Mutharika cancels Mozambique trip: VP Chilima gives update on Malawi floods

Malawi President Prof Peter Mutharika has cancelled his trip to Mozambique on Thursday for his scheduled appearance at the inauguration of the country’s President elect, Filipe Nyusi,  to work on the government’s  floods disaster response, the State House said Wednesday.

President Mutharika and his deputy Chilima: Malawi flood disaster require their leadership

President Mutharika and his deputy Chilima: Malawi flood disaster require their leadership

State House press officer Chikondi Juma said President Mutharika has cancelled his scheduled trip to Maputo, Mozambique which he was expected on  Thursday January 15, 2015.

“The President’s decision to cancel the trip is due to the prevailing flood situation in this country,” Juma said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. George Chaponda (MP) who is already in Maputo will represent Mutharika at the inauguration.

Meanwhile,  Vice President Saulos Chilima said on Wednesday that government was making progress in its rescue operations and distribution of relief aid to flood victims across the country while paying tribute to selfless gestures from stakeholders, private sector, and donors.

He said the boats had been sent by the Malawi Defence Force and the marine department and that “the military was in full control of the situation.”

Addressing a news conference to update the nation on the disaster situation, Chilima who is also Minister Responsible for Disaster Management Affairs,  said about 12 boats were on the ground doing rescue operations in the lower shire.

“We are full throttle on the ground and more and more people are being rescued by the boats manned by the military personnel. It is only air operations that are being hampered with bad weather but the efforts will continue. Relief is assistance is coming and we are grateful to those extending help,” said the vice President.

FDH Bank, Airtel Malawi, Emmanuel TV, Prophet Bushiri, World Vision International were some of those that were responding to the government’s desperate call for assistance.

The Vice President however assured that government’s response was on track with K500 million being set aside for the operations.

Throughout Wednesday evening after meeting the press, the Vice President also met senior government officials on the need to go full scale on the ground and later the same evening Chilima met the donor community.

The coordination and response to the disaster will among others be done through the clusters of Agriculture and Food Security, Health and Nutrition, Early Recovery and Protection and Emergency shelter and camp management.

“Members of the clusters comprise relevant government ministries and departments, UN agencies, cooperating partners and NGOs. The clusters will be responsible for identification of needs within the cluster and ensuring that the needs are addressed,” said Chilima.

Meanwhile a toll free number 115 has been activated where people can call from all local networks and report any emerging disasters or where relief assistance is critically need.

Apart from the toll number, officials from the department of disaster will also be taking calls at anytime on the following numbers 0991 269 066, 0888 867 015, 0999 937 952, 0999 205 939, 0888 872 314.

The Vice President also called for financial contributions to be made through ‘Office of the Vice President – Disaster Management” account numbers 9700000100514 and 9700000105257 at FDH Bank, Capital City.

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86 thoughts on “Mutharika cancels Mozambique trip: VP Chilima gives update on Malawi floods”

  1. CHIFUND BANDA says:

    mwayesesa bwana mtima umenewo musausiye alekeni onena za misalawo azinena

  2. Aceton says:

    Bvuto lake munabadwa enanu ndi mtima oweruza.Mukamaliza kuweruzako mwini wake Chauta azaweruzanji?Bwanji zionetsero sizinasinthidwe ndi mtima oti mdziko momwe muno ena akhuzidwa ndi ngozi ya madzi?m’tsogoleri walephera kuphwando mukubweka,khalani chete sitisowa kumva nyansi zanuzo.Mtima wabwino bwana president,ndakondwa kwambiri.May the Lord be with you all the time and indeed gave you more knowledge cause you are only our leader chosen by Him.

  3. mgebegebe says:

    welldone malawi govt, mwayesetsa kumbali yanu, enawa ngachamba, or kuwathansiza iwo amene atukwanabe, amalawi munatan simuyamika

  4. Kakha Erutu says:

    Wozinyanyala, which Malawians are you calling to wake up? In all fairness, it is you who is in deep slumber. It’s pitiful you can’t see the development taking place around you. You need to wake up and sober up please. It is regrettable that right months down the line, you are still struggling to accept that Malawians elected Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika (APM) as the president of the Republic of Malawi. I humbly offer my good advice to you and those who think like you to please do yourself a good service and accept APM as your president. You may not like him but he is your president. I’m giving you this advice assuming that you are Malawian. If you are not Malawian, then you have no business talking ill of our beloved president.

  5. Kwataine says:

    Why not jst obtain Court Injunction what sins have they committed to send them packing . Where are they going to find good houses with this national disaster at hand ?

  6. Dhaka says:

    Kalyokyo that’s restructuring akuti akuthana ndi PP I wonder if there were any of them in this institution.

