Muluzi campaigns for UDF in Mangochi for Aug 25 by-elections

With just a few days left before the local-government by-elections, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi took off his ministerial duties over the weekend to lead his United Democratic Front (UDF) party campaign at Msikisi in Mangochi.

Atupele introduces UDF candidate

Atupele introduces UDF candidate

UDF supporters listen to Muluzi in Mangochi

UDF supporters listen to Muluzi in Mangochi

Atupele Muluzi arrives at the rally in Mangochi

Atupele Muluzi arrives at the rally in Mangochi

Muluzi was with his UDF entourage to drum up support for their candidate.

UDF and its alliance partner, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has agreed modality on how to feature candidates in the August 25 by-elections.

DPP in not contesting in Mangochi, considered as the stronghold of UDF, and instead the ruling party is supporting the UDF candidate, while in Zomba; DPP will feature a candidate who the UDF will support.

Addressing crowds of jubilant UDF supporters, Muluzi said he was “feeling pretty confident” of UDF win in the by-elections but said the party will not be complacent by campaign strongly.

“You should come in your large numbers to vote on August 25. Your vote is yellow and blue – that’s UDF,” said Muluzi.

“UDF is still vibrant and going strong,” he said during the meetings he held in the area.

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25 thoughts on “Muluzi campaigns for UDF in Mangochi for Aug 25 by-elections”

  1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Shupiti zanu nonse a mulhako. Munapha Njauju, Tenthani. Pano mukufuna kupha a CHAKWERA! Munya muona zayambika basi. Mulungu atimenyera nkhondo. Mudya mwano wanuwo. Dzianthu zosalemekeza maliro izi. Nyasi zenizeni. Shupiti!

  2. Juwawo says:

    Atupele more fire

  3. Man g says:

    Atupe mo fire…..tilipasogolopo..

  4. Idrissa cassim says:

    Yellow and blue vote ndiye chani mmwe akamwanache. Uwe tutuvotele PP.

  5. Angenda for change says:

    Reality on the ground! He will pull asuprise indeed…and u r buzy onthe internet castigating Tupex predicting doom forhim kkk…U cant compare atupele with chilima..Unless u r mad.Chilima is not apolitician..Tupex has fixed supporters who just need motivation and updates on the partys direction..with pp gone to the Tumbuka mmmm Eqstern region is now intact …

  6. Ytg1616 says:

    Zachamba bas inu agalu et muktitenga ngat tkadali chgonele et

  7. MZUZU1 says:

    Don’t be wonder much, Chipani cha china Muluzichi nthawi nzonse chimakhala nconco eeee ife tigwira ntchito limodzi ndi chipanichi especially cholamula boma, the decision driver by a chair WA, kumanamiza mwana wakeyo. Remember,1999 anali ndi Aford alliance, 2009 anali ndi MCP alliance, 2012 anali ndi PP alliance, 2014anali ndi DPP alliance pafupi chipani chilichonse kuyendamo with alliance kunama kwao of which they can’t stand paokha awa khalidwe wawo kunamizidwa ndi Gogo Muluzi!

  8. mbwenumbwrnu says:

    atu metre kuyionera patali

  9. Winning formula. Move on guys. After DPP is a break away from UDF. JB and her party not winning. MCP ili kuti?

  10. Dwambazi says:

    Atupele has gone fom a respectable leader to a boot licker. Chilima stand your ground no hero worshiping like Atupele

  11. Tim Masamba says:

    These guys are joker of the first degree….they have nothing to do with their silly lives…

  12. Chipika says:

    Mangochi twasumisye kwa anthu obwera eg the Burundians,ndi ambiri a ma boma ena.Mangochi yatha ngati makatani.Ife Ayao tikuthawa kutukula boma lathu la Mangochi ndi kumapita ku Joni kokamwa mowa ndi akazi.Tikamwabwera kuno titathanso ngati makatani achibale atathanso pa mudzi.Kusowanso pokhalanso.Apa ndi yakweyakwe yakulya ya mtown.A ndale atiwonongera boma lathu lokongola la Mangochi.I wish the British could once rule and reform our district of Mangochi.To hell with UDF in Mangochi adyaje kumangwawo ku Machinga.Muzitiyendera chifukwa kuli by election.Tikukuonanitu.

  13. Youn says:

    This guy doesn’t know what it means to be a poor Malawian. Nchifukwa chake akuidoda mijomba motere. All principled Malawians are looking for a solace in MCP.

  14. The Great Ambassador says:

    Being a Yao and first class citizen of the republic,with unequivocal statement I state that,we of Mangochi are politically dead,why am I saying so,its just we can’t make our own informed decision on the future of the District we rather opt for CheMuluzi and his son to tell us what to do and to do not.
    I,Personally hate being fooled by the politicians of any caliber,this Muluzis have been taking of Mangochi for a ride which resulted for their own benefit.

  15. EMPAK says:

    UDF to MCP, UDF to PP, UDF to DPP, eeeeiiish amagwetu

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Chameleon weniweni.

    Ku Mangochi Yellow. Ku Zomba blue chipani chomwechomwecho.

    Ku Machinga ndicha yellowish blue.Ku Balaka Bluishyellow.

  17. UDF sidzatha amangwetu people people people people
    Atupele Woyeeeeee
    Wakwiya ndinfiti

  18. urunji says:


  19. ju says:

    idiots only killing our democracy

  20. Yankho says:

    Ka Jomba akanso kakuti chiani. Taonani wiskoti yakeyo. Koma ndiye ziliko

  21. Patriot says:


  22. mtumbuka1 says:

    Atupele is just someone who doesn’t know what he wants. He is very greedy for money and power that is why today he is udf and tomorrow he is dpp. He is not patriotic at all. Just like his father, atupele loves to just find himself on government payroll that is why when Joyce Banda was president he made sure he appeared on the government payroll and now the dpp are running this illegitimate government him and his father made sure that he goes to bed with dpp just to make sure he appears on government’s payroll. In a real world of democratic governance, there’s no such thing as under bed sheets alliance cos it only aims at lining up one’s pockets. Matter of fact, the muluzi’s love money more than their country Malawi. The udf agenda and manifestos are totally different from those of dpp and one wonders what is the purpose of the so called alliance which is more than likely to fall by the way side since these two parties are full of corrupt and unpatriotic people and will go down in history as one party that split up into two groups to plunder government resources and brought it to it’s knees. Whether it’s the udf or dpp running this country,to me it’s the same bullshit and the negative impact on the lives of the poor people are pretty much the same, no change insight not in the near future. I would put my vote and money on the Malawi congress party for a change of dynamics and the way the government business is run going forward and not these bustards. The problem is that we have a majority of uneducated and uncivilized people in this country and they are easily manipulated into voting these crooks into government by just being given a party t-shirt and a wrapper (chitenje). We have been bullshitted by the muluzi’s and the mutharika’s of this world for ages but unfortunately as a country we just can not see the snake in these 2 families and we have been bewitched to believe that this country is a personal property to these 2 useless families and they will definitely be taking turns to fuck this country we once were proud of. We need to put this mutharikas and muluzi’s song at the backs of our minds and get someone with clean hands (preferably chakwera)and together start from the square root one and push this country on a clean sheet going forward not vyauchindere we are entertaining now. My fellow countrymen, we are sitting on a load of crap and it’s in our hands to make Sure that our children and grandchildren finds and live in a great Malawi and not to inherit a broken and useless Malawi. I hope I drove some nail home!

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