Mutharika among best paid African Presidents -Ranking

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has been named among best paid president in Africa according to a research by Africa Review.

President Mutharika

President Mutharika

The Africa Review has compiled and analysed salaries of African leaders to try and see what they tell about the relationship between those in power and the governed.

The research which suggests that leaders of poor countries tend to pay themselves more than those in higher-income countries revealed that Mutharika earns $75,540 yearly.

The search shows that only a few countries make public what they pay their leaders – a key finding itself that suggests a lack of transparency.

Mutharika has been said to be getting over a 100 times over the average amount that a Malawian gets in a year, he is therefore President of one of the most unequal countries in the world in which the ruling class celebrates while the common people suffer – Mapwevupwevu factor!.

The Malawi leader increased his salary to  K2.7 million (  $5,263 ) a month but in a “voluntary arrangement” he is still getting the  K1.5 million a month “until economic situation improves.”

Finance and Economic Development Minister Goodall Gondwe told Nyasa Times the President deferred their new pay package amid austerity measures following foreign aid flight.

The salary hike exposed in the media, had shock waves to Malawians as the country is facing economic turmoil.

Paul Biya, President of Cameroon tops the list of best paidAfrican leaders, earning 229 times what an average Cameroonian earns, followed by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia who earns 113 times what her average citizen earns.

Rather than simply rank the leaders based on absolute figures, The Africa Review decided to compare their gross annual salaries with the Gross National Income of their countries – basically comparing the leader’s pay with what their nationals, on average, earn.

Overall, it appears that leaders of poor countries tend to pay themselves more than those in higher-income countries.

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87 thoughts on “Mutharika among best paid African Presidents -Ranking”

  1. Nyoninyoni says:

    Mumafuna adzimulipira bwanji? Anamachende inu! Kkkkkkkkkkkkk mbolo zamadeyazo! Kkkkkkkkkkk mikongo yamanu,agalu inu!

  2. Sailota says:

    Alipo anamupempha kut abwere. Nthochinso zagwidwa ndi utenda, kukokanso munasiya, mindanso munagulitsa kwa azungu…..mudya upolofesa zaka zake ndi zimenezi

  3. chatha says:

    adziwa ndi mulungu basi

  4. How strange this is: where have you got your report of APM getting $75,540 pa? It seems this is pure propaganda because even the top 15 highly paid presidents APM is not there and even E Lungu and Paul Biya whose media power house is rating him as topping the group with an annual salary of $610,000 is not there. The list is as follows (top 15): 1. J. Zuma (SA) $272,280; 2. Boutefrica (Algelia), $168,000; 3. Kenyatta (Kenya), $132,000; 4. I. Dhoinine (Comoros), $115,000; 5. S. Nguesso(Rep. of Congo), $110,000; 6. Pohamba (Namibia), $110,000; 7. Alli Zedane (ex PM Libya), $105,000; 8. Ouwatala( I. Coast), $100,000; 9. S. Johnson( Liberia), $90,000; 10. P. Kagame ( Rwanda), $85,000; 11. Ghanian President, $76,000; 12. Egyptian President, $70,400, 13 Ali Bongo, $65,000; 14. Guy Scot( Zambian Vice), $65,000; 15. Gambian first citizen, $65,000; 16. . E. Donsantosi( Angola), $60,000. Where exactly are these other figures from? This is African political Journalism. Even if APM is getting $75,540 pa approximating to $209 per day, who approved this salary as we learn he turned down his last year’s increment until the economy improves for the better. May be you want to set it as a law, then how much do you want him to be getting pa? It is JB who approved this salary increment and had lots of benefit, why not queried her then? Do you know how much is being speculated a peace keeper gets per day on UN mission? It is $200 per day and you want the presidents to be getting lower than this, aren’t you? What about the experts, how much do they get? What about the CEOs from the same countries how much? Why only attack the presidents? As Journalists apart from politicking what are you doing to empower economically the people you feel are oppressed by their leaders? To be honest there is literally nothing other than dosing them with your political propagandas. You are the political campaign machines no wonder rushing to comment on things denting your presidents. Even if your desired presidents come into power they will maintain the same salaries or even double or triple them. This is Africa where people always scramble for money other than the means to make them.

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      Good job exposing the incompetent journalist(s), and this website full of jealousy.
      APM can afford to give up all his wages from his current job; and live probably more than adequately from his US pension, etc.

  5. You’re telling us that Mutharika gets $75,000/annum yet Jacob Zuma gets $ 200 000 a year so is that in the same league though some can argue about the defference in the sizes of economies of the two countries. Now what about the other Heads of States?