  7. Kalyokyo says:

    Wounded tell us the which department is at OPC ? I suppose it is NIB because its good at that. Thanks redeployment am a free minded person and Civil Service mainstream ndi nyatwa mumangonamizana kumeneko.

  8. Samson says:

    I Samson and My friend we”ve created the page in facebook and group in whatsapp. To get donate around Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and whole around south africa country. We will open Account which people around SA. Who are willing to donate will deposit whatever their can manage. Then when we reach the amount of money that we can atleast send will send to those accounts that been mentions of Disaster managiment. We just pray and believe that people won’t take this negativelly. Our facebook page is [Donate Malawi Floods] email @ [email protected]) whatsapp, text or call. @ +2710033919 Samson/+27784330531 Themba. To those around South africa. Let’s reach with love.

  9. Rooney says:

    If what Wounded has said is true that’s being inhumane. Mr. Chilima, Incharge of Civil Service , some members of staff are suffering in silence.

  10. Bullshit says:

    It was like Joyce Banda saw this coming in her vision. She bought boats for Malawi Defence Force and here we are using them and saving souls. Thanks very much mai Banda

  11. gogo says:

    John wakwa you are above all the idiots in Malawi with your half minded idiot called Maurice

  12. gogo says:

    Chsnte Osma such comments come from people with shallow minds. You said you just saw the convoy that’s useless

  13. abiti mtila says:

    Osam ndiwe mbuzi eti? Umuona APM akukayendera omwe akhuzidwa ndi ma Floods. Zomwe mukuganiza za upanduzo sizitheka mulungu ali mbali ya APM kuti awombole dzikoli Kumsinga za moto zili mdziko muno.

  14. meta says:

    well done bwana u have shown that you are indeed a true father of Malawi. keep it up and I hope that you are doing your best in rescuing our beloved sisters and brothers and parents who have been affected by this natural disaster

  15. makito says:

    I like the arrangements for the response. Chilima real new broom in the house. This has never happened.


  16. Gerald says:

    That’s true love H E P A P M kusesa timayambira nyumba then outside .tipepese chifukwa changozi imene yagwera mtundu wa a Malawi

  17. Wounded says:

    Thumb up HE for declaring State of National Disaster this only shows how pasionate you are. However am suprised that State House and OPC has effected a number of transfers at the time Malawians are not sure of what will befall them with these Persistent rainfall. The Chief Secretary think how could you feel if one child is transfered during this rainy conditions yet there are no institutional houses to cater for affected officers. Shame on you the controlling officers.

  18. Wozinyanyala says:

    Amalawi mudzasiya liti kuwombera mmanja nfiti. This same idiot was enjoying xmas parties ndi ana while pipo are dying in hospitals bkoz there is no medicine. He has failed Malawi in the past 8 months he took office, there has only been chaos in every sector of business. Today he lies to say he has cancelled the trip to Mozambique bkoz of the disaster or floods and you already praising him to say kholo ……are you guys out of your minds? Cant you see he is trying to buy your sympathy and gain political milage. He has stollen alot of money enough to help the needy but he is busy canvassing for more just out of greed. Stop praising these fools …no wonder they take you for fools and play us. Wake up Malawians education has become a tool to suppress the locals in the name sakudziwa kanthu …….

  19. lilian says:

    Well done VP


  21. The southern region receives all the water from the upper areas and you are being punished for overpopulation and cutting down all trees in the Shire River basin. You people in the south are very destructive. You destroy your own habitats for charcoal. You need to be punished like this. You have caused a lot of environmental degradation.

  22. mavuto says:

    Why Bank with FDH careful another disastergate. That is the bank where Mpinganjira one of the people working with VP on Civil Service reform is shareholder. Easy to use those funds for something else.

  23. Zimukambani says:

    Munthu akachita chabwino a Malawi tiziyamikila tithokoze chatsala ndi kuyamba kuyendera ndikufika malo komwe anthu ali ndi kuwopa nokha Bwana



  26. Munthuwazeru says:

    This is how we can run this good nation.

  27. Good move–President adzikhala mu office

  28. Kamdondo says:

    TIthokoze Mulungu for a mature decision as advanced. If its for contrary reason, zimveka, ‘mwana wakwathu wakwata komweko’ so goes the saying.

  29. Zamadula says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t remember seeing the President visiting a single disaster area since these heavy rains started. Everything has been left to Saulos, APM seems to be engaged in his favorite pastime – sleeping. He is the most disengaged President in the world…

    As for cancelling the Mozambique trip, this is not new. He has cancelled trips within Africa before. If it had been the USA, he would not have cancelled. He can visit the USA twice in the same month!

  30. Bwanubo says:

    Timakuuzani Muthalika sanayenera kupita koma mwano. Mwaona ena anzeru amuuza asapite. We wish our country well. Donate his trip allowance to the flood victims.

