Mswati stays put ‘for life’ as Inkosi Goman V, challenges ‘dethroning’ as Ngoni Paramount Chief

The Maseko Ngoni Paramount Chief Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani V as the Paramount Chief of Maseko Ngoni is not giving up the throne after being dethroned by some of his royal family members for despising other royal members.

Mswati: Stays out as Gomani V

Mswati: Stays out as Gomani V

But Mswati Willard Kanjedza Gomani V is firmly staying put.

He told Nyasa Times that his coronation oath is binding until death.

“I will die on the throne,” said young Paramount Chief, stressing that his is a “title for life”.

Mswati was declared Crown Prince in 2009 at the age of 13 after the death of his father Kanjedza Gomani.

But a meeting of some 24 Gomani royal family members which was held at their headquarters in Ntcheu recently, resolved to fire a 20 year old Mswati Willard Kanjedza Gomani as Paramount Chief.

The decision was made after observing that Mswati and the then regent, Rosemary Malinki, are despising other royal family members.

At the meeting, the Senior Prince, Titus Phillip Gomani declared Dingiswayo Samson Gomani as a caretaker until further notice.

But Mswati has said he will not be moved with that decision as he will continue to act as Paramount Chief.

He has meanwhile urged Maseko Ngonis to follow the patrilineal system of marriage to avoid succession wrangles.

Speaking at his royal headquarters at Lizwe la Zulu in Ntcheu, the Ngoni supreme chief said: “We can keep away from chief succession wrangles which are common now if patrilineal marriage is prioritized. This is because the children born from such marriages are culturally believed to have stronger family recognition and bondages.”

Gomani said apart from preventing succession disputes, such marriages will further end land disputes which he said overwhelm most traditional authorities under his jurisdiction.

“Patrilineal marriages should be followed by all Maseko Ngoni because they have potential to abolish land grabbing issues among family members more especially when one parent dies,” said Gomani.

He observed that children, widowed mothers and orphaned children have always been chased away from their land a situation that he said results in suffering.

The Gomani Maseko Ngoni royal family in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania trace its roots to the royal hierarchy of Ngcane Maseko kings who ruled parts of South Africa and Swaziland particularly during the reign of King Maphanga Maseko who had succeeded King Mcamane Maseko 1.

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mwana wanzulu uyu. especially when he is promoting patrilineal marriage. Real Ngonis follow patrilineal marriage . osati chikamwini. it is true that chikamwini has common problems of land grabbing , child headed household families, poverty in the villages because men do not work to settle at that chikamwini village where they easily be chased even if they brad winners. on another note. it is unheard of to hear a dethronement of a king because of such reasons. Late Mbelwa 4 said Nkosi silakwa. zimalakwa ndi nduna zake . therefore we can not critise the Nkosi atalakwa bwanji. Mulikulakwisa ndinu ma… Read more »
Chimkhalo Chigwa

Asachoke Mfumuyo!

Kingsley Yohane Simon
Kingsley Yohane Simon

Ife amene timakonda mtundu wathu tikuti muisiye mfumuyo ngati amalakwitsa bwanji osangomuthandiza?


Just give respect to the Ngwenyama, if he is doing wrong in some of his works just try to assist him with the strong advice osati zoti asiye ufumu, asiyira ndani ngati wamwalira?


HRH King Mswati Kanjedza Gomani Maseko cannot be dethroned ‘just like that’.
Sit down and discuss if there are problems, and look for solutions.
Ngonis are an important part of our tradition in Malawi.
The dethronement declaration is null and void.
The Minister of Local Government should have clarified the issue.

honey comb Chidyauzu

You seem to be civilized young man. Please do not start drinking beer excessively like other young T/A under your jurisdiction.

Wawa Maseko Mswati Kanjedza Gomani, Maseko those challenging you or dethroning you are not readers of Nyasatimes nor are they resident on Nyasatimes. A Chief does not get legitimacy by ranting on Social media but by ensuring that his subjects including his relatives within the Royal Family are taken care of properly. Take your fight to them. You Grandfather Senior Prince Titus Phillip Gomani is living in nkolimbo right there in Ntcheu. Go and settle your legitimacy issues with him! People on these social media platforms are not aware of the real issues behind all this issue and saga. The… Read more »

Isiyeni mfumu yathuyo

sibongiseni chinkondenji
sibongiseni chinkondenji

mwana uyu ndi akatundu omanga mawaya.satheka msiyeni atitsogolere advice to INKOSI BE COURAGE ENOUGH and dont be intimidated we are behind you Nkosi.CLING TO JESUS as your you sleep use PSALMS 91,

Wa kwa Nyoni

Mumusiye mwanayo ngati simunabadwe mfumu sinu mfumu

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