Muthalika says DPP will rule Malawi for ‘another five years’, predicts landslide victory in 2019 polls

President Peter Muthalika, who is also the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP),  has on Friday told Malawians that  his party would win 2019 election and rule Malawi  for another term  five years  term.

Early campaign: Mutharika on political whistle stop in Zomba

Early campaign: Mutharika on political whistle stop in Zomba

Muthalika made the remarks in the Eastern City of Zomba during a  political rally he held on Friday.

“Despite you didn’t gave me more Members of Parliament during the 2014 elections, I know that 2019 my party will take all the ten seats here in Zomba,” said Muthalika‚ to the applause of the assembled supporters.

He said 2019 elections will be a “landslide victory for the DPP.”

Said Mutharika: “Remember that DPP won with a landslide in 2009 and I am assuring you that this will happen again in 2019 whether someone want or not.”

Minister of Local government Kondwani Nankhumwa also dismissed crticis for accusing the President  for kickstarting campaign of the 2019 general elections.

Nankhumwa said Mutharika is not addressing political campaign rallies but development rallies.

During the rally Muthalika assured the Zomba residents that his government will bring different developmental projects such as a Shopping Mall.

He said it is DPP which changed the old capital Zomba into a city after it was declared municipal by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

DPP  edge  against opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is attributed mainly to the demographic advantage that the Southern Region – the base of DPP and its alliance partner UDF – has over other regions.

Parties in powr always have significant election advantages due top State resources but in politics things can change so quickly.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said there is low public confidence in the Mutharika-led government due to the economy and  that the ruling party was increasingly becoming clueless on how to govern.

“These (DPP) are inept and callous. They don’t care about Malawians. They are just deepening the politicisation of State resources at the expense of national development and unity,” said Kabwila.

She said DPP should not be having the fantasy of 2019 poll victory ,  saying the opposition has also be strategising on winning the Southern Region vote.

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16 thoughts on “Muthalika says DPP will rule Malawi for ‘another five years’, predicts landslide victory in 2019 polls”

  1. Chandamale says:

    How can someone say he will win land slide without central and north. Don’t cheat people, you can not win without central and north this is DPP down fall ask PP. You brought poverty in Malawi you DPP and Chinese. You will see if you don’t pack and go come 2019 papa.

  2. Mayi Kabwila, APM is the next president from 2019 for 5 years. Mark my words. Even if APM does not get a vote in the centre and north, which to me cannot happen, still APM will win by a landslide.

  3. Dr Mbilixi says:

    Chipsethe cha munthu peturo

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Ten years of another DPP regime under Peter Muthalika?A day dream or what? In the first place,he is illegally ruling the nation after bogus last elections which was brutally rigged by Muthalika and his mafia gangs.NDATA and CASHGATE SCANDLES will ever remain in the hearts of the beleaguered Malawians just as the MCP still remains in the status of dinasours for the atrocities and bloodletting of innocent Malawians.Worse still,Malawians regard MCP and DPP as most atrocious,corrupt,tribalistic and nepotistic hence,still people hate,suspicious and irreversible.It is Muthalika and his unlettered mobs who have damaged the Party’s reputation beyond repairs.Corruption has become legitimized in the DPP Manifesto,the President himself is clueless and inept,the economy of the State is disfigured,people of our three Regions are dangerously divided on tribal lines the is long.How about telling Malawians to eat Mbewa and grasshoppers apart from their usual foods?Arrogance,lack of sense of integrity or what? Peter,forget about 2019 elections you just steal our funds for the last time,knowing that we are not going to vote for our own demise.UDF, AFORD and part of PP UNITE,you can pull the trigger.

  5. Wiseman says:

    If it remains as it is, then what will be the reason for changing government? I totally see nothing. In my view, even if it appears as if DPP has done nothing as of now, I think there is something that is being done which if we wait we will see the fruits. The good effects of the reforms that are happening now cannot be seen right now, there will be time but I believe the DPP has taken a right direction. The positive impact of the roads constructions that are taking place now cannot be enjoyed right now, there will time. The trimming of the cabinet size, the cessation of castigating politics, the cessation of too much movements as we saw in PP are a history of the past. In fact to be honest, I have seen that it is only APM who is practising clean ploitics. On the other hand, what is it that can persuade a voter to vote for MCP, PP or the other briefcase parties? There is nothing I see MCP doing to to win the minds of the voters. What I see in MCP is what Malawi fames team usually does, ie capitalising on some mistakes that the other team may make and lose. What if it does not make any mistake or the mistake is negligible? Kabwira is just busy saying DPP is clueless in running the govt but MCP is also clueless in winning the elections. I strongly feel pitywith them. If DPP won the elections in 2014 singlr-handedly, what more joining UDF? I do not think there is any PP remaining, which means the least that can happen is to share the PP votes. This therefore means that DPP is on the advantage and if things remain as it is with these clueless oppositions, then landslide victory is inevitable.