  31. moniredada says:

    Mwapiya we r talking about floods and supporting flood victims! If u have evidence about Chikaonda take it to the Chief Secretary. By the way Chikaonda’s contract expired but the Board changed his conditions of service that he should retire at 60 like the mainstream civil service, I hear he is now agitating for retirement at 70 like the Judges in the Judiciary! He has the money and can hire the best lawyers to defend him! Why should members of the Judiciary retire at 70 and the Civil Servants at 60?

  32. abinte says:

    it is true that the government responded very late to the situation. mr chilima you are an office guy and dont be mixed matope amene these silly politians amapanga coz I was there when mrs ncheka chilenje was calling the highest office for assistance. ncheka chilenje visits her area every weekend and when she saw that happening she called the relevant authority koma they never responded in time

  33. frank says:

    Ndalama zomwe akanowononga peter muthalika pa wulendo waku mocambique zigwilitsidwe ntchito pa mavuto amenewa.

  34. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Apa ndiye mwaganiza mr president, onyozayo ndi vuto lake.

  35. hfty says:

    Chilima ndi dhilu, kuti wawawa

  36. People must stop building in risky areas. Just take a look at what is happening in Soche Hill. What is the City of Blantyre doing about such settlements. Authorities must always know that water just like earthquarkes is one of the biggest killers. People who block water courses are just inviting trouble for themselves. This should be a lesson. There is no need for people to be constructing on slope where the speed of run off is always high. Some people call for trouble for themselves. They will perish and be made homeless. We have too many people that are doing nothing is towns and can be productive elsewhere. Civic education is really important.

  37. hoitty says:

    Some of you are saying that DPP is being punished for stealing the vote. I doubt this is true. But if at all they stole the vote, then Peter himself will tell us and shock the nation. Power of prayer

  38. Vikhumbo says:

    Good decision bwana president,Thumb up

  39. Katundumadzi says:

    Thats de President I votd and dats y I votd him and thats y I wil also vote 4 him in 2019 and Chilima u r doing gud by de tym I wz votng DPP I wznt sure dat we cud hv such a very gud vice presudent.

  40. Bwana ulemu wanu takunyadilani koma ngozi yamadziyi tithandizen, achifundo atithandize ndi maiko akunja

  41. matchonisa says:

    Apa pachitkanso cashgate yina. Beware of the old man.

  42. viktah says:

    I hope he wil take an initiative to visit the affected areas. But if he cancels the trip to Moz and stay at home, then I see little meaning in cancelled trip.

  43. vaanwyk says:


  44. Kumangoni kwa Gomani says:

    This time Madalawa aganizako ngati munthu wanzerutu

  45. Nankungwi says:

    well done Petr Good decision making we have an emergency at home and it is a serious emergency and we need you in situ to help manage the situation. Thank you

  46. ,MYEGHA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, says:

    The money meant for trip to mozabique must,must go to flood disaster. How much was it?

  47. KALIKENE says:

    Sign Of Maturity

  48. Name*JOHN MCHEKA says:

    Ulemu wanu bwana presdent
    mwachita bwino kusapitako zinthu zikavuta chonchi ndibwino
    kholo kukhala pomwepo kuti
    ana adziona kokwagwada
    tipempha mulungu yekha atithandizile palibe chosatheka
    ndi iye dzikoli ndilache palibe

  49. chante osma says:

    i saw a convoy of malawi ministers yesterday evenning at one of the biggest clinic in johannesburg, zokuti he cancelled the trip to mozambique because of floods mmmmm izo nzokayikisa……i just pass by sindinathyole mkhwani

    1. U dont understand English convoy and apresident their i don’t see any relationship.

    2. Vehtekhu says:

      Unawoona ambuyako….zoganiza zizingokhala za ufiti basi…achitsiru inu wakufa saadziwika mwina utiayambe ndi iwe…nchona wonyera mujumbo pantumbo pako..xiiiii…usazayambirenso kunena zopusa galu iwe

  50. Dr. Mango says:

    Thumbs up for the cancellation of the trip Your Excellency.
    Busy brains, I suggest we make no assumptions on the Malawians of Asian origin. You never know, may be some have already deposited money for assistance.

  51. Raja says:

    Mwachita bwino osapita amatizuza tikamadutsa dziko lawo anthu amanewo

  52. Mccarthy says:

    This is cheap politics Mr.APM, do no fool malawians.

  53. patrick says:

    Tindowafunila zabwinozonse kwamawanja omwe akhuzidwa ndingozi imeneyi chauta oziwa kutonthoza afungatile kwaio onse agweledwa zovutazi

  54. Kadakwiza says:

    Mwachita bwino kusapita ku Maputo. Mwaonetsa chisanzo cha bwino. Thandizani a bale amene akhuzidwa ndi bvuto la mvula. Zikomo a pulezident athu. Muzitero.

