Dzuka Malawi: Dear MPs if you are poorly paid, please resign

You want to solve Malawian problems, I have told you deal with the root cause of the problem. I have told you before, fake prophets, witchcraft, gossip, jealousy or bones of albinos even if one crazy MP wants to dramatize their plightt, will not make you rich.Dzuka Malawi

If you are hard at hearing, let me repeat in Chichewa; ma profeti kaya kuti aneneri onyenga, kaya mpingo, a sing’anga, ufiti, mabodza, nsanja, kaduka, miseche, kaya mafupa a albino sizingakulemeletseni olo Kamba atadikula khumba kuyikila mazila, sizingachitike. Musauka muntima, mmaganizo komanso mukapysa moto woposa Aunt Tiwo kumwamba tanvana.

I am forced to write again because of the ‘Beyond You’ initiative where young people walked 363 kilometres to do what Government has failed to do, support the Kamuzu Central Hospital. I was happy that at least among this porn-loving, porn-sharing and foolish albino hunters generation, there are still young Malawians who think with their heads. The number of girls were amazing.

But as usual I get pissed off, when our greedy politicians pretended suddenly they care. They saw a publicity stunt and went and joined the kids for a few minutes for a picture. I would encourage the kids to publish the list of all donors that Malawians can see how much these hypocrites who could not spend a days allowance on the cause. The same with companies that were suddenly offering five star accommodation, plane tickets etc.

The biggest gift to Beyond You cause would have been one of our thieving banks, hotels or anybody else offer to match kwacha to kwacha to the kids cause and make sure their dream of assisting Kamuzu Central Hospital comes to realisation. Not match where you name, t-shirts and ugly faces will appear on social media. If you care, fix the problem the kids had to bring to your attention by walking 362 kilometres.

I salute the brave youngsters who dared to dream, I challenge the publicity hungry people to make sure the dream is reached. Tanvana, apo bii chaka chino simumwa madzi tilembana mpaka mundilodza. Ha ha ha ha munakanika kulodza Thindwa afiti osauka…..

Now, again back to my topic today. Lets kill politicians. I tell you our solutions will come from this noble act and as the Bible agrees, those killing others should be killed. Whichever party you look at, they are all greedy and nothing good can come out of it.

Lets look what our MPs are demandin. Everyday, most of them despite having houses in Lilongwe claim MWK40,000 per day, they cry fyoo that its not enough. A Police constable gets MWK38,000 take home whole month. A Nurse with diploma takes home 60,000.00in 30 days. What they are crying is ufiti.

Ministers too claim MWK5,000 per day for sitting in Parliament yet they sit at Capital Hill adjacent to parliament for free. Their staff, drivers, personal assistants and officials were stopped claiming parliament allowances, saying it did not make sense.  I hope it makes sense to you that the Minister gets rewarded for sitting in parliament while the rest of his team don’t, if you did not know, these people who get 1000 litres of fuel per month to go to Capital Hill from Area 10, that’s how common sense comes to them.

The MP’s need to have houses rented for them when in Lilongwe, or guest houses paid for them. We have many in Area 18, one even ejected  orphans in an MHC house after their parents died. Sick, sick sick politicians they are. Some have own houses in Lilongwe, live in Lilongwe but claim fuel as if coming from outside Lilongwe. They are our dear politicians, we love them, they love reaping us off even the least of blood in our bodies they will drink without mercy.

Every month they pocket at least MWK1.4 million. I am sure over 16.4 million Malawians just hear the word million. They have no idea what it looks like or dream of ever owning such amount of money. Here our people-servant leaders pocket a cool MWK1.4 million every 30 days and another MWK1.1 million in allowances. Hey albino bones will waste your time, kill an MP and run for his or her seat you will sing glory glory, not-so-miracle money.

Now, if you are a voter and still not really angry with these greedy politicians who eat with gluttony and vomit on your face or feet, lets deal with their latest crying for general purpose loans. Yes, most of them suddenly even if they had no MWK10,000 before election and borrowed katapila to finance elections, today they have audacity to tell us that our taxes should be used to boost their cash chest.

I would say bravo Goodall Gondwe and Mangani the ST. Tell them off. If money is not enough please resign. We are too poor to afford you. We thought you understood our poverty and you will help us, please resign before we start killing you. We are too poor for your mighty intellect of transformation.

