Mia asks Malawi Muslims to live in harmony with other people

Chairperson of Mia Foundation, Sidik Mia has asked Muslims in the country to peacefully coexist with people of other religious affiliations to foster unity for the countrys prosperity.

Mia donating food items, Pic By Sellah Singini,MANA

Mia donating food items, Pic By Sellah Singini,MANA

Mia greeting a representive of Senior Chief Mponda,Pic By Sellah Singin,MANA

Mia greeting a representive of Senior Chief Mponda,Pic By Sellah Singin,MANA

women who received the donation from Mia,Pic By Sellah Singini,MANA

women who received the donation from Mia,Pic By Sellah Singini,MANA

Mia made the call after donating food items meant for breaking Iftah during this Moslem Holy month of Ramadhan in Mangochi on Wednesday.

He said it is important to remind people of other religious persuasions that coexistence was critical to the countrys development which would foster growth.

“Malawi being a God fearing nation automatically becomes an inter — denomination country where there are many religions. It is important, therefore, to live in harmony to develop the country together,” Mia said, adding that the Islamic religion stands for peace.

Mia said the Islamic teaching has an aspect of charity, observing that doing charity is a must for every Muslim who can afford to donate.

He added that giving alms is one of the pillars of Islam to ensure that those in need benefit from such charitable activities.

“Both as a Muslim and somebody who believes in the Islamic faith, I consider it as an important aspect that every year in this Holy Month I should be able to donate and give out to my fellow Muslims by distributing food items and sometimes even money to help them start some small scale businesses,” Mia added.

Speaking in a separate interview, one of the beneficiaries, Sister Diana Matola thanked Mia Foundation for the timely donation, saying the food items were relevant to the needs of Muslims for starting and breaking the fasting in the morning and evening respectively.

Matola, therefore, appealed to other Muslims to emulate the example set by the Mia Foundation, saying there were many Muslims who fail to observe the Holy Month because of inadequate food supplies.

Moslems throughout the world are observing the Holy Month of Ramadhan which started on June 7 and may come to an end early July depending on the sighting of the moon.

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messenger of God
Hahaha sometimes i wonder why people that hate islam so much with a passion still read things about muslims and islam. It just shows that Islam is a true religion and strangely muslims will rarely comment bad things about other religions because they know and are feel strong about what they believe in hence seeing no need to attack other people by saying bad things about them. Earth is hell for believers and heaven for non believers that is why non believers will always have something bad to say about believers. Allah forgive them for they know not of what… Read more »
Winston Msowoya
Malawians,do not be hoodwinked by sweet words of togetherness.As far as Islam is concerned,it is a cult of violence and hatred.Their target is to dominate the whole world Islamically hence,the untold bloodbath around the planet.Just imagine,few days before the end of their so-called HOLY MONTH,hundreds of innocent people lost their life in cold-blood and most recently,at Instanbul Airport in Turkey several innocent souls have been lost through indiscriminately and wanton shootings by Islamic hoodlums in the name of their Allah (GOD) and just yesterday the 30th of June,6 innocent and poor villagers were gunned down by Al Shabaab in Northern… Read more »
Islam..VERSES FROM THE QURAN.. EVIDENCE THAT ISLAM IS Clearly and Concisely Evil, Violent, and Intolerant Every time I write and article that sheds Islam in a negative light, my life gets threatened by muslims, I get hate messages from liberals, and I’m labeled a ‘racist’ by idiots who do not realize that Islam is not a race. If Muslims are so proud of their quran, why would they threaten my life for simply sharing verses straight from their “holy book”? Islam is also not a religion, It is a theocracy and terrorist cult that hides behind the mask of religion… Read more »
Why did Mia have to say about coexistence between people of different religions as if there have bee scuffles? Sometimes people who have nothing to offer would say anything. I think the man is missing telling the nation lies as he used to do when he was a politician. I find the talk about living in harmony rather senseless when already that is exactly the status quo in Malawi.Nzosatheka kungopereka mbuzi ndi mpungao ndi kuwauza anthu kuti kagoneni bwino, koma kunena zopanda pake ,kuzolowera nkhondo eti? Malawi has always been a peaceful nation and why talk about the obvious? To… Read more »

Gogodasi: Munthu walakwitsa chiyani umbuli eti


I strongly disagree with Gogodasi. Its useful and important to prevent than to cure. You want Mia to say this when things get worse? That’s unwise man. Mia is very wise. There will be no good time to advise this one.

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