  6. This is useless article to start with, where in the world can you compare an average person like me with the head of state. You were supposed to put the list of presidents & how they earn not say that they were comparing to an average man. We are talking of The Chief Executive Officer of the Country here.

  7. Gresham paul says:

    Inutu mulibe nkhani spa, mmalo momuthandiza president mwayamba kulimbana Naye,nzosathandiza mkomwe

  8. tain kutala says:

    Am not a fan of Peter but his salary is not that high. Executives in most companies are earning more than that.

  9. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    This is total nonsense. Anthu ogulidwa kuti muononge mbiri ya APM, AGALUINU. APM gets K1.5 million a month and calculate it if he can match with any President in Africa who gets as low as APM. Njiru mufanazo mbuziinu. If anything APM is lowly paid among African Leaders.

  10. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    mwangodana naye mutharikayo and a nyasa let mi assure u nkhondo imene mwaiyamba yolimbana ndi APM simuikwanisa mugwanayo….wat iz 1.5m? find out kut humphrey mvula ali ku shire bus line amalandira zingati? zakumachende basi

  11. Nothing To Talk About.The Money Is Too Much Little Comparing To The Duties And Responsibilities Of The President.Lets Look Forward And Backward Never.No Body Wants Peanuts.

  12. Chimani. Game says:

    Mr the west becoming a president is not about pay check but fame,while in Malawi it’s about pay check and thieving just like the muthalikas.

  13. Malawian says:

    I don’t support this party any way,koma kandalamaka ndikochepa munthuyu ndiophuzira uyu,he deserves even more than this

  14. chingolopiyo says:

    This is poor source of story, and I don’t know if the writer of the story knows how much people are getting in organisations like cocacola, Limbe leaf or all tobacco processing plant, some are above the president salary. You call MK1.5Million a higher salary for the president in aAfrica. If Mutharika is better paid, give us the lowest paid president in Africa please. Some of your reports are a laughing stock, exhibit of poor performance and poor quality of reporters we have in our generation. Even you reporters can get MK1.5Million if you want by being professionals, following values,morals and ethics .
    This is a poor piece of article.

  15. Kenkkk says:

    Analyst, what do you mean Peter is the most educated president in Africa? Most educated in what? He is not even the most educated in Malawi. Does he know medicine, no; does he know economics, no; does he know maths, no; does he know agriculture, no: the list can go on and on. Even in law his speciality, he is not the most educated in Majawi, let alone Africa.

    Someone with several first bachelor degrees in different fields is more educated than someone with a Phd in just one field.

    It is pure stupidity and ignorance to even say or suggest that Peter is the most educated president in Africa. Just Mugabe for example is more educated than Peter.

    Yes peter is educated just like many Malawians or other people are but is not the most educated even amongst presidents in Africa or elsewhere.

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Peter is better paid than the prime minister of India who gets about $2,000.00 per month. India has about 42% of its population living below the international poverty measure of $1.25 per day. Poor Indians consider their prime minister’s salary as obscene but others outside India consider it as peanuts. All is about relativity, so Peter shouldn’t complain about his salary, it is reasonably pegged taking into account the poverty of the country, the poorest in the world.

    He should be commended for not taking the pay rise but he also knows that he makes more from elsewhere.

  17. Mika Kumbire says:

    These are the top 8 Richest presidents/Monarchs in Africa: –
    1. Eduardo Dos Santos US$20 Billion, Her Daughter Isabel Richest Woman in Africa US$3 Billion.
    2. Mohammed IV Morocco – US$2.5 Billion.
    3. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – US$600 Million
    4. Uhuru Kenyatta – US$500 Million
    5. Paul Biya: US$200 Million
    6.King Swati III – US$100 Million down from US$200 Million
    7. Idriss Derby of Chad – US$50 Million
    8. Robert Mugabe – US$10 Million
    Malawi has no net worth to talk about. May be we have poorest presidents. Be real and be true Nyasa

  18. belekiya says:

    K1.5 m is not a figure to talk for about. This is peanut for the President. We should have been concerned if it was $1.5m

  19. Mwinache says:

    And you call this high salary? Tapitani mma privatemu muone mmene ma CEO akuombera. Mukanakhala ena a Nyasa mukanangovomera kuti bwiyeyu mwamulephera. Mwina muyambe kulimbana ndi abusa a chipani chija cha death and darkness cha mbuya Gwandanguluwe Chakwamba ndi Zenus Ungapake

  20. Wazabanga says:

    Typical of african leaders very stingy indeed and most african countries dont develop because of such altitudes

  21. analyst says:

    Someone want to tell me that Washington University or Yale University are mediocre universities? Please dont show us your hatred for the Mutharikas.

