

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Mbuzi iwe ndi clueless man wakoyo. We do not have any ruler of this country apart from chiefs? If you see any other than chiefs then something wrong upstairs? Wamva?

  48. MAKOLO says:




  49. walunji says:

    kulankhula. osati tudzi ta govati waku thambani

  50. Pacharo says:

    Udindo ndi wake mwana.

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