    1. CWN says:

      Unfortunately in life, you can spend years building something and yet destroy it in a matter of seconds and that is the status quo for DPP…They may have done somethings right but it’s their mistakes that speak volumes to the people of Malawi. It’s how you treat me as a person that will resonate loudly in my heart…DPP does not value the concerns of Malawians or seem to relate to the hardships Malawians are facing or suffering and whether they start to campaign now and try to spin the angle to paint a positive picture for the party to secure another 5years, the fact of the matter is, the true nature of DPP, the wolves in sheep clothing are exposed and the people know and can see this…When people are pushed so far to the edge, the accumulative pressure needs to be released somehow and I pray we don’t experience 20th July 2011 demonstrations again in this country but I wouldn’t be surprised if things went this way again because people are being mistreated and regarded as idiots…History will repeat itself unless people demand for the necessary change.

      I’ll leave you with this in closing: If you drink milk, you definitely know what fresh milk tastes like such that should that milk go bad or sour you can immediately tell that something is wrong with the milk. This is logical discernment. In a like manner, Malawians know what good leadership is and this well exemplified with the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s first term, people appreciated the progress he brought in the country and the minute our dear late brother lost the vision, that is catering to the people of Malawi, the growing pains were later taken to the streets in retaliation. I believe these growing pains are accumulating yet again in the hearts of Malawians and that should tell you that something is wrong, GET FRESH MILK!!!…we can avoid upset stomachs and worse.

  6. Bozwell Makaranga says:

    If he thinks he will win, he is in for a BIG shock. Watch this space.

    1. CWN says:

      If he wins again then as Malawians we haven’t learnt anything from the past but I believe people are waking up and will not tolerate mistreatment from any head of state and that includes the current government.

  7. Achimidzimidzi says:

    APM ndiwe These weniweni wodya ziwala.

    How dare you tell me about 2019 elections and not the current need for solutions.

  8. mfundisi says:

    Ukunamatu iwe…You are happy..We are in poverty. Crazy Malawi. Muzabe like you did last tym..

  9. Grasshoper n Rat Hunter says:

    Signs of #Dictatorship and #Rigging……underline whether someone want or not…the president meant whether with your vote or not….Whether the will of people wants it or not… Whether MEC wants it or not…DPP will win 2019 elections. God send us Moses the one you sent to Egypt when your people where in the brutal hands of Pharaoh.

  10. Codex says:

    Living a bubble Mr President get out there transform the dying economy & vulnerable souls with selfless leadership than bragging your next 5 years in office. The electoral system is a broken one will surely usher your next term in office marred in delayed destiny.

  11. Gogodasi says:

    I am afraid come 2019 Kabwila and company may not be voted again as MPs. The woman makes academic arguments other than political arguments – her thinking is typical of a school teacher or a school girl. Please wake up if you are to survive. Politics is something than needs someone to be very analytical and shrewd. I tend to agree with what Mutharika is saying that DPP will win again. So far I cannot see any signs that sways the minds of people to follow any opposition party. Its time now for the opposition to be more serious and set up a meaningful stratagem.History will repeat itself, in 2009 DPP won with a landslide because of the road infrastructure it built and the young Mutharika and following the footsteps of his brother. El Nino will not continue in the coming years, you will be shocked that by 2018 the situation will change completely when people will have yield bumper yield which will be a plus for DPP. that they will use as a campaign tool. Their language will be tathetsa njala and what will the opposition say? There is no way you will be campaigning using last year’s or this year’s hunger when by then it will be insignificant to the public.

  12. Chimunthu says:

    Of course the DPP will win in 2019; they will rig the election as they did in 2014. Nevertheless it can be dangerous to count your chickens before they hatch. Beware APM!!

    1. thambani hills says:

      it is obvious that DPP shall win….Opposition has no winning strategy.

      1. Philosophucal Obsever says:

        I agree

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