  22. Sapitwa says:

    Salary is not a driving factor for one’s effort and determination to become President or VP. It is power, status behind the job. The position comes with the key for meeting top class people: celebrities, Presidents, business people and other powerful people on the planet.Even in the US, Billionares vie for Presidency for the same reasons and not salaries or perks that go with it.
    So talking about who is the highest paid President is not worthwhile a big deal; not at all.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      I would agree with you to some extent but to African or Malawian leaders, you must also add the desire to become rich quickly not through salary but through power, influence and plunder of govt coffers without anyone challenging them. Now they can be challenged though But they still plunder for self enrichment through alleged corruption. They know their salary is nothing or peanuts but can become filthy rich through other means and it is easier if you are the president.

  23. Kenkkk says:

    Chigawenga, typical do bootlicker, you are absolutely false, damn lies coming up with an imaginary professor salary just to make Peter look as if he is losing money by being president. He is actually far much better as president than what he was moneywise.

    Some of us are telling you this because we have travelled and lived in many western countries.

  24. nyankamoza says:

    As a presdent he deserves a better salary

  25. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    This is totally unfair to the readership . The criteria used is very misleading. I hate party politics. Liars! Looking at Mutharika’s perks, pathetic! The President gets peanuts yet his name is being drawn into mud like this just to score a political point. Very sad. I vow never to join party politics. Ndi nkhondo. Ndi ufiti.

  26. BAZUZU B. says:

    The salary 4 professors may be called peanut pay in some countries but hv u considered & compared Mw 2 thoz countries in terms of salaries.

  27. First offender says:

    Wina wachula za jb kuti Ali ku sandton , paja osayiwalatu ndichibwenzi cha Mr mkandala (jocob Zuma) corruption V’s cashgate magogo okhaokha. Wina wa nyasatimes umalimbana ndi Peter ngati uli dolo ufufuze zankhani imeneyi udya nayo.

  28. First offender says:

    No.44 Buku loyera limati us achula pachabe ambuye mulungu wako,ukuganiza ambuye adzalange munthu chifukwa cha Ralph? I think wakhuta mbatata yomwera thobwa.

  29. analyst says:

    For this finding to make sense to us Malawians, I challenge the African Review to compare Mutharika’s salary with the highest paid servant in Malawi. The African Review should know that Malawians are not dull to accept this report which doesnt make any sense to a rational Malawian. The African Review must also admit the fact that Arthur Peter Mutharika is the most educated president of all presidents in Africa and probably world over. Malawians should proud ourselves by this achievement and status of our president.

  30. Watcher 30 says:

    He is making his pension while the sun is shining.He doesn’t want to cry like Gwanda when he reaches his late 80s when he goes back to his Goliyati village in Thyolo.

  31. Chopwicho says:

    Mmmmmmm ma fellow malawinas now

  32. choka phiri says:

    There is reason to tell Malawians about the salary of president, because they believe that it is the right of the president. Malawians will rather insult azungu than to say bad about people who are milking them. They forget that these presidents get more thsn just salary. All travelling, hotells, and allowances. Their wives get the same. Now azungu living in rich nations their presidents dont get that. How come? We beg from muzungus but we are so stupid proud.

  33. stenson says:

    No need to cry for Munthalika in terms of its monthly salary payment. He deserves to get it, since, he is a well educated man or president in Africa, let it be like that.

  34. changaluka says:

    You will talk and talk against the president koma iye mukumupatsa mwai wozawinanso 2019.
    Pamene mukuchulutsa zolankhula ndi pamene anthu angakudziweni kuti anthu inu ndi woipa.

  35. Keyboard Analyst says:

    The criteria used to compare presidential salaries must be faulty, APM is one of the poorly paid presidents unless cash gate money is put into consideration to top him.

  36. kaya says:

    The last time I read about well paid presidents in the world Muthalika was not there. One of the African presidents on this list was Zuma of RSA. Kodi a African Review apanga kuti research yawo? This cant be true. As some one has said some CEOs in Malawi get a lot of money more that K1.5 of the president . Check top dogs with MDF, MPS, MACRA, MRA, PRESS CORPORATION,, alliance one, LIHACO, Sometimes lets be patriotic and objective before we write negatively on these things

  37. chigawenga says:

    This is peanuts.An average professor with tenure gets $ 125000 per month in an average university in the US! Mutharika is taking a net loss in this job but possibly gains much much more from benefits and shady deals!