  55. Kalanga says:


  56. Mapwiya says:

    Let Press Corporation donate towards the disaster as well. They claim to be the largest conglomerate and yet they do nothing on CSR.

    Mr President this Chikaonda guys is stealing a lot. Imagine, he bought his official Benz and he is currently using a company Pajero and at the same time getting paid a monthly car allow of Mk6 Million.

    He has used the Pajero for almost a year which means that he has pocketed more than MK70 million.

    Mr President, are we serious? Please call PCL directors and they will confirm this but they fear him so much.

  57. Chipoya LJ. says:

    This is what a good leader must and is supposed to be doing not sending messages whilst in the wilderness/foreign countries. Bravo APM for the cancellation of the trip. I hope the money which was to be spent will go somewhere to help our fellow Malawians affected by the flood.

    How I wish I can hear a say from Opposition parties on President’s cancelation of the trip because I see some trying to score some political points.

    All in All, GOD bless Malawi

  58. Odi ine nditumize ‘please call me’ pa manambalawa.

  59. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Don’t jst cancel the trip, act to help the victims.


  61. Well wishers says:

    This is the time for all those well wishers to show their well wishers spirit.

  62. Mluka says:

    Mr Chilima was chosen to be a vice for a reason. This man I think knows what he is doing. The vp has a vision for Malawi mark my words. But for the time being lets all support APM. One Leader at a time. Lets all pray for our leaders.

  63. Limbani hammy mtanga says:

    Kufuna kuoneka ngati okonda anthu anu? Mmmm ndi ndale chabe izi.

  64. ujeni says:

    Cancels trip after external pressure away from State House. Otherwise the man was well geared to go to his original country to attend the inauguration. Decision-gate everyday

  65. Patriot says:

    Osamongoti chinese/indians to donate, inu chuma chanu ndi cha chiyani?
    Kuthandiza should be a collective responsibity

  66. Tidachuluka okuseka mawa ofunika okaonekele Ku mabanja ofedwa chonde madala.

  67. Ngungudya says:

    Sure thats true , good gesture athu athandizidwe basi

  68. edyth says:


  69. BalakaGuy says:

    Boats have been sent to military pesonnel,i think they are the guys who can use these things very well,a polisi kumanvatu,paja mmati ndinu madolo,nanga pali udolonso apa,makani basi ngati anthu ofula agalu,aa ife,ife a PMS, aa CID,aa Traffic,za ziii

  70. mbwaxe says:

    Koma pitala ma allowance munatenga opitila ku mozambique mwabweza!!! This could be another cashgate in form of allowances!!!! Iam told the amount of allowance for the whole trips amunted to 56 million kwacha!!!! Bwazani ndalamazo!!!! Idiots!!!!!

  71. nkotakota says:

    Staying home and moniter the situation is the best idea mr.president.

  72. lalirani says:

    to be impartial, the government is doing something worth of appraise here atleast. Pitilizani. Malata&cement za subsidy zija awa muwalole atenge ulere.

  73. Phwaxy. Wazuwa liti kuti kulli ma floods ku malawi

  74. Mbukavu says:

    We need every effort to rescue our brothers and sisters

  75. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    Bola osaba ndalama zimene akupatsenizo.

  76. Ico says:

    Ziwafiikw chonde anthu ena atengera mwayi kusolora Pliz. Check procurement processes, Mr VP pliz du tiger by the tail no Kusolora

  77. maurrice says:

    So he has cancelled the trip to maputo coz of of Nsanje floods hahahahaha he joking, ever since these guys from the lower shire wants to be assisted,they know what they are doing why cant you HE and everybody use the money for other things?2015-2016 boats will be sent again,had it been am the HE or CHILIMA these guys would have the music this year,tangowasiyama madzi ndi malo awo amasungamo ziweto,ask your friend,.

    1. kingston says:

      Ndi maboma 15 omwe akhuzidwa, kodi aka koyamba kumva zoti amalawi ena akhuzika ndi disaster?

    2. eric says:

      Ndiwe bemberezi mmodzi wotipondere,a ife.mulungu akukathe.

  78. Busy brains says:

    Point of collection on my earlier comment. I meant to say ” mwachita bwino a pulezidenti kusapita ku Mozambiqueko”.

    1. Nyapaphi says:

      Iyinso yofunika “collection” kkkkkk!

      1. jurry says:

        this also needs ‘correction’ nyapaphi

  79. Busy brains says:

    Mwachita a pulezidenti kusapita ku Mozambiqueko. Umenewo ndiye timati umunthu! Pitilizani khalidwe limenelo. However, I would like to urge our fellow Asian community to donate generously towards the affected people coz most of those affected are their customers. Or should I assume they would have rushed if the affected were their fellow muslims?

    1. john wakwa says:

      Go to hell idiot

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