The MPS got MWK24 million loan in June, 2014. Just some 24 months ago. That is a whole life pension for a Civil Servant who was worked years on. Many die before they are even paid due to delays. God forbid, these satanic MPs think MWK24 million was not enough. Wait a minute, in five years, they will not even pay the full MWK24 million plus interest. They will pay only half MWK12 million and we, yes you and me will pay the other half.

Some months later, they got MWK3 million general purpose loan. I have yet to be told if they will repay this one also. These people are bleeding our taxes.

Lets add their duty free status for two vehicles, that is 386, 4×4 suvs which I  and millions of poor Malawians already contribute MWK12 million free non-refundable money for MPs.

Now lets add, MWK1.4 million a month, MWK1.1 allowances when parliament is sitting, MWK12 million free money which is MWK2.2 million a year or MWK200,000 free extra money a month , 2 duty free vehicles for 5 years and MWK3 million general purpose loans, they say its not enough. Please resign, go, vamoose or sowani tisanakusowetseni ana anjoka inu. Polowa munkati muzatithandiza, pano mukufuna mwazi wathu.

Malawi is bleeding, life is expensive. Civil Servants, farmers and even vendors are making peanuts. It is criminal for someone we did not beg to run but volunteered to help address our poverty, to milk us dry. Where are the reforms? Where are you servant leader Reverend Chakwera? Where are you defenders of human rights. We will not walk naked for MPs to reduce their perks.

But a hungry nation, is an angry nation. A poor man who cant feed his children or clothe himself is humiliated he reacts badly. We have humiliated and mocked the poor. We pretend the country is poor while others collect VAT from the poor’s little and share in the name of duty free VXs, fuel and allowances.

I fear for the rapture of that anger of man and woman, tired of politicians and private sector stealing from them, them being hopeless. National Bank mining MWK19 billion whilst deducting a MWK1 000 every month from a teacher is criminal and sin ful.

The wage of every sin is death. Dzuka Malawi! One day the poor will stop talking, politicians will wish they listened to me today. Show us, or at least pretend you care and you share our pain. Not this gluttony please….

 POSTSCRIPT…..Why I write

There is always hostile and lovely feedback on what I write. I am told wrong people have been accused of being behind the column, whilst others think it has a specific agenda to support a political party.

I would leave my readers to judge the content of my thoughts, whether they reflect national or particular cause. I write to provoke thoughts and emotions, to remove us from our comfort zones. I write that we should debate the state of our nation further. If my opinion sounds like it supports your idea or party thoughts, congratulations you are thinking like a patriot. If it is in bad lemon to your party ideals or name, hakuna matata, read the next one. I have taken time to respond based on debate some had on my entry on Micheal Nevin, the rapping out-going-British High Commissioner.

I have resisted to create an email for feedback. I appreciate all comments on Nyasa Times. Keep them coming, they reflect how much good we are at it. Finally many have asked when will I start using my name, I mean my real name. Rudo means Love and Tariro its hope, they are my real names. Enough of me today. Keep giving us feedback.

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chief activist
5 years ago

what are the dimensions ?the future we hold ……as malawians……./?………………………….i restr my case

6 years ago

The ballot has failed us in change the status quo, it is time we consider, the bible, the bullet and the gun to get rid of these useless MPs.

The Analyst
The Analyst
6 years ago

O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O CHANGE DOES NOT ALWAYS BLOW TRUMPETS I wish these so called leaders could stop being greedy and selfish. . . . Yes, the MPs may claim or argue not to be selfish as they are only getting what they are entitled to. But, “A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good; but for neglecting his neighbours'” – Richard Whatley. And this is exactly what you (MPs and other grasshoppers) do. . . . Isnt it recently, when you bull-dozed the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) increase? . . . Who doesnt know that the (CDF) goes into… Read more »

6 years ago

I wish our MPS could read this article and get something for their brain to start thinking like human beings.

6 years ago

Inenso zimandipweteka kwambiri, paja amati osauka alibe mau. I hope one day we will wake up, after all we are poor and we loose nothing. Ask Nigeria we may do what BOKO IS DOING.

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