  38. James says:

    That salary is that a simple teacher get here where I am.

  39. Sigele jika says:

    Koma anthu Ralph simugona naye tulo! Kodi salary anazipatsa yekha? Ambuye akukhululukireni nonse

  40. pakapaka says:

    guys, this is not alot of money, am surprised you are worried. how much are the chief executives receiving in malawi?

  41. wodabwa says:

    I earn nothing I have no degree I cannot be President I cannot be company boss I earn my living the hard way but I have given my life to God than giving someone’s spirit to the devil for fame money women and material things cause the one who introduced PhD is human being like me with or without it we all go to toilet and we will die with or without money we live together on earth the problem is we can’t share equally the world has been such since time immemorial so enjoy ur money I will sweat with my poverty the way it please s God

  42. wodabwa says:

    I earn nothing I have no degree I cannot be President I cannot be company boss I earn my living the hard way but I have given my life to God than giving someone’s spirit to the devil for fame money women and material things cause the one who introduced PhD is human being like me with or without it we all go to toilet and we will die with or without money we live together on earth the problem is we can’t share equally the world has been such since time immemorial

  43. Here is the list of the top ten of Highest paid African presidents in 2015

    (1) Jacob Zuma-President of South Africa gets US$272,000/year

    (2) Abdelaziz Bouteflika-President of Algeria gets US$168,000/year

    (3) Uhuru Kenyattta-President of Kenya gets US$132,000/year

    (4) Ikililou Dhoinine-President of Comoros gets US$115,000/year

    (5) Denis Sassou Nguesso-President of Rep. of Congo gets US$110,000/year

    (6) Hifikepunye Pohamba-President of Namibia gets US$110,000/year

    (7) Al Zeidan ex-Prime Minister of Libya gets US$105,000/year

    (8) Alassane Quattara-President of Ivory Coast gets US$100,000/year

    (9) Edgar Lungu-President of Zambia gets US$98,000/year

    (10) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-President of Liberia gets US$90,000/year

    Based on this summary and analysis, thus Peter Mutharika is not the highest paid African President if you compare to other war tone and poor countries whole their leaders are getting over US$90,000/year.

  44. the little Guru says:

    this is a “grasshopper sickness” or the “philosophy of the stomach.” like a grasshopper whose brain cannot be differentiated from the stomach, these the so called leaders cannot use their brain to think of the suffering of the poor people in the villages. their brain is what enters in their stomach. St. Paul calls them “enemies of the cross.”
    the problem is the ignorance of the voters. they thought to stay in America and being called professor then it means you are rich. now akutidyera masuku pamutu. “ezali mawa” they in lingala

  45. Kenkkk says:

    Zidura ntengo undigwere, please know your facts right. What Peter is earning now is what he would be earning as a professor in USA. He was not even at a top university and he left USA when he was actually earning far much less than what he earns now.

    He knew he would make more money by returning to Malawi because he was well connected especially when bingu became a politician and later the president. Peter’s salary as president is peanuts relative to other public figures in other countries but still obscenely high in real malawi populace or tax payers. Don’t include the private sector.

    Personally, I consider his salary very low but as other have pointed out he has lots of pecks including not paying tax but most important he makes more outside through well wishers, alleged cash gates and corruptions. So he is president not necessarily to serve but for power and more self enrichment.

    That is the reason most western leaders are already rich, they enter politics to mainly serve not to enrich themselves. They already have the money. In malawi it is the opposite.

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      You kidding me, about what APM was making just in wages, in Missouri? I certainly know much about professional wages, especially in US academia. …if Washington University is not one of the top institutions in law in the USA, then ndizicheka-cheka baasi.
      Believe me, I know what I wrote here.
      What is your reference point, man?

      1. Kenkkk says:

        I know very well the USA academia and what am telling you is 100% correct. Most of all he was not a top academic. I have all the insider salaries information at the university when he was there. What he is getting now is more than what he was receiving at his time there.

  46. mapapaya says:

    timanena nthawi zonse kuti osayamba mwatchula salary yanu bwanji musanatchule ya wina . Zautsiru.

  47. Optic Computer says:

    The data was used to compare what presidential sacrifices African countries claim concerning salaries. This research was done on all African presidents except the president of Equatorial Guinea. Just google for ‘salaries of sitting african presidents’ all information will be there to help you understand and compare which presidents like ‘mapwevupwevu.’

  48. MPHAKA says:

    I RECEIVE $98,850.00 PA

  49. Stevie says:

    That is the trend all over Africa. They must get the money coz they have bigger problems and roles than any other person in their countries. Imagine wat happens in a country everyday… sapeza mpata wogona bwinobwino so it is their compensation. Aliyense adzadya thukuta lake.

  50. caze says:


  51. Kenkkk says:

    Pat, please don’t show your ignorance. $75,000 per annum is what a standard average professor gets in USA today. Peter left the USA some years ago when his salary was even less than that as he was not as most of you stupidly believe a top professor. He was at a mediocre university.

    So what he is getting now is exactly the equivalent of what he would be getting as a professor at a USA college or university.

    So changing and turning to politics in Malawi was better for him financially as he was well connected then to bingu and of course now he is president making more money through earnings outside his salary because of his influential position.

  52. Edward Thom Phiri says:

    I hate this DPP Government. Malawi is a poorest nation on earth, how then can its President earn such an obscene amount of money?

    Thats why mungolimbana ndi ife kuti tinaba ndalama za cashgate yet mbava zazikulu ndi inuyo.

  53. Kenkkk says:

    Nganya, those are private sector salaries and cannot be compared with govt tax payers salaries. Please stick to govt salaries.

  54. he deserve to receive such amount of money because he hold high office in the land.

  55. Game over says:

    Ngakhale atalandila zambiri bwanji koma sangagulire moyo azisiyabe posachedwa pompa alondole m’bale wake uja. Tonse tidzafa , tidzawola nkuzisiya ndalamazo

  56. pat says:

    He is also one of the most educated presidents remember. So dont be jelous. Go back to school if you want to earn as much as he used to earn (the time he was working) not the peanuts you are talking about

  57. This is sad. If we can not all be rich, let us all be poor

  58. Mtumbuka says:

    Pa Top Ten Palibe….Osanamiza Anthu Apa.

  59. Kavuluvulu says:

    Zidula mtengo ndiwe wa bodza lenileni.Professor professor what ?

  60. Happy Eduardo says:

    That is too little a salary for a president. Mind you the Nyasa Times readership to a larger extent is educated therefore it cannot be fooled. In fact, some of the CSO Executive Directors get as high as K1.5 M a month. Therefore palibepo nkhani apa yakula ndi nsanje. You just hate APM.

  61. Nganya says:

    Thom Mpinganjira K20 million, Mathew Chikaonda K18 million, Raphael Kamoto K12 million, carslberg bosses USD 20,000 per month, tnm boss USD 25,000 per month. APM gets peanuts.

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      The people mentioned are employed by well performing institutions, some self employed. State presidents come to serve the people. Yes the salary they get is peanuts compared to salaries in private sector, but when it comes to allowances the private sector pales by far. Added to that, except life, they get everything free. They can still leave a good life even if they get no salary. After they come out of office, they are still assured of a comfortable life for the rest of their lives. A retirement home, new vehicles after every three or four years, security provided by the state and pension awaits them. Do the people mentioned above have these privileges?

  62. Maggie Lucius says:

    This is peanuts

  63. aurora says:

    he is a good president,,,he is running the country opanda ndlama..while ena anali busy kudyesa mimba zao…APM is rich on his own with or withou the salary he is way above..he is a proffessuer remember..enanu 100000 sumaigwireko o kuionako even kuinunkhako so talk about 1.5moillion.
    viva APM

  64. aurora says:

    zanu izooo,which means he can not cash gate,he has more than enough to feed four countries in a role nde mulkeni…am proud of my country and president asafuna asiye…GOOOOOOOOOO APM. mi is strongly behind u….infact u deserve moooooooooooreeeeeeeeee……..
    amene zuwawa akazikhweze…..

  65. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  66. Fraction says:

    Wolemba article iyi ndi womvetsa chison. Chidani chopanda nacho nzeru. Displays much ignorance. Mufunse Chilima kuti amalandila bwanji pamwezi asadalowe uvaisi presidentiwo.





  68. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Tax free! But after 5 years we go hear APM has over 50 billion wealth. where from……?

  69. Zuze says:

    Dont look at salaries but look at emoluments which include benefits. APM has everything free, that has to be added to his salary.

  70. kunena mosapyatila says:

    My friends do not be deceived! The pathetic salary is exposed to hide what happens underground. Where do you think cash gates eminate from? Surprised why at the end of their tenures these leaders of the so called “poor countries” emerge in the billionaires club?

    OPEN YOUR SICK & BLIND Malawians.

  71. H Kamdidi says:

    The writer of this article has not provided the necessary statistics. The content and the headline do not much. In the first place the monthly salary of the president is not much as compared to heads of government owned parastatals and just too far below those of company heads in the private sector. The author has also failed to give us the figures of Paul Biya and Madma Sirleaf. What do you mean “earning 229 or 113 times than an average citizen? Do we know how much an average Cameroonian of Liberia earns? I would suggest that next time do your research properly and give us comparable figures. You might also wish to have a better sample size to justify your conclusion. Otherwise this article is a waste of space.

  72. Kenkkk says:

    Relative to most Malawians, his salary may look obscene but relative to say the western countries that salary is peanuts. That is what lower middle management staff get in the west. Many Malawians in the diaspora with relatively good professional jobs earn far much more than what the president is getting.

    In the west, people get into politics to serve and not for money. If they want money they don’t join politics. For example although they are heads of governments, western leaders actually earn less than some of their top civil servants within their govts say a ps earning more than a prime minister or president. Can that happen in malawi, say Peter earning less than his ps in the ministry of defense or opc? NO.

    However, Peter earns or makes more from outside his job of president through well wishers and of course through alleged cashgates or other corruptions practices. That is the reason most of the elite people in Africa enter politics such as presidents, mps, ministers, etc to make or earn as much money as possible not through their salaries but through other means resulting from their influential political positions. So they enter politics not to serve first but to enrich themselves first.

    Contrast that with the west where politicians actually earn less while in govt but earn far much more when they leave politics. They enter politics to serve not to enrich themselves.

  73. fight says:

    aaaah!!!! vuto palibe apa .Abelapo zina apa zoonjezera.President ndi MWINI THUMBA.

  74. clive ndecha says:

    why u pipo coment stupid things pano? do u think ya president is stupid to leave big money from u.s a to come ku Malawi kuti azikalima?fack u al ya stupid commets cant u see?are blind.there is honey inside that z why he doesnt worry wth u knw that only allonce can be more than sallary?wt about kuba?ndi ndana sanaphuzile kuba pa Malawi? dnt compare ndi ma prayer a ku englind ndi president wa kumalawi you fool ,ure jst tryn to show us hw ya ass agly like.and we dnt wna see ya shit here.

  75. Chakwera says:

    Iyi sinkhani kambani ina sindikuwonapo chanzeru apa ngati wina wakutumani muyaluka lets talk development no petty issues should be allowed to reach any public domain the author of this article is one disgruntled would be but failed politician who just wants to confuse the masses Pachiphwisi pako walemba zamtudzuwe shupiti zako kayamwe komako bloody fakeni FWETSEKE tiye ukooo kavale mkongo wa mako kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Icho tachiwoneleni chilibe manyazi UYISOVENGE Wakura Wthaaaaaa ka ka ka ka ka ka Hi Hoooooooo

  76. burning says:

    APM Ali pheee inu kumatukwana munthu opanda chifukwa,salary,salary yachani a Netie.kkkkk Opposition kuwawa 5 years

  77. nkhomawa amlauzi says:

    Shame on Malawi. This annual pay for our President isn’t enough to pay an average player in England in a week, kkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Netie says:

    Kuipa nnkhope ndi ntima omwe amajoti…..iiiiiii

  79. Wakodza Pogona says:

    U mean the President gets a salary of MK1.5 million only per month? This is peanuts. Chikaonda gets a monthly salary of MK18million and Ralph Kamoto gets MK12 million at MRA! Oh I cry for the president meagre salary.

  80. Owen says:

    mudzikhala ndi manyazi inu a tsogoleri athu salary mpaka pamenepa

  81. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    So, $2900 to $3000 a month: that’s pathetic. Obviously, APM cannot be doing the job for money, alone. There must some altruistic reasons, like just serving the people. Why else would he put up with the unjustified, and undignified personal attacks? Thick skin, indeed.
    He gave up a tenured professorship, in a coveted field, at a prestigious university. Left a comfortable job, only to deal with personal jealousies, albeit from few makape (ignorant individuals).
    The opportunity costs exacted here are just too much. For APM.
    Most of his detractors in Malawi would be very happy to earn one-hundredth of his salary at Washington U! And the guy never complains or boasts about his wages? We are lucky, Malawians. Ndithu.

  82. Dumia says:

    Inde Mr president while others are in Sandto South Africa JB

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